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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Natural Learning Ability and Vocabulary Continued.

In my previous blog, I talked about how the child becomes the measure, the volume of the parent. If the parent, even at one time, gives a direction that is full of emotional energy, such as stress, worry, aggravation, and within this expression laden with these emotional reactions uses words that are not clear, as in expressing a simple action such as “ get down!” using no other ordering as words as what is really happening - expecting the child to ‘ read between the lines’ - then the child becomes that limitation, that exact measure. The child becomes the emotion and the ambiguous words that give no real understanding of the moment in detail. So, then the child will imitate the emotional action in tandem with the non-descriptive words. Another way to see this is that the child imitates the limited forms as the words, filled with the venting of the emotion. In all of this, we see the sins of the fathers. This being such non-grounded actions filled with emotions passing from one generation to the next. This is how the children becomes like the parents and the parents cannot understand how this happened, because the parents moved as the emotional values instead of the practical reality around them, instead of really slowing down and reviewing the measure of their awareness of practical reality, this reality in which we live.

In all, this is why the wealthy spend the most of their income on education, because they understand that one must be aware of the spatial volume of things in this reality here, in this physical world here. This spatial awareness of space and time, here, means to be aware of one’s inner volume and measure as one’s formed belief systems and the volume and measure and quality of all the physical things around us, to understand how they work. Wealthy people also make sure their children travel, so that the child understands that different cultures are simply different measures of values, and many of these values are based on traditions that developed over time within interacting with their environments. This kind of exposure subjects the child into seeing actual form and its variations in character building and in practical physical living. This exposure gives more creative ability to the child, because they are exposed to a greater measure of formation, within and without. Very simple really.

Here we can begin to understand why placing a child in a box six hours a day is limiting, even though there is a lot of good in this formation. The teachers in the schools really do want to increase the inner awareness of the children; the form allows only so much time to get this done. We as parents and adults cannot expect this form to move beyond a certain point, especially with so much direct instruction model being practiced, because this model moves the process of informing the child very slowly and moves more in the very limited perspective of ‘ one size fits all.’ Our schools need to be more of an unschooling process here, where each child is allowed the space and time to move at their speed and inclination as who they are, towards discovering how things work within and without. And they need more direct access to this physical world because the physical has a volume and spatial expression that captures attention more readily than pictures on a screen. We are machines for this kind of exposure. placing us in boxes and trying to understand us, is, as I said, like trying to understand a tiger by collecting data on that tiger to define that tiger, while being in a zoo away from its natural environment.

Here, I look at the mindfulness practice that is emerging. This is really cool, because it teaches a child that the thoughts that a child has does not need to define/be the child. Yet this does nothing to, with detail, restructure the child. We understand that a child who has more vocabulary has a more structured mind. So, when the emotions that have generated that are the thoughts that are the measure of what the child has been exposed to as the lack of real investigation into how this world works, if the child does not have a good and clear vocabulary structure in the frontal parts of the mind, then the child does not have the structure to in a moment correct and align the snow storm of emotions and thoughts that mindfulness suggests to breath through and not allow to become the directive of the child’s actions. 

In this, one can have a big heart, but if that ordering system is not clear and structurally sound which is what vocabulary is, then the child/adult remains stagnant in being heartfelt without the means of corrective actions that are practical actions that are what interventions are about. Again, this is remaining in emotions only, without moving through, following through into what gives a direction that allows that moment of awe, as in that moment of expansion, where the child understands what would enable the child to self direct in practical ways, that then would give the child a growing foundation that is clear, leading to self confidence in being able to learn as in understanding what processing inFORMation is really all about.

In all of this, it does not take validation from anyone for any one of us to begin to understand this. We can look at our media to understand that it is impulsing values that are not necessarily bad, but are limited and in no way ground us in the practice of living, which is the practice of grounding ourselves in a common sense of this reality allowing the full measure of the volume sensing ability of ourselves to focus in practical reality to self realize our full potential as this. Without this full blown focus as our capacity, we feel unfulfilled as adults, and we become that parent that is more worry than direction, a parent who reacts with emotion and yelling short statements about how the dog should behave and then punishing the child when the child imitates our emotional reactions because this is the very measure and volume that absorbent mind of the child has taken in as the measure in practice of the world around it.

Overall, this is why people who study music tend to be able to move conceptually at greater speeds - though I do not suggest that being a musician means that musicians understand everything- they simply practice ‘ volume changing’ more than not having music tends to do. And this does  not suggest that music is the only way to develop this. It is that because of the opportunities available in the world today, music is a window into building a more fluid intelligence, a more flexible conceptual ability because it is in practice using this absorbent ability and moving it in the practice of making music, into ever changing measure and volumes of form. And to read music and to play music, one must readily change the meter and rhythm and tone and duration etc. etc. of forms in space and time. When we have a broad vocabulary, we are able to do the same thing. Then are we able to begin to realize patterns and forms and functions with more ease because we have the structural means to process information without, and the information that is not clear as our emotions within. This overall builds a focus ability that enables a spatial awareness to not only exist  as a thinking/sorting awareness within, but also a being who can cross reference the horizon as the world without. This is a lot like learning to drive a car, where the structure is in the knowing mind so clearly, that one can then spatially add awareness to the world without. This is physically integrating information.  When information is integrated clearly, then creative practices can begin to emerge and problem solving skills develop, which is creative ability, which is a more fluid intelligence. Thus, our responsibility as adults is to ensure that the structural development of the child is sound, and this is building a sound mind, which is having a broad and clear vocabulary.

If you had a tool to help build a sound mind which leads to a stable child who can slow down and breath and assess, critiquing the parts of the inner understanding and the outer practice of living, what would that be worth? Would it not be the most priceless tool a parent could have in a world that has forgotten this process and thus must simply forgive and rebuild?

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Structuring Mindfulness with Vocabulary using a Natural Learning Ability

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