Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What is ADHD and ADD? Is this the signature of separation from natural learning ability?

All children are born sensing the world, this is themselves as life being a natural learning ability, this common sense used to measure the space of here, the physical world. What happens when these same children, that have no religion, no language, no prejudice, grow up and enter school and become labeled as ADHD, or ADD because they are having difficulty reading and processing information? What is in the words ADHD? Attention Deficit Disorder? It seems that the words are saying that our children lack the ability to focus. Why would a child that is  able to learn to walk, a multi task with arms and legs, a mouth to move, and ears to listen with, suddenly not be able to attend to words on a page or a simple structure in Elementary school? There really is no reason for this.

Here, children are born with a natural ability to sense the world and begin to order it in such a way that they learn to walk and to talk. This is a child, a being, who is learning about the physical structure of the world around them. So what stops this ability to attend to here? It is there to begin with, where does it go? What happens?

What causes a disconnect from the child’s natural inclination towards understanding, as their very being-ness,  the structure of the physical world?

It is interesting that we decide a child is ready for the present system when their “ concrete” mind,  has developed, at around the age of seven. Thus, their developed “ concrete” understanding of their world is when they enter a new structure, the education system. An education system that develops children to enter a system that, for example,  has not solved starvation and has polluted this earth. Obviously, this “ system” is not looking at the structure of the physical world, had it, then there would not be starvation and pollution. That is common sense. Many justifications can be given, but none of them solve the problem, as it is only an act of justification. And justification is more than likely placing blame. Blame is also not an act that solves problems.

Parents are a product of an education system that leads to functioning in a system that has not ended starvation and pollution, and they are teaching the children those first seven years. So, that child that is born with the ability to sense the world, and thus structure the world, is being taught to adhere, to have a concrete understanding of, a system that presently exists on earth that has not solved problems of poverty and pollution. So, this would mean that what is “ concrete” as a foundation of understanding in the child, has used this natural ability to sense and build structure and that the structure built is limited. 

The concrete understanding of the child has been built by the parents.  What is being taught is not an understanding of the physical world, it is an understanding of a system that has not solved the problem of poverty and pollution.  I mean, poverty and pollution are indicators of separation from physical reality, a lack of common sense, a dis-use of natural learning ability.

This system takes the values created from natural resources, and places that value in money, a piece of paper.  Which we all accept and allow. This money, is then earned through work and lent within the form of usury. Now, usury, will always move the principle back to the lender, leaving the borrower to take the principle from others to pay back the interest, as the interest does not exist, it can only come from what is lent, and what is lent is principle. So, eventually with such a scheme, everything will be owned by the lender. And yet, the value of the money is dependent on resources and labor, so how can this transfer happen?  Are children taught this in school? Anyone with any common sense, and developed ability to understand structure, would realize this makes no sense. So, we can say that children are not taught any real ability to understand structure, and parents have not been taught this either, because if enough humans were taught this, then they would stand up because this makes no sense, if anything it is a crime against life. Absolutely.

The structure of this, by its very nature, has no sense of reality, physical reality. It is a delusion that is hidden, right here in front of us. No wonder that ADD and ADHD exist: we, as humans, are not attending to here. So, development, the foundational development, begins at home.

What perspectives taught are not making this clear? This makes it difficult to question something when the “ concrete” GPS system has “ truths” that can make some sense, yet do not answer the problem of poverty and pollution. What is learned the first seven years, using a natural ability to learn, has not formed a strong enough structure with which to understand structure, it has actually caused an inability to focus, to attend to here, to this geometrically structured world that can be understood. This would mean that children are  not given a solid enough structural foundation with which to read the structures created by men, and the structure of the physical world.  This would mean that ignorance is of limited perspective and is in contradiction to the natural learning ability of the child. as the perspective of limitation as the concrete/memory gps  begins to dominate the directive capacity of the child, a child that was born being directive within common sense. Thus, suppression is what is taught. Our education system slows down the natural learning ability of the child, through limited perspective education, from which the parents were also taught. This would explain justification and blame. Prejudice, racism, gender discrimination, class division, religion ( imagined salvation),  it is all perspective building, it is not common sense development. 

Limited perspective building would create instability, because it is in separation from total understanding and in a system where resources and labor are transferred into money that is then the principle of the lender, the lender thus essentially being the representative of the values created with resources  and labor. If this is not understood, then that owner of principle created with the trust of earth, the welfare of earth, the resources of earth and the labor of generations of men,  can build a perspective that hides the whole structure of this knowing that the participants cannot read structure because they are locked in divisions of perspective. Which is then pitted against each other to further entertain separation from total understanding of what systemically exists. One big morass of behavior caught up in itself to the point where starvation and pollution as consequence is ignored. And meanwhile , the principle is taken by the bank. 

Our children have attention deficit disorder because we, the adults do. The children are a product of us. They enter the system filled with perspectives, but no real developmental ability to read the structure of here, and they are not taught this by the educational system.

So, what is taught is a segmentation. The natural learning ability of the child is segmented into limited understanding which would create an attention deficit dis-order that is a concrete/memory platform of limited perspective the child is using to direct themselves, such separations are held as order when they are not order, they are dis-order. Thus, this begs the question,  do we retain, as memory, what is not in alignment with common sense and does this accumulate and become more than reality, as concrete mind, because it is not equal to common sense, to the ease of movement of the natural learning ability? Are the limited perspectives the “ spoke in the wheel” - so to speak , not all good or bad, simply limited? Do we become inferior to the gift of life as the natural learning ability? That which enables us to move/focus with the form and function, the structure of physical reality?
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