Saturday, December 10, 2016

The flaw in the design of school. Knowledge and information without practical application is useless.

Just as one learns the language of one’s birth, one learns the customs, the traditions, the measure of values of that culture.

This means that we take on the form, as ideas, often built from past human practices, often determined by environment. This means how things were organized by what worked within a given context, as the surrounding environment over time. These actions, can be made into ritual, and practiced, to teach and to add to memory. Humans are so absorbing, we take in what we are exposed to, reflected in how we take on the language. That language is a mirror of the values of a culture, built over time, and often held onto as defining a person.  That  culture, where the starting reasons for the practices can be forgotten, because the culture comes to define itself as it’s built measure, forgetting why such and such a practice came into being. Unfortunately, within our present systemic design of placing power into the hands of a few, those few can use this- how actions as culture are formed, and how a human can absorb and take on a form through a practice of ritual without having any real direct practical experience in living applied behaviors in real physical space. Thus, a story can be memorialized as one’s belief, without any practice in effectiveness in physical practice. Then ideas about things can lead, causing an ignorance in terms of addressing changes in environment. Overall, what builds is a disconnect from reality. What is practiced within, is no longer aware of what is real and practical. 

The very design of a school mimics this. Placing children into a box, and teaching them through imagination, as memory, builds a measure/ideas/culture/tradition/ritual- as actions scripted out- that has no real practice in reality, and thus no practice in assessing and directly addressing real applied behavior with our living context as this physical world within which we interplay as adults in our lives. How can we really interplay with practical reality when our whole childhood has practiced placing information via memory, and then asked to use that memorized information to direct ourselves in a reality we have no practice with and as?  This is no different than having someone memorize the idea and pictures of playing a violin and then asking that person to go out and make a living playing the violin- based on memorized ideas. Obviously, this cannot work, and it is a mis-use of the imagination. It reveals how memorizing a set body of information without practical applied behaviors by action and design, creates a disconnect from self and practical reality.  One could say one is cognitively dissonant from reality. One could say that what is of seeming no-significant difference has grown into an elephant in the room, known as attention deficit disorders. A blue print of information that has no practice in reality- even if some of the info is valid or ‘ of a truth” -  a natural ability to process information ( because it is processing information in one way)  has separated from processing physical information surrounding the self as a child - where one learned to crawl all by one’s self- into processing a set body of information learned in separation from real applied physical behaviors in this physical reality. Thus, what may have appeared to be of no significance, perhaps a belief that the practice of using memory to learn would sort itself out eventually,  has caused a huge divide between seeing directly and being distracted by the information absorbed and moved within memory alone. A hard thing to realize over time, as those children coming from a more agricultural based society retained some practical application as their learning transitioned through generations into learning in a closed abstracted context in a school through memory. 

This makes seeing the forest through the trees difficult.  Yet, the behaviors around us reveal the story of separation. The problem is with each passing generation, the children become more dis-oriented, and the past generations as the teachers,  are products of this slow separation from real practice, applying one’s self in real time, which is the space here- this place where one gets things done. Thus, one could say, it is like a train of ideas and beliefs, and set body of values, like a language in itself, of values is something as a ‘ song’ or form, or rhythm running like a train in one’s mind, as memorized and practiced theory that then takes a child, who is on the ground, lives applying itself physically to learn to crawl, and is suddenly grabbed and pulled onto that ‘ train of and as a measure of information in the imagination’ - and asked to suddenly acclimate to that inner ‘ math.’ 

The children can see this happening, some resist, some accept, some try again and again to speak this difference, and eventually give up. That train of info, is raging not even seeing the devastation it creates in relation to this earth, this physical place where all the traditions and rituals were created, and then made larger than the practical, where one applies one’s self.  This is what is meant by ‘ as within so without, as above so below.”  This is why personal relationships are so difficult- they are differing ‘ cults’/cultures of measure, memorized and stagnant from applied behaviors in space, here.  This is why aging is really the consequence of losing all spatial ability in practical physical reality, that place where one applies one’s self to get things done. The math of the problem is right in front of us everywhere and every day. It is in that frustrated child acting our in school.  It is visible in a person who believes they have no ability to play a musical instrument. Such a statement reveals the level of disconnect from applying self to see directly the space of here, as the space of the info in the mind, embedded as directives in the body, as the hard drive of each of us,  that is not of a culture, as a set of directives, or values, that lend a direct seeing to what effective applied actions, as behaviors, allow connection and effective practice in getting things done in this physical reality. This overall, a very very simple thing when one takes the time to sort this out. Not something that is easy if the train of memorized ideas has been the practice, because it is racing over space, and very disconnected from reality. This is in itself a bully towards the children. We can no longer accept this, as that seemingly no significant difference from the starting point, has become an elephant in the room. The way out is to rebuild as words, one at a time, to reframe, or redefine each word into direct applied actions in practical reality,  and , this must be done through a focus directed out of that set body of running information, narrowing the focus of the mind/child away from that running commentary/song/math/culture/memorized-information and redirected as reconstructed into seeing practical reality directly. This means becoming a living word. 

The simple is always right in from of us. The degree to which one can realize the simple, is the degree to which one is running in a set body of information as the mind.  How great is the divide for you? What if one could rebuild this, to acclimate back into reality, into practical applied behaviors that ground one in realizing one can learn to play an instrument and that this is actually natural for a human being to do, as a human being has fingers and arms and legs and lungs that a human being can learn to direct and move, to master and apply just as one learned to crawl before a set body of information was memorized  and embedded as the directive information in one’s hard drive as the physical body? Could one say that that inflammation in one’s knees is mis-information causing problems, because the information is not what gives direction in an applied behavior, as a living action, that allows one to sense the movement of a finger on a sting? I mean this is something each can do, because that digit as that finger exists and can move. Can one see how disconnected from being a master of self, as one’s physical self, is in this context?  Can one see how big the elephant in the room has become as the information one accepted and allowed to direct one and define one within this. 

What if you had, from the beginning,  time and space to become a master of yourself as who and what you are as a physical human? Would that not be awesome! Is this not what the children cry for as they resist being in school?  One must forgive the shame of not realizing this, because that child, that is you in another life, deserves to be able to learn to master itself as what it is as a living being, to know that it can learn to play any instrument of its choice, as this is what we all want. Humans are happy when they are focused and  doing. The magic is in the doing. Doing involves full physical engagement. Doing means being present in the practical, as it is practical actions that build a house, or apply that finger to the string to make the sound.  Doing this in the imagination only,  creates a huge divide from reality, from real doing.  And this is why music builds minds more able to process information, it is not the music so much as it is the means; playing an instrument demands, by design, full engagement of all the sense- ability, where the smallest of actions are the most important because they define the outcome.

There is a reason we start with the abc’s and end with the SAT’s. The more words we know, effectively, the more words that are grounded in a direct physical relationships to living reality, the greater the ability to process information to the extent one can do, one can apply one’s self effectively. It is simple. What is difficult and complicated is the extent that train of information is running in one’s mind that has no real ‘ doing’ connection to the practical. It reveals the extent of one’s unhappiness, one’s inability to be haptic, to move as the smallest of means towards getting things done. 

We can use technology to help ourselves and the children. We can use technology to focus the child out of a limited and running chain of information, and redirect them to seeing this place where we plan it and get things done, this space called physical earth, and rebuild. It is the practice of the small, building into a blue print of being here, clearly, a direct seeing relationship to the practical that small movement that leads to effective actions. This would naturally create a responsive child, a capable child, a child who realizes they can learn to play that instrument and enjoy utilizing all of themselves, and doing so at a tempo had from the beginning before a memory of mis-information separated the child from applying them-self in behaviors that were of a successful doing in real time. Remember that joyful smile a small child has, that echoing laughter so deep and contagious- an echo of one’s real self. Imagine that never being lost? What if you could restore that for yourself, within and as having a tool to help you rebuild a culture, as words, within that was in direct alignment with real living applied behaviors? All those thoughts, of the past running in the mind, they are telling of where one lost one’s self relationship to real time and space. They are so consuming that doing the smallest of things appears to be more complicated over time, as that mis-information, over time, resonates because it will be answered to, no matter what, to such a degree that doing the smallest of things becomes difficult. This is the illusion, this is the veil spoken of, this is the persona of one’s separation from that original state of happiness that expressed itself in that deep and total laughter and smile a child has before being pulled onto a train running over the landscape of practical physical reality- that place where one has the ability to place one’s finger on a string and press that string to self generate a sound, in full physical engagement. And yes, it is that simple.

The tool to reorder the mind from dis-connection to being grounded and present, able to do a living math, is here. Let me show you, a parent, or a school, how you can self empower the child, and yourself, to become self directed, self monitoring, self able to stay the course, within retaining a direct seeing, and building a sound mind that never loses its natural ability to apply effective actions in real time, to become what is natural, a successful living human being, able to laugh as deep as a baby and smile with out any limitation.

Write me a note, the presentation is free and fun, because it is fundamental. 

Thank you for reading!