Wednesday, August 12, 2015

De-manning the Reptilian Brain, Mindfulness, and Negative Feed Back Loops. What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

I notice that at times I seek the end of conflict before any real investigation into the cause of conflict. It appears, which is an illusion, that only wanting the end of conflict, a ‘ good’ in itself, is compromised by seeking a removal of friction over finding an end to conflict that can stand, meaning that can withstand the test of time. How can I relate this to the life around me at present?, I ask myself!

Finding solutions that can withstand the test of time, means slowing down and communicating through all mis-understandings until each has a clear understanding that is so grounded, it cannot be denied and can be referenced with ease.

The only real way to be this is to consider this physical world and the systemic design that presently exists. Our money system determines access to development. We see the lack of development commensurate with the lack of ability to build a grounding as an understanding that is solid in creating stability in our actions with those around us, and in how much and how often we become a back chat of judgement about the actions of our fellow men. We constantly compare and measure in relation to ourselves, those around us. This exposes our mind-fullness reflecting the measure of our belief, opinion and idea.

We are doing this, so much so, that we can no longer see the forest, as this physical world and the systems built from such a focus, through the trees. 

The practice of mindfulness, is a minute realization that we are not our thoughts, that these thoughts need not become our directive, and that these thoughts can be negative-feed-back-loops that cause us to act in ways that are not what is best for us. Hence, we are told through this practice of mindfulness , to breath and to trace the outline of our fingers, which is to bring our focus back onto, into, the physical world, to include the actual real world around us.

So,  we understand that, like a feral child,  and with our proteges, that we become the measure within in accord with what we focus on. This becomes our experiential map- so to speak, our log of information. Our personalities reflect our measure, what we like and what we do not like, what measure we have been exposed to.

We all realize this through our class system. We compare based on class. We, for example,  in our schools, collect data on the amount of information/exposure each child has, and we measure this through words. This means overall, that we measure the detail ability of each child, through words. And our research reveals that the more words we know, the more detail we are able to process- the more information we can handle and construct and hence deconstruct with. This also means we have the information imput/output to direct ourselves in ways that are directives that consider more aspects and hence cause fewer problems. And, this overall, is a very small measure of our capacity, seemingly huge because we are caught in comparing what is essentially shades of grey if we were to stand back- which we have little practice with- and see the whole of the overall real measure within the total class system.

In tandem with this, we can look at a protégés .  If you were a child born into a family that had accumulated considerable information/data within a certain field, that measure would be expressed through words, repeated within one’s environment again and again, and this measure would become that child, or, as in some cases, something resisted- and the personality of the child would become that of resistance to and towards a certain set body of information.

Overall, this shows what we understand about neurological development, that our reptilian brains are influenced/programmed by our exposure, and that this is a process we call neuro linguistic programming because, like feral children, we become the measure of the sensory skills of a wolf- for example, and our “within-reptilian-brain” composed of neurons forming in relation to our exposure, of our surroundings. Especially those first seven years.

We could consider, if we do not understand this, that our brains are a ‘ reptilian demon” or a ‘ demanning’ system when the measure, as the neurons within, is not fine-tuned in accord with reality. And, we can have a negative feed-back-loop about neural linguistic programming if we relate this to what media/television is and does. In these two relationships, as values, within a narrow focus having not looked at this overall, we can consider our ‘ reptilian brains’ and ‘ neuro-linguistic programming’ as something charged with negative values that to not slow down, and really look at this in practical measure.  We see the end and not the means. We judge the end creating all manner of doom and gloom in relation to the end, causing a fear towards the end, and blinding us from the means.  This is manifest in how we blame the child without realizing how that child was formed and using this to correct that in-formation. Which, on a side note, reveals how influenced we are with charged values that come to direct us within judgement instead of common sense.

If we realize these things in common sense, then we can process all the fires of personality around us without moving into emotional reactions, because we begin to understand that our actions are directed by the measure of our information within, meaning the only choice is to move into a practical application as what gives direction that causes no harm, as punishment is calling a lack by a name  only, and pigeon-holing a limitation; this is not giving specific re-direction that expands the capacity of that reptilian neuro-linguistic programming that comes to be the measure that directs us.  Neither the reptilian brain is  a bad, or neuro-linguistic-programming- both reveal that what is in the ‘ mindfulness’ is what we have repeated enough to believe  is  a truth and often the view that casts a shadow that blinds us from seeing the forest, hence the need to ground us, through the mindfulness action of tracing the outline of our hands. What is our mind-full of but the measure of what our reptilian brains have been exposed to enough to be build neurons/neuro-linguistic-programs ( a program is a measure about something, a reflection of something, or about something, it is data).

Imagine a classroom where that reptilian brain had a neuro-logic-development nicely ordered, as words- because all research states very clearly that the more words we know the more capacity we have to direct and explain because humans use language to communicate, imagine a classroom of children whose reptilian brains were not ‘ de-manned’  ( notice that I have not turned this word into a noun!) through lack, and instead had neurons that were a nicely ordered ‘ lingo/word’ system/program’ that a foundation so solid with many words as many small measures about this physical reality, that each child had great confidence and enjoyed looking at information from many angles, each child giving an input about that information with such ease, that the behaviors in that classroom were of creation and the building of understanding that a teacher could go home at the end of the day and feel invigorated with life as each day lead to a greater understanding of life, such as bringing the joy of living to the forefront of one’s experience here on earth? What would that be worth?

It would be worth all the money in the world, it would be priceless. It would be the expression of absolute joy, of a room filled with a voice of harmony, of children expressing joy, a room where no shadows of fear existed. It is what we all seek. The means of here, We decide.

Thank you for reading!