Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Personality a Dis-Order of a Natural Common Sense?

All children have  a natural learning ability. All children are born with the ability to measure the world around them. They divide space and time, as focus on parts and wholes, in varying degree. As this they become aware of the space in which they move. This awareness accumulates and they begin to walk, to talk and to think. The measure as the exposure of space becomes the information with which they direct themselves as their measure which is revealed through their actions and their actions become their personality, because what they have focused on is what they are aware of. What they missed, or rejected - as not having focused on enough to understand- is a measure they did not fully incorporate. This becomes expressed as a misunderstanding or a dislike, the action of which we describe as personality;  such as this person likes blue, or yellow, or this person enjoys reading, or this person enjoys working with their hands, or this person is very social, or this person is stoic.

So, personality is a measure of one’s division of space and the qualities of the objects and ideas about objects and their qualities, the practice of which develops a personality from the initial movement of the child, before the memory as an abstract of experience as the measure of reality one is exposed to becomes a concrete directive . It is this concrete directive that is an abstract, that we label as personality. It is the experiential measure of our exposure.

All of this begs the question as to why we have the accumulation of children with problems such as ADD and ADHD, autism and dyslexia? Some say we better diagnose, but the scores of soldiers, before the accumulation of media and repetitive factory type human actions as one’s job, showed a greater measure of understanding of the written word. So, the processes of learning to measure in our schools in the last hundred years have separated us from a more stable personality building, character building in our children. Our education system has become one of divide and conquer, using association and elongation of proofs, creating a busy detail of very small measure, one that is hard to criticize because the parts are not inherently “bad.” 

But this overall is a lack of depth perception, one that blinds the population from realizing that usury is by its very design a pyramid scheme as is personality development- lacking common sense measure.  It is, that the separation from an innate ability to process form and function in practical common sense is an ever expanding gap. Were this gap closed what would exist is an understanding between people as actions of practical support and social stability- which would manifest as characters that have no fear in sharing, no fear in being open, no division into rejecting based on class - all aspects of an egocentric personality dis-order. And realize, class is built with ordering personalities as inner measure into categories of practical ability for survival in self interest alone. None of this makes any sense, and obviously it has been built and we know how it is built, which means it need not be this way. And, it means that we in essence are abusing the natural learning ability of the human, and as we can see, our children are suffering, the life within them is being suppressed through a confinement of awareness into endless details that builds no common sense measure of practical reality. 

Those who may have some awareness of practical reality, which tends to be those who work with their hands, and yet often do not have the secret code as language to speak about their connection to common sense, are the ones who are most abused, which is manifest in how much they are paid in a system where money determines one’s comfortable living standards and lack of stress. The ones who learn the collectively accepted code as the words of label as how humans communicate, and who go into endless detail, using division as a form of measure, and do this on paper, abstractly, they are the ones most in separation from practical physical reality and yet they are paid more than the other. How does this make sense? It is like one is paid more for knowing the code, as words, and understanding how to endlessly divide the measure of them as a sound picture on paper , elongating with inverted proofs in word and number interplay, that are a separation from the starting point as how the child began, which was to measure and divide space, here, and begin to direct themselves with what is common sense directive that came before the abstraction of space into a concrete memory. So, one could say our personalities are our separation from our real expression. And we were told, the solution is to become equal within to what is without.

Now, children are so full of joy when they are young. We all enjoy this. And yet, by the time they are in the third grade, this joy, this open smile begins to fade. Is the burden of personality, when not of a development of equal measure to our practical world,, the response of separation from our natural learning ability - that built the inner abstract as memory. Is the loss of this joy an indicator of a socially accepted and allowed building of a limited understanding of practical reality, of common sense, that stifles and confines the life within? Can we allow this any longer? Can we choose to fear changing this because we want to keep our jobs more than allow life, as that joy, to flourish? There really is no choice here. The only choice is to choose what maintains that joy. And we all know this.

We cannot change the system as it is suddenly. This creates too much chaos. But we can, step by step transform this system, as our ability as our natural learning ability is the perfect movement in its ability to measure our world as space defined by a physical measure to stabilize ourselves, and begin to build personalities that are equal in measure to the common sense of us all, which is this practical physical world - that which the child uses to direct themselves before personality as their abstract measure registration of their world becomes separate - because it has not remained  connected in constant reference to how we live, as we live our lives in a physical way.

Our children must be able to process the way numbers move, and the words humans use to describe the measure as the form of objects, and the movement of this physical objective world. Each must be able to speak in ways that keep each of us grounded and directive in thought, as words, to become actions as our deeds that cross reference reality, as this will allow that joy to remain and flow. Here, it is not the personality of limitation, manifest as furrowed brow, lack of focus, endless out of control behavioral  explosions we see manifesting as the behaviors of autistic children, as the consequence of collective ignorance accumulation,  who no longer have control and simply voice what the collective has allowed. In this our autistic children are a gift, because they are the behavior of our separation, they show us how a accumulated separation from our innate common sense will manifest. They show us the way back to our initial joy, and how we can maintain that joy to live a life that exists in full potential. It is here right in front of us.  We need only slow down, breath, and reconnect to our common sense, our initial ability that was as it showed, which was an expression of great joy and ease.

This is Techno Tutor, it is the way and the means to cut through the personality, and to rebuild the abstract that becomes concrete, to be one of equal and balanced measure, as ensuring that the words are clear and many, and that the number sense is certain and clear. It is to train the eyes, to focus here as the units of measure as the words. Watch the joy and stability of your child, the one you so enjoyed when they were young, or to maintain that joy as they mature. Techno Tutor is like an anchor in a world that has separated step by step by step for generations from its own natural gift of common sense. All of us are in separation, were we not, than ADD and ADHD would not exist, and/or enough of us would be standing in real understanding of these problems of separation. And, reinventing the wheel is time consuming, because that child, here now, is growing, and prevention is the best cure. Why end up spending so much money correcting this separation over time, desperately trying to even this separation out. For a lot less, these problems, this separation can not exist, not build, simply by using a tool to organize and build via words of direct seeing measure as what they are the label of and as, without value judgements but of practical measure,  so that our children are stable, directive, confident, and as such full of joy unburdened by a personality of limitation.

We decide. Techno Tutor. Your aid in a world in separation from common sense.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Natural Learning Ability and Cognitive Dis-sonance.

Now if a child has a good memory, which means they have had some opportunity in developing at least some sense that the mind is like a map that one can manipulate and as such have a realization that what is seen as the mind is objective view point that can change, these children are capable of building and deconstructing already because they have had an environment where they had calm and stability to learn this to some degree. Others are in such a stressful environment that there is an imbalance of constant survival around that stress, because a stressed person is so consumed with survival that they more than likely do not have the time to slow down and explain practical reality to a child. Hence the child does not learn to see this, or may over time, but learning time is lost and they fall behind. 

Also, if we look at entertainment, a child can be impulsed with the excitement of entertainment. This is where one defines oneself in relation to a sport, for example, where the measure of one’s awareness revolves around the names of the players, the qualities of the players, and the teams and the announcers, I mean there is endless detail one could build with to be able to talk about sports. In many ways, the process of looking at different dimensions within sports is a cool practice but at the exclusion of practical reality not so cool. It also teaches a child that their value is based on how much they can talk about what ever sport they happen to focus on. There is a “ good” in here, because it teaches to look in some ways, but when this is made more than anything else, it is not so cool because we cannot live on an ability to talk about sports alone.

All of this shows that our children become the measure of their environment. And we all see this because we categorize children already in elementary school into class. And we all do it, some are more objective about it, and others believe it to be etched in stone, and do not realize that this reveals the ability of the child to learn, to take in what is placed before them. It is this taking in, that screams the ability of each human to take in the measure of their world. Thus, there is no excuse that a child does not learn to direct themselves in ways that benefit the whole, this being themselves.

So, a child builds a character that is a product of the measure of their experience. So what the child expresses reveals the measure of their exposure. And since what the child expresses is the measure of their exposure, this measure can change, the gaps filled, balanced out until the child understands that what they are doing in school is becoming the measure of what is taught, and a parent can understand that this is all that is happening. When this is understood then  parents can begin to see that the building of the character of the child is not such a scary thing. The parent is the same, no different, a product of the measure presented.

We understand that a child builds an abstract of their environment in the first years. We understand that a child then begins to use this abstract to direct themselves and that this abstract becomes concrete, because we label children into class, into the measure of their exposure already in elementary school. But, this is accepting that measure and believing that it cannot change, and yet this was built. And, education tells us, interestingly enough not too many years after the industrial revolution was well underway, that a child deconstructs and reconstructs meaning. This in itself in a misnomer, because already we are labeling the mental map as a meaning maker, when it is really a reflection of our understanding, or, our ability to image reality as a measure.

If our inner cognitive map, our construction, is not of the same practical measure as reality, then we cannot direct ourselves without mistakes, because our mis-takes are where we are not considering practical reality. Think of a child learning to walk. Until they have a practical awareness of the space and time of physical reality around them, they cannot direct their bodies properly. It is the same with the school work given.

Hence we cannot blame a child for what they are, we can only walk them, help them to help themselves, to realize that they can change, within giving them the tools to measure and understand that this is what they are doing as their mental abstract cognitive map that helps them to direct in common sense because they are as how they function innately the ability to do this. And, we have to understand that mis-takes are a part of the process. And, that our schools cannot do this alone, because they simply do not have the time to watch every tiny measure in every child. I mean if a teacher could do this, it would mean they had considerable training, and training means time and money, so such a person would more than likely as the present system be very expensive and as such raise the real estate taxes to a very high degree because this is how the system works. If we ask one person to change this, we ourselves have no real measure of practical reality as the present system, and within this, an understanding that it takes a collective understanding to stand as that understanding to create a change. Change happens when many are acting in directive ways that are equal to the measure of practical reality and the accepted measure as the system at present. 

In so many ways, we have become proud of our constructions as belief, as the measure of what we were taught, and we then walk around showing this off, getting caught up in this without realizing that this is what we are doing. This creates a competition in a bubble, and overall this is a separation from practical reality. A separation that breeds insecurity because some can call out names more than others, because they have had more exposure, and then the ones who have little development, cannot compete and believe themselves to lack ability which is so far from what we as humans are capable of. All this insecurity becomes a cognitive dissonance that becomes concrete as a self definition over time, and this becomes the directive of us, one of limitation and confusion and suppression, manifesting as behaviors of frustration and violence. We all pay the price for this, because in protecting ourselves we spend our time in judging the characters of people around us, making sure that we are not associating with these kinds of limited measure that have consequences. And, we are enslaved to this incessant watching because if our attention is on this, then we are lacking in attention directed to our innate common sense, our natural learning  ability to measure the world around us in ways that allow us to consider the total, perceive the total measure of reality, and as such move in ways that are what supports as to be and become our full expressive potential. And this is what we all want. 

Techno Tutor is the tool to clean up cognitive dissonance, our  inner unequal measure of reality, some of which is good. It gives us the structure to turn confusion into a clear form of measure so that we can begin to process what is around us with clarity. One could say that Techno Tutor is the best, the very best, technological tool that has ever existed. Techno Tutor is using how we humans have externalized our abilities because we are so caught up in labeling ONLY, that we have lost awareness of what we are actually doing, having forgotten that our minds are a signifier of our measure of understanding only, and as such not what is practically real. If we want stability, we have to become it. The schools cannot do this, we each must do this, each parent must do this, and the way is here. Empower yourself and your children and as such the world, build characters that have what it takes to withstand the test of time, which is building a cognitive map that is in common sense, a direct seeing, a practiced focus, with practical physical reality, because this is where we actually live our lives, and it is the capacity to live such a life that is the joy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The words " she has a lot of potential" vs. a behavior of resistance.

I was talking with a  parent who had a response that their child was not doing too well in school, they were getting by, but not doing as well as they could. Part of the equation as what they said, was a continual addition of  “ but they are really smart and have a lot of potential.”  This parent even went on to describe how the teacher said this. So,  the words presented to me were that of the child having behaviors of resistance to completing the work, and that that child had potential and was really bright.

Somehow this makes no sense. A behavior of resistance is a behavior of resistance, which means processing the work is not moving with ease, which means there is a conceptual process that is not functioning, is not moving. There is resistance. I ask myself the question, is the behavior of resistance what will become of the child as they reach adulthood because that is the very movement of the child? Is the potential the idea value, meaning the statement of the child having potential which the child is not realizing, something that can be noted? Having potential and exhibiting potential are two different things, as I have said in different words. Having potential is not a state of practical fruition, resisting is the state of being, the actual real time movement.

Now, parents pay a lot of money to take care of resistance because they realize that potential is nothing if it is not lived, exhibited. So, because parents are so busy, many send their children to private schools at an average of 45 - 50 thousand dollars a year. Or, they live in high real estate tax areas, and supplement with tutors, spending anywhere from 5 thousand to 20 or 30 thousand and beyond to even out resistance to become manifested potential.  Some parents take the time to sit and walk through the work, with consistency, to discover where the resistance comes into play.

In public schools, if I look at my cost per pupil expenditure, about 24 thousand is spent per child per year. This is half the sum of the private school. I wonder if I do the math, that with real estate taxes and tutors, the cost does not come out to be about the same in the long run, one just mixes living with room and board for the child, when living in high real estate tax areas with schools where there are parents who realize the value of sending their children to a good public school, this meaning an area where parents are willing, as a group, to focus on their children, realizing that building the character of the child is a process that must be carefully watched and carefully built, and that a  public school alone cannot do this, or, the parent realizing they do not have the time, and are willing to pay someone else to do this. And, since the cost of living to have another human being do this demands a certain amount of money, it is going to cost. I mean, you want to earn a good living, at least enough to remain stable do you not? And obviously, children need guidance, because they cannot recognize what is lacking structurally that is causing a lack of conceptual flow manifesting as behavioral resistance to completing their school work. That is why they are children and this is why what goes in, or lack of some missed understanding, is what comes out. Since the parents are the ones that spend the most time with the child, and are the ones who brought this child into this world, it is the responsibility of the parent. We could increase real estate taxes enough to pay another person to carefully monitor child development, but this is something the collective would have to come together to agree on. There are solutions out there: talking about potential is not problem solving.

I know from playing the violin, that if another cannot read the notes with ease, meaning to conceptualize the notes with ease, then the music is not created, does not manifest, the potential in the notes on the page does not manifest. I also know that someone who does not understand the means of how music works cannot improvise. Hence, when another does not flow with understanding then my ability to realize a piece of music with many parts simply does not manifest. 

It is the same with our children. If our children are not taught to manifest their potential, and if what resistance as lack of understanding, meaning flow, is not manifested, then we all suffer, and our own ability to manifest our potential is not realized. If one person , or a few realize their potential, and are able to conceptualize from and function with greater speed, then they will be alone, and as such where their potential as a collective will not reach others, nor will the society as a whole reach its full potential. Thus, if one child is left behind, then we are all left behind. And since the parents are the ones on the ground, who have birthed and created a child, one that will bring into the world their lack of potential manifesting as resistances where an ease of conceptual ability is not reached, this ends up effecting the very fabric of the society, for oneself and for the whole. Thus, it is the responsibility of a parent to ensure that their child reaches their full potential, and to monitor and watch for resistance to go into a common sense measure of reality in practical ways, to see where the “ glitch” is, where the conceptual turn is not understood with ease.

Our public schools cannot do this, they are not set up to do this, they are there to aid in this. Most children that do well have parents watching and supplementing the child’s development. And if a child is self motivated, they go back and review to see where their resistance as a conceptual miss take existed. I did this once with a subject. it took a lot of time, a lot of review. I did this very late in high school, and it was a learning experience, but it took all those years of school to realize. It should have been realized from the beginning, and it was probably realized because there were adults who showed this to me, who walked me through this to the point where i began to understand it. But here, even in college I had accumulated behaviors of resistance that I had to struggle with, resolve etc. and some were difficult because by then there was not always the time to be able to go back and review to discover where a conceptual lack existed, where a miss- take had occurred. This is why, it is even more important that a parent stay on top of behaviors of resistance and carefully even them out, without any reprimand, or impulsing of positive ideas, such as “ but they are smart and have so much potential” because such words do nothing. And, our teachers say such words because if they were to be real, and say that the parent has to take the time to discover why the resistance behaviors exist, most parents would complain to the principle, because someone had suggested that their child was in lack - so addicted to so called “ positivity” are we in America. But in effect, this “ positivity” is a smoke and mirrors show, an abdication of responsibility, one that builds a child that “ has potential” but behaves as their actions.

The solution is to find out where the units of measure as the words and the numbers are not clear, where there is a miss-step of lack of understanding, as resistance, as fear, and to clear this up. What we reject persists, what we resist persists and it is a gift because it shows us where we have a measure of lack conceptually. And, it is what we would have wanted for ourselves.

This is what Techno-Tutor is and does. It is the means to build the character of the child to reach their full potential. It is the means, for busy parents to get the units of measure as words and numbers into such a knowing state that the child moves with ease conceptually. Techno- Tutor is the means to even out behaviors of resistance so that that child reaches their full potential, and as such each child reaches their full potential because this is our responsibility as parents. No one can be left behind, and there is no one to do this but that parent living with that child. The only way out, is for all children to reach their full potential. Any spite towards this, is spite, is resistance, and as we know, resistance goes no where but into consequences of more resistance, which is a lack of conceptual flow with reality.

In so many ways it is so simple, and it is right in front of us. We need only accept this simplicity and forgive our shame and our fear and our blame and empower ourselves within this solution because this will bring the ease we all long for, which is to reach our full potential, which is to be able to produce the notes on the page, and create the flowing sound as the music - so to speak. To resist is to cut off our noses despite our face. And we all know that this does not work. So, face your resistance for what it is, and realize that the solution is to become equal to our natural ability to sense the whole and the parts, this that simply needs to be walked through with care, as the words and the numbers. The tools are here to aid in this, within our busy society. The benefits are great, as that object as that child, is the most important object a person can have in one’s environment. It would be like having a car that functions beautifully, is always ready, flows with ease, and ensures that in our old age, we have the warmth we need to remain comfortable. I mean, would you not do this for your parents if you could, and would you not be thankful for that which as a measure was revealed to you, shared with you, enabling you to actually become the behavior of as your full potential?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Importance of Vocabulary

We have moments where we suddenly see the parts and the whole, moments where we see a consequential play-out but do not act upon it, like we cannot move fast enough to correct the outcome we suddenly see. It is much like asking a question and seeing the answer as the question is asked. I have done this so many times, asked a question and then seen the answer as I asked, sometimes not wanting to admit I see the answer as I ask the question.

This can be helpful, too, because it frames one’s point of reference and then the gap is filled, the next step taken, so really there is no harm in this. Thus,  on the side here, children asking questions is a cool indication that they are framing information, an act that should be supported, even if it is something that is obvious to another. 

I want to ask why we don’t always respond to seeing a play-out in space and time suddenly, why can’t we react within that framework and  instead remain stagnant in that split second when we could have changed and responded? 

If we look at socio-economic status we realize that the greater the vocabulary of a child, the greater the ability to respond. So, the words we know determine our ability to act. And, since it is the language used in the home in the early years, it is the parents who determine the vocabulary of the child. I mean, this is cool in a way, because it empowers parents, as they can realize that they have the power  to build the character of the child through ensuring that the vocabulary of the child is of a solid and stable foundation, as this becomes the directive capacity of the child.

Another aspect of words is that they can have emotional values attached to them, which can interfere with registering the words of another, which we can realize because we become lost in fantasy and tune out from listening to words being spoken. And yet, as we know, across all indicators, the more words we know, the greater vocabulary we have, the more successful we become. So, words can help us process our personal reactions, and interpersonal interactions because we have the structural tools as the words to help us direct through cognitive dissonance - which is what emotional veils are.

So, overall, if we do not have the words to respond to our common sense, as that is the part of us that can suddenly see the parts and the whole, then we will not be able to act on that sense of the whole.

This is why having a broad vocabulary, and knowing these words as well as we know our name, which is a word in our long term memory, that we are more able to act as our common sense, and when we can act as our common sense, we are succees-ful. As I have said, CEO’s have  a large vocabulary and as such they are able to be directive and align with their innate common sense, something that all children have.

So, this simple development of children means ensuring that the words are many and are clear, as this builds the character of the child, a character that can become successful in life because they have the structure as the words to respond to the world around them. One cannot assess and measure space and time if one is too busy in reaction, resisting and hiding because they are inferior to the words, for whatever reason. 

Mothers can see the promise in a child, and yes, many fathers can as well, I have met them. Many times parents say to me that they know their child is very capable. What is not understood is how an emotional value can become the measure of the memory, and this slows the child down and separates them from their innate common sense. And, the media, does not help in aligning a child with their innate common sense. We all have it, because we all have had moments where we see the parts and the whole, see the consequence, see a coming outcome of mis-measure, mis-judgement, and yet we are like molasses and do not act. This is because we do not have the inner structure as the words to direct us. 

We cannot answer unless we have the words, and we cannot answer if we have an emotional veil before our eyes, a residue from a past experience that was a consequence of not being equal to our innate common sense, that measure of our children that shows so much promise those early years.  Words are a focusing mechanism, the tools, to align us with our innate common sense.

We can build the character of the child, word by word, and we can use technology to do this, empowering the parents, and the child and the community.  Let’s give our children the keys, as words, to align them with their promise, their natural learning ability, their common sense, let’s retain that initial depth perception and give it the structure as the words, using technology to get through the emotional veil that is slowing them down. Let’s bring out what is unique in each child so that they reach their full potential. This is Techno-Tutor. Cost effective, self empowering and the answer for every parent who see, know and understand that their child has great potential.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The Mind, the Mirror of our Measure. Building the Character of the child.

One of the things that happened to me with music was the ability to generate musical melody on my own. Meaning, even though I knew the notes, I did not practice or use them in my own generation. What do I mean by this specifically?

How I learned notes was in scales and arpeggios, learning each measure from the beginning, without additional pictures, which many believe to be an aid. But this clutters association and is not a direct measure, so it slows down direct seeing. So, I could read music very fast but I had little time to generate my own structures of melody because all I did was read music.

Then, when I said to myself, why don’t musicians generate their own music, why do we always play what someone else wrote? We believe in music written by others as being something beyond what we could generate, the masters, but how did they master this? They began by generating their own music, having understood the patterns of music. But then, this is another limitation that slows us down, a touted belief system that is repeated until it becomes a truth, and then one’s life is spent in the belief  realized within time after the early developmental years that determine one’s job placement and earning ability.

We spend so much time memorizing knowledge and information that we regurgitate what is placed before us instead of generating with the units of measure, in common sense, meaning actually realizing the smallest of measure as the words an how they actually relate to practical movement in reality, as we live in a world that is a physical world. 

If we could see words in the context of the physical, we would have a greater ability to generate and to see consequence, thereby becoming more stable within our self direction and more aware of misinformation and cognitive dissonance. When we follow, we become busy with following and are not allowing an ability to critically think, and as such be directive in being constructively critical to the point where we see immediate solutions. And by this I mean, being in balance, which is to maintain a common sense that does not harm, that does not resist but follows through as this is what we would want for ourselves. If we follow, we become myopic and miss directing ourselves because no one can see  clearly what is in front of us as individuals. So the very idea of following in many instances, eliminates what is directly around self leading to decisions that have detrimental consequences. Following is not “ bad” but when unbalanced consumes our time, inhibits pattern recognition. It is like this process of seeing the whole and the parts is denied in following only, and it is only once one has lived a life that the patterns begin to emerge. Yet, this should be the means to the end from the beginning. 

A real education develops the ability to see the parts and the whole, of which words are the perfect tool, to realize our cognitive maps are a signifier of our understanding of practical reality and not something to program in the order of a text book accepted by a federal government offering funding for salaries in a system where our politicians are being bought by companies who pay little in royalties and taxes and hide in transnational corporations that enable them to accumulate wealth that then buys an order in their self interest to maintain wealth accumulation. But in the end, this movement is the same movement each is doing within in wanting to justify a mental construction that lacks an ability to see the parts and the whole because that map is believed to be more real than practical reality. And we wonder why our children are becoming increasingly unable to function in practical ways. It is because we are not equal to common sense of practical reality, which is where we live our lives. In some ways it is to ask ourselves what came first, the corporation or the metaphysical system that is the mind and what it is the consequence of and as?

That schools are not teaching vocabulary as the main subject, means that we are not giving our children the proper measure within to direct themselves. Words are the notes of measure for practical reality, they allow us to organize and see patterns and realize space and time. If we are taught ideas and values, before the units of measure, especially in a world where our schools move as knowledge and information without practical application, then our children have no balance here, they are guided by ideological measure, value measure, which gives them no stability, no real structure. What reveals this to us is the accumulating behaviors of dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autism, all behaviors of an inability to be self directive in effective ways that enable the expression of that child to reach its full potential. And now, there are systems that support the lack, and these systems create jobs, and those within these jobs do not want to lose their jobs. So, do they want solutions that eliminate the accumulating separation from common sense? It is not to become angry, it is to realize they are afraid.

The simple solution is right here in front of us.  Memories as ideas, beliefs and opinions, the abstract cognitive map creating this separation, becomes concrete and then it becomes very difficult and very very slow to reach through this embedded separation. And the time spent correcting this consumes the life of the child, and their potential is never reached. This can no longer be allowed.

Our words are a focusing tool, they direct us to see the practical measure of this physical reality in which we move. When our words are clear, they flow with the same ease as the recall of our names. Each and every word must become as clear as our names. This can be done. If we can exist as this as our names, then we can exist as this with all words. This exception shows the real rule. 

Each and every parent can take back their power to build the character of their child as the words they know.  Each and every parent can ensure that their child can use words in such a way that the words flow with the same ease as the recall of our names, that each word flows like water, creating a more flexible human being, manifesting as fewer behaviors of resistance. Here, knowledge and information become a picture, overall, of what is here that is where we move and live our lives, regardless of what one believes in terms of one’s own cultural religious beliefs.

In a world where many basic cognitive skills are being made redundant because of technology, it is necessary to develop critical thinking skills in order to have our children enter into the job market and earn a decent wage. This is especially important for parents, as the inner development of our children means stability for us in the future. It is the greatest object we can give ourselves! Are we willing to allow/ hope-for  a school do this for us? That school is not going to be there when your child reaches twenty one, and no manner of blame is going to change the outcome. We are responsible for the character building of our children and the schools are not “ good or bad” they have just, over time, lost sight of, as have we, the importance of words and how words are the building blocks of success that focus us to a practical measure  of reality where we have a clear directive capacity in common sense of practical reality.  What we resist persists, and what we resist is simply not having the full story, the full measure of practical reality of which words are the perfect filing system or placement holder of measure.

We decide, and we have the tools to rebuild our abstract maps to be of equal measure to practical reality. Besides, it would be fun to do this, and the stability for the children and ourselves would create a home life that is of joy, as each can communicate and interact in supportive, fluid and effective ways, removing so much discord that is simply an inability to equalize in understanding each one’s unique perspective of this practical world in which we live and exist.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Can we begin to see the overarching effects of what is allowed as programming via television on our Children?

What are the effects of television on our world and on our children? Children take in their world, the first seven years having a tradition of being the period before a “ concrete” abstract is developed enough for the child to be somewhat self directive. This age, the age of seven, if when many children begin school, and/or are sent to a boarding school away from their parents.

Some upper classes of people send their children to boarding school at this time, because they realize that they do not have the time, with their busy lives, to ensure that the child is exposed to many aspects of life, and has an environment of careful and focused support in the development of the character of the child as its sole purpose and attention.

The American public school system was set up to offer some structure for the child in a world that was using more and more texts to convey information instead of the old apprenticeship and direct learning one had in a society where so much of one’s needs were  directly provided within one’s immediate environment. In essence, we humans have separated ourselves from practical application within physical reality, and we are seeing children that are the products of generations of this separation going into school and learning knowledge and information only. Obviously, this is not working because our children are becoming less and less practical, and, if they have no real stability as common sense, then what they become is a human impulsed with what is presented to them in word and image only.

So, we have television, which is a machine that uses images and music and spoken words, a focus mechanism as a box of flashing pictures. The images are of people all dressed up playing roles of present stories and past with aspects of reality manipulated, meaning some characteristics brought forward and others left unnoted, so a child now has no sense of the past and no direct, or very very little direct interaction with practical physical reality, is seeing images of many historical time periods for which there is little practical context in reality developed. We cannot really call children dumb, they simply have had no to little practical exposure, and what exposure they have has not been clarified, or is part of a story, or perhaps as a historical study incorrect. 

And, also, why do we not see that so much of this actual living scenario is the direct cause of the growing numbers of our children unable to process information with any common sense, or even be able to see fallacies in our present system that allowed such to develop in the first place? The adults in our world, are products of this period of generation of images instead of direct access to practical reality as well- a slow transition done over time, where the forest is slowly hidden by the trees. Honestly, if I have another person say that my ability to play the violin is talent, I am no longer going to try and couch this in “ sweet” terms, I am going to say point blank, it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with talent and everything to do with learning to walk, it is a process where one “ walks” the steps until the awareness of the space is measured enough that one can move with and as what it means in practical measurable reality. Imagine doing such in imagination only? Can a fantasy, as knowledge and information only ever really direct or does it lead one to believe that the fantasy is more real than the physical reality?

If our children are fed imagery on a television screen that is what they use as reference, that is their information, their in-form-ation, how can any real depth perception as what common sense is, develop? Television is not showing, giving, teaching a common sense measure of reality. And yet the mechanism of its focus is influencing our children. One situation comedy that talks about talent, is already the impulsing of a lie by omission, forgetting that the human falls many times before they learn to walk, revealing that learning is a process that involves physical application and not only knowledge and information shot our from a box in a system where the elephant in the room are many products that are quickly becoming well understood to not be what is best for our health and subsidized within economy being used to suppress through limited access hidden  within a paradigm that we have free choice. The words presented do not match the actual limiting structural consequences.

And yet, the television is a record of how the human takes in what is placed before them. We are like computers, what goes in is what comes out. Also, images can have a thousand words, meaning many many associations in any context. A child from one part of town can remember, as memory, as that abstract-made-concrete-by-seven-mind, a completely different set of associations than another child, and as such take in a completely different meaning causing confusion leading to a sense of not being understood, developing a sense of inner lack and angry uncertainty, in other words, confusion. Here, there are only more pictures,  with more associations to reference on top of this already developing dis-clarity, or lack of direct seeing. Would this not lead to children not having the ability to express themselves? A lack of  sustainable structure within caused through a chaos of jumbled association divorced from practical reality, creating a suppression of an innate ability to learn to walk, as walking is a multi dimensional task to learn, which in and of itself shows that a child can learn in a very short period of time many many different moving parts, and direct these parts, showing a great capacity to be a self directive human being. And here, to note, that if one says they want research on this, you are a product of the growing separation from an ability to direct in common sense in reality. There is so much research and none of it is solving problems, and yet, we know from our past that Americans, and native peoples managed to take care of themselves as their world. It is not to say the some technology is bad, it can be used to aid in closing through reversing the ever widening gap of separation from an innate ability in humans to be creative and careful in effective ways with practical reality.

This is Techno- Tutor, bringing our children back into common sense through the measure of words, as words are a collectively accepted direct relation to physical reality, as each unit of measure within describing our practical world, enabling the child to direct their focus and  structure the world around them practically. Here, the abstract can become concrete as words that are units of measure of what is real, physically real, so that the child has common sense, and as such a critical thinking skill that gives a directive capacity in this world that is a physical world as where that child actually lives their life as adults.