Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The key to processing knowledge and information. Abracadabra.

Children's behaviors, when lacking in the ability to process words and as such, build understanding, lead to emotional reactions of frustration and lack, resistance and acting out. But with proper tools, as the use of words are the units of, children can become so clear they are able to transform understanding via human means of communication, as words, and reflect on the order of themselves. It is a reciprocal process. Thus words are builders of a simulation of reality, that can be cross referenced before actions are taken, much like composing a musical score. One can place in front of one's self what one understands and sees, and then reflect this understanding back into a practical application, cross referencing the physical. This also, naturally focuses the child practically, building common sense. In other words, a broad vocabulary that lends the means to communicate their insight allows cross reference and time to then move into greater discovery. Words are the means to build structure. We all know that each of us is unique, and the gem of insight within each individual expression is something we lose when that expression has no real voice. Each of us is a perspective on a physical world, it is when the insight of the collective as each point is present, that greater understanding is built. This is obviously a win-win situation for all, when all children have fully developed communication and language skills.

In the next blogs for this site, I am going to go into detail of limiting behaviors that indicate a lack of structural development, which is reflected in our words. Ask the question, if a limited insight is built, does it not show that understanding is built? As such characters are constructed and therefore can be deconstructed and reconstructed. Words are the perfect structural means to self empowerment. The basis of all educational research makes this clear. Abracadabra; we are the words we know.

With each blog I am going to look at some behaviors I have experienced in working with children, to describe the limiting behavior so that it can be readily understood and corrected to enable the child to begin to stand with a desire to build communication and language skills because it will be understood that building language skills is the structural key to becoming more than a consequence of hiding insecurities, which are a lack of structure, that end up limiting the full potential within the child.

Ask any parent, as I have talked with many, if they feel that their child has incredible potential, and of the ones I have met, each realizes a natural potential within their child. What must be understood is the importance of language development to allow this potential a structure to not only voice itself, but give a sound structure as the words to check alignment to common sense.

When we realize that the lack of this limits each of us, the insight of that unique potential, we can see that it is the responsibility of the community, via the responsibility of the parents, as the allocation point, to ensure that our children reach a clear self expression because this will benefit all of life.

It is the responsibility of the parent to self empower the child. This also, self empowers the parent. Our schools provide further development when the foundation of the child is secure. The design of our public schools, is to build on a foundation. When these parts are working together, children can do very well in school, and teachers can spend time fine tuning the structures that gives a solid foundation of vocabulary further structural development. In this we create a win-win situation, that only improves all of our lives as a community.

Please join me as I walk behaviors that build personas that end up limiting a child, as they become stuck in a foundation filled with value judgements attached to words that are not necessarily good or bad, but limiting because unresolved experiences of value judgements build self defining ideas that then accumulate without the structural means, as clear language and communication skills that balance out and order mis-steps that are a part of becoming a human being. A human being that by nature, as this very process, has innate creative thinking skills and critical thinking skills. Words are the tools of thought, the units of thought, the means of description. Words are the units that give measure with which to think in creative and critically constructive ways, to simulate actions before practice, and to gather, understand, process and assess knowledge and information in practical ways with ease.

Critiques are most welcome, as my goal is to understand and move into effective solutions, to ensure that only that which builds a sound character becomes the norm in the development of our most precious asset: our children as prevention is the best cure Children who can process and assess the existent know-how, and the formations, of this world, with the tools of common sense as the  structural focus ability of words, will not only self-empower themselves but the rest of us too.

As the video posted with this blog reveals, with the example of learning a foreign language, when we do not know the words, we lose so much understanding and get lost in fuzzy logic. This means, overall, that we then have little means to direct ourselves in productive ways. This example is one we can all relate to. Now, place yourself in the shoes of a child, and realize we are the words we know. Anne Fernald: Why Efficiency in Processing Language is Important.