Thursday, June 26, 2014

Word Recognition without the Clutter of Association.

An education gives a human being the structure to communicate and organize the world around them. Much of this is done using words. We go to school and learn to organize ourselves via words, which is why vocabulary is such a strong indicator of success.

This tells us, that education, as inner structure, is programming the human, to perform. The natural learning ability of the human, is this ability as common sense. When this common sense is split into fragments, as values before practical common sense, time is spent supporting the value over practical common sense; common sense being how we direct and create with the world around us. Common sense is that task, that practice that exhibits creating something tangible.

If our vocabulary is limited, and taught in the order of value, instead of practice, then we learn value making, as ideas, instead of actual step by step practical application. This value making, is what our media is and does, to create a need, as a value, that becomes what is demanded, as what is essentially programmed, thereby sidestepping common sense. As this, our children have little skill development, and a huge focus on a few values. Just think how much time is spent talking about clothing, and or decoration, instead of the details of the means of how the object being the decor is created. Wanting to decorate, is not a bad, but when this one perspective is the goal of many, which practically does not work in the world, because only a few can actually do this, which takes money, and social networking, and we tend to want the famous name, so usually just a few become this and then have the means to survive within it - which is basically a monopolistic formation, we can see the spin of our limitation, and the gap in our understanding. If someone comes to point this out, the program of the person, does not want to slow down and look at the details, and their abstract mind is busy rushing ahead as their formation made larger than life.

Imagine a child in a school, who has not the detail, the focus, never having the opportunity to build such, and living in an environment, those first seven years, where the exposure was of the consumerist media teaching limited values, ignoring detail, and thus imprinting a limited vocabulary, and all of it with values? Then place such a programmed abstract as mind, into a school setting. Can we see how that child will need to be carefully balanced out and that many reactions will come up as what is missing and as what must be counter balanced to get that child moving in common sense? Can we begin to see that blame and punishment has no solution because it only names the wrong but does not direct? And, how can a public school really have the time to walk the gaps in development with each child and even read the gaps with clarity, when the teachers themselves are the same products of such a system that has intensified in the last 100 years, as the last three or four generations? Conceptually, one has to be able to not only collect data, so to speak, but also read that and see the patterns instantly and then be able to, in a moment, direct into solution.

But, if most degreed people, can only process about 250 words per minute, then how can the adults of this world do this? Really, they cannot. Which is why so many of the problems and behaviors are not being directed into solution, because the adults are not processing with any real measure of depth perception. Which, the children are unable to do as well. So it is like, or should I say, it IS, the blind leading the blind. We have to be willing to admit this, and just as I suggest with the children, no longer blame, no longer reprimand, but, simply, realize it and redirect in ways that begin to build an inherent ability to process the patterns of common sense, within and without, to reconstruct, what is here, taking that which is good, and does no harm, and aligning our children and ourselves into what we want, which is to communicate with one another, be creative, from the making of the painting to hang on the wall, to the conversation we have as we sit in what we created, in ways that expand our awareness of what it means to live a full life, a life where all our senses are alive, and our experience is one filled with manifesting all potential. 

The way and the means of doing this is with our words.  Words are the naming of the measure of this world. Which is why those with a large vocabulary, tend to have a capacity to self direct, because they see more directly, because they have attended to, via words, the measure of practical physical reality. We have to be able to see the structure of the physical world and see the structure of the words we use to communicate, and convey information. 

If you have ever corrected a series of state tests, it immediately becomes apparent that children are very capable of being taught. Mostly, each has a different gap that needs to be practiced and walked through. And if one has tutored, it can be realized that a child can learn structure, and use such to begin to process knowledge and information, and the physical world, and then begin to move in more self directive ways, which over all, is being critical thinkers.

Thus, the words our children know, determine their abstract development. If this abstract development has become concrete, meaning habituated - which is saying “ stuck” in limitation - this abstract must be rebuilt. This is not something new, it is realized within the constructivist paradigm developed in the mid 1900’s after a couple of generations of a society experiencing the industrial model of production. Which means, we as adults could see what was happening.

As I have said, if I learned to process musical notes very fast by the time I was seventeen, to the point where I could read blocks of patterns as the notes, enough to generate a song, then why had I not been taught this with words?

First, I had not learned the notes by association, I had learned the note signifies a precise measure as a certain sound produced a certain way directly on the instrument. No pictures, no values, other than intensity of sound etc.. I had used focus mechanisms to narrow my focus, to realize that single unit of measure so that no clutter came up within interacting with that note. Thus, when I played, I could process without a memory of pictures, the note was the note, period.

So, if we look at media, and the adults we have become, obsessed with DATA only, we can see that we are not seeing directly, and we can understand that we are not seeing directly because we are not solving the problems of lack in our children. Remember, if we are blaming, reprimanding without clear direction, and much patience because of the accumulation of this, in essence we are lacking in depth perception. Our depth perception is our natural common sense, it is simply “ polluted” with value touting over practical action. And we are so immersed in this, we really do not know the difference, it has been going on for generations. And yes, I have to remind myself of this, because i am as much a product of this as anyone, so I slow down, and cross reference all the time, even when I am being rejected, pushed away, called names, etc. because such is not an act of giving a direction that is stable and sound, leading to, for example, giving the children the means to be self directive.

So, Techno- Tutor, is the means to clean up the abstract mind, filling in the gaps of understanding and thus self directive capacity that is of a direct seeing measure of practical reality. it is getting the words in without associations being a support as a belief that context builds meaning with a text only. It is getting the words in as their unit of measure in practical reality, so that then the children have a stable starting point to become self directive, understand the practical world, and therefor, stabilize within seeing directly and working with the means of practical reality.

Techno-Tutor is cost effective and efficient. It empowers the child to build an abstract as the words, so that they can answer in class, knowing the words as well as they know their names, knowing their words enough to be able to actually create a “ song” that has form and structure, that can be seen as a whole, as the pieces are clear, and then can objectively be seen and carefully looked at, corrected as the child subjectively lives their words as directives symbiotically in practical daily living. Techno Tutor is a win- win for parents, for schools, for the children, for the society, the the nation, for the gift of life all around us. 

Allow us to prove this. Techno -Tutor has special offers for schools. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

                   the simplicity of this, it is not complicated, which is hard for a world blinded by complication.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Building the Inner Abstract as Mind, Our Concrete Measure as the Words We Know.

For those who have been reading my blog, I have been explaining how the words we know determine our place in life. Knowing our words is giving us structure to speak, to explain, to understand and to be able to generate with critical thinking skill.

Within this, we have to realize what we are doing to avoid this in our schools. We teach value judgements over building a solid foundation, over walking the  building of a large vocabulary as the words we know. And we must realize that words are simply a name given to the things in our world and our state of being within.  For example, when a child comes from an economically suppressed home, at a time in history when the minimum wage is not a living wage, creating a very stressed environment that has little time for learning new words because the worry about survival is too great and with it, often the desire to escape the pressure and the woe of lack of opportunity, how can a child born into such be in an environment of stability with the state of ease and consequently, the time to be influenced by a broad and expansive vocabulary? In this, worry, the state of being as worry, is a distraction from the focus necessary to give a consistent and careful practical explanation of the parts as the world around us in which we all live, in the name as the words.

I watched a video, where this young woman talked about teaching. At one point she explains that what she is asked to do is control the children. When she begins to employ control, she finds herself getting angry and yelling more at the children. She no longer can enjoy what is the curiosity of the child. This curiosity when allowed movement, makes a class room appear to be more chaotic, as the children are busy allowing their curiosity license, but when a class room is one where the children sit and listen, to one viewpoint, what is natural is shut down, as there is no movement of self discovery, and as such, this nature to look at the world around us, is suppressed.  Overall, this means that what we are doing in our schools, because this model has been going on for a long time and our children in America are beginning to join the ranks of the less educated on a global measure,  is not working. We have to admit this before we can begin to change because continuing to attempt to control into one size fits all, as doing the same that is not working and actually making us less educated, is doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes that are simply not going to happen.

A lot of it has to do with depth perception. The irony being that our monopolistic classrooms, funnel the children into one point of view, and we, the adults are from the same background, so our ability to see dimensions in a moment, is lacking, and hence, being able to direct this within a group of children, incorporating the curiosity of the child as they notice aspects of things and move to investigate, instead of looking at this teachable moment, as what the child is drawn to, we shut it down to get the lesson aspect across so the measure of the child, is of what is promoted in the texts that are of patented standards, written by a corpus that is a hierarchy built of suppression and means of access via the economy of wealth created from freely given resources worked by the labor of men for generations. Which means that no one, or few, can really claim ownership of anything but in word only. Which just goes to show how our words are being used to build belief, and yet we, individually within this, are not realizing the importance of knowing our words, and instead teaching weighted values over practical detail. If our lessons are theme based, teaching a value, instead of a practical understanding built that allows a child to communicate and symbiotically focus on the detail of the world around us, allowing the child to move in awareness and as such build an ease within living in this world, our children have no inner measure of reality.

The musician in me comes up here, like I am playing a Bach piece, where the measure of rhythm moves in different ways within a piece. There can be a melody under a melody, and this can change. It is like having different lines moving,interwoven within the  melody on top. If we only focus on the topical melody, we miss the dimensions of the counter points that help give substance to the melody. If children learn the words, they see more dimensions, they begin to be able to abstractly see more than one movement within reality, and hence their critical thinking, as seeing how things work, builds and with it, their focus and their ability to interact with others in ways that are productive instead of reactive. A reactive child is a child that simply does not have enough self directive structure, which is the words. It is very much like numbers, as numbers are another language. If one does not understand the symbol of “ 1” then one cannot even begin to add, one plus one. If one plus one builds two, then a child who does not have the vocabulary to build structure to self direct, cannot have the ability to respond and becomes a “ live wire” we call reaction, which is a child caught up in frustration. A state of being in frustration, is a distraction that cannot be corrected by telling the child to sit down and sit still. This is simply suppression, and what we resist persists, because the only way out is to build a structural foundation within as the words, to enable the child to begin to participate, which is what the nature of a human really wants. The reactive state of being, is not the nature of a human being allowed expression.

There is no real way out of this. Saying that this is the way it is, is the same state of being as the frustrated child, which has already been stated as suppression instead of direction and problem solving. A short term gain, to get through a day and appear to be doing one’s job, is not really taking into consideration that that little human will some day become an adult, and that what goes in is what comes out.  The way to building a society that is secure, where we can all live in ease, is to ensure that our children are able to be critical thinkers, which means they must have the space and time to build a concrete abstract of reality, as their inner measure ability, that is clear, so they self direct being able to read the dimensions of reality. It is so simple, and we adults are so used to the words, “ its complicated” that we can no longer see the forest through the trees, which means that saying something is complicated is saying that we have not looked and we believe our chaos to be how life is, when it is not so.

We have allowed ourselves to be the product of this system, to the point where we accept the limitations that are what unbalances, and we are traveling within as this, so fast- which shows our ability for detail!- that to balance this out we have to go back to the beginning and rebuild the cognitive map which is to reconstruct this, and realize that many of our behaviors of resistance as the change from moving as how we are moving, to slowing down and redirecting, which appears as a loss, when it is not, it is a gain. 

Overall, there is enough good, that some of what we are doing, can remain, so the rebuilding, once enough structure as the words are built gets going, the process can begin to move faster after that initial slowing down that seems like a loss, as in appearing to move too slowly in comparison to how one has been moving in limitation. But this is the point, because one is really adding a clear structure as the words, like getting to the point where one is filling in the gaps,  as getting the measure as the words into the child to build a fabric as a map within that is of equal measure to practical reality.

Because our characters at present are of limitation, as the words we know, and we can see this in our behaviors as when we are in a state of ease, we have patience and are flexible,  and when we are reactive, we are in judgement instead of giving direction that is taking the time to, and having the ease with, explaining things in a relaxed and concise manner, which is not a behavior of reprimand or positive reinforcement. Practical movement direction, as in what does no harm, because a cup is a cup, a dog is a dog, a desk is a desk, 1 + 1 is 2, is all direction within common sense, and as this, there can be no hurt, there is only knowing the names of things and how they move, that is also a focus on practical reality, because this is how we exist, this is what our children grow up and participate within. Denying a child the time to focus on here, to be given the means as the words to do so, is a crime. The storm in a teacup, as demanding that a child sit and listen, is not giving the child the time to ask the questions needed to stabilize themselves here.  All of us are aware enough, to realize that blaming a state of being for it’s own lack in this economic system is not a movement of effective change to reorder and ensure that the behavior of lack as the fabric of human society, is removed and balanced out. We must compose our social fabric to a potent presence of awareness of practical reality, and the means to do so, is to build an inner measure, using the words as the sound names assigned to what it means to practically live as an inner state of being that is clear.

The process of redirecting can be done with technology as getting the words as the structure into the child. It is, after all, simply getting the structure into the long term memory, where we know the words as quickly and as comfortably as we know our names, and to then have the structure to place the equal measure of movement and indication of a quality and or thing, to create a means of cross reference that is clear and both directs to practical detail and potential consequence of action  based on inherent qualities of practical existence. This builds stability, and then that stability enables an objective viewpoint that is subjective, which means being able to take a direction that considers many dimensions, which in essence is building a detail of practical reality, instead of imagination ONLY. This builds a child that is stable, productive, and able to think critically. In contrast, a value of hope, for example, is a distraction from being an action of critical thinking in practice of one’s self moving and participating in living. In this aspect, saying to have hope, is not taking the time to be practical. And living is a practical act. The extra-ordinary is only reached through the ordinary. A house is built as a process of multiple steps, hope is just a distraction from that. In many respects, hope is an abdication, because it is a belief that something else is going to come and be practical for one, when being practical is being practical, and nothing else.

Techno Tutor, the way and the means to build a solid foundation, redirecting and directing a child and an adult to build an inner abstract that is of practical measure enabling critical thinking skills that can withstand the test of living and as such transform our society to one that is at ease, self directive, problem solving in an instant, and of a function that removes behaviors of lack, creating a world that is dignified, where we can all speak and become the potential of ourselves as life.

In many ways, value judgements are the difference between believing the world is flat, when it is round.  This, a value building over practical measure, as the words we know, is like building a fantasy within out of an elongation of one dimension of reality, not a good or a bad, and as such hard to catch once accepted, but overall, a separation from direct seeing. Parents, take back the power of yourself as life, build the character of your child, as the words they know, to an adult who has the measure within to withstand the test of life, and to live a life that is clear, stable, at ease with life. This is the dignified life we all want for our children, and the means if right in front of us as the words we know. Techno-Tutor. Let’s get this done.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Simplicity of the Measure of ABC and the Abstraction Builder as the MIND.

Language is a symbolical. It represents the world around us. Thus, if we have the units as the words, as the symbols, we as humans can communicate with one another. For example, if we know the names of the atom, and how the parts of the atom move, of which we need the symbols for as the words, we can explain to one another how the atom works, we do this by holding the parts and the whole and using the units of measure as the words, to create an inner abstraction. 

So, the units as the symbols as the words, explain how the atom works. If one does not know the names humans have attributed to physical things, measurable things, then one cannot communicate a “ meaning” an understanding about the atom. Obviously, if one learns the symbols and studies how they move, in word alone, or has the opportunity to magnify and watch the atoms, knowing the parts, one can begin to describe how atoms work from a direct experience. And, here, one still must know the names, the symbols as language given to atoms. Words are, in essence an organizing system that uses symbols.

As our attention is drawn via language to the measure of this world, we have a perfect filing system about this world as the words. Thus, the words we know are almost equal to our awareness, at present. They can also draw meaning from the physical world around us as they focus us, the action is symbiotic.
 So, words help to build meaning, and focus on how this world works. Words thus structure us within, order us, enable us to speak, to build meaning, and as we build understanding, which is meaning about the world around us, we become more stable, more able to self direct.

Does it then, not make sense that when children begin to speak, at around 18 months, that this is the time to teach them what they begin to do, as speaking, as naming each measure as words related to the world around them, as this is them ordering their world? Is this when they absorb the names of everything around them, so rapidly , as they are building the means, the abstract within to understand how this world works?
If this is so, then why do we place them in front of a television, where the actions bear no resemblance to reality? Do we actually miss the time in development, that is the abstract building time, as the words, and then, by default, try and go back and teach this, having to correct the abstract and end up spending years filling in the gaps? And would not the behaviors accumulate of uncertainty from an incomplete abstract as our abstract become concrete? 

And, is it hard to see through the limited abstract that becomes concrete, especially when adults and other children of same limitation, begin to judge and label such abstracts become concrete, thereby embedding such concrete limitations that take years to clear up, suppressing the life within - this ability to understand this world and build meaning, simply by realizing that the words we know are symbiotic in focusing us, and making us more aware of what it means to exist?

Can we redirect a child, in such a way, that the very fabric of our abstractions of reality, as our cognitive maps, are a measure of understanding built of the units of reality as words, and correct our children to focus here, and as such clean up so much of the behaviors that are becoming more and more of a disconnection - growing with each generation - from reality and from a beginning potency of presence all parents have sensed in their children and slowly realize they long for in themselves ? - Especially, since the advent of television, and an education system that teaches knowledge and information only without time and money for practical application?

This is Techno-Tutor. It is the means to rebuild, or to prevent as the best cure, the process of building the inner cognitive map of the child, the within reflection of this world as the words to order, the perfect filling system,  and build meaning/understanding of reality in such a way that a very stable child/character is built, one that is able to direct and as such build a self trust that can more than only withstand the test of reality, but also, do so with ease and with joy. You decide. The tool is here. Techno Tutor. Let’s get this done.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words are a collectively accepted " code." Those who know the " code' have access to self development.

If we are given the chance to look at something and aspects of what we are looking at are pointed out, then humans have the capacity to see.
Language, is really something secondary to the thing being looked at. One could say that language, as words, are a collectively accepted code to represent a thing.
As such, people who have no access to the “ code” or, are limited in their exposure and practice with the “ code” will not understand when another speaks the “ code.”
What does this tell us about language that humans speak?
This tells is, that unless you learn the code, you do not have access in instances where the “ code” is the means of communication about something without the form of the thing being discussed.
Humans believe that they are special because they know this “ code” that , for example, animals do not know. And yet, animals, can travel great distances, and so can birds, and so can other animals.
But, what do we use our words to describe? This physical world we exist within, and the metaphysical world of our emotions and feelings? Our inner states of being, while we are in our physical bodies?
How did we accept that just because someone knows more of the words to label this physical world and how is moves, and how we are within ourselves, to mean that another does not experience the same exterior sensations and interior sensations, that we word users do. Does being able to give an abstract sound that reveals nothing about what it is used to describe - unless one learns this-  mean that those lacking the “ code” do not experience the same? I mean, it can’t, someone who lacks the “ code” on this physical planet, does not mean that they do not feel hot and cold, hungry and in confusion when say, for example,  they see their labor producing something, and then being taken away, and yet they have nothing in return. Even someone like this would realize that this makes no sense.
I can hear so many saying, “ oh, no!, words have meaning!” Words have a meaning we collectively accept, otherwise, they are just a sound coming out of someone’s mouth. Nothing else. Words as a sound blowing in the wind, as humans use them, have no meaning at all. 
Remember being a child, and feeling really frustrated?  It was almost like being trapped, like being within yourself and not being able to speak, and being talked at, and it all is just utter confusion. Later this is forgotten, and we join the adult world, we learn the words and we accept that they have meaning, but we forget why we accepted these words, as we began to match them. Often only being told we did not understand. Like we were supposed to “ know” the meaning behind the words, and what happened was confusion, leading to self definitions of inferiority. And then, believing it is us, individually, when it is the individual exposure and practice and knowledge as our abstract mind memory as the accumulation of the “ code” as the words we know. If we do not know the words, and we accumulate an experience of lack, then this becomes what we believe ourselves to be, when it is not what we are, as our ability, it is our experience, our past.
So, children who do not do well in school, are really those who are lacking in understanding the words, and or, having clear definitions of the code of words, or, know many words and become frustrated in sitting and waiting for the children who did not have the opportunity to learn the code, learn the code. Either way, punishing a child for not knowing the code, or for being bored because sitting in a chair while things are moving very slowly around one, where there is no chance to direct oneself within learning about this physical world and how it works, is really a crime. This is insane. I can understand why a group of children in a school are so terrified. I can understand why they sit there and stare at you, because they realize if they don’t learn the code, then they are going to be punished, and no one likes to be punished. There is no learning in suffering, it is, plain and simple, suffering. THere is no self directive ability in physical pain when inflicted by an adult, there is only pain. And telling a child that they are unable, in any way, is an adult accepting that words have a value that is in and of itself, real, having forgotten that words are simply sounds collectively accepted to represent descriptions of this world.
So, you see, if the children do not know the words, then they cannot participate, and if they have accumulated  a self judgement of being a person who is lacking, then they want to hide this. Through elementary school and into middle school, they are so frustrated, the ones who don;t have a large vocabulary, and they keep trying again and again, and get frustrated and begin to push back, give up and get themselves into things that are not good for them, and do not give them the means to reach their full potential. How many of us have accepted less than what we really wanted? And how many of us later in life realize that is was not that difficult, we simply needed to walk building an understanding, and that this was learning the words, learning the means of how humans have accepted an abstract mode of communication, as the words we use to describe this world.
If you are interested in building your inner “ soft ware” of words, so that your inner communication skills are clear, so that you know the units of measure as how humans communicate what is here and how we feel, check out Techno-Tutor. It is fast, efficient and self empowering. Use your natural learning ability to pick up details, to take in forms, and build a foundation of words to be able to express yourself and build self trust so you never have to accept less than you really are and you never have to fear standing up and speaking. Become the best you can be. It is your birth right.
I mean, imagine a school, where all the children know their words.