Friday, June 20, 2014

The Simplicity of the Measure of ABC and the Abstraction Builder as the MIND.

Language is a symbolical. It represents the world around us. Thus, if we have the units as the words, as the symbols, we as humans can communicate with one another. For example, if we know the names of the atom, and how the parts of the atom move, of which we need the symbols for as the words, we can explain to one another how the atom works, we do this by holding the parts and the whole and using the units of measure as the words, to create an inner abstraction. 

So, the units as the symbols as the words, explain how the atom works. If one does not know the names humans have attributed to physical things, measurable things, then one cannot communicate a “ meaning” an understanding about the atom. Obviously, if one learns the symbols and studies how they move, in word alone, or has the opportunity to magnify and watch the atoms, knowing the parts, one can begin to describe how atoms work from a direct experience. And, here, one still must know the names, the symbols as language given to atoms. Words are, in essence an organizing system that uses symbols.

As our attention is drawn via language to the measure of this world, we have a perfect filing system about this world as the words. Thus, the words we know are almost equal to our awareness, at present. They can also draw meaning from the physical world around us as they focus us, the action is symbiotic.
 So, words help to build meaning, and focus on how this world works. Words thus structure us within, order us, enable us to speak, to build meaning, and as we build understanding, which is meaning about the world around us, we become more stable, more able to self direct.

Does it then, not make sense that when children begin to speak, at around 18 months, that this is the time to teach them what they begin to do, as speaking, as naming each measure as words related to the world around them, as this is them ordering their world? Is this when they absorb the names of everything around them, so rapidly , as they are building the means, the abstract within to understand how this world works?
If this is so, then why do we place them in front of a television, where the actions bear no resemblance to reality? Do we actually miss the time in development, that is the abstract building time, as the words, and then, by default, try and go back and teach this, having to correct the abstract and end up spending years filling in the gaps? And would not the behaviors accumulate of uncertainty from an incomplete abstract as our abstract become concrete? 

And, is it hard to see through the limited abstract that becomes concrete, especially when adults and other children of same limitation, begin to judge and label such abstracts become concrete, thereby embedding such concrete limitations that take years to clear up, suppressing the life within - this ability to understand this world and build meaning, simply by realizing that the words we know are symbiotic in focusing us, and making us more aware of what it means to exist?

Can we redirect a child, in such a way, that the very fabric of our abstractions of reality, as our cognitive maps, are a measure of understanding built of the units of reality as words, and correct our children to focus here, and as such clean up so much of the behaviors that are becoming more and more of a disconnection - growing with each generation - from reality and from a beginning potency of presence all parents have sensed in their children and slowly realize they long for in themselves ? - Especially, since the advent of television, and an education system that teaches knowledge and information only without time and money for practical application?

This is Techno-Tutor. It is the means to rebuild, or to prevent as the best cure, the process of building the inner cognitive map of the child, the within reflection of this world as the words to order, the perfect filling system,  and build meaning/understanding of reality in such a way that a very stable child/character is built, one that is able to direct and as such build a self trust that can more than only withstand the test of reality, but also, do so with ease and with joy. You decide. The tool is here. Techno Tutor. Let’s get this done.

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