Sunday, February 23, 2014

Music and the Reading Process

When learning to read music I did not have pictures attached to the notes. The “ a” note was the second space on the graph delineated  as treble clef, and it was a image description of an open string ( for beginners of violin). A cup is a cup. !2 inches is 12 inches.
In learning to read notes, there are no added values, no inferences, the note is caused by pressure on a string and that string being pulled by hair spun on a stick. One can change the intensity of the sound with the bow, add some dimension to the sound of the note by wiggling the hand on the string, which just adds movement in the sound from a lower pitch to a higher pitch. Some would call this adding emotion, but it is only adding another motion. We project emotions and feelings onto this. Thus emotions and feelings are not real, because every expression on an instrument is because of a physical movement. Someone that has put it all together, is stable and steadfast in control of the instrument, is fun to watch and hear, because of the formation. This is playing with the physical, this is the fun. This is structure. I could say here, that the joke is on you.
Now, lets look at words. Words are just like notes, they are a graph, that delineates space and time. They describe movement. If a person does not learn the words, clearly or enough words overall, then they cannot read and process the paraGRAPH. This BEFORE graph of what is here, of what is described.  Without proper word recognition, one cannot read the graph. And if one has accumulated a lot of fear, meaning a lot of self judgements, as emotions about not being able to read, and these inner judgements as self definitions become bigger than the reality of learning to see the simple notes/words as a measure of practical/physical reality, then there are a lot of behaviors to remediate - to refocus. It is to say the practice of correcting a mis-take that lead to a behavior of separation from seeing directly, here. I mean, it is only here, with the text of practical physical reality that we can move ourselves.
By the time I was seventeen I could “ read” many notes at once. I did not have all these pictures added to the notes, so I could conceptualize much faster and produce a sound, a shape, a sound picture that others made sense of, within the way music is created.
Why are we not able to be this with words when this can be done? In all, our children should be working with words just as I had with music.
This can only mean that our words are not clear, and/or, of limited amount. And this can only mean, that our words need to be many and of clear meaning, where the meaning relates to space and time, to practical physical reality so we can see directly, and as such direct ourselves in common sense of what moves us here, which is a physical person on a physical planet.
Emotions are energy, they are not a stable, solid, direct seeing. I mean, just look when someone is certain and able, they are calm, they are directive. So, in effect, because all children speak and process language to some degree, there is no reason, none, that a child cannot process words, because the human body is an instrument, built to emit sound formations that are basically the human body reflecting the graph as the form as the actual real physical world, this which is used to move ourselves.
You see, it is no different than playing a violin. It is when the opportunity to play and learn and make mis-takes is not given that the child cannot learn to play. And as this, a school cannot do this alone. It takes the parents and the support of the community. So what ever behaviors come up in a child that are not directive, the parent cannot blame anyone, and the parent cannot expect one teacher, or two, in a room full of the varying degrees of this disconnect, to solve the problem. And as the system stands, that is an accumulation of values of belief in a good and a bad, instead of practical common sense, wanting the system to change and take care of the problem is not a state of being that is directive and moving in practical reality, which is the point from which the separation from being aware and seeing directly began in the first place. 
Because we have separated from common sense, and have externalized our ability to sense into gadgets/machines, ignoring our own mechanism as our human instrument, we can use technology to refocus ourselves with our natural ability of sensing the physical world, to build a structure within as the words we know, which is a process of building a focus directly on the detail of practical formation and function of what we move as, as physical beings, to balance out the reactive emotions and feelings of judgement - the negative reprimand and the positive reinforcement, the judgements of good and bad that have become stagnant self definitions - to be able to read a para-graph as words that delineate how we move in a physical reality.
We all have pasts, where we allowed an emotional value to direct us, and as this we have experience first hand how our emotions are based on beliefs, or opinions that did not take/ had not time, to investigate how things actually work. And we have had to realize that we wasted so much time within a limited belief, one that was really unnecessary to have been lived. If our children can read, and process words within what is a very natural capacity to do so, then they will function as they are meant to function, to see directly and as such be self directive, stable and self responsible. This, overall, is our responsibility.
Check out Techno-Tutor, ( links on the side) it is a cost effective and simple way to clean this all up. Clean up and build an inner structure as the words we know, to allow our children to become the best they can be. After all, this is what we would have wanted for ourselves. TIme to give as you would like to receive.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The words we know, are the building blocks of understanding.

I watched this video, here. I listened to the language being used. Some can ‘fill in the meanings’ in relation to the words used, and infer what is being said. Some might call this 'literature' of the absurd. And, yes, it is a measure of what is happening in our society.
Now imagine that these icons, as the words used, have an inference to the character in the video, and that this language used  is real to the person using it.
Now imagine your generation or class, or nationality and the words as iconography used to convey meaning.
If two people came together and wrote out what inferences existed behind the words, would it turn out like a game of telephone where a phrase being whispered in our ears around a circle,  expressed at the end of the line was completely other than what was initially said?
Also, if we learn compounds as icons representing layers of value, which has a lot of inference, do we teach ourselves to see detail directly here? Or do our children learn to move as compounded imagery without any real understanding in common sense? And, does this teach discipline? It can’t teach discipline, which is why so many children have such a hard time actually being able to discipline themselves because they have no real understanding of detail. Too much ambiguous meaning has been given, without detailed explanation. And so many adults are unaware of their own conditioned inferences, expecting the children to immediately understand.
Also, within this, how can humans in their relationships communicate when inferences are not the same, and cannot possibly be the same?
If we look at the cultural decor in our towns and cities, on our media and in our films, we can see that we are being impulsed with compound imagery that reveals nothing about itself. Instead, we carry compound imagery, even as our language, that is smothered in emotional/feeling values that are very difficult to ‘see through’ and correct, especially for one teacher in a room of fifteen or more students, and even here, with fewer students.
Some may decide that mixed race classes are therefor detrimental. But this is just another layer of this problem. We live in a world where what happens to water on one part, eventually effects all the water on this earth, so humans need to be able to communicate and understand one another. And, humans need to understand the details of common sense living, and not be impulsed with words that become icons of values that are fuzzy in understanding reality.
Thus, we must rebuild our children, with the building blocks of words to have clear meaning in common sense of each word as a unit signifying an actual physical description because inference based on judgements about differences do not describe practical reality. I mean, we all know that  taking care of our world and our things, and respecting other humans, and even our pets involves practical actions. So, teaching words, with clear direct meanings, is how we build children that learn the detail that is what being a disciplined person means, one that can communicate and direct themselves.
And, how do we get through the memory of compounded words? How do we remove the definition of a ‘champion’ being ‘sponge bob?’  Can a child even explain what it is about ‘sponge bob’ that is champion like? No, would they, then they would not answer the definition of the word ‘champion’ with ‘spongebob!’
In all common sense, this is indicative of a complete disconnect from any form of processing skill. And this is happening to all our children, and it is what makes it very difficult for children to read. They are so overwhelmed with their memories that are not clear that the ability to process through and the lack of detailed orientation with practical reality is so unpracticed that to begin this development takes a consistent and exerted effort, one that many parents don’t realize because they too are busy, and one that A teacher cannot possibly clean up.
An example of how thick this has become is to drive into a city, and see all the signs plastered all over the buildings. the signs are of iconographic symbols that reveal no detail of life, this is in essence how busy and filled the minds of our children are. And we wonder why we must beg children to read, and push that reading is fun, when this should be a natural thing for children to do. If they can hold the clutter of imagery, why not have it be useful words that teach the ability to see in detail and thus allow the child to learn common sense and as this self direction, self awareness and self trust?
As, I said, listen to this video, and realize that we have a process to follow. And technology can help. We can refocus our children, at the natural learning ability - that which built the imagery of iconographic imagery - to place word structures in this memory/gps and then add definitions that are practical and have common sense, so that the child can read and understand detail- understand the art of understanding that living in this world and caring for oneself and others is a process of paying attention to the details of our practical physical environment. If word meanings are clear then that paragraph makes sense, and making sense if fun. All children desire this.

Many behavioral problems are due to a lack of ability to explain in detail what is going on within and without. And a cluttered mind of values has a hard time processing through these values and making sense of the words in front of them. Words are really much like numbers, they are the measure of movement in all detail of the world around us, so a paragraph is a description of the measure of the world. If our children know the words, they SEE the world. And then, they can be the best they can be. And this is what we all want for our children. 
We all want a child that grows into a responsible adult, because a child that lacks the ability to be self responsible is a child that parents will end up taking care of in a world where our pensions are uncertain with each passing day.
The words we know, are the building blocks of understanding. They are the units of measure that ensure a child becomes an adult that has a direct memory and as such an ability to solve problems and manage their world effectively.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Words are the smallest units of measure, much like musical notes are a unit of measure.

Let's say that we map out every minute of focus of a child the first seven years and then divide the attention of that child into categories. That will become the experience of the child. Exposure, everything. Even the number of words that child learns. What has been the attention of the child, will be the measure of the child. Even down to the amount of time that child can hold their focus on reality and/or a reflection of reality as their accumulated experience. In this, how can any adult blame the object as the child? They cannot.
Now, that map, that GPS, that memory, would we say that this is a direct memory of reality?
Presently, no.
So, if, as with common core, the child is given texts to read that talk about things other than sponge bob, the starting point of building understanding is going to need to be done from the very beginning. It does not mean that the child is stupid, it simply means they have no structure built, and no sense, no exposure - no " direct  sense" development.  And, if the child has a small vocabulary, how is a teacher showing a flat photograph and a worded description going to be able to reach that child? They simply are not. There is no exposure on a common sense level, no visual, no kinesthetic, no " sound" sense. 
When I went into a M.Ed. program, there was a test, a spatial test given.. For the majority in the class, these young late teen girls, mostly, it was very difficult. I was shocked. I do not consider myself smart, nor stupid. This is not about being either, this is about common sense, a natural ability.  It is not being developed. It is not being used. The non-use and/or development of this is a crime against life. 
Also, each child has emotional/feeling values, as the space filled where no real understanding has been given. I mean, a parent that does not understand something, will more than likely have a judgement about it, which is to teach an ambiguous meaning with an emotional value, a good or bad value, to hide ignorance ( this word means to NOT look or to not have had the opportunity to look). 
Someone wrote on a  response that children need to be taught to enjoy reading. What does this mean? A child that has an interest in something, and some exposure to the words and an understanding of the subject, will enjoy reading about it, because they have enough of an abstract to create some meaning from the words. Which is fun. All children would probably enjoy this. So, a child that is not enjoying reading is a child that cannot make sense of the words. Even if they can read the words, if they do not have any reference with some level of common sense ( exposure and development through direct physical interaction)  then they will also not be able to make sense of the words. So, saying a generality that children need to learn to enjoy reading, describes nothing, it tells parents nothing, it solves no problems. Is sounds good as a truth, it looks pretty on paper, no one can deny it as a statement.  It is not a direct common sense solution. 

Also, if there are a lot of emotional/feeling values, the child will have a lot of emotional and feeling value reactions, because this is what has been learned.  Emotional/feeling values are like " fillers" for a lack within direct seeing, meaning common sense.  What goes in, is what comes out. For children that have a combination of emotional/feeling values, and a lack of vocabulary, the classroom is going to seem like a cage ( also for the ones who have had  a lot of exposure). No manner of " feel good" words from a teacher is going to have any effect on this. And a teacher getting frustrated and short tempered, is only going to make the situation more difficult for the child. Labeling a child is really giving up on the child, and blaming the child - it is a lack of being responsible towards a consequence of  lack of being interconnected to physical reality. It is like accepting a limited program and blaming a program, ignoring the composition of the program and accepting it for what it is and walking it, the child, into awareness. And this, is the only solution, and it is the responsibility of all men. Yet, mostly, it is the responsibility of the parents.

Now, we can begin to see, that the classroom setting of knowledge and information only as the medium of teaching and learning, is so limiting to so many children and only those with a combination of exposure and a memory that has been somewhat organized enough to function with some amount of clarity are successful.

The solution is to rebuild the child, the inner reflection of the world around us,  to ground this in practical reality, because this is how and where we directly move ourselves.  So, the structure within has to be clear. Words are the delineating of here, they are small units that describe objects and parts of objects, and physical movements, they are the smallest unit of descriptive MEASURE of here, reality. They are the means to order our common sense. So, the memory of the child must be built with words to create a solid " brick wall" of understanding. This solid brick wall of understanding is building a direct seeing memory. This in turn is building a very capable human being/body, one that can really problem solve. 

Given the state of the world, we need a LOT of problem solvers.

We have allowed our world to be so filled with so many distractions from practical reality, that we are going to have to use that same medium of distraction, as technology ( is there really a good and a bad, or only how we are within what we do?), to practice ourselves to focus in reality ( ground ourselves), and to build the smallest units of measure to create an ability to MEASURE here. We can reach the builder of the cognitive dissonant memory ( the natural learning ability) , and place the smallest units of measure as the words we know, into the child. So, not only does the child practice FOCUS, they also build units of measure within their memory. As this, they begin to ground themselves and as such, are no longer empty of response capacity ( inter-connected), they can then begin to participate in common sense.  This would be a classroom, that would be such a joy to participate in. This would be life in full expression. What other choice is there? None.

Every parent can do this, and it is very affordable. It is like giving ourselves what is innate within us, our natural ability, back to ourselves.  This is also beneficial for school districts, especially in this day and age. 

As within, so without. It is as simple as that.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Words and numbers as coping skills. Do we lack focus ability because of memory? What does the dis-ease of ADD attend to?

Words and numbers as coping skills. Do we lack focus ability because of memory?

Words and numbers are coping skills, without them we lack the tools of defining/definition. As a consequence, we cannot recognize the words and read the paragraph and make sense of the text, and answer the questions or direct ourselves with the in-FORMation of the text. We cannot even relate that inFORMation to reality because we cannot make sense of it because we do not know the words. Perhaps, we think we know some of the words, but if we learned a word, for example, listening to spongebob, or playing with another child that had watched spongebob, then we might not have learned a clear meaning to one of the words in the paragraph. And even here, look at the word para-graph. Words on a page are a para ( projected) graph as a description. The words are one and equal with building understanding and delineating the world around us so that we can COPE here, so that we have a direct memory, here. I mean, one can cook a meal in one’s head, but that does not put a meal on the table, one must work with the physical world to actually cook that meal and place that meal on the table. One can read about cooking, and one as this, learn about cooking, but this only helps one if one can read the words, order them and then use the INFORMation within to direct oneself. I mean, writing is a cool way to share information, especially in a world where apprenticeships no longer exist. But even in an apprenticeship, words are measure of space, as ingredients, is important.
As this, a paragraph is much like a memory, a picture, of the actual physical world we are in. If we realize this, we can see that the para-graph is words that graph  description, in that it imparts inFORMation-about /describes-how to under-stand what is right in front of us, as we walk in the physical world around us, as we go to school, as we go to work, as we interact with one another. So,  word recognition that has clear meanings to each word, and a broad vocabulary, enables a child to under-stand any para-graph read/heard, and as such has developed coping skills. And, it is to realize that memory is a “ playout” system of assembled information that, if an accumulation of unclear meanings, and/or an assembly of compound pictures - like spongebob - becomes an inFORMation database it will take years and time to sort out and clear up to the point where the child can cope.
Here, think of our memory as a carrot on a string, a meta-physical/para-graph assemblage of our exposure in our first seven years. Is our memory clear, is our memory a direct memory? Is this memory equal in under-standing/self-direction capacity? No. It is like a memory that is a ghost in the machine that is a data base that we reference that has no real clear directions.
Yet, physically, we are using this, we are relating to this memory/data base. So, if a child cannot read a para-graph, they are obviously out of balance of common sense, of equal balanced sense of themselves, and the information in front of them. This means that they cannot balance themselves out enough to be divergent thinkers. They are, “ out of whack.”
Yet, they are actively assessing with their data base as their memory. So, something, a sensing self, is present looking at the memory and looking at where they are. This must move very fast, because to be in the process of balancing this out, means that something is aware and directing. As time goes by and years are lost, the child becomes an adult that wasted time sorting all of this out, losing development time that allows the child to learn a skill and then go out and make a decent living. If not, the parents end up taking care of that child for years. And time is money.
Now, we can begin to understand why parents will pay thousands of dollars to send their children to private schools, and tutors, because they understand that words and numbers with clear direct meanings are the building blocks, are coping skills.
So, how do we access the “ reader” that has an attention divided between an unclear/compound image memory and here? How do we clean this up? ( It should have formed from the beginning as such!)  How do we get the child to have a word recognition that has clear meanings so that child can cope with reality and as this build self trust, self esteem, self confidence?
How do we develop a direct memory? How do we get the abstract as memory equal to the concrete world?
We take the “ sensor” self, and we practice that focus onto words and numbers, without any other values attached as pictures, and we then give a direct meaning that is practical, bypassing the memory, building a memory that is an abstract of the concrete world.
Thus, reactive behavior, is a gift, because it shows us where the child is unclear, where the child has not sorted through what inFORMation they have accumulated as memory in such a way that that information makes practical sense enough to direct them.
So, if we move at the sensing self, natural learning ability speed, we can get the words through the “ carrot on a string “ memory, remediate - just as a dancer must practice a move until it is understood physically/ and a horse trainer must show that touch is not harmful - and plug in a clear meaning/directive to the point where word recognition becomes the cognition ( awareness) of the child. As such, the child develops a direct memory. Their building blocks as the words they know are clear, unfettered with values of good and bad,  and/or of compound pictures that they do not understand in detail ( like spongebob). We build a child, who has coping skills as the words they know.
With the stress of daily life, with the form of our public schools - one teacher  ( I cannot blame the teacher) with many children in one room - with the incessant impulsing of media, we are going to have to use technology to refocus our children, to reach that natural learning ability and place in clear direct meanings to what are our coping skills: words. Here, we build a direct memory, one that is clear, as the place within as memory, our abstract data base, that is substantial because it is clear, it allows a common sense as the within being equal to the without.
Within this, it is going to cost money. Everything costs money, our public schools cost money, any education costs money. But, if we understand how we are in-formed, this child development can cost very little in comparison if we begin to understand what is not understood, that what is placed within the child is what comes out, but that that “ placing within” shows the natural learning ability of the child, and that this can be redirected in ways that build a stable, and practical child. 
If word recognition skills are clear, then the child will have the tools, and the unburdened tools, as words, and be able to think in divergent ways, just as they could before they left kindergarten and moved up into the third grade, where what was unclear accumulated into an unclear memory and slowed them down, separating them from their own innate common sense.
I did not learn to sight read musical notes to the point where I could see the rise and fall of the phrase, and the form of the symphony through pictures and values. I practiced the form in all its simplicity, I became equal to the slightest movement, in practical common sense. As this I was able to process the symbols as the notes at a high speed, see the patterns, instantly read the form and generate meaning, even playing with the form, shaping it in other ways to look at it in other ways. My focus was direct, my understanding clear.
Moving from this, into the public school system, was shocking to say the least. Imagine seeing a child stare blankly, without any understanding? It is because there is no real understanding placed into the child, they lack the building blocks, as the coping skills as the words they know. They cannot generate meaning because they do not have a broad and clear vocabulary, a direct memory. As this, to not build this in a child, is in effect criminal. And it is the responsibility of the parents, because they are the starting point of the development of the child. A lack of this development, will leave the parents with an adult that they will end up taking care of, because the child will lack the building blocks as words as directives that allow them to process information and direct themselves, which is a human being having the skills to cope with life.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The process of building an abstract that is equal to the concrete. Bringing our ADHD and ADD children, here.

I watched this video of a girl training a horse. She took small steps, slowly, to build a sense of ease with the horse, moving through reactions the horse had built in relation to touch. Eventually, she was able to connect with the horse having built a steady trust.
It is no different when working with a child. To start from the beginning, focusing the child from their natural learning ability, this that builds the abstract mind, this that takes in the forms presented.
If we allow compound forms, as fairy tales, for example, that impulse ideals, making an aspect of reality huge, ignoring a practical process of a natural ability to take in the environment, in detail, to become equal to the real names of objects as the physical and their function and way of utility, then we have built an abstract within the child that is equal in understanding to the total measure of the physical world around them. Here, if they decide to work more directly with the physical, or learn a language of digits and symbols as letters that delineate objects, that allow a perspective of organization on paper, they have a fuller, and thus more substantial connection to what is essentially, the process of life, as physical beings. As such they are more stable, more productive, more self directive. Their abstract is more equal to the concrete world. Instead of judging, they have a practical common sense ability. Their abstract map is connected to reality, a direct memory.
I worked with one autistic child, who, after working together, stood and went into conditioned behaviors. He stood in his kitchen and repeated over and over these impulsed words - which is this boy defining himself as what he has learned - “ I am a good boy, I am a winner, that is what I am isn’t it mom?!” It is not that this is true or not true, bad or not bad, it is that this is a positive reinforcement repeated again and again that has been accepted by the boy as what is supposedly proper and “ right.”  It is in many ways, a way to deal with a lack of direction, perhaps to calm a child etc.. I can see where this is cute at age 12, but at 20, is this going to be cute? No. And, will  that child then become the blame for its behavior when this is what has been impulsed into the child in lieu of taking the time to walk that child into a “ touch” with practical movement in common sense of physical reality? Can we begin to understand how a building of idealisms actually separate a child from a common sense development, that is overall,  how the child begins their world - as that movement of building an abstract likeness of reality- from a starting point of pure common sense ability? Can we begin to understand how we as parents, have actually created that “ distraught horse”/child and now must walk that child back into common sense, and that this is going to take some patient time that many schools are simply not a structure to carry this out?
It is much like, as I see it at this point, that each parent is going to have to become a teacher of “ Helen Keller.”
There is a tool that is a very organized means to walking, lol, ourselves, and that child, back into practical equality with reality. It organizes vocabulary,, and moves at the speed of the natural learning ability, to build a vocabulary that is a placeholder without added positive and negative values, where the meaning of the word can be added that is practical. This is a practical process that builds a solid foundation of understanding that has a direct seeing ability enabling the child to be grounded in common sense, and as such , no longer a skittish fearful behavior, which we see so many children, in essence, reacting as.
Reading is more than just reciting words on a page, it is the child using an abstract as the mind, as their physical instruments of life, reading the world around them, to the point where they are equal in practical common sense to physical reality, and words and numbers on a page, to see the patterns and forms of what is here, either in word or form. This then creates a child that has attention grounded in reality and the behaviors to match.
A school cannot correct this in the child, this can only be done by parents. And within this, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the child is grounded, because an ungrounded child brings behaviors into the classroom that disrupt the group and slow down the process of learning new forms of measure taught. 
The solution, is simple and as I have said many times to children that I have taught the violin to, to begin practicing a little every day, so as not to become overwhelmed. And as a solid foundation is built, there is a building joy, in equal measure, as a common sense is developed that enables self movement, self direction and thus communication and interaction with here. And then, just as with that horse, a relationship is built that is solid, fun, interactive, grounded, stable, trustworthy.
So, the solution is here, right in front of us, we need only take the time and apply ourselves.
Building Trust, building stability.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Focus and stability on the concrete world. The missing link in education.

Focus and stability on the concrete world.

In working with two autistic children I notice that they can read many words, but they cannot define them. They can even read the definitions, pretty complex ones at that.
They are automatic about this, but cannot place this into any context. Generating a meaning in space time means being equal in awareness of space time. It means referencing space and time.
Which begs the question as to what is happening with children, no matter what degree of ability to process knowledge and information, as to being equal to the context of physical space and time.
Learning something new takes some time. In order to get the physical body acclimated to something new, a process has to be walked before that new thing is understood by the person, It means that the person has become so equal in understanding that they can then move in space time with ease. If we have an idea about the outcome without an awareness of what it means to learn something, in detail, then the idea is explained over and over again but the context within reaching understanding as a process is not understood.
Learning to read a bunch of words, does not necessarily mean understanding of the words, to the point where the words are able to be generated.. The understanding must have a reference. If that reference is of idea only, then it has no substance. The only real substance, is physical space time. So, how can a child that is taught by idealisms have any stability in word generation if there is not real reference point? A reference point as idea, which is the abstraction, is this idea only, lacking any reference in application. And so, a capable inner abstraction ability is pointless if there is no reference in application. And then, only a chaos of no ability to generate any substantial meaning exists.
Within this, a child must be reprogrammed - so to speak. Each word must be abstractly placed, with a solid reference to what that word means in application in space time. And, all reference to ideals only must be removed. This is to say, the child must be grounded back into physical reality.

So, the child must refocus each word into the abstract system of the mind, without any idealisms, and then that abstraction as a word must be defined in reference to space and time, meaning each word must be defined in reference to what is means within a physical environment. This is known, because knowledge and information without application is pointless. And, as I have noticed with children, they can read all these words but they lack any ability to define them, and thus any ability to generate them because they have nothing to reference them to but idealisms.

I mean, bringing up a definition to a word, such as “ superman” has no reference to reality, because there is no such thing as a superman but as an ideal.  That idea can appear to be pretty, but it really has no substance in application. A child defined “ captain” as superman, which is a super-idealism that does not explain what and how a captain becomes a leader. “Superman” is a picture definition not a living definition of the word with any space time reference. A “ captain” is  a person who has accumulated some practical experience and is them able to be a leader and as such can impart awareness to others. This removes all metaphysical mystic and grounds the child in many ways that gives awareness of development, and process, and how physical reality is not something to fear, but to understand, and that this is a natural ability that follows a process. This, in turns leads to a stable child that can begin to generate definitions to words as a practical application.

So, instead of the movement in the abstract from captain to superman to understanding ( that is a very slow process of progress for the child which costs the adult time and money and creates all kinds of instability that also takes time to correct)  one can refocus the child from their natural ability to take in abstractions,  and then directly place a meaning that is clear in practical application. And thus, build a direct memory, where the word is a place holder that is directly related to a practical understanding, and as such the meaning has a reference that has a substance in relation to space and time.

The redirection into this, would move very slowly at first, but once enough movement with this practice of direct abstraction of a word, with the practice of reference to space and time, is modeled, the awareness of practical application would grow exponentially and become easier once the initial slow change of turning the direction of the child happened. That point of change, always appears to be slow, but just imagine turning a boat from one direction to another, that point of turning appears as a non- movement, and yet it is a movement.

Here, look at the behaviors of our autistic children and what do you see? 

And yes, it is very simple.