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Impulse Control of ADHD, ADD, Developmental Delays and Executive Function.

Impulse Control of ADHD, ADD, Developmental Delays and Executive Function.

A child absorbs their world, taking in the very volume and quality and movement of the world around them. And then, they must begin to learn language, which is in essence to name the objects of this world, the qualities of those objects and the manner in which those objects move.
One could say there are two things happening, the child absorbing and the child learning the code as the names of the very fabric of this world that is human language, that that child must learn to direct themselves with and as. This language can become, this technology as words, can become an ordering system of self directing.

Impulse control ‘ orders ‘ such as being given specific directions to follow to complete a task are supportive. A reward system of say, stars on a graph, may support in a moment, but it is overall a distraction, because the mark of a gain diverts the attention away from developing a sense of the task being completed as being the value, a value of self realizing that tasks can be completed by simply following the steps one at a time. (Just to note, a child that is already having a hard time being practical, do they really need another distraction?) And does this not beg the question as to what the problem is? Is it that too many values of what is good and what is bad have accumulated within the child creating a fear that becomes overwhelming cognitively? Was this a starting point of impulsed charged values that were not clear and practically directive in the first place? There is a gap here, overall, that is not being addressed. The very foundation, the units of foundation building in a child are absent through a cloud of good and bad  that is by nature a lack of full function disclosure, of practical functioning in detail.
So, lets go back and look at where we started. We started with the child sensing their world, having this great capacity to sense. Then we have this transition from sensing to learning language. And then that sensibility starts to slow down and move into behaviors that are not a child performing in ways that are interactive  in supportive ways with others and their world. And,  the starting behaviors were extremely interactive behaviors, so in essence the means of building awareness was a given, was the very nature of the child.
One could say, the disconnect begins with language.
I read an article that talked about comfort objects. Specifically, it mentioned and assumed, that a comfort object was a reminder of mommy. This may be true, and it may not. One thing I cannot do is realize the exact construct of comfort in a child’s mind, which not one can do because we cannot be in another’s mind.
We understand that psychological comfort objects are to feel safe, to re-mind us of a safe place and that that safe place is still here, gone for a moment.
But why do we not feel safe where we are? A child is born with no sense of language, and has to crawl and discover the world. When they are focused on this, they are so totally absorbing that I, especially with my children, remember them not having any fear at all! If anything I had to watch them because they were so focused and so absorbent that I had to watch them to protect them from their drive to absorb , to make sure they did not come to something that they had no awareness of because they had never interacted with it and in the process of interacting learn the hard way as to how something worked causing themselves harm. If I made up a story to place a scary ‘ fairy tale’ , a quick fix, then I built a supernatural existence within them, one that was in separation from reality. So, essentially, I, the parent, was the cause of that child’s ideological entity building as imagination that separated the child into thinking/imagination more than being what was natural, which was being focused here in practical reality.  And then, as this was built and the promise of the child began to disappear, did I look at what I had done, or did I blame someone else? Remember that the interventions suggested are to order that separated child back into practical reality!
Language. Thus, a child would develop fear through superstition. If something is not made clear in form and function, and instead a story is told to the child as a justification for not doing something, or for doing something, and that story is a ‘ what if’ story, or a gloom and doom story then the child builds a superstitious construct as a belief that is of NO PRACTICAL APPLICATION. This means that a child, a human being, that is born practically sensing the physical world around them, learns about a metaphysical, supernatural quality to things, that have consequences imagined ( which may be true, but the child has no direct experience as their sensibility so they only have a imagined value/charge attached as idea, an entity like a ghost in their conceptual development!) that bear no witness to reality, to the development of their innate ability to under-stand through physical sense absorption of reality. In a way, this is really messed up.
And the irony is, that the solution to balance the unable-to-focus mind of the disturbed child is to give interventions that are really very practical, which is the interventions of giving specific directions needed to complete a task. So, the separation from that innate practical ability of the child has been directed into something that is not clear, which was done with language ( and media pictures) as words used to construct a picture that is charged with a value that is superstitious and metaphysical that does not tell the real sensual qualities, manners, movements of this actual physical world in which we live. ( This means that superstition is a story of limitation!) Why do we not connect the simplicity of the nature of the child and the spoke in the wheel as the forms we are using our language to create that are metaphysical as composed stories that do not tell the actual practical story of the actual real live physical world, and then come back with interventions that are giving directions that are practical? This is really like a smoke and mirrors show of how separation happens, but because of this, our own natural conceptual abilities are askew. We have lost our ability to look at the parts and the whole and realize the nature of the disconnect from reality that our children are suffering in greater and greater numbers and the very ways in which we are the cause of this separation.
Thus, the solution. We were told of the solution. It is right here, right in front of us and the research is right in front of us, giving us the solution. Our language has to be grounded in practical reality. Our words must be equal to their object, their quality, their manner as reflected in practical movement of physical reality. The word within must be equal to the world without as this gives the child the object to focus on practically, and it builds an imagination, a cognitive map, an inner gps, that creates stability in the child. This then builds real critical thinking skills leading to creative thinking skills, leading to the forming of that sense ability of the child into a volume that is confident in directing themselves in this world, because it is a physical world. The within of the child, as their experiential map is equal in measure to the practice of living, which is being practical, as our so-called interventions reveal but have not looked at the foundational starting point as the words, which the research reveals is the solution. Round and round we go, but do we see?
Language is a sounding of men about this world. If this sound is equal to this practical world, this world that the child is absorbing as is their nature as life, then the sound within as their gps system will be a sound map of this actual world they so are driven to absorb. This then, would build a child that needs no comfort objects, because they would be grounded. This would be a child that would not need interventions to correct this disconnect. This would be a child who could create, which is a child who could become an inventor, someone who had the development to build through invention a world that would benefit all.
We are the words we know, and I mean really know.
Techno Tutor, it is time to build a sound mind. It is what you would have wanted for yourself.
Abracadabra - we are the words we know. Parents, it is time to become the responsibility you would have wanted for yourselves.

Thank You for Reading!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Conceptual Development and Indigenous Peoples - ADHD, the loss of Connection?

Conceptual Development

We are the words we know, they give us structure, they enable us to build understanding of what we experience in the world around us, they draw our attention to detail, to quality, to movement. When we are babies placing everything into our mouths we are picking up sensations, and as we begin to listen to the sounds around us, we hear language, and that language is symbol for what we interact with as our physical beingness here.
So, the sensing nature of us, is not of language, it is of sight and sound, and texture, form and shape building in conceptual awareness. Words help us to order the details of living in this physical world because words are concepts of reality.. Words are really a code. 

Perhaps, somewhere in time, the units of words as the individual sounds we make, were like that of a bat, sounding something to see how the sound bounced off the physical object of the environment around us. I think of this because of a documentary I recently watched about the Mama indigenous indians in South America. They would take a bead and drop the bead in a bowl of water to see how the bubbles moved, perhaps picking up other subtle things, doing this again and again, until they build an understanding of very subtle changes in movement  as they “ read” the reverberations of the world around them, thereby sensing change and how the physical world functions- like what is the difference on a cloudy day and a rainy day.

I also am asking myself this because I notice that when I play my violin, I find that humid days produce a different sound than dry days. This change in the instrument within the space happens in many ways. Each hall makes a different sound, the reverberations differ, and this will change once the hall fills up with people. I can remember the shock in the difference in sound at a rehearsal with an empty hall and the actual performance when the hall is filled with people. To note, even restaurants need soft objects, such as fabric,  to dampen sound, or the reverberation is so sharp that hearing someone directly across the table becomes difficult.

Back to words. Humans have developed language to communicate, and this is done with words. Not only do we need a broad vocabulary to communicate, we also use words to draw attention to subtle aspects that perhaps we did not notice because we exist with more separation from the natural world and are not taught the ways the structural systems men have created move and function in detail. Words have become the means to expand our conceptual development because they focus and consequentially enable the  means of  awareness of reality when clearly defined. Words, as vocabulary, can be used to integrate a physically directive referential memory that equalizes us to seeing directly, thereby eliminating limited choice making that ends up creating problems that take time to correct.

We know the first seven years builds a personality, and that the personality is the sum total of experience, of opportunity, of exposure. And since humans use language to communicate, the number of words we learn, and the unclear-values attached to the words determine our personalities, our characters, as the sum total of what we first take in about the world around us. This is also why so much effort is placed into education, because one can continue to learn and build, but it takes a great effort to do so.  After seven the child begins to reference the first seven year’s experience,  slowing down the direct seeing process that built that experience. This slows down the child’s processing ability because they are referencing something outside of reality.

If that cognitive map is limited, this means that the child not only has had little exposure, but also that their reference material is very limited. 

So, a child is in school, trying to piece together what is being placed before them, referencing their ‘ reference material’ as their experience, and, at the same time,  taking in new forms, new concepts. Depending on their understanding, they build - some faster than others. the ones who are faster, simply have more referential structure within, and thus more groundwork to reference and order the without determining how they self direct.  The number of words they know, and how clear the meaning of those words are, will determine their effectiveness at generating successfully, what is needed. I say this, because what is being delivered can be understood, and a sense of understanding can exist, but if the means to communicate, as having the language development, generating will not move effectively. Thus, knowing our words in this society determines not only the strength of our communication skills but also the ability to conceptualize and use common sense in life.  
If we are in lack in this ways and means of human interaction, then we become insecure because we cannot express ourselves to others, and this in itself builds insecurity which then can turn into self definitions of inferiority and behaviors of frustration. A self perpetuating downward spiral and a loss of potential.

Now, all of this has been going on for generations, thus a lack of understanding in this, because we are not taught this, yet intuitively understand this, means that we need help in making sure that ourselves and our children’s cognitive maps are clear, as the words we know. With  clear meanings for our words, and a broad and diverse content of words,  we can conceptually move directly in this world becoming confident and realizing we have the freedom to choose. The lack, in itself can become a distraction, limiting that innate ability to observe and order the world around us.

Because we learn so much through language, which is cool, we can build a cognitive map as the words we know, to expand our awareness and draw us to subtleties in this world that we might not have had the time to notice, given the way we exist.  Here words can order us and our understanding, and also expand our understanding, directing us to look in more detail. 
So, we can use words to form a stable cognitive map, the information that directs us physically as our behaviors, to ensure that we build a cognitive map that matches the physical world the child begins to map before they build their language skills. We ensure that the within is equal to the without. Then the child is stable.

Also, because of the plasticity of the human body, the brain’s ability to build neurons, we can order this development through the units as what words are, helping us to help ourselves, and we can use technology to do this. This really is like re-sounding ourselves through using words to structure ourselves. And we can focus ourselves from that ability, that initial building mechanism, as our ability to absorb and conceptually form awareness.  If our “referential memories’, our cognitive maps are clear, we have a superior memory, one that sees directly and enables us to have the freedom to choose, because we have the confidence to do so, understanding that we are the words we know. Techno Tutor is here to help us help ourselves!

Friday, February 20, 2015

The inherent desire for children to participate.

The inherent desire for children to participate.

One thing i noticed in working with children is their desire to participate. We all love to express ourselves, to interact with others, to be a part of the community. So, the impetus is inherent within ourselves to want to move and express ourselves.
For this reason, many of us like school because it is an opportunity to interact with our peers. We like sports and other activities because they enable us to be and to do. This is the real nature of each of us.
Given how much we learn the first seven years of our lives, where we learn to execute crawling, and walking and talking, picking things up and sensing the texture, density and quality of the material world around us, our bodies as what we are have incredible learning capacity. I mean, I have met children that are aware of every animal within my environment, this during the elementary and middle school years. Later, this same child had no more focus on this, as it is not something that leads to a job, yet shows an innate capacity to see and order this world. Today, this child has had problems with society, and is known to fabricate what he can and cannot do, so desperate is he to participate in the world around him, despite a lack in development in terms of processing information with the human code as language/vocabulary/words.
What happens to this incredible ability to learn? Why does this learning curve slow down?
How does such an insightful child become a person who is very limited in his expression as an adult?
Is our belief in building an imagination somewhat limited? If our imaginations have nothing to do with practical reality, then what are we actually teaching our children to be and to do?
In all common sense, if we are placing our children in a box, which the classroom is, and showing them pictures and creating all manner of graphs in separation from physical reality, then we are building cognitive maps that bear no witness to actual physical living reality. 
If we as parents are expecting this closed system to enlighten our children, then we really have to slow down and investigate what we are allowing for our children. 
We have to look at information much like we do food. What we feed our children influences their development. If we look at the information fed to our children, with let’s say nostalgia for what we learned in school, we are looking through colored glasses and remain in separation from practical reality, from practical real life development.
If we look at how our children are informed, we can see what a child comes to believe and thus the program that that child will direct themselves as, because what informs the child is what the child becomes.
This begs the question? Is what is conceptually developed from pictures in our schools, building children that over generations are becoming more aware of their world, or are we building a conceptual development that is becoming more in separation from a directive in-FORM conceptually that enables the child to become an adult who can solve problems?
If we look at the growing number of autistic and ADHD children, we are not moving forward, we are falling backwards. Who, in the end will pay the costs of this? The parent who did not take the time to really look at what it means to build a sound character?
Like what is happening with our food and our health care system, and the pollution in our environment, is there not as much as in terms of conceptual development a form of pollution happening within?  Is this mis-information a form of a lack that is a superficial noise of value touting  that has no real substance.? Imagination is really a tool to map the dimensions of reality in ways that build a program as the information of the child of their world around them.
Why do we spend so many years in school learning to THINK, and come out with an imagination that gives us no real practical ability to interact with our neighbors in ways that  create productive and stable communities?
The numbers of children that are cognitively dissonant from practical reality is growing. And, because this has happened over generations, and the adults are the same, overall we as a society have lost our common sense- that same common sense that enabled us to learn at a rapid rate when we were young. In separating into thinking only, we have abdicated from our natural learning ability to feed instead an imagination that moves like a train of ideas, and beliefs and opinions that have no touch with reality.
To change this we must rebuild through what directs us back into having an imagination that is a memory of practical reality, because this is where we as adults live our lives. So, what is the smallest unit that directs us to see clearly what is here in front of us?  Is this our vocabulary, our words. And  must these words have a clear meaning that has no value judgements attached to it.
I think of the word conceit here. One of the meanings of conceit is  ‘a farfetched comparison of very dissimilar things.’ The key here is that when a comparison within a value judgement is used- which is where the development of this word has come to mean having a false pride, the real meaning of the word in practical understanding is lost. Realizing that to compare two dissimilar things is to point out the qualities of these two things only, is to build an understanding of form and function of things in this world by the very nature inherent in the expression of the object. In other words, one is not more than the other, they are what they are by their design. Here, there is no value judgement, just a practical application within this word. If we learned our words to have practical meanings, and celebrated our differences, then would our cognition be clear and more self directive than spinning in a show of competing values about things that are really only different forms within existence? If we become what is a limitation as arguing values, are we not the root cause of our conceptual development being an imagination that has lost all ability to practically apply in ways that build a real confidence and self esteem?  This being the cognition of the child seeing directly reality because of a non-judgemental understanding?
If our children do not have a broad and clear vocabulary, which builds a stable and solid cognition, then they become lost, and that natural learning ability loses ground- the learning curve begins to slow down and the promise begins to fade, and so does the uniqueness of the  child. We see this happening and even compounding in our children and the inability of ourselves to communicate in our relationships causing friction and conflict and unresolved problems.  This is a mis-association into value judgements causing a chaos that loses connection to real living. 
We decide, the tools to build a sound mind are available, they are cost effective and self empowering for the child, the parent, and the community. All it takes is the desire to become a self responsible human being, which is what builds a happy human being. Instead of building a cognition that is lost in a polarity of value judgements, why not build a cognitive map that builds a child who is informed clearly, and can use their imagination to direct themselves  in superior ways. This is a human being that can be and become what ever they want, because they can choose where they want to go in practical ways, because they understand that they are the words they know and have no fear of communicating and learning what is necessary to participate in the world around them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How a Value Judgement can Lead to a Narrow Focus, Stagnating Conceptual Ability.

Today I am going to talk about an experience I had with a young girl I taught. This girl came from a stable home, her clothes were in order, her presentation always clean, her work done. She responded in the classroom with capacity, but it was slow. She often was silent in her behavior, listening more than participating.
During a parent teacher conference I met and listened to the mother of this child speak. The whole time the mother did not speak about her daughter and instead actually tried to pick up the male teacher present. This woman obviously was stable with a job and a home, as her daughter came to school clean and tidy in her appearance   This mother was obsessed with a societal idea that she needed a man, this being revealed in her attentions as what she focused on which was her sense of being alone, and her desire to date the male teacher present.
One time, when I had the opportunity to work with the daughter of this woman, I found myself perplexed, because the child would stare at me, eyes wide, and to me, seem to not be able to take the information I was giving to her directly and apply this into some kind of reciprocal response. She merely listened as though what I was saying was something new that she had never thought of and thus she needed time to integrate. What I did not realize, and also, remember seeing with my own children, is that when the eyes of a child are wide open, and the mouth is open, they are absorbing their world, taking in the form as all the movements that build a structural understanding of the design of their world around them..
This girl was taking in what I was explaining, and she was doing it at a slower pace then I expected and that I felt I had the allotted time to accomplish.
In getting to know her mother, and the focus the mother was so possessed with, that was not a “ bad” thing as we all want relationship, I realized that this girl had little in the way of being substantiated, meaning little in the way of having someone really look at her and explain things. This was apparent in the eyes becoming wide and the mouth being open. At her age, within this context, some manner of story structure should have had enough of a grasp of story that this behavior of reconstruction would happen at a somewhat faster pace.
If this child, that was cared for in the most basic ways, was being cared for to substantiate the mother’s desire ONLY, again not a “ bad: but when the directive, other points of development were being placed on the side, and that child was being substantiated in relation to the parent’s desires, which means the details of existence were not being related to the child, and she was behind in her ability to understand.
If we come to allow an idea to define us, we become a very narrow focus. Looking at ideas is not a bad thing, nor is narrowing our focus. When we become a directive as this, such as the belief that a woman must have a relationship,  the “ small things of existence” are placed on the side, and the detail of practical living and what this means in structure is shadowed by the desire and need being made larger than all the other aspects of living.

It reminds me of a story told by a Canadian Politician. A woman came up to the politician and said she had worked in a church for 30 years, putting together Christmas baskets for those in need. She realized one day that giving the families in need the money directly would self empower those in need and allow them to go out and purchase their own Christmas dinner wants.  This woman went back to her church group and made the suggestion to give the money used for the baskets directly to the families. The response of the church group was that they would lose what made them feel good, which was this charitable act of giving something to the families.

In this example, we have a self definition coming before what would empower a person to self discover and take direction themselves. This is the mother of this child, so obsessed with an idea, that everything is in the order of this. That child, had little in the way of any real self direction, and she had the behaviors to match, because her world was driven by how the mother defined herself; as the single mom, in need of a partner.  The mother defined herself as her perceived lack, and could not step out of her self definition. I ask myself, is she the product of that which she exhibits as behavior, and is she passing down the sins of the fathers onto her daughter? Is the lack of movement, conceptually in her daughter the result of all attention in her space being focused on a self definition before practical reality - and within this that there was some awareness in reality as was evident that this child was orderly in many ways, yet had little in the way and structure of things outside of an emotional obsession in the mother? Did the speed at which she processed work/language reveal her cognition- meaning her depth perception, her understanding, the ability to generate understanding, and her respons-ibility? Was all what language she did have, bound with an impulsed value to what words she had learned as this was the directive as the self definition of the parent?

This is like the unsubstantiated passing on in-substantiation! By this, I mean the amount of substance as self being in awareness of the practical world and the information of this world and how this information in practical terms moves.

We can realize, that via our media, having an  ideological romantic relationship is a huge impulsed value at the ignorance of other aspects of life. Unfortunately, we learn this when reality hits, and the romance no longer can sustain itself as the bills must be paid, and the home cared for. This value is a value, but at the expense of other values, an idol as an idea is formed and that comes to define us, at the expense of those around us and the world in which we live. It is like a measure learned as the structure within that is warped and missing reality. In essence, on the side here, our media uses this, as we have allowed a system of wealth accumulation, which is a system of competition, based on ideas in self definitions more than in what we really are practically.

The presence of value impulsing in our media, that is everywhere, and a cheap form of entertainment as other entertainments have been allowed to be costly, must exist in such a constant way, because this is how great our ability to take in form exists as what we are as human beings. The media as what we allow to flow through it, and the economic structures we allow that determine access to opportunity, are in essence a system of great suppression. Why would this be? because that is how great the ability of men is, when allowed to interact with all substance of this practical world. Yet, where did this begin? Within each of us? Can we clean up our words and ground ourselves into the practical and thereby opening the way to substantiating relationships?

As I have described in the story of this child in a public school, we can see how an obsession based on a self defining value that is not necessarily a bad value and that can come to limit exposure into a narrow focus that suppresses through consuming the attention of that human being who is so very very capable of living and placing their presence here, enjoying all things, through interacting and building understanding of how all things work in tandem on this earth.

Here I ask? Can we rebuild our cognition to bring our focus back into becoming functional human beings here on earth?  Can we structure the within cognition into focusing ourselves and our children here, realizing so many are living within a veil composed of self definitions based on value judgements that separate us from our real capacity? 

Since men communicate with words, and words can focus us towards the details of practical reality, and build structure within to see directly without, thereby building a superior memory, would a technological tool that never gets tired, has no judgements be the means to help us help ourselves to ground ourselves back into actual living? And would this not enable us to speak clearly, direct ourselves as our true expression and thereby bring us into relationships that are best for us, and as such best for all?

What would a tool that builds substantive focus for the parent and the child give? Would it give the character of what it means to live a life of awareness and the ability to respond beyond ideas that are not “ bad” but simply limited?

We decide, the means to do this are available, to self empower the innate learning ability of each of us, to ground ourselves into being present and living a full life.  Abracadabra, we are the words we know.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Learning ability and space and time in the classroom.

I am going to use analogy to describe what happens in a class room, to slow down and look at the minutes and the child in this space.
Knowledge and information is like water dripping, and the child in the room is like the glass filling up with the water, 
The children in a classroom, and my experience is with the fourth grade in this analogy, they so want to participate, their eyes are glued to the front.  I mean remember how persistently your child learned to crawl, to walk and to talk. That drive, even having fallen down and perhaps bumped into something that surprised the child, remains. No matter, they keep going. Again,  that same drive remains, that child does want to belong and interact with what is happening in a school, in their environment. Resistance to what is happening means in so many ways that they do not have the words to respond. Remember having a moment when you did not have the words, did not have the means as the units to describe and as such answer and participate in clear and flowing ways within a discussion, be it in a class or among colleagues or friends? Did you want to hide your embarrassment? And as we hold memories, is this memory what remains, a memory of default - so to speak? Is this the lack of units to structure understanding as words that is missing? Has this lack of direction become words of self doubt that leads to actions that lead to habits that  lead to your character? By the time a child enters high school, do we see these behaviors in children of lack as resistance and acting out simply because their memories are of lack, as they did not have the words, the structure , the units showing experience, to build understanding and have the means of expression to answer and/or even to reflect on information and not only question but also find solutions that broaden what is understood by men, to move this into more creative uses of what men collectively understand?
So, that child in that room, is the glass, and the information is “ dripping in” and the child naturally is moved to expand, to take in understanding, just as they learned to walk. Now, if that child already has a lack in structure, in words, to organize that information, will that child be able to take in that water that is knowledge and information? Or, if there is a lack, will what exists in that glass, begin to steam up and cloud the process of building understanding?
So, now the bell rings, and no matter where that child is in perhaps clearing or ordering  something as the knowledge and information being presented there was a mis-understanding. And yet,  the child is in the natural process of making order out of what is being said,  the time constraint  is not allowing the time for that glass to fill itself up with a clear understanding,  the child loses that time to do so, because the regiment of the space and time in a school, is not moving at the speed of building - so to speak- that that child is really busy doing at the speed at which an existent inner structure - as the words known- moves as that child’s structural ability to learn at their speed because of their inner structure, which reveals conceptual development.
Does our public school, or any school, have an adult that is right there to see how that child is doing in their understanding? No. Teachers will and do do this, but obviously , they cannot possibly be there making sure that child understands enough to feel secure in their understanding. And this is why, one on one teaching is so effective. but as we know, the labor for this is unachievable for most people.
So, often we think it is the concept, which it is,  but if the units that build the thought, that describe the concept, as the words, are not integrated enough, then that concept being taught will be very difficult to understand, difficult to be accepted  into the vessel of the child. The outcome is either  merky and cloudy and/or reactive as an insecurity that builds behaviors of reaction that are like steamy water - so to speak.
Is this what we want for our children, those children who become adults that drive and direct the order of our worlds?
Our children are us in another life. If we as parents, do not  make sure that the foundation of our children is like pure and clear and pristine water, that is a memory built of structural clarity, of which words are the perfect structural units for and as, are we giving as we would have wanted to receive? 
Building a sound structure in a child is done as the words we know, our research makes this clear. This is what we all would have wanted, and realize as we mature into adults. If we do not know the words, we cannot communicate, order and reorder, which is being constructively critical and creative within our existence. If parents begin to understand this, and realize that there are tools to build such a structured and sound mind, empowering the parents, and thus the teachers and  our society, improving the community at large, thus, using technology, to build a sound mind, is a gift, it is taking what has been developed by men and using it is ways that improve our lives. The means are here,  as we all want what is best and that is realizing we have the capacity to become responsible for our children and ourselves. We understand that words build our thoughts, drive our actions, become our habits, create our characters. What do you want for your child? Stability? Capability? Effective relationships? We must ask ourselves by slowing down and seeing beyond our own memories that are steamy from lack of understanding.

Impulse Control of ADHD, ADD, Developmental Delays and Executive Function.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Words are the perfect structural foundation for building a sound mind.

We learn to do things through spaced repetition. Even our infamous Karate movies reveal this to us. As we “ paint the fence” we integrate the small move and then are able to integrate more in relation to that one small move, which is expanding in awareness. Within this, we also must be careful to not become automatic in our moves, because this can lead to rushing and then mis-takes, leading to insecurity if we do not understand how this works and define ourselves by our mistakes, instead of simply realizing we have lost touch with what we have programmed ourselves to be. If we become automated, then we are allowing a program to exist as us without awareness. It is to say that one’s presence must always cross reference what one is doing, moving through the inner  knowledge base and checking it with the information of practical reality, like placing one’s presence in something, knowing the structure. This is that which can move through the ‘ eye of the needle” and remain constant, becoming small and big, depending on what one is doing. This is in essence the development of creative and critical thinking skills as one being present in full focus. Words are the perfect placeholders for this measure of being present.
If the physical is not programmed clearly, or does not have opportunity to be programmed, as in exposed to anything and everything that is here moving in visibly understandable ways as the physical is right in front of us, then we have human behavior with this inherent great ability, in frustration and lack, unable to see directly, and thus having a memory that is limited, and the voice to match as often the limitations are what is argued because this is the process of the program voicing itself, as that sense tries to understand by placing what is known in front of itself to see it and deconstruct to reconstruct, because the nature of that which can cross reference reality ultimately learns when given the chance.
Within this, that sense, that presence must have exposure to forms, to be able to move as itself in volume - so to speak- to practice changing inner form and building understanding of reality as its memory of life. If this capacity is given a limited and set from of information, and little chance of exposure to more and more forms, then that inner memory, or gps, system, or program, becomes stagnant and limited.
For this reason, evident in educational research, the amount of words a child learns in the first seven years, will determine the amount of flexibility and changeability a child can have, and as such, their obvious ability to take in information in the limited format by design of our schools, and will determine how well they can process knowledge and information - like they already have some measure to change with, some structural ability within developed. A lack of this, leads to greater and greater insecurity. Overall, this development as it exists in our schools, is within the gamut of potential within a human being, extremely limited. We are simply so caught up in the forest of the last 100 or more years, that we no longer see the forest through the trees. Which reveals the diminished conceptual ability overall in our society. Yes, we have products of this teaching our children, though well meaning, overall our conceptual ability in total is in lack.
And yet the answer is right in front of us because of this; when we are exposed to words, we are exposed to form and function, we are exposed to different perspectives, to different knowledge, to different realizations as to how behaviors are within people and the physical things we use to live.
So, vocabulary is structural development. We know that we learn through repetition, spaced repetition, and we know that exposure enables us to take in new information, and that this expands our awareness because we learn to read the score of practice in a physical world.
I think many of us have been to a graduation where the class valedictorian stands and gives a speech. There are some on  YouTube that are worth watching. These young adults obviously have some command of language and the product of such structural development which is self esteem. They can stand and speak, and even point out to their peers and their teachers the faults of the system. They show the capacity of a human who has somewhat of a clear structure to guide them within to enable them to have the courage to be self honest. They can conceptualize, they can communicate, the are flexible. They have some critical and creative thinking skill development.
Thus, words are the perfect units of measure to build an inner structure that creates a child who can think critically and creatively. and as such speak clearly, which builds self esteem and self honesty; something that is in lack in our present world.
The simplicity of this is so clear that anyone, any parent can become self responsible in the raising of their child, especially since the tools to do so are here.  Within this understanding of the importance of a solid foundation as the words we know, a parent will no longer be at the whim of a system that by design interrupts the natural learning/absorbent mind ability of the child through constant interruption because of scheduling restraints and peer pressure distractions  and lack of family time at home because of both parents working, and presented knowledge and information that is not the whole story and that has no space in the systemic design for practical application. The parent can ensure that the words are placed and structurally aligned within the child to build the means to communicate and process information with ease, to build the assets that is the child, into a person with self confidence and self esteem because they will be able to see directly creating a memory that is flexible and able to change without resistance to new information because the words as the structure will allow communication and a structured reference system to reflect with to think critically and creatively. This is  a quality of character that can withstand the changing world we live in today. Those units as those words, are the perfect structural foundation to bring presence into the many decisions we make that determine the outcome of our lives. This is what we would all want for ourselves, so, to build a structure of words within a person, gives a child, and the parent by extension, the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime; a structure within that can read the score and process information in new and creative ways that solve problems and build a character that focuses directly fulfilling their real potential as life.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Words are the solution to the Dis-ease of ADHD. Time to build a sound Mind.

Why do we place children in a box, a school room and teach them through pictures? All the while the real object, moving and being the very nature of the form, is directly outside the window of the school room, living in all its glory as that real tree?
I have seen word graphs, obstensively to teach and enable the retention of the meaning of a word. Somehow this is in reverse, because that association building creates all manner of imagery to sort through, from all the picture training, within the meaning of that object as that sound formation as that word.
Would it not make more sense to watch a tree, a real tree and build graphs that map the parts of that tree? Why do we send our children into a room to create all manner of thinking processes that have no direct association to practical physical reality?
If the catch phrase that I hear so often, as people telling me they are ADHD, do we not realize that the very model and manner in what we are doing is the overall cause of our lack of ability to attend to reality, is because we are all in our minds playing a glass bead game of association building, causing a bubble of separation from direct seeing, as we are separate from reality because of a train of associations moving as pictures in our minds, instead of looking directly here, at reality, where we live?
This dis-association is also manifest in what I heard so many teachers say when I was in the school setting, and was said to me by an adult the other day as they learned about me and what my credentials were. The word talent came up. This use of this word is a dis-associative movement from reality, because in saying someone is talented, no recognition with reality is made. Humans learn through repetition, one must walk understanding physically, interacting with reality, with building awareness of how one moves and functions here. This then leads to competence, to capacity, step by step, repetition by repetition, until awareness builds of the space and the movement, and one becoming equal to that to the point where one can then become creative, the critical details, being integrated and then, as the neuron development reveals, paired back as understanding is constructed and refined into simpler movements as connection, so that the whole and the parts are able to spatially be used to direct oneself. It is as though one is building awareness, building the inner integrative map of the qualities of what one endeavors to accomplish. Thus, talent has nothing to do with development. Yes, interest in something can be innate, but as well, this is not to be confused with interest because one has developed some ability having walked the process of becoming aware of something- mostly due to exposure, such as having a parent that directed a child into something having built understanding themselves.
If a teacher stands in a doorway, in a school and says things like, “ she has talent” and another child hears this, then that child feels insecure, because the very use of this word does not tell the real story. This insubstantiates that child. What this really is, is that teacher creating a justification for not having been disciplined enough to walk a process of development, thus in this such a statement is the admission of ignorance. No other way to say this in a so-called nice way, because a cup is a cup. The only solution is to realize this and stop, but first it must be pointed out.
In the social instance, where a woman said this to me, I realized she said this as a distraction, because she was overall overwhelmed with what I was saying and looked to some marker of understanding as the limited spatial awareness of reality that was her as belief allowed some catch basin to place me in that fit her limitation. The mind of limited belief will not want to slow down and reform, it has to do this slowly. And one will defend habits because they are racing so fast, as the statement “ she is so talented” is a testament of and as. So, we come full circle.
And yet, we have books about neurological development, that make it clear that exposure to form, builds neuro pathways, as the mind takes in what is presented to it. Interaction and repetition will build more neuro pathways, and then as the practice acclimates physically, like we are programmed as the measure of our exposure ( think of religion and culture), the neurons pair back in a movement much like a computer, taking processes and “ zip” filing them as one expedites actions learned into smaller forms of information. This is what happens when we learn to drive a car.
If our science understands this process, and we have children coming from all manner of backgrounds of exposure and development, and we place this all into one room in a school, and we teach to associate rather then to see directly, what are we actually building as that inner developmental map building in our children? And can one teacher, or a room with a couple of aids, possibly do this in clear ways with those children? Would this not be a slowing down of this innate ability? Are our children that appear to do well, are they really doing well? Or, are we so immersed in the forest of this overall very limited format that we no longer realize the overall limitation we are within as this? I mean, we have many saying that humans are using only 10 percent of their overall capacity. So, there are those who are aware that what we are doing is actually limiting more than expanding our own awareness. In reality, the solutions are right in front of us, just as that tree is right outside that window.
Words are the perfect structures, they are the perfect pictures, they are the perfect sounds, they are auditory, they are visual, they are structural, they employ all the sense, they build a nice ordered structure within the child. They can be “ zipped filed”, meaning they can as sound forms, be made smaller and ordered, so that a detailed inner directive map can be built that sees the objects of physical reality clearly, to allow qualities to be brought forward, which is the act of critically thinking, critically organizing and evaluating, to then deconstruct with the parts there, to rearrange and thus create, a perfect mind, that is clearly organized. What kind of human would such build? A person who could direct themselves, answer and ask questions, solve problems and stand in certainty, meaning a person with great self esteem and understanding of what it means to learn, realizing their innate capacity to order and thus live life to the fullest. Is this not what we want for our children?
I reach out to those parents who understand this, because many of us do, once we have lived some life, we begin to understand that this is what we would have wanted. And, we understand that our children are our greatest assets, and thus, that if we take the time to ensure their development is what enables their utmost potential, then our lives as their parents will be secure, and they will be thankful, just as we would have wanted for ourselves.
Techno Tutor, the tool to organize a world of dis-order, bringing us back to a sound mind, one that can see that tree outside the window and understand with joy, how it is the very expression of life and how self empowering it is to be able to build that understanding ourselves in practical understandable ways.