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Impulse Control of ADHD, ADD, Developmental Delays and Executive Function.

Impulse Control of ADHD, ADD, Developmental Delays and Executive Function.

A child absorbs their world, taking in the very volume and quality and movement of the world around them. And then, they must begin to learn language, which is in essence to name the objects of this world, the qualities of those objects and the manner in which those objects move.
One could say there are two things happening, the child absorbing and the child learning the code as the names of the very fabric of this world that is human language, that that child must learn to direct themselves with and as. This language can become, this technology as words, can become an ordering system of self directing.

Impulse control ‘ orders ‘ such as being given specific directions to follow to complete a task are supportive. A reward system of say, stars on a graph, may support in a moment, but it is overall a distraction, because the mark of a gain diverts the attention away from developing a sense of the task being completed as being the value, a value of self realizing that tasks can be completed by simply following the steps one at a time. (Just to note, a child that is already having a hard time being practical, do they really need another distraction?) And does this not beg the question as to what the problem is? Is it that too many values of what is good and what is bad have accumulated within the child creating a fear that becomes overwhelming cognitively? Was this a starting point of impulsed charged values that were not clear and practically directive in the first place? There is a gap here, overall, that is not being addressed. The very foundation, the units of foundation building in a child are absent through a cloud of good and bad  that is by nature a lack of full function disclosure, of practical functioning in detail.
So, lets go back and look at where we started. We started with the child sensing their world, having this great capacity to sense. Then we have this transition from sensing to learning language. And then that sensibility starts to slow down and move into behaviors that are not a child performing in ways that are interactive  in supportive ways with others and their world. And,  the starting behaviors were extremely interactive behaviors, so in essence the means of building awareness was a given, was the very nature of the child.
One could say, the disconnect begins with language.
I read an article that talked about comfort objects. Specifically, it mentioned and assumed, that a comfort object was a reminder of mommy. This may be true, and it may not. One thing I cannot do is realize the exact construct of comfort in a child’s mind, which not one can do because we cannot be in another’s mind.
We understand that psychological comfort objects are to feel safe, to re-mind us of a safe place and that that safe place is still here, gone for a moment.
But why do we not feel safe where we are? A child is born with no sense of language, and has to crawl and discover the world. When they are focused on this, they are so totally absorbing that I, especially with my children, remember them not having any fear at all! If anything I had to watch them because they were so focused and so absorbent that I had to watch them to protect them from their drive to absorb , to make sure they did not come to something that they had no awareness of because they had never interacted with it and in the process of interacting learn the hard way as to how something worked causing themselves harm. If I made up a story to place a scary ‘ fairy tale’ , a quick fix, then I built a supernatural existence within them, one that was in separation from reality. So, essentially, I, the parent, was the cause of that child’s ideological entity building as imagination that separated the child into thinking/imagination more than being what was natural, which was being focused here in practical reality.  And then, as this was built and the promise of the child began to disappear, did I look at what I had done, or did I blame someone else? Remember that the interventions suggested are to order that separated child back into practical reality!
Language. Thus, a child would develop fear through superstition. If something is not made clear in form and function, and instead a story is told to the child as a justification for not doing something, or for doing something, and that story is a ‘ what if’ story, or a gloom and doom story then the child builds a superstitious construct as a belief that is of NO PRACTICAL APPLICATION. This means that a child, a human being, that is born practically sensing the physical world around them, learns about a metaphysical, supernatural quality to things, that have consequences imagined ( which may be true, but the child has no direct experience as their sensibility so they only have a imagined value/charge attached as idea, an entity like a ghost in their conceptual development!) that bear no witness to reality, to the development of their innate ability to under-stand through physical sense absorption of reality. In a way, this is really messed up.
And the irony is, that the solution to balance the unable-to-focus mind of the disturbed child is to give interventions that are really very practical, which is the interventions of giving specific directions needed to complete a task. So, the separation from that innate practical ability of the child has been directed into something that is not clear, which was done with language ( and media pictures) as words used to construct a picture that is charged with a value that is superstitious and metaphysical that does not tell the real sensual qualities, manners, movements of this actual physical world in which we live. ( This means that superstition is a story of limitation!) Why do we not connect the simplicity of the nature of the child and the spoke in the wheel as the forms we are using our language to create that are metaphysical as composed stories that do not tell the actual practical story of the actual real live physical world, and then come back with interventions that are giving directions that are practical? This is really like a smoke and mirrors show of how separation happens, but because of this, our own natural conceptual abilities are askew. We have lost our ability to look at the parts and the whole and realize the nature of the disconnect from reality that our children are suffering in greater and greater numbers and the very ways in which we are the cause of this separation.
Thus, the solution. We were told of the solution. It is right here, right in front of us and the research is right in front of us, giving us the solution. Our language has to be grounded in practical reality. Our words must be equal to their object, their quality, their manner as reflected in practical movement of physical reality. The word within must be equal to the world without as this gives the child the object to focus on practically, and it builds an imagination, a cognitive map, an inner gps, that creates stability in the child. This then builds real critical thinking skills leading to creative thinking skills, leading to the forming of that sense ability of the child into a volume that is confident in directing themselves in this world, because it is a physical world. The within of the child, as their experiential map is equal in measure to the practice of living, which is being practical, as our so-called interventions reveal but have not looked at the foundational starting point as the words, which the research reveals is the solution. Round and round we go, but do we see?
Language is a sounding of men about this world. If this sound is equal to this practical world, this world that the child is absorbing as is their nature as life, then the sound within as their gps system will be a sound map of this actual world they so are driven to absorb. This then, would build a child that needs no comfort objects, because they would be grounded. This would be a child that would not need interventions to correct this disconnect. This would be a child who could create, which is a child who could become an inventor, someone who had the development to build through invention a world that would benefit all.
We are the words we know, and I mean really know.
Techno Tutor, it is time to build a sound mind. It is what you would have wanted for yourself.
Abracadabra - we are the words we know. Parents, it is time to become the responsibility you would have wanted for yourselves.

Thank You for Reading!

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