Sunday, February 15, 2015

Learning ability and space and time in the classroom.

I am going to use analogy to describe what happens in a class room, to slow down and look at the minutes and the child in this space.
Knowledge and information is like water dripping, and the child in the room is like the glass filling up with the water, 
The children in a classroom, and my experience is with the fourth grade in this analogy, they so want to participate, their eyes are glued to the front.  I mean remember how persistently your child learned to crawl, to walk and to talk. That drive, even having fallen down and perhaps bumped into something that surprised the child, remains. No matter, they keep going. Again,  that same drive remains, that child does want to belong and interact with what is happening in a school, in their environment. Resistance to what is happening means in so many ways that they do not have the words to respond. Remember having a moment when you did not have the words, did not have the means as the units to describe and as such answer and participate in clear and flowing ways within a discussion, be it in a class or among colleagues or friends? Did you want to hide your embarrassment? And as we hold memories, is this memory what remains, a memory of default - so to speak? Is this the lack of units to structure understanding as words that is missing? Has this lack of direction become words of self doubt that leads to actions that lead to habits that  lead to your character? By the time a child enters high school, do we see these behaviors in children of lack as resistance and acting out simply because their memories are of lack, as they did not have the words, the structure , the units showing experience, to build understanding and have the means of expression to answer and/or even to reflect on information and not only question but also find solutions that broaden what is understood by men, to move this into more creative uses of what men collectively understand?
So, that child in that room, is the glass, and the information is “ dripping in” and the child naturally is moved to expand, to take in understanding, just as they learned to walk. Now, if that child already has a lack in structure, in words, to organize that information, will that child be able to take in that water that is knowledge and information? Or, if there is a lack, will what exists in that glass, begin to steam up and cloud the process of building understanding?
So, now the bell rings, and no matter where that child is in perhaps clearing or ordering  something as the knowledge and information being presented there was a mis-understanding. And yet,  the child is in the natural process of making order out of what is being said,  the time constraint  is not allowing the time for that glass to fill itself up with a clear understanding,  the child loses that time to do so, because the regiment of the space and time in a school, is not moving at the speed of building - so to speak- that that child is really busy doing at the speed at which an existent inner structure - as the words known- moves as that child’s structural ability to learn at their speed because of their inner structure, which reveals conceptual development.
Does our public school, or any school, have an adult that is right there to see how that child is doing in their understanding? No. Teachers will and do do this, but obviously , they cannot possibly be there making sure that child understands enough to feel secure in their understanding. And this is why, one on one teaching is so effective. but as we know, the labor for this is unachievable for most people.
So, often we think it is the concept, which it is,  but if the units that build the thought, that describe the concept, as the words, are not integrated enough, then that concept being taught will be very difficult to understand, difficult to be accepted  into the vessel of the child. The outcome is either  merky and cloudy and/or reactive as an insecurity that builds behaviors of reaction that are like steamy water - so to speak.
Is this what we want for our children, those children who become adults that drive and direct the order of our worlds?
Our children are us in another life. If we as parents, do not  make sure that the foundation of our children is like pure and clear and pristine water, that is a memory built of structural clarity, of which words are the perfect structural units for and as, are we giving as we would have wanted to receive? 
Building a sound structure in a child is done as the words we know, our research makes this clear. This is what we all would have wanted, and realize as we mature into adults. If we do not know the words, we cannot communicate, order and reorder, which is being constructively critical and creative within our existence. If parents begin to understand this, and realize that there are tools to build such a structured and sound mind, empowering the parents, and thus the teachers and  our society, improving the community at large, thus, using technology, to build a sound mind, is a gift, it is taking what has been developed by men and using it is ways that improve our lives. The means are here,  as we all want what is best and that is realizing we have the capacity to become responsible for our children and ourselves. We understand that words build our thoughts, drive our actions, become our habits, create our characters. What do you want for your child? Stability? Capability? Effective relationships? We must ask ourselves by slowing down and seeing beyond our own memories that are steamy from lack of understanding.

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