Sunday, September 22, 2013

ADHD and ADD: Confusion Within as a Limited GPS.

So a child learns to crawl, to walk, to talk and eventually to think in the home environment picking up all of its surroundings, building a memory/picture of the world as the movement of the space-time within and without as the parents and the physical, to enable self direction in a physical world.  A GPS system. Thus, what has gone into the child, in totality, is what comes out of the child. And so our children become copies of the adult, as the first seven years build the “ concrete mind”, a blue print “ platform” that is a map of what they have experienced,  all physical tensions, all word combination, all reprimand, all positive reinforcement as values. 
When the child reaches seven naturally their ability to take in the world slows down because they divide their self directive capacity between the outside world and the use of their memory as a guide/reference.
School begins at this age, this point of some experience of the world being mapped and used as the memory, as the mind.
Imagine a child that came from a home of limited vocabulary? That child enters the schools system with limited structure as vocabulary. They already have a lesser communication ability. Do they get caught up in this lack, this becoming greater as their focus than being directive in developing a greater vocabulary as the real solution to the lack? Do our schools as the very design of them, have the money and thus the time to balance this out in all children? No, and to do so would cost taxpayers a lot more than what is being given to the schools. Here, some parents pay for school to ensure attention is given within this state of lack, that is really a lack of clarity.
In essence the schools are meant to direct the children into understanding more structures. The schools are dependent on the parents “ filling in the missing links.” Our public schools function when the parents are intimately involved with the development of the child. In all, this is how the public schools were formed, to supplement parents, the  public schools were never designed to be the sole educators of children. And as we all know, parents that realize they cannot monitor their child’s development as much as they might want to, pay to have their children attend very expensive schools to ensure that the child is up to speed with vocabulary and math skills. There are even those who spend a lot on tutors to fill in the gaps. A real education is a process that either takes a parent very closely monitoring the child in tandem with the schooling process, or a parent paying someone else to do this. This is a process of building a sound character that can face reality with clear understanding.
If we look at how children learn their first seven years, as a kind of absorbent sponge, the variations in what has been taken in are so great, no public school scenario can possible even out what has been learned in each child. This is why close parental involvement is absolutely essential.
That being said, imagine a child that has learned a relatively broad vocabulary, as the sounds as the words, as the structures moving in front of the child as the spoken word, organizing the world - which is to say that words give order to our world, in that they enable us to communicate and thus, organize ourselves within.  I mean, look at numbers, they organize a way of understanding a certain level of spatial division, words are the same, they describe space and movement. The more words we know the greater our ability to clarify our perceptions of physical reality and to realize whether our understanding of reality is clear.  Greater vocabulary- more ease in physical conceptual development.  
Within all of this, if a child has picked up uncertainty as the movement in reality of parents as their state of being, then some of the words a child learns in those first seven years have added emotional values that are not direct and clear, thus every time the child uses a word, the memory comes up with the word as the blueprint is referenced. This additional added value has to then be processed and so the child is slowed down, or is caught up in the emotional value and the ability to process with clarity no longer exists because the words are essentially unstable. The memory is not clear, it does not have a clear direct meaning as the words in relation to actual, practical physical reality.
Most of us have experienced this. Just think of returning to a childhood place, or imagine returning to where one went to college, or imagine returning to your parents home after a long absence. Do memories come up, do sentimental values come up? Is there a whole memory structure that comes up of that distant time? Does it overwhelm you? Does it bring up a whole slew of emotional values? Many of them you wish you had never had? Now, imagine a child. They have many such emotional and feeling values attached to their words, so when they go to school and deal with words all the emotional values come up. Thus a concrete mind - which I am defining as memory that is “ big “ enough to be a directive that happens at about the age of seven, this point where the system believes a child is ready for school, that we all have experienced, is really a map of the past, and according to what has been placed within as that guidance system, must be filtered through as a child begins to process new information presented at school.
We also realize, if we look back at elementary school that the judgements between the children, as peer groups is brutal. This is children moving as values instead of being direct in understanding here as the physical world. So, if a child is inundated with values attached to words, this catches them up and they have a hard time processing new information because the values slow them down. And this is why  parents with money spend a lot of money on education, because they know they do not have the time to clear all of this up and ensure that the children understand words and numbers clearly, because they know that a clear understanding of structure leads to success.
Within this, is Attention Deficit Disorder the inner GPS in disorder? A combination of a lack of structure as words and words that are a clear direct meaning with reality?
Is it possible to refocus a child from their natural learning ability and build a vocabulary that is direct in meaning allowing a child to be equal within, to the without? Can the character of the child be built as a foundation of clear, solid, direct meanings to words, to structure the child’s natural learning ability into a clear understanding as words , no values of good and bad attached? Meaning “ a cup is a cup”?
If we look closely, children have, initially, tolerance for others, but by the third grade, comparison and gossip become their behavior: they are moving as a system of values or “what is more” and “what is less”, instead of being directive with a practical understanding, as a direct seeing, of physical reality. So, if the attention is more on values as ideas, how can a conceptual development of reality grow? In essence it can’t, although, and this varies by degree, some learn to understand some of physical reality. What would happen if a child learned a direct understanding of physical reality from the beginning? Would they be less reactive and more directive? Would they be here, instead of in confusion, as not being able to attend to here? Which begs the question: with our present information and consumerist age, will this process of value judgement begin at an earlier age? By this I mean, the input in space-time is moving faster, compounding, thus what may have happened at 8 years of age, may now begin a 5 or 6 years of age.
Attention Deficit Disorder and its variations are really a product of our society. We are all to blame, individually and collectively. The way out is for each to become responsible. As this would then lead to a collective responsibility. We, as parents, must become responsible for the process of building the character, as the inner GPS, of our children. This simply means ensuring that the  meaning of the words our children know are clear and direct, and that the words, as the vocabulary, are numerous.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ADHD and ADD : Is the within not equal to the without?

Children that grow up in stable homes tend to have a greater ability to communicate with ease. Children that grow up in homes with more economic pressures tend to have more difficulty in processing language and mathematical computation. This can vary by degree on a spectrum, where it is known that those with a broad vocabulary and exposure to mathematical measure of space and time will become bored in school and end up rejecting participation in school because it simply is moving like molasses to them, and is really a confinement of their expression. Children who have not had any structure given, or very little, become so overwhelmed that they freeze up and want to hide. This second type of child are unbearable to watch, their eyes are often down cast, they stand behind the group, they cannot even sing, they are so completely unable to move themselves it is really criminal and must come to an end. 

No one wants to be this. Following the golden rule in our schools, that we give as we would like to receive, must be practiced in fact, because that child is a part of the fabric of life here, and thus that child is us. If we want the fabric of life to be whole then there is no other option than to ensure that our children are functioning as the ability they are inherently born with in full development, their natural learning ability. As well, those children that have had the opportunity to develop more structural understanding of here, as the words they know, enabling them to process the information, the formation of the world around them and not be lost in fears - not feel inferior to here - must reach their full potential as they are just as much a part of the fabric of here as life as that child in lack. All the children that have various levels of ability in processing information, the formation of here,  that exist between these extremes, must also reach their innate ability to understand here as is their natural learning ability to structure here. Remember that learning to crawl and walk and talk, is a multi-dimensional spatial processing ability, there is no reason as to why this is not developed in all children.

So, why is the within not equal to the without? Are the behaviors of our children showing the separation from a balance of this within being equal to the without? And by this I mean the child being equal in structural understanding of the outer world in common sense?

I was working with this ADHD child. She was reading a text and suddenly the words she was speaking were not on the page, and she was reading away as though she was on track. I just sat there and looked at her. Wow, I mean this was a verbal child, but this did not matter because she was speaking all these words and there was some sense to them, but they were not what was on the page. So, I had her use her hands to stay with the words, and to breath and to sit up straight. She immediately slowed  down and began to struggle. But with practice and constant redirection, refocus, and with a technological tool to direct her to being here, she eventually began to read, and it did not take very much time. She had begun to equalize herself to being here. After about 14 days, she finally stood and read  a passage in a book with such joy, like a whole understanding that the words on the page were able to be seen and she was able to process them and that , yes she could do this, ( so simple )  brought out a child that was a normal interacting-with-here person. She had become normal, instead of all the behaviors of slouching, and becoming frustrated, wanting to go and be involved in what someone else was doing, ( she had this behavior of constantly looking around the room) and speaking out made-up stories instead of the actual words on the page. The self directive ability she realized she was capable of with the words on the page opened her self direction. So, it was like, “ I am here and I can direct myself!” Her within had become equal to her without. This is how our children should be, this is their capacity, this is normal, this is behavior that supports the fabric of life, and thus each of us.

Next post: What inhibits/clutters the within causing a lack of focus here?