Monday, March 24, 2014

Building the character of the child.

For anyone reading this blog, I am going to make an analogy here that some might react to, but it is one that elicits reactions in pretty much all of us, which is why I am going to use it.

We understand that children have a natural learning ability, a divergent thinking ability that is weakened by the third grade. And we know that children with a large vocabulary tend to be able to process knowledge and information to a greater degree in comparison to others. Thus we know that vocabulary is the tool.

We also know that children that lack vocabulary, have a harder time, naturally, processing information, and that very often this is synonymous with economic means. Of course, there are exceptions. One exception has been openly stated in a Common Core paper sent to me by my local school district. This exception is delineated through a value judgement. When a child enjoys a subject, they can read beyond their measured reading ability. This has me asking a question. Does the child have the interest because a back ground of understanding and the words of measure needed to enjoy the subject exists? This being a developed ability to process the information in a conceptual way already built? Which means that having a structure as the words and the exposure being enough to give the child a divergent skill and that it is this that enables the child? Would the child enjoy other subjects if the understanding and structure were of equal measure as that “ favorite” subject?

Having said this, there is also a tendency for each to naturally gravitate towards some subjects more than others. But, how can one really know if a basic understanding of each is not built to allow an informed decision? So, can it be judged as something the child prefers, or something the child enjoys simply because they understand enough to actively process and participate, which is in itself enjoyable and as such elicits ease in the child?

Within this, we can understand that attitudes can be built about something that are not based on ability, but on a judgement about capacity before any background building is strong enough to even understand whether a subject is to one’s liking or not.  This is an idea by default, and not one made in awareness. And such a judgement can remain, without resolution, unless by chance, someone takes the time to clear this up. And such, can be costly because it takes quality time over a period of time, and in our present system, time is money.

To understand how we begin to impulse values more than give detail, and as such structure, let us look at the beginning of a child’s life.

You, a parent are changing your child’s diaper. You make a face, you scrunch your nose, and pull back. The child takes in this measure, their whole body imitating your movement, as your reaction, that is a value judgement, towards the changing of the diaper. The child learns a value, an emotional value.

Now, imagine if the feces in the diaper were looked at in common sense. It is composed of, more than likely, the waste from breast milk, which means it is dead red blood cells etc. etc. If your reaction were an explanation of this - and even here, an understanding of what the “ proper/healthy waste of a child would be to measure the physical processing of the child’s body” -  verbally, using a variety of words of description of reality, then the child would not learn the value judgement measure - the emotion as reaction - of this excretory process, but the words of this process and the awareness in practicality of this process and build an understanding of the measure of the world, thus producing a child that not only had a larger vocabulary, but also an awareness that is not moved by value judgements and as the words learned an inner structure to speak about this and once able to read the words as the symbols that represent the sounds, would be able to read up on this subject.

Now, that natural learning ability of the child, in the emotionally reactive response in this situation above, learns a value judgement that in no way builds a description of reality or an ability to use words, or have exposure to words as a common sense measure of here, and yet, this natural learning ability can learn over time what is presented to it, and if what is presented is not a value judgement, and instead a unconditional measure of reality, then that child learns to stand equal to the measure of reality. I mean, children that do well in school, simply have had more exposure to an equal and practical measure of reality, evident in the words that they know. All of this begs the question as to how much are we emotionally moving and how much are we moving in common sense. Thus, does an accumulated impulse of  value judgements, as emotions, determine the effective use of the natural learning ability by the third grade? Obviously, one impedes and the other expands.

And, obviously, from the day a child enters the world, even within the smallest of exposure of normal every day events,  either emotional value judgements are built as the measure of here, or practical awareness in detail as the words used to convey that detail. Because the expressive nature of the body in imitating the adults, every single value judgement is visible in the very muscular movement of every human being, of which we call character. Thus, the very character of the child, reveals the amount of value judgements learned and the amount of direct seeing in common sense resplendent in the very words the child uses to explain and balance themselves an as such, to direct themselves with confidence in this world. So, we can see, that even with children that have a broader vocabulary, many value judgements exist within each of us, and these value judgements are often not an equal measure of reality. Were they, then the world would not be in the state that it is at present. 

Adults, every one, are really responsible for what is the building of the child’s character, as the children reflect in great detail, what is the world around them. And since this has not been understood in detail, as the natural learning ability is not understood, and “ value judgements are deemed “ real,”” and this has been going on for generations, there is no one person to blame, thus, the only choice is to clean all of this up and direct the natural learning ability of the child into having the building blocks that are an equal measure of practical reality.

Do you have the ability to stand outside of a value judgement? And how many are automated that you have not even realized and corrected? How many children are judged and labeled through value judgements and left there, where no time is taken to clear these measures up?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Words are a placeholder of the measure of practical living.

So, I have talked about memory, and how it can become so strong within. We know this from the “ phantom limb” phenomenon. This means that humans hold in place a picture of the past within themselves. Here we must realize that that placeholder can be a story of the past. And, as we all know, our pasts can have negative values that inhibit us when that past is triggered by anything that was a part of that past, be it a smell, or a place, or a word. Yes, words were present in that past, so words can also trigger a past that was in a state of fear, a state of not being clear, because fear is not being clear. How many times have each of us realized that we reacted about something out of fear and that it was essentially silly to have done so, and if we had used our common sense the situation would have been cleared up with ease.

So, our memory is a placeholder, of our past, and our words can trigger that past event. So, words are placeholders as descriptions of here, and this can be burdened with events that occurred in tandem with that past.

Media realizes this and uses this to impulse values, and then the image of the product is conditioned with excitement, and we are drawn to the product. If we are not aware of this, we follow without any critical reasoning. And, if we lack vocabulary, we lack an inward structure to realize the measure of space and time here, and can then be easily lead.

By the third grade, this has accumulated and begins to be a map that is used to direct ourselves here. If this map is clear, we have more ability to self direct in common sense. If this map is cluttered with compounds of mixed values attached to words, and/or of values and limited vocabulary ( the measure of here directives) then our capacity to see directly and thus direct ourselves becomes, obviously, limited. Then we end up making all kinds of mis-takes, that have consequences that consume our time, our focus and our money. This in all, ends up limiting us from expansion, because we have to spend so much time and effort in correction.

But, what if we could ensure that our words are many and clear? What if we could structure the child to have a clear measure of the world around us, as the words, and have the words be a definition, as a place holder within, as memory, that is the meaning only of the word an nothing else? Would this not build a child that is a product that is extremely capable of functioning in common sense?

On the side, does this also not mean that the very form of our education system, where children sit and take in knowledge and information without practical application, a system of lack? If a child has no ability to see direct form and function, especially when there is little exposure to the mechanics of this world, how can they have experiences within that are already some measure of understanding how words can be used to extend understanding once enough background has been build that is real experience?

We have children that are economically limited, and their exposure is of a lot of television. Television that is of cartoon images that are fantastic and do not really show any real understanding of the world in which we live. Such children are going to have a very hard time in school.

What we need to realize is that this state of lack ends up pulling all of us down and that clusters of separation in districts of greater wealth only builds more borders, and that mixing these is also not the solution. Both have been tried and they do not work. Instead of trying to bring one area into another in hope that one will raise the other up, is not addressing the problem. And yet, to qualify, I am not saying that this does not have any positive effects, because it probably can, but these are not enough. And, also, sometimes allowing others of same background, allows them self discovery, which is powerful. We can see that this system, ends up so often being a blame game, instead of taking the time to look at the parts and finding a solution from the starting point of how we are formed, and how our environment creates “ placeholders” as memory. So, it is to look at the inner map, the memory, and to realize that our measure of here, as what the human is able to be and do, must be equal in understanding the formation of our physical world, and must have the words. The words reflect our measure of here, and the clarity of the word holds us in place of seeing here in detail, which then allows us to direct ourselves with clarity.

So, if the foundation of the child, is of words, and the words are placeholders with a clear meaning, without being burdened with values from a negative past, then the child is equal to the measure of here, and as such has a common sense with reality. This would create a child, that is a product as a human being, that is super capable. It is that simple.

Which begs the question; “ Why are we allowing anything other than this?”, ‘ Why are we limiting the expression of our children through not doing everything possible to clear this up?” and, “ Could we use technology to bypass memory, access what is an innate natural learning ability, to ensure that the words, as placeholders of the qualities of our practical world that we must participate within in effective ways to survive, are clear?” 

If a child is in reaction, like a tantrum and unable to direct themselves here with any common sense, it is because they are not equal to the measure of here, and something has been impulsed that is directing them, that they are not clear about, and as such, lack the tools as words to clarify themselves. And, as we can see, our present formation as our education system, does not have the time - as much as teachers would like ( I am not blaming teachers) - to clear all of this up. And, once this compounds, it becomes more difficult to clear up.
We know it takes 21 days to learn something new, to incorporate it within us. And we know that remediation is not a “ bad” thing, it is simply the process of becoming comfortable with something to the point where it is used with ease. So, remediation is simply the process of equalizing oneself to something new. This was the reason for homework, to remediate, to practice something to ensure that is was understood and solid. Also, it worked in tandem with parents to allow the parents to see and know how their children within were being formed. We all understand that our children are a product of their environment. So, our children are a product of our educational system. Unfortunately, America now has more prisoners that any other country, so obviously, there is something malformed about our children, and it is time to change this, to clean this up. It is not the best use of our children and they are obviously capable of so much more. And, we can understand how they are formed and choose what produces a human being that is responsible and able to participate in society with actions that support and allow innovation and an ease of communication that builds a world we can all enjoy.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is our memory, in our modern world a " phantom limb" blocking natural divergent thinking ability?

If our memories are thick, like a “phantom limb”, then how can we learn? What does it take to learn something when having to process new information through a memory so thick and so strong that it can create a phantom limb?
Another way to look at this is to think of a time when a smell initiated a memory. One I can think of is the smell of turkey, or any other food that is a holiday tradition, or a seasonal smell,  like the colder air coming in the fall, and suddenly the smells of summer are gone. And then, when such a odor hits, it can ignite memories of the past, and all the various emotional/feeling events from that past, giving power to the past instead of insight in the present.

How can we process information if all of this is ignited? And, does this slow us down in processing that information? Are we consumed with the past to such an extent that we cannot even pick up the patterns overall that exist here in the practices going on in the world around us? Do we live the memories and allow their sway emotionally or do we recognize them for what they are and focus here? Do we even know the difference?
Obviously, children learn much faster because they have not accumulated such memories. But, there is a contradiction here,  because learning is recognizing patterns and then “ owning” them, understanding that pattern and incorporating it in ways that understand the whole and become divergent with it and then create new patterns that improve and expand the quality of our world around us. Obviously, there is some disconnect with an innate ability to discern our world and the accumulation of memories that create a phantom limb - so to speak.
We know that by the third grade our children have slowed down, and we know that children that lack vocabulary are already behind in their ability to read, and that this exponentially divides human beings into class and future earnings. Does this lack of ability in many, and a fear of being able to keep up accumulate as memory also? Does the compound imagery of the media, also accumulate and slow down an ability to process the details of our direct environment?  Do we retain all our actions to the extent that the emotional/feeling values, like an inner pollution, clog the natural ability that is present at the beginning and limit the natural ability to order the world and diverge the function of the world in creative ways? I mean, look, when a child can play a musical instrument, or master art, we call them creative, so this means they have mastered the profession and can create with it.
In the end, one does not need to be a psychologist, a doctor, a teacher, or any other profession to see this. One has to simply realize oneself as the profession of being a human being. Any mother or father can realize this if they have paid attention to their children as they matured, because so many have a sense that somehow the promise and potential of their children is lost. If we blame the object, we are not looking at the con-sequences, so therein is the answer, we as parents are a consequence of the same that limits the child’s natural learning ability, we are lost in memories and unable to see the whole, recognize the patterns and become the divergent thinkers that we are the perfect machine to be and become, and instead are cluttered with memories of a past that has power over us, to the point where we cannot progress in the present - but very, very slowly, to build a future that is stable and ensures our children’s and our own survival.
Just as our children need braces to correct the effects of nutrient deficiencies on the palette of their teeth, so do our children need help in restructuring their inner “ memory” map, to ensure that their words are many and of clear meaning so that they can process the information that is here, see the patterns and remain the divergent thinkers that is an innate ability visible before the child reaches the third grade.
If the foundation is clear, and the words are many, and a past of memories cluttered with values is not “ smoking the screen” then our children can develop a direct seeing that enables them to become their full potential. I mean is this not what we would have wanted for ourselves?
It really is time to” clean our children up” to ensure that they see directly and retain divergent thinking ability, as this is a responsible parent, that understands our future is dependent on the development of our children. Besides, having the ability to see clearly, is what we all would have wanted. Let us give as we would have wanted for ourselves because the separation and sorting out of the loss of our natural divergent thinking ability takes years, when this need not be lost, because in essence this is the gift of life. We as parents, know the difference between the smile of a child that is open, when they are young, and the loss of this as they grow into adults. What if we could retain that open and expansive smile? 
If the structure within is clear, than the child can see the structure without and become creative problem solvers able to process information and direct themselves with ease.
Check out Techno-Tutor. It is cost effective “ braces” for the inner structure of the child as the words they know. It is efficient, cost effective, and can be used by the whole family, to get all of us aligned with our natural ability to process this world and become the divergent thinkers we are structurally as humans meant to be. It is a product that builds a productive human being., one that all parents can be proud of.  Let’s get this done, it is the responsibility of all of us.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The words we know determine who we are, as how we move ourselves. The importance of vocabulary.

It appears to be difficult to see through some things that are worded in front of us because there is always a truth to what is often placed in front of us. Why would this be? And how does this make it difficult to argue against something, for example?
If we have a truth coupled with a value, and even here, the dimensions of the values are in reference to parts of here, as though we are given different points on a scale and then these are used in comparison and somehow we have to uphold both, but to do so is, in the moment a contradiction, as the conflict present has more dimension than an immediate resolution can answer to, especially when facing ideas as perspective about something all bundled in the self interest of each person. This is in so many ways of the human instrument, as each of us, a consequence of lack of depth perception, an ability to see the whole and the parts as the individual words and the construct of the words.. And as we know, those with greater vocabulary can manipulate and speak more than others. I say this because, if those of us that have a greater vocabulary had solved the problems then we would have done so, and we have not. So, by degree, we are also not clear. Is our reference to ideas, or do we move into practical space and time and see the whole within consequence of reality as reference? I mean this is what we are; in a physical world.

I realized when I went back to school, that there were late teens and early twenty year olds who could not hold things in their “ heads.” With modern technology, they would cut and paste things, and cried dyslexia and other “ learning disabilities “ when asked to talk about something. They cut and paste sentences instead of building an understanding and then, in their own words, writing out the assignment. They moved in as ideas, without connection to practicality in detail. Now, as an older person, who used a typewriter to write papers, the computer technology of being able to cut and paste and change a paper as one went along, changes the time spent on paper writing.  But, it also has built a generation that now has more intense, and compounding learning problems - which may have to do with environment, but here what came first, the chicken or the egg? Is it the lack of depth perception as what we are within in relation to being aware in detail of what is going on in detail without, that created and allowed the present vast amounts of environmental degradation, or is the pollution - in chemical substances and in electro-magnetic sound waves often called media that pollute with ideas- a consequence of a value being added to a truth that is not cross referenced with what considers taking the time to solve conflicts, to make certain all misunderstanding is clear so that conflicts do not happen again? Instead of cutting and pasting whole phrases, why are we not able to walk the individual words ourselves and understand their means of building detail oriented awareness in relation to self awareness, physically? I mean, is it not evident, especially when all research shows that vocabulary is key to success, that when our young adults have “ clinical” dis-eases that are them working with compound phrasing showing us that they no longer measure with increments but work with platitudes cut and paste from what they read? And are we not dis-allowing those children we give compound image books to, to tell an adult what they supposedly want via image instead of an incre-mental measure as a word,  an indication right-in-front-of -us, so blatantly telling us that these children are “ polluted” with “compound” ideology and as such unclear and ill defined inner understanding of practical reality as the inability to use the increment descriptive measure as/of words, as vocabulary, the detail of space and time? Is this why our children cannot even take care of a pet, for example? Their mental map - so to speak- is not equal to the measure of practical reality, evident in the words they know or lack, or do not have clear? Can we see, how our children cannot behave well because they simply are not equal to “ here” and as such have no real directive capacity?  And what they read, as well, is laced with values attached to truths?  ( Not that I am yet out of this “ condition” because I am here writing to bring myself back into a direct seeing about what is going on with our children, who are so capable and yet lose something as they mature- which has not been figured out, despite all the so-called professionals out there. And, since I asked these questions of the professionals when I was in school, who finally said to me that they “ did not know how to do that,” and since it is said that teachers must become life long learners, I decided to become this. And yes, I realize it can be figured out, and that it is right here in front of us, and that we are the perfect machines to figure this out. So, the problems in our schools with our children are not being solved, and this is simply unacceptable.)
On a personal front, I have a sister, a twin sister, who has an autistic child. What I noticed about my sister’s child, is that it is as though the behaviors of my nephew are a compounding of all the anxieties within the character of my family. It is like the tension in my nephew, is an intensification of nervous habits within my own family. I watched this, and I thought, how can this be, and also, that I don’t need a doctor, to tell me that this is what is going on, on some level. And, if we all really look at this, we will see it ourselves. And if we are frightened by this, it is because we are afraid to look at our own separation within where we have not been clear within ourselves about our own fears, our own lack of looking at what is here in detail. And that this, has lead to the adults saying things like “ we don’t know how to do that.”
But what do we know? We do know that when one has the words, one knows the words, for example, of a subject, then it is easier to move within that subject in building understanding.
So, the words we know determine who we are.
And, we know that children have an incredible divergent thinking skill when they are young and that this is lost. Just think about how quickly a child can learn another language, and yet adults cannot.
And, as I learned while working in a school, that teaching vocabulary is very difficult.
Thus, moving through the obvious “ pollution” of unclear imagery in a world of “ inference” before foundation building in detail as the words that are measure, will need structural help, to get through a memory that does not have or is built with, a clear understanding, as it has been impulsed with compound imagery and words learned- as truths coupled with values -  to direct that child/adult and as such, not what is being a state of measure that is equal to what moves them in focus with ease and direct seeing here. Humans can be very detailed, but is that ability to be detailed equal to ideology or a measure of understanding the practice of being a physical being because this is how we move here.
We now have to straighten the teeth of many of our children because of the consequences of lack of nutrition accepted by all humans. Because of this, we must realize that it is no different with what has been allowed to be impulsed into our children, and that this is going to have to be cleaned up, and that the answer is right in front of us. As this, we can use technology, to use that which took in the ill-defined compounds as ideas and values attached to imagery, and/or words, and refocus this to walk the detailed measure as words, to build a foundation in the child, and clean up that which is unclear in the adult, that measures reality, in detail, with direct seeing, as the words we know, so that the behavior of the child, is clear, equal in measure as an inner structure that is the words we know, the units of description of here because we can only move ourselves here in physical movement. And that is common sense

Monday, March 3, 2014

How are our children slowed down from an innate divergent thinking ability?

After being in an accident, I had a hard time driving down the highway without fear, without the memory of another car crossing the double yellow line and hitting me head on.
Memory has a way of holding onto values, and imagining a fear after an event. This can stay with someone for a while, and distort their ability to process information. In such a scenario, I was in memory, involved in pictures in my mind, and as such not seeing directly here. Which means I can hold images that distract me from here, and I lose a sense of being here.
In so many ways, if we realize all the excitement with television, the values impulsed of potential magic that is never really explained in detail, and this value is held onto as an emotional value, how long does this stay with a child? Do they imagine such things as what is promised, that has never been lived, and seems so exciting, and carry this with them, even into the classroom where they are asked to process other information that has none of the excitement that a television has with all the lights and the music? Can a false positive influence us as much as a car accident, and is this perhaps more difficult to realize because it seems so good to us? Do we waste time with this inner false positive from focus here?
We tend to think in terms of fear as the only side of emotional movement within ourselves as being something that takes our attention away from focus in reality, but the other side can do this just as much. ( And I do not want to say that being positive is bad, some of the things we see as positives are such, but when they are made a goal, without the steps made just as important on the way to the goal, then the steps are not enjoyed for the process and understanding of development as a value, a metaphysical carrot on a string as a gain can also create a “ separate reality” that takes focus away from here, and we learn more slowly.)
So, to use the example of a fear that lingers as past memory after an event happens, this same kind of behavior can happen to a child during the learning process, especially in school. And, what happens is that our words accumulate an inner value, that comes up and distracts attention from here, slowing us down. Thus, in many ways, blame and name calling does not correct this, if anything it only adds to it, because such behavior does not model direct seeing, which is what is slowing down an innate ability to process the details of our life.
If a child has had difficulty in English, for example, a fear can grow, and every time that child has to have English class, they have that same fear come up. During this period of fear, attention is not as clear as it can be, and then things are misunderstood. This accumulates and can spiral into more fear, like a fear is perpetuating itself. Sometimes, children grow out of this, and this takes some time, sometimes they don’t manage to stop, or have the opportunity to stop the fear and correct their focus.
Also, if there is peer group pressure and an embarrassment happens, this is a fear that can linger as well. We all have experienced this. When a child is already uncertain, such instances exacerbate the problem.
Some of these things are so subtle, that even if a teacher could handle some, they cannot possibly handle all of them.
When one is secure, it is easier to pull back into common sense. And we learn to do this as we get older, at least some of us do. Children that have a broad vocabulary tend to be able to do this more quickly, because they already have a structure that enables them focus. They have the words to structure them, and to move them through uncertainty, they have had more exposure to structure, which is why they have a greater vocabulary. And yet, one can learn a skill and have a lot of common sense, but not be able to explain.

Within this, a child in fear, just as I had in driving down the highway after an accident, cannot really see clearly, the words start to “ swim” and the information is then unclear. Probably a lot like reading words and not knowing the meaning, no sense of the form the words describe can be made. It is the same way driving down the road after an accident. Of course, more than likely, a car is not going to cross the yellow line, so I have to bring myself back, remember where I am, and realize the imagination triggered by fear is distorting reality. Perhaps, if we are taught to see directly, fewer accidents would occur.
There are two sides here. One is that if we do not know the words, we cannot understand the script. Two, is that if there are any values attached to words we have learned, it is hard to process a script of words, a paragraph. If our imaginations are rampant with values, then we will have a hard time focusing ourselves on what we are reading or hearing, and as such our ability to form an insight into what is presented will be limited. Then, we will not be able to generate enough of an understanding to have any level of critical reasoning skill.
This critical reasoning skill is present in young children. But, by the time they reach the third grade, this skill is no longer present at the previous levels. So, there is something that has accumulated that is diverting the natural learning ability and slowing it down. This can only be what has accumulated as memory. This memory must be of values that are in effect, distorting the ability of the child to process new forms of information. It is similar to having to bring oneself out of the fear, the distortion, of the after MATH of an accident, a mis-take.
I also had to do this while preforming many many times. If I knew the piece well enough, or my security with the form of the instrument was solid, then mishaps were quickly rebalanced. My trust within this also strengthened and playing became a real joy. It is no different with working with words.
The insight ability within this confidence is the ability to recognize structure/form with ease. To have a clear sense of structure within, without emotional triggers, to then realize a natural conceptual ability in relation to reality. This is why knowledge and information without practical application is useless. And one can really only surmise without direct experience in practical application. In this sense, we all know people who can be very aware of common sense solutions in the physical world, but cannot always explain themselves in words. 
So, overall, it is very important that our children have a broad vocabulary, especially in this age where so much knowledge and information is readily available through words, and that there are clear, direct, meanings to words without any memory of emotional values, a veil that blinds and distorts conceptual ability. In effect, I am saying that there is no reason why a child loses their divergent thinking ability that is present when they are young.
This ability is a natural ability, Somehow, it is clouded with values that effect children in any number of ways. We need only look to personality to understand the outcome.
We can clean this up, through ensuring that the building blocks, as words, are numerous and of clear meaning, so that emotions are not triggered - a wild imagination is not triggered - and instead the imagination can be used to help us see reality more clearly, and remain stable within our environments. This is what we all learn as time passes, but there is no reason that this is not lived consistently from the beginning.
Try this out for yourself. If you read something and there exists a resistance within, is it because you do not have a clear meaning for the words? Is it because you do not really know the words, or is it that it is difficult to see through emotional values present within? An indicator, is resistance, because words are just a description of here. Also, try and generate a clear meaning for each word, can you generate a clear definition for each word from the text? When we know something, it is not complicated, and it is easy to explain. Complicated means, we do not really understand.

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