Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is our memory, in our modern world a " phantom limb" blocking natural divergent thinking ability?

If our memories are thick, like a “phantom limb”, then how can we learn? What does it take to learn something when having to process new information through a memory so thick and so strong that it can create a phantom limb?
Another way to look at this is to think of a time when a smell initiated a memory. One I can think of is the smell of turkey, or any other food that is a holiday tradition, or a seasonal smell,  like the colder air coming in the fall, and suddenly the smells of summer are gone. And then, when such a odor hits, it can ignite memories of the past, and all the various emotional/feeling events from that past, giving power to the past instead of insight in the present.

How can we process information if all of this is ignited? And, does this slow us down in processing that information? Are we consumed with the past to such an extent that we cannot even pick up the patterns overall that exist here in the practices going on in the world around us? Do we live the memories and allow their sway emotionally or do we recognize them for what they are and focus here? Do we even know the difference?
Obviously, children learn much faster because they have not accumulated such memories. But, there is a contradiction here,  because learning is recognizing patterns and then “ owning” them, understanding that pattern and incorporating it in ways that understand the whole and become divergent with it and then create new patterns that improve and expand the quality of our world around us. Obviously, there is some disconnect with an innate ability to discern our world and the accumulation of memories that create a phantom limb - so to speak.
We know that by the third grade our children have slowed down, and we know that children that lack vocabulary are already behind in their ability to read, and that this exponentially divides human beings into class and future earnings. Does this lack of ability in many, and a fear of being able to keep up accumulate as memory also? Does the compound imagery of the media, also accumulate and slow down an ability to process the details of our direct environment?  Do we retain all our actions to the extent that the emotional/feeling values, like an inner pollution, clog the natural ability that is present at the beginning and limit the natural ability to order the world and diverge the function of the world in creative ways? I mean, look, when a child can play a musical instrument, or master art, we call them creative, so this means they have mastered the profession and can create with it.
In the end, one does not need to be a psychologist, a doctor, a teacher, or any other profession to see this. One has to simply realize oneself as the profession of being a human being. Any mother or father can realize this if they have paid attention to their children as they matured, because so many have a sense that somehow the promise and potential of their children is lost. If we blame the object, we are not looking at the con-sequences, so therein is the answer, we as parents are a consequence of the same that limits the child’s natural learning ability, we are lost in memories and unable to see the whole, recognize the patterns and become the divergent thinkers that we are the perfect machine to be and become, and instead are cluttered with memories of a past that has power over us, to the point where we cannot progress in the present - but very, very slowly, to build a future that is stable and ensures our children’s and our own survival.
Just as our children need braces to correct the effects of nutrient deficiencies on the palette of their teeth, so do our children need help in restructuring their inner “ memory” map, to ensure that their words are many and of clear meaning so that they can process the information that is here, see the patterns and remain the divergent thinkers that is an innate ability visible before the child reaches the third grade.
If the foundation is clear, and the words are many, and a past of memories cluttered with values is not “ smoking the screen” then our children can develop a direct seeing that enables them to become their full potential. I mean is this not what we would have wanted for ourselves?
It really is time to” clean our children up” to ensure that they see directly and retain divergent thinking ability, as this is a responsible parent, that understands our future is dependent on the development of our children. Besides, having the ability to see clearly, is what we all would have wanted. Let us give as we would have wanted for ourselves because the separation and sorting out of the loss of our natural divergent thinking ability takes years, when this need not be lost, because in essence this is the gift of life. We as parents, know the difference between the smile of a child that is open, when they are young, and the loss of this as they grow into adults. What if we could retain that open and expansive smile? 
If the structure within is clear, than the child can see the structure without and become creative problem solvers able to process information and direct themselves with ease.
Check out Techno-Tutor. It is cost effective “ braces” for the inner structure of the child as the words they know. It is efficient, cost effective, and can be used by the whole family, to get all of us aligned with our natural ability to process this world and become the divergent thinkers we are structurally as humans meant to be. It is a product that builds a productive human being., one that all parents can be proud of.  Let’s get this done, it is the responsibility of all of us.

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