Saturday, March 22, 2014

Words are a placeholder of the measure of practical living.

So, I have talked about memory, and how it can become so strong within. We know this from the “ phantom limb” phenomenon. This means that humans hold in place a picture of the past within themselves. Here we must realize that that placeholder can be a story of the past. And, as we all know, our pasts can have negative values that inhibit us when that past is triggered by anything that was a part of that past, be it a smell, or a place, or a word. Yes, words were present in that past, so words can also trigger a past that was in a state of fear, a state of not being clear, because fear is not being clear. How many times have each of us realized that we reacted about something out of fear and that it was essentially silly to have done so, and if we had used our common sense the situation would have been cleared up with ease.

So, our memory is a placeholder, of our past, and our words can trigger that past event. So, words are placeholders as descriptions of here, and this can be burdened with events that occurred in tandem with that past.

Media realizes this and uses this to impulse values, and then the image of the product is conditioned with excitement, and we are drawn to the product. If we are not aware of this, we follow without any critical reasoning. And, if we lack vocabulary, we lack an inward structure to realize the measure of space and time here, and can then be easily lead.

By the third grade, this has accumulated and begins to be a map that is used to direct ourselves here. If this map is clear, we have more ability to self direct in common sense. If this map is cluttered with compounds of mixed values attached to words, and/or of values and limited vocabulary ( the measure of here directives) then our capacity to see directly and thus direct ourselves becomes, obviously, limited. Then we end up making all kinds of mis-takes, that have consequences that consume our time, our focus and our money. This in all, ends up limiting us from expansion, because we have to spend so much time and effort in correction.

But, what if we could ensure that our words are many and clear? What if we could structure the child to have a clear measure of the world around us, as the words, and have the words be a definition, as a place holder within, as memory, that is the meaning only of the word an nothing else? Would this not build a child that is a product that is extremely capable of functioning in common sense?

On the side, does this also not mean that the very form of our education system, where children sit and take in knowledge and information without practical application, a system of lack? If a child has no ability to see direct form and function, especially when there is little exposure to the mechanics of this world, how can they have experiences within that are already some measure of understanding how words can be used to extend understanding once enough background has been build that is real experience?

We have children that are economically limited, and their exposure is of a lot of television. Television that is of cartoon images that are fantastic and do not really show any real understanding of the world in which we live. Such children are going to have a very hard time in school.

What we need to realize is that this state of lack ends up pulling all of us down and that clusters of separation in districts of greater wealth only builds more borders, and that mixing these is also not the solution. Both have been tried and they do not work. Instead of trying to bring one area into another in hope that one will raise the other up, is not addressing the problem. And yet, to qualify, I am not saying that this does not have any positive effects, because it probably can, but these are not enough. And, also, sometimes allowing others of same background, allows them self discovery, which is powerful. We can see that this system, ends up so often being a blame game, instead of taking the time to look at the parts and finding a solution from the starting point of how we are formed, and how our environment creates “ placeholders” as memory. So, it is to look at the inner map, the memory, and to realize that our measure of here, as what the human is able to be and do, must be equal in understanding the formation of our physical world, and must have the words. The words reflect our measure of here, and the clarity of the word holds us in place of seeing here in detail, which then allows us to direct ourselves with clarity.

So, if the foundation of the child, is of words, and the words are placeholders with a clear meaning, without being burdened with values from a negative past, then the child is equal to the measure of here, and as such has a common sense with reality. This would create a child, that is a product as a human being, that is super capable. It is that simple.

Which begs the question; “ Why are we allowing anything other than this?”, ‘ Why are we limiting the expression of our children through not doing everything possible to clear this up?” and, “ Could we use technology to bypass memory, access what is an innate natural learning ability, to ensure that the words, as placeholders of the qualities of our practical world that we must participate within in effective ways to survive, are clear?” 

If a child is in reaction, like a tantrum and unable to direct themselves here with any common sense, it is because they are not equal to the measure of here, and something has been impulsed that is directing them, that they are not clear about, and as such, lack the tools as words to clarify themselves. And, as we can see, our present formation as our education system, does not have the time - as much as teachers would like ( I am not blaming teachers) - to clear all of this up. And, once this compounds, it becomes more difficult to clear up.
We know it takes 21 days to learn something new, to incorporate it within us. And we know that remediation is not a “ bad” thing, it is simply the process of becoming comfortable with something to the point where it is used with ease. So, remediation is simply the process of equalizing oneself to something new. This was the reason for homework, to remediate, to practice something to ensure that is was understood and solid. Also, it worked in tandem with parents to allow the parents to see and know how their children within were being formed. We all understand that our children are a product of their environment. So, our children are a product of our educational system. Unfortunately, America now has more prisoners that any other country, so obviously, there is something malformed about our children, and it is time to change this, to clean this up. It is not the best use of our children and they are obviously capable of so much more. And, we can understand how they are formed and choose what produces a human being that is responsible and able to participate in society with actions that support and allow innovation and an ease of communication that builds a world we can all enjoy.

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