Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The words we know determine who we are, as how we move ourselves. The importance of vocabulary.

It appears to be difficult to see through some things that are worded in front of us because there is always a truth to what is often placed in front of us. Why would this be? And how does this make it difficult to argue against something, for example?
If we have a truth coupled with a value, and even here, the dimensions of the values are in reference to parts of here, as though we are given different points on a scale and then these are used in comparison and somehow we have to uphold both, but to do so is, in the moment a contradiction, as the conflict present has more dimension than an immediate resolution can answer to, especially when facing ideas as perspective about something all bundled in the self interest of each person. This is in so many ways of the human instrument, as each of us, a consequence of lack of depth perception, an ability to see the whole and the parts as the individual words and the construct of the words.. And as we know, those with greater vocabulary can manipulate and speak more than others. I say this because, if those of us that have a greater vocabulary had solved the problems then we would have done so, and we have not. So, by degree, we are also not clear. Is our reference to ideas, or do we move into practical space and time and see the whole within consequence of reality as reference? I mean this is what we are; in a physical world.

I realized when I went back to school, that there were late teens and early twenty year olds who could not hold things in their “ heads.” With modern technology, they would cut and paste things, and cried dyslexia and other “ learning disabilities “ when asked to talk about something. They cut and paste sentences instead of building an understanding and then, in their own words, writing out the assignment. They moved in as ideas, without connection to practicality in detail. Now, as an older person, who used a typewriter to write papers, the computer technology of being able to cut and paste and change a paper as one went along, changes the time spent on paper writing.  But, it also has built a generation that now has more intense, and compounding learning problems - which may have to do with environment, but here what came first, the chicken or the egg? Is it the lack of depth perception as what we are within in relation to being aware in detail of what is going on in detail without, that created and allowed the present vast amounts of environmental degradation, or is the pollution - in chemical substances and in electro-magnetic sound waves often called media that pollute with ideas- a consequence of a value being added to a truth that is not cross referenced with what considers taking the time to solve conflicts, to make certain all misunderstanding is clear so that conflicts do not happen again? Instead of cutting and pasting whole phrases, why are we not able to walk the individual words ourselves and understand their means of building detail oriented awareness in relation to self awareness, physically? I mean, is it not evident, especially when all research shows that vocabulary is key to success, that when our young adults have “ clinical” dis-eases that are them working with compound phrasing showing us that they no longer measure with increments but work with platitudes cut and paste from what they read? And are we not dis-allowing those children we give compound image books to, to tell an adult what they supposedly want via image instead of an incre-mental measure as a word,  an indication right-in-front-of -us, so blatantly telling us that these children are “ polluted” with “compound” ideology and as such unclear and ill defined inner understanding of practical reality as the inability to use the increment descriptive measure as/of words, as vocabulary, the detail of space and time? Is this why our children cannot even take care of a pet, for example? Their mental map - so to speak- is not equal to the measure of practical reality, evident in the words they know or lack, or do not have clear? Can we see, how our children cannot behave well because they simply are not equal to “ here” and as such have no real directive capacity?  And what they read, as well, is laced with values attached to truths?  ( Not that I am yet out of this “ condition” because I am here writing to bring myself back into a direct seeing about what is going on with our children, who are so capable and yet lose something as they mature- which has not been figured out, despite all the so-called professionals out there. And, since I asked these questions of the professionals when I was in school, who finally said to me that they “ did not know how to do that,” and since it is said that teachers must become life long learners, I decided to become this. And yes, I realize it can be figured out, and that it is right here in front of us, and that we are the perfect machines to figure this out. So, the problems in our schools with our children are not being solved, and this is simply unacceptable.)
On a personal front, I have a sister, a twin sister, who has an autistic child. What I noticed about my sister’s child, is that it is as though the behaviors of my nephew are a compounding of all the anxieties within the character of my family. It is like the tension in my nephew, is an intensification of nervous habits within my own family. I watched this, and I thought, how can this be, and also, that I don’t need a doctor, to tell me that this is what is going on, on some level. And, if we all really look at this, we will see it ourselves. And if we are frightened by this, it is because we are afraid to look at our own separation within where we have not been clear within ourselves about our own fears, our own lack of looking at what is here in detail. And that this, has lead to the adults saying things like “ we don’t know how to do that.”
But what do we know? We do know that when one has the words, one knows the words, for example, of a subject, then it is easier to move within that subject in building understanding.
So, the words we know determine who we are.
And, we know that children have an incredible divergent thinking skill when they are young and that this is lost. Just think about how quickly a child can learn another language, and yet adults cannot.
And, as I learned while working in a school, that teaching vocabulary is very difficult.
Thus, moving through the obvious “ pollution” of unclear imagery in a world of “ inference” before foundation building in detail as the words that are measure, will need structural help, to get through a memory that does not have or is built with, a clear understanding, as it has been impulsed with compound imagery and words learned- as truths coupled with values -  to direct that child/adult and as such, not what is being a state of measure that is equal to what moves them in focus with ease and direct seeing here. Humans can be very detailed, but is that ability to be detailed equal to ideology or a measure of understanding the practice of being a physical being because this is how we move here.
We now have to straighten the teeth of many of our children because of the consequences of lack of nutrition accepted by all humans. Because of this, we must realize that it is no different with what has been allowed to be impulsed into our children, and that this is going to have to be cleaned up, and that the answer is right in front of us. As this, we can use technology, to use that which took in the ill-defined compounds as ideas and values attached to imagery, and/or words, and refocus this to walk the detailed measure as words, to build a foundation in the child, and clean up that which is unclear in the adult, that measures reality, in detail, with direct seeing, as the words we know, so that the behavior of the child, is clear, equal in measure as an inner structure that is the words we know, the units of description of here because we can only move ourselves here in physical movement. And that is common sense

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