Saturday, March 21, 2015

Automation; New Home Old Movements? What are you allowing with your child's presence?

I realize that my experience can become something that I automate myself with, as in automate my be-hav-iors. I noticed this within playing the violin, that if I only took in the form, I could become automated within that, similar to becoming automatic in one’s home. Have you ever changed your home or moved, and then move in that new space as the inside moving as the old space? I have done this. This means that I can get caught in memory, where memory is an old experience, a past experience. This would mean that I am not using the means of perception that build the memory experience, in a living way, in a non-automated way. And it means that I am programmable. The solution is to remain here, cross referencing here, reality here. I had to do this with the violin, re-insett myself into the instrument. Then I understood the stories in the music world, where some of the proteges when they became adults, could perform with orchestras very drunk, because they had learned the concertos when they were young, programmed the music and thus could play on automation. Which means they were no longer present.
I also performed with professionals from a famous quartet, and I found that they did not sound so good when they played something other than their repetoire. They had become automatic, and lost a spatial ability in the present, they had no real equal presence to here. 
Now, imagine this programming ability, and the way we allow children to go to school, in a box, learning knowledge and information without practical application, with out cross reference in reality. What would that build? It would build an automaton of limited information. Perhaps those who had the opportunity to get a PhD and apply for some time in reality - bringing themselves back to earth, could undo the undoing by the design of the system. This initial undoing, using the means of the structural building capacity of a man, like in a form of diverting the means of building, from the get go, into limited information without any means of real substantiation, and this happening in its present form since the advent of the industrial school model! Now, realize that all those teachers, and especially the highly paid administrators do not want to lose their jobs. And realize that you need to work, so school is something, at least something, that can watch after your child and impart something, even if it is limited. And, creating that which is the means of building awareness to be a form that not only moves conceptually at a very very slow speed, but also when automated, is very hard to slow down and realign. This takes years and many mis-takes ( expensive!) to correct. Overall, that initial potential of the child, using that means to build awareness would take decades to correct. So life goes by, and the child has little chance of reaching their full potential.
What is the solution? We cannot change this system over night. And even if we did, our present children would need help. And help in this world is very expensive. I do not think that most of us can afford the kind of teacher Helen Keller had. And/or we cannot afford to leave our jobs, and/or we are a product of the same system, so we cannot always slow our selves down to correct this in every moment. And, our children are so absorbent, that whatever we do, as the measure of us, as the memory of us, will become the measure of the child. An example can come from our behaviors; if we blame, the child becomes this measure, if we are impatient, the child becomes this. If we blame the schools, we are telling our children that the schools are bad, and then the child does not trust the schools, and the child does not trust the parent because the parent is not being the solution, the parent is asking the school to be the solution. Overall, this teaches the child that the solution is outside the child, and as such it is not the child’s fault thereby not building self trust and self confidence and self RESPONSibility. None of this is building with that natural learning means, the means to not become automated, and the structural BE-HAVioral  means to bring presence here, and the means to use that presence to see what is real over limited-information-without-practical-application, because presence must have some awareness of here to make some sense of information-only as communication.
So, the choice is yours, what are you going to allow to be layered within the child? Are you going to create an automated human? Or, are you going to allow the presence of the child, their natural learning ability build a structure that allows presence AND a solid structure to keep the self direction of the child SOUND, stable, consistent, happy and fulfilled? Do you want a child , your child, yourSELF, to be present and have an inner experience that is sound as in seeing reality directly because structurally one is built with neat and clear units of information as what words are the technology in and as?
What would direct focus in practical means, meaning using the means of building in practicable ways, to build a structure the presence of the child could use that remained consistent and stable? How can we parents do this, if our own presence lacked this structure which we know we have if we have in any way been impatient, blamed someone else, acted irritated, demanded things,  were pre-occupied about work in one moment when a child asked a question and gave some easy quick answer not substantiating the presence of the child,  or if we ever, even once, acted in an automated way, as in the example of moving into a new home etc. etc.? What could we do, to ensure that child had the structural means to keep their presence here, and have the communication means that are also a structure building means to build the skills necessary to interact with this world in ways that were creative and productive, so that that child could become successful and have the freedom within, to reach their full potential? Words, a large and clear vocabulary, and as much real life application as possible in relation to the words.

This is Techno Tutor, your “ Helen Keller” teacher, your sound mind builder, your presence maintenance tool, your  education problem solver that will bring peace of mind to yourself and your children, because TechnoTutor is a technological tool to make sure your child has the BE-HAViroal choice and FREEDOM to become their full potential as life. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The notation of information that accumulates into attention deficits. How we lose our smiles.

I went to this meeting last night. I left the meeting feeling overwhelmed. It was a platform that was initiated by another person, so, in moments I wanted to point out limitation, and this caused some friction, so I stopped. I had to realize in the space and time, pointing out limitations, as in filling in the gaps, as in bringing in research that told a more complete story, was disruptive to the person who had initiated the meeting. I was the source of my own overwhelment because I was not considering the whole picture myself. 
I started to blame myself, and realized I had to sit and listen, which is why I went to the meeting. It was not a place to suddenly bring in information that filled gaps, and it was too much at once in this context.  I realized that I could create my own platform, and that it would take time to build an understanding of what information was missing, This is based on going to this meeting, to understand the starting point of such meetings to see the framework of knowledge and information that is not bad, instead a system of default through limitation. I mean this is how all lack can be placed on the personhood of each individual, because the information is available and can be read. It does not matter whether one has a degree or not. Our school system is meant to create life long learners, and once someone can read, they can learn, and once someone processes information, they have the same knowledge as a so-called  professional. And this is another logistical fallacy in the system, because we learn through text books, as this is what in- DOC’s we are exposed to, this is how we in-doc- tri-nate  ourselves, using words to build our understanding, as the mind/experience map - body- presence. We ‘ eat’ the trinity as the total package, the informing of ourselves as the measure of the words building conception of reality through documents of words building pictures about the physical world via our presence/ our insight ability/ our absorbent minds/whole seeing minds/self/uniqueness.

In so many ways, this is like reading a piece of music. It is a measure of quality, movement, duration, tempo, length, extent, interplay etc.  We move into boxes as books and classrooms, bought by corporations, allowed by governing systems, that decide the in-form picture via words to form that experience/notation. The story is a very limited one. The parts not wrong or right and thus not something to argue. The parts, of limited story - meaning not the whole story. Hence the separation from the real, physical world where one reads the actual, real story, building a person who’s experiential map is equal to reality, to the world we grow up to participate within. Of course, the labor force cannot be aware of the real world, because this would mean that we would have to realize that we are life, that everything is life and can work together in ways that create what is best for all. Some just wanted to play god and decide for others. And here is the catch, we feared to become creators, because of a mis-take, we believed our information within was more than the physical reality and feared to lose our self definitions, not seeing realizing and understanding that we are forms in expression, and that the participation within this was what was the fun part. We could form whatever we wanted, and we could do so in ways that caused no harm. In other words, that the expression around us, helped us to understand our own creations, and that being grateful was realizing that we needed one another to see who and what we are, what we created, thus everything is us in another life form, revealing to us what we are in this moment. A really cool application!
So two things about this meeting.
The first, is that I felt so restricted, the information was so limited. I realized this must be what a child feels in the classroom, that restlessness. It is having to take in extremely limited information that does not tell the whole story, and the child cannot express themselves because they do not have the words or cannot speak up against the story teller as the design of the classroom, but have the natural sense to understand that they are taking in information that is clumsy, a construct that is full of holes, that is not ‘ wrong’ but missing so much. It is like having to memorize a giant form that suppresses a sense that sees so much more. And this has to be memorized and regurgitated, it is really like binding the within into a very narrow structure that does not fit the subtle nature of the natural sensory ability of men. Our children are suffering from being forced to accept limited information and all so a few can own more wealth. I cannot see any crime greater than this. It is a crime against life.
The second scenario is within myself. I cannot solve this problem and stand in solution if I am reacting- which is wanting to blame and spite, to resist this narrow focus. I have to accept it and fill in the gaps, which ironically is how I looked at school when my children were in the system. And because I was a product of this system, I was in the process as I lived my life, of realizing this whole construct of separation, from which I had to come back down to earth. This many do, but it takes a lifetime, and then one feels overwhelmed with facing this limiting system. And it has to be done, to end the suffering of the children, so that that natural ability to see the parts and the whole is retained, because the separation process must be removed if we desire to become creators on this earth. What we have through this system of separation, that begins with each of us because we accept and allow it, must stop because it is destructive, one need only investigate to see this.
So, that piece of notation, as the words, we allow ourselves to be fed to us, informing us, is not a notation of reality, it is a metaphysical notation because it is not equal to the whole story, and because it is an abstract notation done with symbols as words. A technology of separation. One that can be used to structurally rebuild the neurons in the child and ourselves as the sound notations as the words because the words are notes reflecting the physical world, a system that can order our within to build a superior memory, a cognitive map that is equal to practical reality thereby creating a sound mind, a mind at ease with reality, and as such able to expedite in ways that do no harm because the inner structure is respecting all things. The within is equal to the without.
That piece of notation, is also inundated with excitement and emotion. The music and the colors and the imagery presented via tele-vision, imbeds drama in the score as the notation as the words. This would build a map that is not only limited by the limited information, but also with me-lod-y, loads of values that have nothing to do with the unit of notation as the word. Thus a whole imagination of associations is built, that the presence must process through! This would distract the attention. So, the information is limited, and what information is presented is filled with distractions. So, the child is in complete chaos, because they do not have the words, are asked to take in/memorize  limited form, and have associations of emotional values to process through. The suffering that is the consequence of this we see in all the dis-eases that are the consequence of the accumulation of this, they are known as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, developmental delays, resistant behaviors,  rejection, acting out, bullying and they are passed on through our genes because our genes are a reflection of the parent’s measure.

Remember your selves, remember how you felt as a child.

Techno Tutor, the way and the means to build a sound mind, to build an inner notation that gives the child an inner structure that is a superior melody. Techno Tutor is like having your own personal teacher, the means to correct the “ Helen Keller” chaos, and thus the means to bring what is unique about your child, where that smile so easily and readily given when they were young, is restored. Techno Tutor restores the natural learning ability of the child, through making sure the notation within is clear, as we are the words we know.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Common Core, attention within a narrow focus, diminishing the natural learning ability of the child.

Soft skills moving into the measure of our environment, or the measure of knowledge and information?
We understand that children must have a common sense ability as the nature of their presence because they learn to execute their physical bodies enough to crawl, to walk, to talk and to build an experiential map of the exposure as the opportunity that they have as they enter and interact with this world within which they will grow to live their lives.
This presence has so much potential when young as we see our children and our grandchildren and our nieces and nephews absorb and make insightful statements about the world that astound many parents and adults who wonder how a child can have such insight. We end up talking of the brilliance. And then something happens and somehow that brilliance begins to fade and the behaviors that we as parents so hoped to thwart manifest.
Do we understand how this happens? And yet the answer is right in front of us. That child that has that insight, that ability to measure and see the form and the function of something, becomes the limitations we accepted and tried to correct. Could it be that the child absorbs the very measure of the adult in their world that carries beliefs that lead to the limitation, and the shame and worry, the exact measure of what the adult is focused upon as their presence, as their substance that enabled them to walk, to talk etc.? If one has not corrected or structured a lack developed from previous parents that was absorbed, and only in pointing out what not to do without having corrected the measure within or forgiven it and removed emotional values, then how is the child that absorbs their world going to NOT absorb that same measure when the nature of the presence of the child absorbs everything!?
And, how can the very design of the classroom ‘ correct’ this in all its variations ? They can’t. Use your presence to realize this, any hope, any wish is not going to make this magically disappear because it is an active living measurable thing that must in awareness be corrected in space and time, physically. A desire to have it change is only a desire, it is not the practical action of making the change. And, punishment is not change, the directive done with patience and clarity, in detail is what creates the change. This is what any adult would have wanted for themselves, this patient careful direction- and done with the understanding of how all this works and what it means to change an already raging river of uncertainty from not having a structure that is sound and grounded. In the end there is only one way, and punishment or reprimand is not the action of correction, it only builds that reprimand in the child as a self definition because this is what the child is informed as.
Our classrooms also move to limit the movement of this absorbent presence. If we look at some of the math in Common Core, we can see that taking an equation in 4th grade and writing out long involved picto-graphs is a busy work within a narrow focus, which is what the child becomes, busy within a narrow focus, lost up in their minds only, without the opportunity to stand in practical physical time and live the measure taught. And so, the separation from one’s rapid spatial ability to learn, is slowed down through a busywork in a narrow focus in separation from practical reality. And then we wonder why our children struggle to find a place in the world; this wonder being in the form of worry.  And, we must ask ourselves why there is a growing dis-ease in our children that names the crime, as all our attention deficit dis-orders. They seem to grow in tandem with the length and duration of  the advent of our public school system, where children were placed in a direct instruction model ( sounds nice) with one teacher and many children using abstract symbols on pieces of paper in separation from that physical world the child used their presence to absorb the space and measure of enough to become the multi functioning executive function of learning to crawl and to walk and to speak. It should be obvious, especially within how well one on one instruction works, and how quickly the child basically self teachers themselves to crawl and walk etc. that the design of our schools is to separate us from our natural abilities as human beings.  And, I am not saying that direct instruction is a bad, but when it is a constant practice for hours on end every day, the measure of its limitation becomes the measure of the child, because we become what is placed and practiced in front of us through spaced repetition.
In essence we grow into thinking abstractly as mind only, and no longer knowing the score of reality. Then as we become adults we slowly learn the hard way to pay attention to the real world. And meanwhile it is touted that we cannot get a job unless we walk through this limiting by design system. And, conceptually, we lose our natural ability to flow in what is an innate ability to flow and take in form and function. So, in reality, we come back to ourselves slowly through our lives ( and not all) when this presence that was directly aware of the world around us to begin with, should have been where we remained in our development, instead of getting caught in thinking ONLY. 
What would it be worth to retain that presence in the child enough to allow that potential to expand and remain? What would that be worth to any parent and to any adult who wants to find that presence again?
What would it be worth to prevent the separation and be self empowered to build a child who retained their presence of such potential and not have to suffer a life rediscovering that initial potential?  In the present system that would be priceless. Priceless. You decide.

Techno Tutor : Covering all the language and communication skills to build a sound mind, self empowering parents to self empower children. We are the words we know, and I mean really know.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What are ' Soft Skills' ? What is the loss of being grounded in a natural learning ability?

Words are conceptual development. Conceptual development is the development of the natural learning ability of a child, that which allows the child access to their environment spatially, and begin to move themselves, as in learning to crawl and to walk etc. So much effort that is naturally built into the function of the sensory ability of the human physical apparatus as the body. Thus humans are built to absorb their world and understand its qualities and accept them and work with them. We are nature, we are a part of this abundant physical expression of life as this earth.
When our commons sense that builds are conception of this world is given the means to absorb, as in having the opportunity to cross reference the physical world, we stand and we begin to walk, and to talk. Feral children take in the sensory focus of the animals that raise them. Thus our capacity to absorb the focus presented to us, is great. The more exposure to concept, to form and function of what is here, the greater our ability to understand what is here.
When we have the words, as what humans use as language , we have an ordering system, placeholders to build a sound map of the parts of the whole, as this world, this physical world, this practical world, visible in front of us.
So, the more words we have, the more conceptual ability we have to order this world and thus to direct us within it, the greater our memory is, because we have the words as the filing system. It is that words are the human means of organization, to communicate what is seen and unseen with various inherent sensory skills that build a sense of the space around us. It is to say that our common sense is our fluid intelligence, as a term I have recently heard, perhaps newfangled in the new age movement, and I see this term as meaning our common sense that when built with care leads to an inner program that creates superior executive function. This is what a personality is in essence, the measure of acceptance and/or rejection of certain qualities - which is evident in the vocabulary of the person and the emotional values attached to the words used. Vocabulary, when well structured without clutter of positive and negative values or associations on paper to build meaning, gives  a sound ability to cross reference reality in ways that build a clear spatial ability that sees the practical aspects of reality. This being when we understand something, we tend to not reject it, we accept it and see its natural expression, which is to see a perspective, which is in essence conceptual ability. This would build a fluid intelligence  as judgement is a stagnant action when done to eliminate in fear of competition. Competition, is really an illusion because it is a comparison done between two or more different things where a false value is used that misses the inherent design of the real nature as the volume of qualities that compose the expression of something. This  can also be a judgement of lack, where the natural learning ability has had little exposure missing awareness of itself and means of developing this.  Getting caught up in values that  judge one thing as more than another only, builds a mental construct that is in separation from practical reality and one gets caught in a polarized thinking that removes attention from where we actually live our lives, which is here, on this physical planet. lol. words are sound, and the word planet says it all, we live on an earth where we must plan it/see it/ work with it to build a life for ourselves and our children.
An example is to remember a time when you were working on something, and it started to feel heavy as though a solution or the form seemed to make no sense, or be impossible to change and then, because of an interruption or stepping back or because of some distraction or taking a break, suddenly, as if out of nowhere, the solution flashed before one and the whole of the problem could be seen in tandem with the solution. And one wonders how this could not have been realized in the first place, so simple was that slight shift in perception into solution. Have you noticed that this moment had an expanded presence that contained no polarized judgement? And when you are with your children, or alone with yourself, can you easily access this state or is there emotional distractions making the focus as this seemingly non-accessible? And if you cannot find this space, do you realize that the natural common sense of your child is picking up every measure of your state of being, just as feral children pick up every focus of there host,  which is how we come to live the sins of the fathers?
Often, it was the conceptual idea as an emotional inferior worry - so to speak- that one had, that limited the insight into that broader conception of space and time, a belief held that needed to be seen beyond. And the shift was easy once experienced. Imagine this being something that was not such an effort to reach? This subtle shift is one in touch with common sense, with one’s natural learning ability, one’s natural ability to conceptualize. This is what should be fluid instead of stuck, this is more of how a child sees and this is what each must be brought back to as one’s natural state of being.
This information is nothing new. It is the opening of the heart over the mind. The mind is simply a cross referential map of experience, the heart is self moving more in common sense, using the natural sensibility of the mechanisms of the physical body to ‘ read’ the environment. And words are the filling system, the placeholders of the units as the aspects of this physical world. I could begin to see this, in performance in music, when I was bogged down with belief,  a value judgement, performance was difficult, I had to focus myself back to what I was practically doing, moving myself into the present spatial moment watching for automation without presence. There were times I could not, there were times it took me a whole rehearsal to find this practical state of movement. I began to wonder about the difference. And then when I started to interact with the children in the schools, I asked myself  why the children did not have an understanding of the very fabric of numbers and words to express themselves with ease, where the child moved in the expression, grasping things conceptually with the ease that I had at times found with performance.
When our words are clear, as a unit of conception, without a game of associations added or an emotional obsession, then do we know the parts with clarity, just as when we learn to drive, and can expand our awareness to incorporate more  understanding of  the volume of our physical world in tempo, in depth, in dimension, in duration; we can read what is here and build a superior memory that sees directly here, as this is where we actually live and where are children must learn to interact in ways that is best for them, which is what is best for us. 
Our classrooms are really a stagnant design, where the parts are not necessarily bad, because they are exposure to limited information, as pictures of reality are just this, and associations to aid in memorizing something are like spinning in a narrow focus with a busyness of detail that is based on knowledge and information only, meaning that natural sensibility is given a limited stagnant imagery to build understanding with, where one cannot argue that picture, because it is the likeness of something, but it has no life in movement within it, so the senses are not being used in their utmost capacity. To not use it is to lose it, and to suppress the volume of sensibility inherent in the natural common sense that drove the child to crawl and absorb cannot build a real awareness.  Thus a state of lack develops, one that is a state of suppression, and like a teapot filled with the volume of steam, as the natural leaning ability that is of common sense, that is not being used, or partially used, it must seek a place to go, and either like the good fairy in the fairy tales, it chooses to tout that which was taught, to get along in the limited story, or it chooses resistance and fights back , like the witch in the woods, which is another form of lack and frustration, yet both are an expression of lack of development. They are only different sides of the same coin. A child who uses and expands their common sense, will become like a healthy tree, vibrant with life, breathing and creating value, that is symbiotic with this physical world. They will understand the very angle of a flower, and what this means in the coming months in terms of the weather, like some of the people on the land in the alps that still retain some awareness of this earth. I mean, imagine sensing the  volume of this actual physical world? In all its details, this is the potential of men, this is building a within that is equal to the without. This is bringing the mind in construction equal to the means of life, which is this actual physical earth.  We can use the technology of words, because this is what words are, a code, we can build a sound mind, and we can use our present technology, which is the externalization of our innate abilities, as our common sense, and ground ourselves here, becoming full with the volume of life as the physical, reaching our full potential as the gift given, which is life, here. This is simple, and it involves no mumbo jumbo, it is a practical application using this innate soft skill as our common sense that can be built one word at a time.
Techno Tutor, the tool to build a superior memory that see this world directly. This is how we clean up our attention dis-orders that go by many names. I mean, are you in touch with reality enough to hear a blade of grass grow, because in essence this is moving with creation.