Saturday, March 21, 2015

Automation; New Home Old Movements? What are you allowing with your child's presence?

I realize that my experience can become something that I automate myself with, as in automate my be-hav-iors. I noticed this within playing the violin, that if I only took in the form, I could become automated within that, similar to becoming automatic in one’s home. Have you ever changed your home or moved, and then move in that new space as the inside moving as the old space? I have done this. This means that I can get caught in memory, where memory is an old experience, a past experience. This would mean that I am not using the means of perception that build the memory experience, in a living way, in a non-automated way. And it means that I am programmable. The solution is to remain here, cross referencing here, reality here. I had to do this with the violin, re-insett myself into the instrument. Then I understood the stories in the music world, where some of the proteges when they became adults, could perform with orchestras very drunk, because they had learned the concertos when they were young, programmed the music and thus could play on automation. Which means they were no longer present.
I also performed with professionals from a famous quartet, and I found that they did not sound so good when they played something other than their repetoire. They had become automatic, and lost a spatial ability in the present, they had no real equal presence to here. 
Now, imagine this programming ability, and the way we allow children to go to school, in a box, learning knowledge and information without practical application, with out cross reference in reality. What would that build? It would build an automaton of limited information. Perhaps those who had the opportunity to get a PhD and apply for some time in reality - bringing themselves back to earth, could undo the undoing by the design of the system. This initial undoing, using the means of the structural building capacity of a man, like in a form of diverting the means of building, from the get go, into limited information without any means of real substantiation, and this happening in its present form since the advent of the industrial school model! Now, realize that all those teachers, and especially the highly paid administrators do not want to lose their jobs. And realize that you need to work, so school is something, at least something, that can watch after your child and impart something, even if it is limited. And, creating that which is the means of building awareness to be a form that not only moves conceptually at a very very slow speed, but also when automated, is very hard to slow down and realign. This takes years and many mis-takes ( expensive!) to correct. Overall, that initial potential of the child, using that means to build awareness would take decades to correct. So life goes by, and the child has little chance of reaching their full potential.
What is the solution? We cannot change this system over night. And even if we did, our present children would need help. And help in this world is very expensive. I do not think that most of us can afford the kind of teacher Helen Keller had. And/or we cannot afford to leave our jobs, and/or we are a product of the same system, so we cannot always slow our selves down to correct this in every moment. And, our children are so absorbent, that whatever we do, as the measure of us, as the memory of us, will become the measure of the child. An example can come from our behaviors; if we blame, the child becomes this measure, if we are impatient, the child becomes this. If we blame the schools, we are telling our children that the schools are bad, and then the child does not trust the schools, and the child does not trust the parent because the parent is not being the solution, the parent is asking the school to be the solution. Overall, this teaches the child that the solution is outside the child, and as such it is not the child’s fault thereby not building self trust and self confidence and self RESPONSibility. None of this is building with that natural learning means, the means to not become automated, and the structural BE-HAVioral  means to bring presence here, and the means to use that presence to see what is real over limited-information-without-practical-application, because presence must have some awareness of here to make some sense of information-only as communication.
So, the choice is yours, what are you going to allow to be layered within the child? Are you going to create an automated human? Or, are you going to allow the presence of the child, their natural learning ability build a structure that allows presence AND a solid structure to keep the self direction of the child SOUND, stable, consistent, happy and fulfilled? Do you want a child , your child, yourSELF, to be present and have an inner experience that is sound as in seeing reality directly because structurally one is built with neat and clear units of information as what words are the technology in and as?
What would direct focus in practical means, meaning using the means of building in practicable ways, to build a structure the presence of the child could use that remained consistent and stable? How can we parents do this, if our own presence lacked this structure which we know we have if we have in any way been impatient, blamed someone else, acted irritated, demanded things,  were pre-occupied about work in one moment when a child asked a question and gave some easy quick answer not substantiating the presence of the child,  or if we ever, even once, acted in an automated way, as in the example of moving into a new home etc. etc.? What could we do, to ensure that child had the structural means to keep their presence here, and have the communication means that are also a structure building means to build the skills necessary to interact with this world in ways that were creative and productive, so that that child could become successful and have the freedom within, to reach their full potential? Words, a large and clear vocabulary, and as much real life application as possible in relation to the words.

This is Techno Tutor, your “ Helen Keller” teacher, your sound mind builder, your presence maintenance tool, your  education problem solver that will bring peace of mind to yourself and your children, because TechnoTutor is a technological tool to make sure your child has the BE-HAViroal choice and FREEDOM to become their full potential as life. 

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