Monday, April 6, 2015

Attention Deficits and Developmental Delays Mirror the Absence of our Presence. A Structural Lack?

Our children become what is placed within them. So. I ask, is the information that is flowing through our media clean information? Is the measure of it what leads to clear direction in practical reality? No, not by any means is it clear, not by any means does it show what living reality means.
We send our children, some of us, to universities to study information in a box, which is selective information.  In critical literacy, we understand that where information comes from, who the generator of the information is, reveals why the information is formed. In this respect,  we can realize the point of a school system that begins at a young age and continues into adulthood in separation from practical physical reality. This is a way to eliminate competition, which is why this model’s inception began with mass production. Mass production is not bad, but when the value as money is allowed to be sequestered into singular points and does not flow evenly, then this must be hidden behind many justifications that can only be deciphered when the pieces of the justification are understood in clear ways. The best way to hide what is right in front of someone is to cloud it with information that is a game of value judgements, and then to teach those value judgements. This is done using parts and leaving out much of the practical detail within the basics. This is to say that the chaos is of limitation, a lie by omission that uses comparisons in subsequently impulsed information that lacks details. And like the ability in feral children, who reveal the absorbent ability of humans when placed in environments, we absorb  the measure of what is presented to us. This means that we become the measure of the detail given, that we are exposed to, that we are directed to look at, and this becomes what directs us. Thus, the information within our experience becomes what directs us. We become our experiential map as our past.
Having been a parent, I remember being concerned with whom my children associated with. I preferred that my children associated with children who had a larger vocabulary and more exposure to reality. These children usually were more verbal, and more able to participate in things and follow through. They were more willing to admit mis-takes and stand up and continue. They had less reactive behaviors. One example is a boy who would walk away from a simple backyard sport activity. he would quit in the middle of the game too often, when he felt he was not leading. This was disruptive not only within the game, but also because the support offered to keep the child in the game was one that demanded attention on that child that quit. I noticed a pattern in this, and noticed that children at that age were often willing to coax such a child our of their fear of loss. Children also, will attempt to help such behavior, but they also will get to a point where they recognize a pattern and recognize that attempts of support have been made and not taken, and eventually return to, as in this example, playing the game. When the same behaviors come up, they simply stop asking. Someone can come along at this point and think the children mean, but in effect, that child has been supported in so many ways, and simply refused to change. It gets to the point where remaining with the child and their unwillingness to change their emotional patterns means the child will be left on their own to sort out their limitations. It is to let this happen to some degree, because the child has to realize why they are standing on the side. Unfortunately, in our system time not spent doing , is time lost. Such a child is already impulsed with beliefs that are determining behavior. The child I speak of today, is a young adult now, and yes, he moves in very slow ways within finding a place in society to be a responsible adult. 
This child on some level had an idea about how he should be. He had an idea about how his actions defined what he was. When the idea of what he was, was not playing out, as in how he was scoring in a game, he quit to hide a loss as an idea in his mind. His value of himself was based on winning points. He had no connection to simply playing the sport, being present and taking in the measure of the physical practical world around him. Already he was impulsed with a limited measure of reality and when that within did not match the without he hid in quitting. This hurt him more than anyone else. Also, I would watch his father support his backing out, justifying it. I knew that the father was also very worried about his son making a decision to live with the mother, which meant the father would have to pay child support. So, this layered value system determining actions followed an agenda, a map of belief, that was not one equal to the practice of becoming equal to the measure of reality. In reality, practicing the measure of the movement of a ball and the interaction with the bodies of the other players, is a natural consequence to living, one that comes after learning to crawl and to walk and to talk, it is learning to move what has been learned, to move in ever greater circles of awareness, a really cool thing, and one that will have mis-steps where one falls down because this is the process inherent in the machine of learning to exist in reality. Somehow we have all allowed values to impose on this process and limit through forgetting practical living for ideas and beliefs that come to define us, and have been made larger than practical reality. The outcomes are what we have existing in our children. Our modern dis-eases of lack of attention, in some children compounded to such a degree that they are autistic. Thus our autistic children are showing us the degree of our separation from the practice of actual living.
I was working with a family that had an autistic child. During the meeting, at the beginning of the meeting, a phone call from a daughter interrupted the meeting. The daughter had a problem with her car. The mother, became so engrossed in the daughter’s problem that the meeting ended before it even started.  The problem with the car, I later found out was not really a big problem, what was big was the reaction to the problem. This reaction occupied the behaviors of the mother and eventually the autistic son joined in. Both the mother and the son ended up pacing around in the kitchen consumed with the car problem. This lasted for about 40 minutes. In the end the solution to the car problem was a simple one, one thate just took some waiting for help. It did not need to endless conversation about possible outcomes and “ what if” scenarios. The frenzy generated of fear took the body of the autistic child and the mother and turned them into cycling bodies in a kitchen. If this is what is impulsed as the measure of experience in a child, they become this, and every movement in time and space becomes a relationship  to that measure of belief consuming the beingness of the presence of the person and they then have this behavior in all their actions, and the consequences of this slow down the real development and are hard to change once imbedded because what we practice is what we become. What we practice becomes our habits.
In both cases, emotional values as beliefs were being practiced, which means lived again and again, until they became habits that defined the personality of this child. These emotional practices became the definition of the child. They DEFINED the behavior, they regulated the behavior. The measure of them could be revealed in the behavior. If this emotional value as idea, as belief rejected practical movement as that same movement of learning to crawl that was done in the majority of children before any personality emerged, then the ability to measure practical reality existed as a natural state of being before the ensuing beliefs of value judgements came to limit the behaviors of the child that then lead to personalities that moved very very slowly in bringing themselves back into the practice of actual living in practical self directive ways.
When we react to this, it is because we fear this defining us. we fear these that are in actuality ‘ limited measure of reality within that is instead filled up with value judgements made larger than life.” We fear this defining us, or consuming us, or not supporting our own personalities. We all understand this, we all see this, yet we are as consumed with this within ourselves that rarely do we have an insight into the depths of this overall in our every day lives.  This  has compounded over time, especially with the advent of sending children to schools that are boxes imparting knowledge and information only, and a media that impulses values through imagery and information that we all know is questionable. We have forgotten that what we accept comes to define who we are.
This is why it is so important to build the character of the child to have a clear mind, to have a clear information map within them. This is why some children have more confidence and self esteem that is visibly and measurably evident in their behaviors, because they have had more of a sound mind construction. And it is something that is constructed, were it not then private schools would not exist, nor would tutors and summer camps etc.
What are the indicators in all the research that look at measure and realize what is the signature of a sound mind which is a more sound character?
It is the amount of units of measure, as what focuses us and directs us, as the words we know, and I  mean more than knowing a singular set of words from one profession because one can learn vocabulary within a profession and have no other relationships to words and thus relate everything to that one profession believing that the answer is within their set of words. This is a misnomer, because everything is interconnected and the focus back into the practice of reality means focusing on practical things which ironically is what interventions are and do, they are the practice of focusing a inner measure that is in separation from an outer world. 
Overall, this is why the process of building a sound mind in a child is so important. And this is why vocabulary is the key. If a parent slows down and directs the child with patience explaining how things in the practice or real living work, using the correct words without adding emotional values is so important.
This is why an aid that bypasses the experimental memory that is the measure of the child, building the personality, can help in the building of the character of the child, or correcting the personalities that are a measure that is pulling the child away from participating in ways that provide development and opportunity for the child. In understanding that we become the measure  of our experience, and that the language we use can be impulsed with emotional values that consume the attention and distract practical movement,  we can use this understanding to rebuild the cognitive/experiential map of our children to refocus them into a practical measure that can build a character that can withstand the test of time as the practice of actual living. This brings the presence of the child into reality. This then would build confidence and self esteem, which is creating an asset that brings a sense of pride to the parent. This is reprogramming what has been generated in the last hundred years in the design of our public schools and our ubiquitous media to regenerate the absorbent ability of our children into seeing the parts and the whole of reality so that the child becomes a character with a sound mind,  a character that can think critically and take the clear parts and become creative with them, which is a child who can solve problems and improve not only our lives but the world in total. 
Techno Tutor is the means to do this in our busy world, where each and everyone of us has become separated from the practice of practical living the separation from which occurred slowly over time to the point where we are standing in a forest and can no longer see the trees.  Our attention deficit disorders and developmental delays are showing us the degree of our separation, and the answer is to rebuild the experiential measure through vocabulary because this focuses without and structures within. If you could be self empowered to do this for your child, and give this understanding to the child and allow the child to become self empowered themselves within this, would that not be the greatest gift anyone could give to their children, because is this not what you would have wanted for yourself? And, is this something you can also give to yourself?

The solution is here, and it is Techno Tutor.

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