Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is your neurological network's net worth? What self directs you?

We as parents, and as individuals choosing our friends, assess another child or person as we interact with them, making a decision as to whether we want to befriend them.

This means that we assess the measure of the person, we assess their personality. We watch the very way they move. The way they move is the information of them. It is a story of their exposure and development. It is their ‘ legend,’ their ‘leger’ their measure.

This means that what we are using in protection and self defense, to and towards our own understanding as our measure, as our exposure, is matching another’s measure, which is their exposure. This means that we realize the value of having a measure, a measure that becomes our persona, our personality, forming our character- that which we believe is a measure of value.

Do we race within this so much, to such an extent, that we do not realize the ends to the mean? Does this slight difference, because it is a slight difference in many ways, cause the chaos of judgement that are responses of defense instead of understanding and solution?

The consequences of this, has narrowed the focus of each, onto what is a good, yet what is a limited measure, where we compete for information, for measure instead of realizing that what we are doing is the means to the end that we are seeking. We are seeking to inform ourselves and our children, yet we are caught in building through finding others we believe have a measure that will advance our measure. And we forget that this is what we are essentially doing! Thus, we end up moving in a slow motion of limited in-formation, instead of slowing down and realizing that we are seeking more measure! We are seeking more understanding!

On the side of this, we can realize that we become habituated in our measures; we become fixed in our measures. These measures, as the personalities, do give us some security, some ability to self direct in ways that allow us to survive. So, ask yourself within this, can someone who moves as survival only really be moving in constructive critiques of the information outside of a narrow focus - that has become habituated -  into assessing information and creatively coming up with new ways of doing things that improve life? Is this not the ability of that which moves as choosing measure to connect with as the people around us? If this that assesses in a narrow focus only, moved outside of what is known, and had no fear of doing this, would what men can do so well as finding new ways of doing things, expand that measure within?  Is not a ‘ comfort zone’ an understood measure? Yet, is not our ability to assess, to select measures to befriend as the people around us, that same thing that can move outside of comfort zones to expand into discovering new things?

If we are this, must we fear what is the means to the end? Can we use this to educate, as educe our within to be flexible and reform ourselves to enjoy all men, no longer having to move in limited selection from a starting point of survival only? If we understand this, really see this, need we fear what in-forms as the personality of another may influence into us? Or, as we realize this, do we realize our own selective ability is our response ability, meaning nothing need define us as we naturally can choose how we are formed which means we by nature can change? We can restore through our ability to inform ourselves. We can realize our own fluid natures and assess our surroundings without fear, and instead reform ourselves in every situation to move in more creative ways, having fun, really participating in life, because this is what we all want. Why? Because it is fun! We are uncertain and afraid when we do not have the structure to direct us; we are happy when we are focused completely, coming up with new ways of doing things, or simply to really understand something, to direct ourselves in self responsibility. Ironically, what we seek is self responsibility - the ability to respond in ways that allow us to participate! 

We also understand that our bodies build a neurological net work. That neurological network is our ‘ net worth’ - so to speak. It is the measure of our exposure. Thus, the more opportunity we have the greater our neuro-logic, our net- measure.  Logic is like the wheel of information we have had the opportunity within to reflect an take in.  It is the ‘ wheel’ we assess. It is the personality we become, because we use this information to self direct.  What is this neurological net measure, we soundly constructed? What if this were well ordered enough that we felt secure within this enough to then retain that which built this, that which absorbed this, that which assessed this, as our natural learning ability,  to NOT ONLY move as that ‘ net worth/measure’ and also continue to assess what is around us- that is opportunity!- like when we drive a car? Meaning, the structure of the car is set, we then expand our awareness, our fluid assessment making ability, our natural learning ability,  into/onto the horizon around us, just as we do when we assess what children we would rather our children interact with? What if we could build such a sound neurological net measure ( personality) within that built a character that feared not being what men can do so well when secure, which is being self responsible, self directive ( driving a car?) in ways that allow each to give that care we so want to give to our families- for example?

Because of the present society, and because of what means we have at present to inform us, we can use what men use to communicate. we can use the things as the forms as the words to build a sound mind; a neurological net worth that gives us the self responsibility we so desire to allow us to communicate in our relationships - jobs/family/community- in ways that bring out what is innate within each and every one of us, a desire to participate in living to our fullest, because we are happy when we are focused and doing, we are happy when we can participate and live. Living means being involved with the world/word around us, not fearing to participate in doing and communicate with the world around us.  After all, the magic is in the doing, and when we are doing, as in creating, as in solving problems, we are content and this is a comfort zone that can withstand the test of time! 

Hence, we can use technology to help us help ourselves, we can rebuild our neurological net worth using words, because they are things, they are exposure, they can restore our natural ability to change as what assessing is, to create a net-worth, a measure within, that creates a legend of self responsibility to pass onto our children so that our children can become their full potential to create and do in ways that make all our lives reach their utmost potential. We decide, the means are here. The tools are here, to self empower ourselves to become characters that have what it takes to live a life of potential realized! Is this not the legend we want to leave behind? What is your neurological net worth? 

                                                        What is a sound mind?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is a train of thought as limited information a game of association in conflict with life? What is behavior?

When we physically integrate something we know it, we do not have to think about it. Meaning we can view that ‘ inform’ with ease, meaning we can be aware of the form of it AND extend our awareness onto other things. This is how one learns to play an instrument, as the awareness acclimates to the form to such a degree that the awareness, as that which is educed, knows it so well, it can check and balance and, quantumly , move to add more awareness into form. This can be towards something physical , or abstract information, which is built of words, like a picture viewing of form described through words, as this is what we do with words.

This is why we learn, or how we learn through spaced repetition. Yet, what happens when we become stagnant in a set body of information? And what happens, within this, when we become comfortable within that set body, and become lazy in our ability to change, as in take in new information?

And what happens, when we forget this, and we are around others, who have a completely different  measure? What happens when we do not really look at this process of how we learn, how things are integrated within us to the extent that they direct how we move, and what we like because we like things we can understand in our busy worlds, meaning we like people who move in much the same manner as ourselves, because we enjoy recognizing things, hence we enjoy it when we recognize a way of moving that is similar to our own, which means we are recognizing information directing the body that is similar to our own, or that we can understand and feel comfortable around. I mean, the Harem effect is an indicator of this kind of action, it is a recognition of a collection of values that determine the movement of a person, where another has a similar experience, and or believes they do not have that value expressed as how a body directs self, and want to be near that which they recognize, either in desire or the comfort of recognition that is the comfort of similarity. I mean, we also know we do this, when we are attracted to another because we believe they have something that we believe we need to move into a direction  that will bring us what we have decided we would like. In all, it is reading the information , as the measure of another. Which means we become the measure of what we believe, and we imitate the measure. Here one must realize what measures of information are directing one’s self; if one is directed by a short term ideological gain or is one directed by what understands this process and realizes the only choice is to do what is best for all. The entire community and environment around us is a place where we enjoy how we understand, how we self develop, and fear not to follow what we are inclined to become aware of, and realize that no one thing is more than another, and that the joy is in doing and being here.  We can understand all this and no longer fear to move in a self honest way. And, we can understand how we get caught in a focus on a lack, as what is wrong, instead of moving into what resolves a limitation to give it the freedom to realize solutions. Overall, this is processing information.

Yet, if we become a fixed measure of information, and because we associate to that measure, having forgotten how we became that measure, because we are not born with this as we are not born with language,  do we begin to associate to that measure only, to the extent that moving out of that measure appears to be very difficult? And, would such change move so slowly at first, because we are so caught in that measure, it is like riding on a train so fast that one can no longer see what is outside the train window? This is essentially what happens when one follows information without realizing  it as information, as a reflection of a measure of the reality around us,  and forgets that from which that information comes! And this is why children can learn so rapidly, because they do not have enough information to follow, yet. 

Yet, what if we integrated information to the point where we retained an ability to be aware of how this works, what is happening as this, and remain aware of what is outside the train window? Is this not what real critical and creative thinking skills are and do? Is this not the ability to assess one’s measure AND the surrounding values in the world around us? Is this not what would build a confident and stable society that did what men can do best, when calm and secure, which is to come up with new ways of doing things that reorder in ways that make life fun and creative?

As we see in the world around us, most of us, which is probably 99% of us, move by association, by a memory of information that we have forgotten is just this. The information is not necessarily bad, yet if that is only what is believed to be what is real, then the disconnect causes a problem, and we end up only seeing a lack/ the problem/the limitation because our information is through a lie-by-omission, and reality is not assessed, and the qualities of others are not recognized, which causes harm, and becomes a form of bullying on the life that is us. Life requires a symbiotic understanding and respect, which is to investigate what is around us, to consider it and include it, in order to maintain our physical existence. As it is , we have a growing elephant in the room, of all manner of cognitive disorders, like a growing debt of dis-used creative ability that is desperately trying to sort through a whole body of information that lacks any real formulated directing capacity- because we become the information that is impulsed from our environment. Just look at the bubbles of television, informing us within a system of wealth accumulation, that has been touted again and again until it is believed to be a truth, as we can see that we are programmed with the measure we accept and allow. It is embarrassingly simple. And it is right in front of us every day.

Hence, some of us are ‘ of ‘ enough information that we manage to get a job. Others, and this is growing, are of such cognitive dissonance that we have not developed fine motor skills, which means the parents do not understand how this works- and this begs the question; ‘ How come we send our children to schools, when that same system did not teach us how this all works?, How come we believe that our public school system actually taught us anything, when the public school system, by design, at the moment, actually touts a set body of information that builds an associative body of information that turns us into that racing train that no longer can assess the world around us and consider what wold be best for what is a symbiotic world that cannot work as a monoculture? And, to add, why do we not see that all racism and culture and national conflict is caused by a lack of understanding this? Again, it is embarrassingly simple. When something is complicated, it means we are on that train, racing away, no longer grounded in what we are, which is being here on earth, a physical symbiotic world, filled with so many values, that allow us to create and really live if we got off that train of information and assessed the physical world  and realized the value is living.

Another consequence of building a memory of limited information that is then followed ONLY, which is associative thinking, because it is strings of information like a quantum map, like an inner GPS, like a structure of information within that is in separation from a practice of assessing that information with the world that is here in which we live, are behaviors of rejection and fear, insecurity and bullying, because the information is not enough to direct in ways that cause fewer mis-takes on what it means to live on a physical planet. Hence, one develops a fear, an inferiority to reality, and tries to find ways to feel superior, to justify as to place all blame on everything that does not fit that body of information made larger than the life outside that train of thought. Many of us realize, that many of the behaviors, those fires our schools spend so much time putting out, that the inform, as the information within the child, or the adult, is not of a structure that is sound. And those who have a somewhat greater structure, that is still only a train of information rushing without reflection of what is outside that train, are so stagnant in their information ‘ train of thought’ and so habituated, that change appears to be impossible. And, if one fears changing this, because one fear losing one’s job, then one is choosing what is essentially a crime against life. And for this there is no excuse as that child has no power to change this, only the adults have the power, so to punish a child for a lack, is really the adult being annoyed that they have to change what they understand on many levels what they are doing- that child is a reminder of the limitation the adult accepted and allowed and knows they are allowing on some level, way deep down inside underneath all that mis-information.

And, realize, punishment is hence in no way a solution. One can only reform the inform, which takes time, as correcting a mis-take takes longer than to have learned something correctly in the first place. Hence patience is needed and a sense of security that one can practice something without being judged, as the only solution is to rebuild.  Learning means practice of bringing one’s presence, as what is educed to sense the forms without and within,  into creation as the physical world around us, and what associative trains of information we have accepted within that no longer reference all things- and remember that a child references the without and the within, or they would not learn to crawl and to walk. And, that when we learn to drive a car, we physically integrate that structure, and automate it, checking it with a part of ourselves, and then expanding ourself into/onto the world around us.

Because the human race is so hued with limited information and racing as trains of thought structures as information structures, which is associative thinking only, and the means of this is words, we can rebuild our measure within, creating a very sound structure of inform that allows us to assess ourselves as this inner structure and the world without, so we can become aware of what is around us, in the abundance of its qualities, and stabilize ourselves in what we are, which is physical bodies on a physical world, that which is outside that train of information that informs us. There is a tool that is much like an abacus, it is an abracadabra abacus- so to speak. It is a technological tool to rebuild one’s measure, lending an understanding of how this all works and building a sound mind, so that one can access the inform of information as that train of thought, and the without world outside that window of information, building a human being that is secure and confident in the world because they have the structural means to realize how this all works. 

We all need each other, because we are, on a physical level, the parts that order the whole. If each is at ease with processing information, that train of information within , that is also able to assess information without, then we are aware of one another, and realize the value all the parts allow in understanding many perspectives, where we are at ease, because we are grounded in reality. 

I would suggest purchasing this tool, that is Techno Tutor. And yes, things in this world cost money, yet it is supporting those who are standing and explaining this again and again, and supporting those who ensure that this tool is consistent and ordered in ways that enable all access.  The cost of cognitive dissonance is much greater than the cost of this tool. Do not wait until that train leads to a crash that, in this system, can take everything one believed was stable, because it is not. In a world where China has more honor students than America has students, I would make sure that that train of thought, of information in my child and myself, was working in ways that caused fewer mistakes and greater directive capacity, enough to ensure that child has a job, and produced children that, because they understood this,  were in every moment  able to assess the world without, and their own train of information within which is to not fear change.

You decide, stop waiting, as only you can put Humpty Dumpty back together again and as a parent you are responsible for the inform of the child. Listen to our stories of metaphor as our fairy tales , as they tell us what we have accepted and allowed, and how the formation of them are written, with inflated values, by a victor of self interest, who is within a train of thought, as belief, that has no real consideration of the value being life, a life that is physical.  The information we accept and allow moves as a train of association is limited information and causes us to blame and spite  what does not fit into it, because we have allowed this to become larger than life.  One way to realize how much one moves as limited information is to go out and try to learn something new. How hard is it to change? And yet, this is your natural learning ability. Where did it go?

We can reprogram our DNA with words, which makes sense, as words are a measure of understanding, hence, we change our understanding, and we build confidence and self esteem in our ability to self direct in this physical world. This is how we reach our full potential, to build a world and schools where self discovery is the joy and we live realizing the value is what is best for all, as this is life in action.

Thank you for reading, much appreciated.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Techno Colored Imagination to Micro Managed School Environments.

We have our children grow up with fantasy, as all the images of fantastic events and places. The fairy tales the precursors of what is lighted up in the use of lights as the media that in turn lights up in our minds. In this, the child develops an imagination without any real practical application. That imaginative world is something separate from practical living, from the earth.

And then, in contrast to this imagination constantly built, a child must enter a school and sit in a micro managed environment, where information is metered out in slow measure, where the natural inclination of a human, as what we do best, is to come up with new ways of doing things. This, by design, shuts down what a man, a child can do by nature, which is to be able to take in information and understand the form of it and not fear to change it in ways that make all of our lives function in more fluid ways. This is the manner of eliminating what is natural because a few have been allowed to monopolize in self interest having some measure of practical ability to manifest a dream that is in itself a separation from respecting real living as doing, as including the physical world, because the real magic is in doing things within all of reality, of which the physical reality is an equal part of and as. An act of self interest is to lie by omission as in how we are separated, which is to not tell the whole story, and to use story to build a separation. Nothing is good or bad, it is how one aspect can be inflated without balance into the whole. Some call this mis-information, or bullying one’s belief, or ego. This is how a monopoly can over time control, and need to control as each part is not in self honesty with reality.

In the stead of this imagination made larger than the practice of living, we become a cognitive dissonance of holding onto very limited forms because our natural ability to investigate and understand and create new things is all used up in a narrow focus of imagination ONLY. Here, the imagery is all formed, easy to manipulate and dream with, and something that is never really satisfying, because we have not created it, yet we have accepted it. We then lose the satisfaction of real doing. And we are able to be manipulated, where we take a job firing drones from remote locations, not having any exposure to what that really means for the life that is us in another life, on the ground.

Naturally, the behavior of a child in a school is going to be one of frustration. And because our media has become larger than life, in our daily lives, the effects of this are compounding, which is a compounding of attention deficits. And, because what information we allow ourselves to be exposed to, informs our self direction, we come to automate the information we allow to inform us. We all understand that to learn to play an instrument, we must walk the measure, in detail, until it is physically integrated - like learning to drive a car- so we do not have to think about it. Then we can expand and work with this information and change it, because we can take in new measure, and flow with what is here, respecting all things. The converse of this, as the means of mis-information, is to use this innate developmental means to program with information that lacks specifics that would eliminate mis-takes that are consequential in reaching our full potential.

I ask the question here; how can we, with the present measure presented in media - and the abrupt change into a classroom where information is processed without question and without context and done so very slowly - expect our children to self realize  and/ or retain, their own natural ability to understand and realize the real value is in doing? An this from a starting point of creating things that would improve all our lives in developing what is an innate ability to assess and consider the practice of living in a physical reality?

There was this article out this week, where a teacher of many years, after having her own child, realizes that she cannot send her child to a public school, because she cannot allow her child to become what she has experienced in a public school. 

It is not that children coming together to investigate forms is a bad, it is not that an adult guiding this is a bad. It is not that television is a bad, it is what is impulsed within the ‘ tele-vision’ that must be carefully placed in ways that are best for all. The social forms are not to reject, they are to change in ways that realize the value is living, which is a value of doing in ways that respect all things, everything- the physical world around us and the ability of our mental imaginations to assess information from many sides, to ensure that what steps we take in this world cause no harm- which is to consider all things. And, we need one another to do this, as each person has a perspective that no other can have. The real superman, is the whole allowing the strength that is unique in each part coming forward. The full potential of each part needs the whole to manifest. It is that our potential is the sum of all parts!

Hence, each child must build a sound mind. As men, we order the smallest bits of information through words, as a word can sound multiple levels or dimensions of things in expeditious ways, more than a picture can. In many ways, a picture is composed of the smallest movements, as a sound that is a word. And, we are so in separation from this, we have forgotten this. The way back is to order ourselves as this small measure, which is knowing our words in clean and clear ways. When we say ‘ cup ‘ for example we mean a cup, realizing that a cup can come in many forms, yet remains the same basic form.

If a parent calls one cup more than another, projecting a value onto a cup, wanting to impulse a cultural value to hold onto what is really data, as a comfort that defines a personality, an imaginative past value, then our children become confused, because a cup is no longer a cup. And we wonder why our children have developed attention disorders, they are processing associative lines of cultural/national/historical values, inferencing values, a huge form of data that separates that child from reality. That cup, based on one’s cultural past, for example, was developed because of the regional clay, and the regional colors available, nothing else. This information has a value, because it shows what is understood within a region, yet is not something to define us. It is to remember the practical measure.

Hence, the physical world must in all ways be considered because it is the automation of information. That information must be assessed in every moment because it reveals what works and does no harm. What is in our imaginations is just this, an image, a picture in our heads, that is composed of information. When the end product as a form is believed to be more than the physical, it is following an idol before life information. In order to do, to live, one must become equal, or respect, and understand in detail, the actual physical world that is information showing what works and what does not. Being aware of the physical world allows self to become equal to life in formation, equal to what a past has built that forms the means of expression, which is the physical. And we understand that what information becomes our exposure, is what we program ourselves to become. This reveals the means to the end of building a sound mind that is able to be grounded in the practice of living on a physical planet.

This is why a child is not born with language, or culture, or religion, because they are born as sensing the physical world and learning to move with and as it, as this is how we learn to crawl and to walk, eventually accumulating enough experience as movement, to realize that each small movement has a name, a sound, a measure that men use to communicate with and as. If one movement is uncertain, or not balanced out in respect of real living, then that accumulates and causes a cognitive dissonance, building an inner emotional body that inhibits  because the automation of it does not fit into real living and has the consequence of separating the child from what is natural, an ability to assess the physical and practice what moves them in living to their utmost potential- thereby realizing the sum of all parts is how each part realizes itself as life information, which is real creation.

Because our bodies build through neurological development, we can rebuild what is a cog in the wheel, as our mind consciousness. We can use technology to rebuild this, as each man is generating a measure that is not what allows direct seeing of life information as the physical world in which we actually live.  Our neurological development is change in action, it can remeasure to build a cognition that can assess information with ease, and, at the same time - just like driving a car- assess the outer world, ensuring that consequences of action lead to no harm and respect others.

The fairy tale, the child’s tale of Humpty Dumpty states this scenario, that no one can rebuild what has scattered self from being self responsible, and hence be present in reality but self. No school can do this, no hospital, no one, only that presence inside one’s self, that presence that learned to crawl and to walk and talk, before a cognition of limited - yet not all bad - information informed subconscious mind and was accepted and then followed to direct the presence as that child that learned to crawl without any text book micro-managing this movement.

There is great joy in being self responsible. That joy is a natural state of being, one that self must take back through a process of deconstructing what has been accepted as a truth, and reconstructed in practical measure, of which the words we know effectively, can be the means to remeasure our inner structure to be in equal focus to this place we spend our lives living, the physical world.