Friday, July 31, 2015

How We Learn to Drive a Car and Building a Sound Cognition. Behavioral Dis-Orders

How do we learn to drive a car?
Do we sit in a room looking at a picture of a gear shift before we enter the car and start moving through the process of driving a car?

No, we do not, more often we get into the car, and are already are familiar with the parts because we have watched our parents drive the car for many years. We do not learn the parts of the mechanisms we directly use to drive a car through pictures with words attached in a box with all the distractions around us.

We sit in the driver’s seat one day, and as we sit there we directly learn the parts of the car we use to drive the car. The gear shift is a gear shift, the break pedal is a break pedal. A cup is a cup. And, to note, do we tend to project onto these devices? No. For some reason, the means to move the car that we use, we tend not to project any blame onto, any fantasy.  Meanwhile, most of us walk around projecting all manner of values onto the human body. We compare women to women; men, for example, evidently, every seven minutes, think about sex and do some fantasy projection onto a woman when the form of the human as a woman is walking down a street. Yet, I have never heard of anyone ( though there may be some! lol) talking about the break pedal as having some vacant look where a presence is absent in relation to a break pedal! I have been present with friends and men in the company of women, for example, and the sudden absence of attention, of presence is palpable, even if we at times cannot realize why we react in moments in seemingly chaotic ways while with friends or partners.  Somehow, the way most people I have met and traveled in a car with, do not have any distance of presence, or less of such, or behaviors of avoiding what they are doing within the action of driving the car. Yet, remember those times when one almost had an accident? These are the times when one was not paying attention- I ask, what was going on? This is being in separation from what has become automated as the information directive within our memories.

Thus, when we learn to drive we learn the parts we need to maneuver to drive and we sit with our presence acclimating to the car’s structure within these means to the end. We repeat and repeat the movement, much like learning to walk, until we can order our directive capacity  and move these parts needed with ease. Then these become ‘ smaller’ in that we can process the actions faster, and we are ready to drive the car with confidence. This is a dynamic process , one that leads to driving a car.  When this structure is set, we can expand our presence to the horizon and add more awareness as extending our awareness and taking in more of the world around us.

Yet, in a school what are we doing? And what is the media doing with all the pictures about the physical world around us? We are learning things through words and pictures. We learn some words and then we start to process information about this world through words. This is, in itself , a imagination of sorts, about what is really here, and the very means is one of limitation  because there is no common sense present because we are not dealing with the real things, like we are when we learn to drive! Yet, most of us learn to drive, even if we do not do well in school! And, most of us learn to walk! Can we see the correlation here? Knowledge and information without practical application is not only useless, but also inhibiting and something that can control what one thinks as what one believes as what one images to direct one’s self, and just as we take in the structure of the car directly and begin to move within that space and the objects within it, like programming ourselves, I must ask, what is that information doing to use that we learn in school in abstract ways, as in imaginary ways only? It becomes what we express, because it is what we are exposed to! We humans become the very measure of our world, meaning the very measure of the information we accept. As parents if we send our children to a public school we are accepting what we allow. If we do not investigate what is being the measure in what is presented to our children, we are simply not being responsible for our children.

If we learn limited information, which is what learning through pictures and words is because it has no direct access to the physical mechanism, and we learn through pictures with as associations can we possibly have as dynamic an ability to act as we do when we have learned to drive a car? 

Thus, limited information, as information only, is learning by association because there is no direct physical access to reality. There is no real substance for the placeholder as the words that compose the information, the knowledge is not grounded in reality, it becomes a construction that does not fit into reality, as we can see in so much of the behaviors of people in not being able to feel secure in what they do, or to, on another level, complete things in this world that do no harm.

If pictures are used, it becomes as that picture, a ‘ flat’ association that because it is information only, and is what becomes the memory, the imprint, the picture, it is what is processed as one’s directive. Of course, as consequence as the information, if it as the limitation that it is, does not fit into reality, then the actions, the movements of the object as the human, can move in all manner of ‘ not fitting in’ or ‘ mistakes through lack’ within moving in our world here, or, within living our lives.

The media does not help either. Because we are so absorbent, we take in everything, and if our ability to take in the measure of that break in that car - and that goes for all of us, even those we call stupid in terms of schooling- is interrupted with a shock, as a sudden change, or interruption then our natural ability to self dis-cover the very volume, quality, movement, density, feeling of that break in that car is cut short, and we become that measure as that interruption, and must process through this.  Thus, within space and time, we are all so interrupted and so lacking in non-associative learning that we become a measure of limited information that is also a chaos of association that has no real grounding. We lose what is a natural sense to think critically and become creative in dynamic and active ways, and we lose what is a natural ability to problem solve as many videos and that first process we learn  reveal that we are innately built to be and do, which is learning how to walk and as I am using in this article, to drive a car.

Within this, we can see, the extent to which so many children are suffering , because their ability, a natural ability, a natural learning ability is what and who they are, is suppressed through what I call a chaos of information that takes so much time to sort through, balance out, that the life and the ability of the child takes years to sort, and the child that becomes the adult blames themselves, and instead of becoming their full potential, a dynamic state of being, they become behaviors of quilt, of shame, of self judgement and not the expression of living a life that is aware  and able to do all things as well as they learned to walk and to drive a car.

This is also why all educational research shows that people who learn musical instruments tend to have  a greater capacity to see consequence and be constructively critical and creative. It is because to play and make music, one is not only a memory of associative imagery, a musician actually deals with a physical object where they must perform with that object just as someone does with a car, or in learning to walk.  The simplicity of this is such, that if one cannot fathom this, then know that the associative mind of information only, is a wall of information being processed through that of a story of justifications as the inFORM of oneself and that it is so busy, in what it is , that slowing down and relating to reality is like a huge effort. It is like slowing down a speeding train where one believes that the train is all that exists, because the train is moving so fast, that the car can no longer be seen through the window, that car that is driving along side that train.

Another insight into how much we move as information is to think of someone we know that we are very careful around, where we feel life we are walking on eggshells around them, to not cause an outburst or reaction. This is when we fear facing the information of that person, though ironically we are aware of this, which means we can process through the information, we simply fear not being able to answer. What we in essence are avoiding, is a wall of associative information only, that is all it really is, a measure that one has allowed to define oneself as. We are in essence facing a speeding train, and we fear facing the ‘ crash’ if we look at that belief, that is that information, and investigating it, to ground in ways where there is no longer that sense of ‘ walking on eggshells’ and instead, as the outcome to address this in detail, is to come to a point of understanding in ways that remove the tension that is simply a friction of two bodies of information competing to have attention- because that information of association is constantly wanting validation to support its construction. It is, ironically, again, like a ghost in the machine that believes itself to be as real as that gear shift, when it is only a memory. And that memory is not all bad, it has good in it, as it is a measure made from what is real, and what is right here in front of us.
Thus, what I propose, is to rebuild that cognition, to re-order it, to clean up all cognitive dis-order,  to take the time to create a memory of small bits of information, to enable oneself to have the space within self, to focus oneself through a well ordered memory, a wall of information, to be able to see beyond the structure of the ‘ car’ to the horizon, to enable one ‘s self to expand and move in constructively critical ways, to become creative in ways that do no harm, and thus live a dynamic life, a life as dynamic as we are when we drive a car, or as dynamic as when we learn to walk because this is us using our great capacity to think critically and be creative, building a life that sees the world and rides the train at the same time. This is our natural state of being, one that is much easier than the conflict with living that a mind built of associations rather than a mind that sees directly here.

Remember, the statement ‘ the apple never falls far from the tree’ is a testament to the outcome of generating associative memories, because the focus of the child, those formative years, is on the parent, and our ability to take in information, like a feral child, is so great, is so magnificent, that we take in the measure of our parents, and if they are built of associative thinking constructions, the child will become that measure. And as we know habits, as what we repeat, are harder to change - just like slowing down that train-  than to have learned to play that violin correctly in the first place!

I would suggest, using Techno Tutor, as this is the only tool that I, as a reading specialist and a trained violinist, have found to be the most effective way and means to building a memory, a ‘ train of information’ that can be so well ordered that one can move from the mechanisms of the car to seeing not only the inside of the car, and also, the horizon. After all, that horizon is magnificent, we need only slow down, rebuild ( and prevention is the best cure) and look. It has always been there!

Since it is too hard to change the structures that exist within our society, why not transform our schools into places of discovery and investigation? Why not turn our schools into places where we build well ordered cognitive maps, that give a structural means to build self confidence and self esteem, in each and every child, so that the teachers can trust the child, and themselves to allow a child to take a direction that enables the full potential of that child to discover a full expression of themselves as life, that can create dynamic individuals that can respect and work with the world around them, never needing to walk on eggshells!. This is what we all seek. The structures we have in our society can be transformed into a good.  The strength comes from all of us standing together to make subtle changes that help all of us to help ourselves.

Thank You for reading!

                                         The Ghost in the Machine.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Depth Perception and Reading, Where is our natural spatial ability?

Depth Perception and Reading.

One of things I notice as I interact with others, is a lack of depth perception. By this I mean the ability to back up a car, or to order objects in a space- such as household organization.

Where are we if we cannot slow down and take the time to see the space around us and order, or, move ourselves within it? Are we lost in these behaviors of a lack of depth perception?

I watched this video of a child, a very young child, climbing a rock wall. This child moves with a fluidity and continuousness  Obviously, this ability is a natural ability, we are born with this. What happens?

I remember asking about this when I was back in university completing my degree in Reading. Eventually, the professors, told me that they did not know how to do this, and that this was too difficult. How can something be difficult if it is what is natural? Our ability to focus here, being aware of the space of here is a natural ability. 

We all understand that advertising has become a constant within our environment. And we understand that what is being the measure, because it is a measure of something, means that we understand that we become the measure of the world around us. If we are constantly watching the measure imposed around us, we become this. Is what is the information given, in our schools, in our media grounding us, meaning, retaining this natural ability to be aware of the space and the time around us? No. Were it, then we would retain this fluid ability to sense the space around us that is a natural ability. Our ability to sense the space around us is a natural ability. This natural ability is then lost and it is because we have allowed a measure to be of knowledge and information in separation from practical beingness here. We are all the cause of our own separation because we accepted and allowed an abdication of our own ability to perceive the very space around us.

If we lose this ability what would happen? We become uncertain because we have nothing to ground us. That machine that senses the space is all of us, as our physical bodies. We deny one part, as this physical body, and we become, through spaced repetition, being in our abstraction making selves as our thinking only, then we lose our grounding, and we lose our ability to perceive the depths , meaning the very space around us.

We can no longer climb that rock wall, and instead, in our ignoring of remaining in inclusion of the very space around us, we, from the distance of our separation,  are astounded at this ability in others- all the while this is our natural ability, it was/is our starting point. 

This begs the question: What are all the so-called dis-eases in our children? Where has this natural ease gone? Is this natural ability placed in a box as thinking only, where there is no real footing to place our feet? Is it here that we lose our natural spatial ability to back up that car, or to organize that space in our homes? The answer is yes.

One must rebuild and reground. This which we are already doing in the very measure of our so-called interventions. These interventions, though a good, are too slow. We need tools to reground ourselves as our measure within. Technology can be a good for this because it is never emotional ( in value judgments as thinking only), it is grounded here. It can be used to remeasure our within, to focus us on the parts, to rebuild our attention to detail, removing all the uncertainty we have memorized in the course of our separation that is what inhibits our natural ability to sense the space and direct ourselves in practical ways that enable us to climb a rock wall at a very young age. This is why words are so important, because they order the very measure of ourselves.  One must want this, want to return to our natural state of being. It means giving up everything to gain everything. What would you choose?