Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Depth Perception and Reading, Where is our natural spatial ability?

Depth Perception and Reading.

One of things I notice as I interact with others, is a lack of depth perception. By this I mean the ability to back up a car, or to order objects in a space- such as household organization.

Where are we if we cannot slow down and take the time to see the space around us and order, or, move ourselves within it? Are we lost in these behaviors of a lack of depth perception?

I watched this video of a child, a very young child, climbing a rock wall. This child moves with a fluidity and continuousness  Obviously, this ability is a natural ability, we are born with this. What happens?

I remember asking about this when I was back in university completing my degree in Reading. Eventually, the professors, told me that they did not know how to do this, and that this was too difficult. How can something be difficult if it is what is natural? Our ability to focus here, being aware of the space of here is a natural ability. 

We all understand that advertising has become a constant within our environment. And we understand that what is being the measure, because it is a measure of something, means that we understand that we become the measure of the world around us. If we are constantly watching the measure imposed around us, we become this. Is what is the information given, in our schools, in our media grounding us, meaning, retaining this natural ability to be aware of the space and the time around us? No. Were it, then we would retain this fluid ability to sense the space around us that is a natural ability. Our ability to sense the space around us is a natural ability. This natural ability is then lost and it is because we have allowed a measure to be of knowledge and information in separation from practical beingness here. We are all the cause of our own separation because we accepted and allowed an abdication of our own ability to perceive the very space around us.

If we lose this ability what would happen? We become uncertain because we have nothing to ground us. That machine that senses the space is all of us, as our physical bodies. We deny one part, as this physical body, and we become, through spaced repetition, being in our abstraction making selves as our thinking only, then we lose our grounding, and we lose our ability to perceive the depths , meaning the very space around us.

We can no longer climb that rock wall, and instead, in our ignoring of remaining in inclusion of the very space around us, we, from the distance of our separation,  are astounded at this ability in others- all the while this is our natural ability, it was/is our starting point. 

This begs the question: What are all the so-called dis-eases in our children? Where has this natural ease gone? Is this natural ability placed in a box as thinking only, where there is no real footing to place our feet? Is it here that we lose our natural spatial ability to back up that car, or to organize that space in our homes? The answer is yes.

One must rebuild and reground. This which we are already doing in the very measure of our so-called interventions. These interventions, though a good, are too slow. We need tools to reground ourselves as our measure within. Technology can be a good for this because it is never emotional ( in value judgments as thinking only), it is grounded here. It can be used to remeasure our within, to focus us on the parts, to rebuild our attention to detail, removing all the uncertainty we have memorized in the course of our separation that is what inhibits our natural ability to sense the space and direct ourselves in practical ways that enable us to climb a rock wall at a very young age. This is why words are so important, because they order the very measure of ourselves.  One must want this, want to return to our natural state of being. It means giving up everything to gain everything. What would you choose?

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