Monday, May 25, 2015

What happens to the memory of the child as they participate in the world?

What happens to the memory of the child as they participate in the world?
As parents, do we realize that our absorbent children take in all the measure of us, as our beliefs, opinions and ideas? Do we realize that we were born without language, or culture or race or religion? Do we realize that this is all a measure based on a past, as traditions, that we bring from one generation to the next? Do we realize that we move as what we were exposed to in our early environments to such a degree that we become our parents as we grow older?
If we learn by imitating, by taking in, the world around us, we can see that every single movement we move as, becomes the child, because the child mirrors everything the parent does on a cellular level. That is how great our capacity to take in form exists as. So, do we as parents, carefully watch our every move?
An example; Let us look at a moment when one might be exiting a car. The day previous to this was busy, and the traffic slow. One stops to get some gas, pulls into the bumping bay, and opens the door to step out to the pump. As one shuts the car door, with the child/baby sitting in the back seat, there is a rush in the way you as a parent moves within shutting the door. All of your frustration and anxiety is loaded into that movement of shutting that door. One may notice that one shut the door with more energy and drive than one expected, as one was thinking about how one was late, and the day was not moving in expected ways. All of this is memorized as a movement by the child. All of it.
Later, perhaps two weeks or so, the child is playing with something on the table, and suddenly moves in a rushed way, filled with what was imitated, as what was memorized and what was taken as modeled as sensed by the child in their world. The child accidentally, knocks something off the table, because the energy as the model of the parents become the modeled behavior of the child. The parent then yells at the child. The child is confused, because the child was being what the child had learned, had imitated, and the child does not yet understand how this all works, nor does the parent.  Thus the child is blamed for their action that was a model of the parent. The child taking in and moving the same way. Is the child going to develop confidence in such an event? Is the child learning to respect and participate in their world in effective ways? No.
Thus, the child becomes value judgements as the measure within. They become the stress of the parent. They become that inner stress, to the extent that they miss the practice of being present here, being aware of the world around them. They begin to lose their attention to the practical world. And then we parents, reprimand them for this. Can we really blame them, when we were the model of the separation? Can this same process be handed down generation after generation? Yes.
If we begin to understand this, we can begin to understand the accumulation of attention deficit dis-orders that grow, perhaps exponentially, in our children. It is, very simply, that the measure as the experience of the child, is not equal to the measure of the world around them. On the side, many of us realize, by the time we sort all of this out, when we are older, that this did not need to exist from the beginning. We can blame our parents. Is this a solution? No
What would be a solution?
To ground ourselves back into practicing being an intervention that directs our focus back into the practical. We can use the structure as words, to be the real measure of ourselves here in this life we must live as what we are. We can rebuild our inner measure, through bringing that energy that is not equal to being at ease in our worlds, back into a measure, using words, to become ‘ small’ enough to see the details of living, and thus enabling ourselves to move with self confidence and ease in our lives, realizing that we can focus here, and learn the real measure of living, to then not fear learning anything, meaning learning about what we really enjoy doing.
If you could have the power, and the means to build a child, to see directly here, thereby having a superior memory, and building self trust, self confidence and self esteem, what would that be worth to you? You would not have to depend on a school, you could make sure that your child was sound, was structured in a way they could learn, choose and succeed at whatever they wanted. They would have the freedom to choose, because instead of being anxious, insecure, uncertain, they would have an ordered memory, the measure of their experience, that enables them clear self direction.
Only a parent can ensure that the child reaches their full potential. Everything a parent does, is absorbed by the child. And this takes time to clear up when it is not grounded and at ease. Since prevention is the best cure, why not use technology, that never gets tired, never has a stressful day, help you help yourself, through ensuring that, via words as the perfect tools of measure, are without all those emotions one does not realize are in every single movement and is being learned by the child, by association- imitation- mirroring, to make sure these words are clear, clean, stable. 

The means are here, and they are very cost effective. It is what each would have wanted for themselves. 

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