Friday, May 15, 2015

How do we learn and what is the absorbent mind, our natural learning ability?

How do we learn? How did I learn to play the violin? How did the children I taught learn to play the violin? How did I teach the children in the schools?
We repeated what was being taught, which is within the direct instruction model. We introduce the material, we explain the concept- the form, the structure, the design, the object and its way of moving. We repeat this. We show examples. We hand this over to the children to ‘ move as’ by themselves. We, sometimes in our current habits, send home more examples to practice, to repeat. This is the practice in step, of repetition.
Our research makes it clear that children who have the opportunity and exposure to hearing/seeing/experiencing more variation in words/vocabulary, specified subject matter- such as parents who have studied science, or music, or golf - tend to have a greater capacity to do that to which they were exposed. And since the behavior, as the know how, of the parents and their focus is repeated again and again, that absorbent mind of the child will pick this up and imitate it. So, we learn by repetition. That is the base. And we know that children have very absorbent minds. We understand how rabidly they can learn languages. We understand that a child who grows up in a home where there is a lot of music being performed and practiced and talked about will often begin a musical instrument and within 10,000 hours have mastered that instrument. So, by the age of seven, with consideration to allow the child to become what is around it, and practice the structure, which is bringing awareness into the form, which is integrating this into a structural memory within to build neurons that pair back and expedite the movement of the informed awareness structure, to become that protege- as the word we use to describe someone who learns something at a young age. 
Our feral children are the same, they become the measure as the focus of the sense practiced in becoming the space and timed measure as the behavior of the host. So great is our ability to learn, to sense the world around us and order this when given the structure to experience and model again and again, in its application and form. Thus we learn by repetition, and within this we discover our physical bodies and learn with mis-takes as a natural part of this learning process. A child falls down many times before they walk with ease.
This also begs the question as to what we are doing with this sense that can become the very form and practice repeated again and again? Is our natural learning ability something like water?
Is our ability to absorb extendable to forms around us, just as that feral child imitates and repeats with trial and error, with and as this absorbent substance that is a sensory mechanism practicing the shape and form and movement range of the world around it?
Thus, if we place our children in a box, a classroom, for 12 years, expecting them to learn through abstracting about knowledge and information ONLY, what are we creating with this absorbent natural learning/sounding/modeling.practicing/reflecting ability? Since we become what we practice, do we end up aggrandizing what is a singular good into a limitation? Are we making this good-turned-limitation as this practice, larger than that used as a movement to model/absorb into thinking as abstracting as imagining ONLY? Would this not create a disconnect from reality? Would this not be the imprint passed down from one generation ( as this is what is generated) to the next? Thus, would that child not have to sort out living here in physical reality in practice and the generational information? Would this cause some chaos if that generational imprint were lacking in a sound structural memory of the practice of living as physical states of being that is what our lives are while we are here on earth?
Can knowledge and information be manipulated within such a systemic design? Remove that absorbent ability from the practice of living, and inform it through spaced repetition- as going to school and sitting in a room, shut off from the physical natural world, and practice through spaced repetition the form of imagination use ONLY, until this becomes the means of seeking direction and the information of self structurally. Where does this end up? Would this not be attention away from practical living? Would that memory, or could that memory, fill up, like a computer?
How many have noticed that it becomes more difficult to be flexible as we age? How many have noticed that as we get older, things we could do before seem to become more and more difficult? This is the same as saying that moving in our worlds becomes more difficult. We tend to want, narrower comfort zones to remain in as a consequence. Why would this be? Could this be that our memories, as our experiential maps, as our repeated structural cognitions are limited and done from imagination ONLY, as we were taught to move, by systemic design, to repeat- is this like computer memory, a stagnation, that eventually fills up?
This begs the question. If our focus was on the practice of the form as what we are, as sensory physical mechanisms,  could we cross reference the physical reality, and realize memory as our imagination for what this is, and ‘ wipe’ the slate as memory clean with each use so that it never gets filled up? Would this not mean understanding memory for what it is, and practice becoming the forms around us, and using memory, cognition for what is really is? 
How can we transform our present practices into what would allow the full potential of this mechanistic ability? No one wants to lose their job, no one wants to limit this in a child either. We cannot continue to move as we are as our educational structure, because the consequences of this practice of placing that absorbent unique expression of our children into thinking and abstracting and memorizing ONLY, in a box, are manifesting as all manner and degree of so-called attention deficits. This will only compound more, and we will become what we make movies about; zombies. What is a zombie really? It is someone who is not present in practical reality, it is someone ‘dead’ to common sense. And does that memory, consume the flesh of the physical body that was the means to absorb the world and express as a physical state of being? Do our so-called fairy tales reveal to us what we are doing as in what we are accepting and allowing?  Can we not see the forest through the trees because we are all products of this separation and mis-use of our absorbent ability? When we have interventions for those already genetically and environmentally cluttered, and existentially placed into a method of practice that continues the lack of structure through a slow motion of  in-form-ation,  do we not see that we are in effect slowing down what was a natural inclination to realize the practice of movement in a physical formation that is what we are?
On another practical front, when we teach compassion, and the benefit of the golden rule we teach in our schools, to give to another as one would give to one’s self, is this not an admission that we have this capacity to with our natural ability to take on form, be able to sense the form of another even in their actions as dimensions of what it means to be focused here? And does this not show how we become the measure of our parents and that this substance is the mechanism to be and do this in practice here? If we use this to practice living in grounded practical ways, what would happen to our overall living with one another? Would we become this golden rule and realize that this is the means to reaching our full potential?

To reground and refocus we are going to need help. We can use what we have externalized to help focus us, reform us, back into a practical measure of living as what we are. We can use technology to refocus us, to rebuild our cognition- our directive information within. We can use the great plasticity of our physical bodies to reform ourselves structurally to walk the process of remeasuring our absorbent fluid self back down to the ground, so that those interventions are no longer necessary by the time the child, the man, reaches a certain age, because the child will begin to realize how this works and be able to self direct and consider all things, taking that which is good and does no harm, because they see directly, because they are living the smallest measure of order, they live the words they know as the placeholders of the information of reality. It is there right in front of us, we are the words we know. The more words a person has had the opportunity and experience to encounter, in variation, the greater the potential success of the child. Words create a structural navigation system, when stable and sound that fluid absorbent mind/self has the means to focus and practice living here. The words are living words. This would be a life of joy as this would be a child who could express their full capacity, that joy of communion with actual real living. You decide. The tools are here.

                We are the measure of our experience and words are placeholders for the measure of our  
                                          experience. We then build a sound mind/cognition.

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