Monday, February 2, 2015

Words are the solution to the Dis-ease of ADHD. Time to build a sound Mind.

Why do we place children in a box, a school room and teach them through pictures? All the while the real object, moving and being the very nature of the form, is directly outside the window of the school room, living in all its glory as that real tree?
I have seen word graphs, obstensively to teach and enable the retention of the meaning of a word. Somehow this is in reverse, because that association building creates all manner of imagery to sort through, from all the picture training, within the meaning of that object as that sound formation as that word.
Would it not make more sense to watch a tree, a real tree and build graphs that map the parts of that tree? Why do we send our children into a room to create all manner of thinking processes that have no direct association to practical physical reality?
If the catch phrase that I hear so often, as people telling me they are ADHD, do we not realize that the very model and manner in what we are doing is the overall cause of our lack of ability to attend to reality, is because we are all in our minds playing a glass bead game of association building, causing a bubble of separation from direct seeing, as we are separate from reality because of a train of associations moving as pictures in our minds, instead of looking directly here, at reality, where we live?
This dis-association is also manifest in what I heard so many teachers say when I was in the school setting, and was said to me by an adult the other day as they learned about me and what my credentials were. The word talent came up. This use of this word is a dis-associative movement from reality, because in saying someone is talented, no recognition with reality is made. Humans learn through repetition, one must walk understanding physically, interacting with reality, with building awareness of how one moves and functions here. This then leads to competence, to capacity, step by step, repetition by repetition, until awareness builds of the space and the movement, and one becoming equal to that to the point where one can then become creative, the critical details, being integrated and then, as the neuron development reveals, paired back as understanding is constructed and refined into simpler movements as connection, so that the whole and the parts are able to spatially be used to direct oneself. It is as though one is building awareness, building the inner integrative map of the qualities of what one endeavors to accomplish. Thus, talent has nothing to do with development. Yes, interest in something can be innate, but as well, this is not to be confused with interest because one has developed some ability having walked the process of becoming aware of something- mostly due to exposure, such as having a parent that directed a child into something having built understanding themselves.
If a teacher stands in a doorway, in a school and says things like, “ she has talent” and another child hears this, then that child feels insecure, because the very use of this word does not tell the real story. This insubstantiates that child. What this really is, is that teacher creating a justification for not having been disciplined enough to walk a process of development, thus in this such a statement is the admission of ignorance. No other way to say this in a so-called nice way, because a cup is a cup. The only solution is to realize this and stop, but first it must be pointed out.
In the social instance, where a woman said this to me, I realized she said this as a distraction, because she was overall overwhelmed with what I was saying and looked to some marker of understanding as the limited spatial awareness of reality that was her as belief allowed some catch basin to place me in that fit her limitation. The mind of limited belief will not want to slow down and reform, it has to do this slowly. And one will defend habits because they are racing so fast, as the statement “ she is so talented” is a testament of and as. So, we come full circle.
And yet, we have books about neurological development, that make it clear that exposure to form, builds neuro pathways, as the mind takes in what is presented to it. Interaction and repetition will build more neuro pathways, and then as the practice acclimates physically, like we are programmed as the measure of our exposure ( think of religion and culture), the neurons pair back in a movement much like a computer, taking processes and “ zip” filing them as one expedites actions learned into smaller forms of information. This is what happens when we learn to drive a car.
If our science understands this process, and we have children coming from all manner of backgrounds of exposure and development, and we place this all into one room in a school, and we teach to associate rather then to see directly, what are we actually building as that inner developmental map building in our children? And can one teacher, or a room with a couple of aids, possibly do this in clear ways with those children? Would this not be a slowing down of this innate ability? Are our children that appear to do well, are they really doing well? Or, are we so immersed in the forest of this overall very limited format that we no longer realize the overall limitation we are within as this? I mean, we have many saying that humans are using only 10 percent of their overall capacity. So, there are those who are aware that what we are doing is actually limiting more than expanding our own awareness. In reality, the solutions are right in front of us, just as that tree is right outside that window.
Words are the perfect structures, they are the perfect pictures, they are the perfect sounds, they are auditory, they are visual, they are structural, they employ all the sense, they build a nice ordered structure within the child. They can be “ zipped filed”, meaning they can as sound forms, be made smaller and ordered, so that a detailed inner directive map can be built that sees the objects of physical reality clearly, to allow qualities to be brought forward, which is the act of critically thinking, critically organizing and evaluating, to then deconstruct with the parts there, to rearrange and thus create, a perfect mind, that is clearly organized. What kind of human would such build? A person who could direct themselves, answer and ask questions, solve problems and stand in certainty, meaning a person with great self esteem and understanding of what it means to learn, realizing their innate capacity to order and thus live life to the fullest. Is this not what we want for our children?
I reach out to those parents who understand this, because many of us do, once we have lived some life, we begin to understand that this is what we would have wanted. And, we understand that our children are our greatest assets, and thus, that if we take the time to ensure their development is what enables their utmost potential, then our lives as their parents will be secure, and they will be thankful, just as we would have wanted for ourselves.
Techno Tutor, the tool to organize a world of dis-order, bringing us back to a sound mind, one that can see that tree outside the window and understand with joy, how it is the very expression of life and how self empowering it is to be able to build that understanding ourselves in practical understandable ways.

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