Saturday, February 14, 2015

Words are the perfect structural foundation for building a sound mind.

We learn to do things through spaced repetition. Even our infamous Karate movies reveal this to us. As we “ paint the fence” we integrate the small move and then are able to integrate more in relation to that one small move, which is expanding in awareness. Within this, we also must be careful to not become automatic in our moves, because this can lead to rushing and then mis-takes, leading to insecurity if we do not understand how this works and define ourselves by our mistakes, instead of simply realizing we have lost touch with what we have programmed ourselves to be. If we become automated, then we are allowing a program to exist as us without awareness. It is to say that one’s presence must always cross reference what one is doing, moving through the inner  knowledge base and checking it with the information of practical reality, like placing one’s presence in something, knowing the structure. This is that which can move through the ‘ eye of the needle” and remain constant, becoming small and big, depending on what one is doing. This is in essence the development of creative and critical thinking skills as one being present in full focus. Words are the perfect placeholders for this measure of being present.
If the physical is not programmed clearly, or does not have opportunity to be programmed, as in exposed to anything and everything that is here moving in visibly understandable ways as the physical is right in front of us, then we have human behavior with this inherent great ability, in frustration and lack, unable to see directly, and thus having a memory that is limited, and the voice to match as often the limitations are what is argued because this is the process of the program voicing itself, as that sense tries to understand by placing what is known in front of itself to see it and deconstruct to reconstruct, because the nature of that which can cross reference reality ultimately learns when given the chance.
Within this, that sense, that presence must have exposure to forms, to be able to move as itself in volume - so to speak- to practice changing inner form and building understanding of reality as its memory of life. If this capacity is given a limited and set from of information, and little chance of exposure to more and more forms, then that inner memory, or gps, system, or program, becomes stagnant and limited.
For this reason, evident in educational research, the amount of words a child learns in the first seven years, will determine the amount of flexibility and changeability a child can have, and as such, their obvious ability to take in information in the limited format by design of our schools, and will determine how well they can process knowledge and information - like they already have some measure to change with, some structural ability within developed. A lack of this, leads to greater and greater insecurity. Overall, this development as it exists in our schools, is within the gamut of potential within a human being, extremely limited. We are simply so caught up in the forest of the last 100 or more years, that we no longer see the forest through the trees. Which reveals the diminished conceptual ability overall in our society. Yes, we have products of this teaching our children, though well meaning, overall our conceptual ability in total is in lack.
And yet the answer is right in front of us because of this; when we are exposed to words, we are exposed to form and function, we are exposed to different perspectives, to different knowledge, to different realizations as to how behaviors are within people and the physical things we use to live.
So, vocabulary is structural development. We know that we learn through repetition, spaced repetition, and we know that exposure enables us to take in new information, and that this expands our awareness because we learn to read the score of practice in a physical world.
I think many of us have been to a graduation where the class valedictorian stands and gives a speech. There are some on  YouTube that are worth watching. These young adults obviously have some command of language and the product of such structural development which is self esteem. They can stand and speak, and even point out to their peers and their teachers the faults of the system. They show the capacity of a human who has somewhat of a clear structure to guide them within to enable them to have the courage to be self honest. They can conceptualize, they can communicate, the are flexible. They have some critical and creative thinking skill development.
Thus, words are the perfect units of measure to build an inner structure that creates a child who can think critically and creatively. and as such speak clearly, which builds self esteem and self honesty; something that is in lack in our present world.
The simplicity of this is so clear that anyone, any parent can become self responsible in the raising of their child, especially since the tools to do so are here.  Within this understanding of the importance of a solid foundation as the words we know, a parent will no longer be at the whim of a system that by design interrupts the natural learning/absorbent mind ability of the child through constant interruption because of scheduling restraints and peer pressure distractions  and lack of family time at home because of both parents working, and presented knowledge and information that is not the whole story and that has no space in the systemic design for practical application. The parent can ensure that the words are placed and structurally aligned within the child to build the means to communicate and process information with ease, to build the assets that is the child, into a person with self confidence and self esteem because they will be able to see directly creating a memory that is flexible and able to change without resistance to new information because the words as the structure will allow communication and a structured reference system to reflect with to think critically and creatively. This is  a quality of character that can withstand the changing world we live in today. Those units as those words, are the perfect structural foundation to bring presence into the many decisions we make that determine the outcome of our lives. This is what we would all want for ourselves, so, to build a structure of words within a person, gives a child, and the parent by extension, the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime; a structure within that can read the score and process information in new and creative ways that solve problems and build a character that focuses directly fulfilling their real potential as life.

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