Sunday, February 23, 2014

Music and the Reading Process

When learning to read music I did not have pictures attached to the notes. The “ a” note was the second space on the graph delineated  as treble clef, and it was a image description of an open string ( for beginners of violin). A cup is a cup. !2 inches is 12 inches.
In learning to read notes, there are no added values, no inferences, the note is caused by pressure on a string and that string being pulled by hair spun on a stick. One can change the intensity of the sound with the bow, add some dimension to the sound of the note by wiggling the hand on the string, which just adds movement in the sound from a lower pitch to a higher pitch. Some would call this adding emotion, but it is only adding another motion. We project emotions and feelings onto this. Thus emotions and feelings are not real, because every expression on an instrument is because of a physical movement. Someone that has put it all together, is stable and steadfast in control of the instrument, is fun to watch and hear, because of the formation. This is playing with the physical, this is the fun. This is structure. I could say here, that the joke is on you.
Now, lets look at words. Words are just like notes, they are a graph, that delineates space and time. They describe movement. If a person does not learn the words, clearly or enough words overall, then they cannot read and process the paraGRAPH. This BEFORE graph of what is here, of what is described.  Without proper word recognition, one cannot read the graph. And if one has accumulated a lot of fear, meaning a lot of self judgements, as emotions about not being able to read, and these inner judgements as self definitions become bigger than the reality of learning to see the simple notes/words as a measure of practical/physical reality, then there are a lot of behaviors to remediate - to refocus. It is to say the practice of correcting a mis-take that lead to a behavior of separation from seeing directly, here. I mean, it is only here, with the text of practical physical reality that we can move ourselves.
By the time I was seventeen I could “ read” many notes at once. I did not have all these pictures added to the notes, so I could conceptualize much faster and produce a sound, a shape, a sound picture that others made sense of, within the way music is created.
Why are we not able to be this with words when this can be done? In all, our children should be working with words just as I had with music.
This can only mean that our words are not clear, and/or, of limited amount. And this can only mean, that our words need to be many and of clear meaning, where the meaning relates to space and time, to practical physical reality so we can see directly, and as such direct ourselves in common sense of what moves us here, which is a physical person on a physical planet.
Emotions are energy, they are not a stable, solid, direct seeing. I mean, just look when someone is certain and able, they are calm, they are directive. So, in effect, because all children speak and process language to some degree, there is no reason, none, that a child cannot process words, because the human body is an instrument, built to emit sound formations that are basically the human body reflecting the graph as the form as the actual real physical world, this which is used to move ourselves.
You see, it is no different than playing a violin. It is when the opportunity to play and learn and make mis-takes is not given that the child cannot learn to play. And as this, a school cannot do this alone. It takes the parents and the support of the community. So what ever behaviors come up in a child that are not directive, the parent cannot blame anyone, and the parent cannot expect one teacher, or two, in a room full of the varying degrees of this disconnect, to solve the problem. And as the system stands, that is an accumulation of values of belief in a good and a bad, instead of practical common sense, wanting the system to change and take care of the problem is not a state of being that is directive and moving in practical reality, which is the point from which the separation from being aware and seeing directly began in the first place. 
Because we have separated from common sense, and have externalized our ability to sense into gadgets/machines, ignoring our own mechanism as our human instrument, we can use technology to refocus ourselves with our natural ability of sensing the physical world, to build a structure within as the words we know, which is a process of building a focus directly on the detail of practical formation and function of what we move as, as physical beings, to balance out the reactive emotions and feelings of judgement - the negative reprimand and the positive reinforcement, the judgements of good and bad that have become stagnant self definitions - to be able to read a para-graph as words that delineate how we move in a physical reality.
We all have pasts, where we allowed an emotional value to direct us, and as this we have experience first hand how our emotions are based on beliefs, or opinions that did not take/ had not time, to investigate how things actually work. And we have had to realize that we wasted so much time within a limited belief, one that was really unnecessary to have been lived. If our children can read, and process words within what is a very natural capacity to do so, then they will function as they are meant to function, to see directly and as such be self directive, stable and self responsible. This, overall, is our responsibility.
Check out Techno-Tutor, ( links on the side) it is a cost effective and simple way to clean this all up. Clean up and build an inner structure as the words we know, to allow our children to become the best they can be. After all, this is what we would have wanted for ourselves. TIme to give as you would like to receive.

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