Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Focus and stability on the concrete world. The missing link in education.

Focus and stability on the concrete world.

In working with two autistic children I notice that they can read many words, but they cannot define them. They can even read the definitions, pretty complex ones at that.
They are automatic about this, but cannot place this into any context. Generating a meaning in space time means being equal in awareness of space time. It means referencing space and time.
Which begs the question as to what is happening with children, no matter what degree of ability to process knowledge and information, as to being equal to the context of physical space and time.
Learning something new takes some time. In order to get the physical body acclimated to something new, a process has to be walked before that new thing is understood by the person, It means that the person has become so equal in understanding that they can then move in space time with ease. If we have an idea about the outcome without an awareness of what it means to learn something, in detail, then the idea is explained over and over again but the context within reaching understanding as a process is not understood.
Learning to read a bunch of words, does not necessarily mean understanding of the words, to the point where the words are able to be generated.. The understanding must have a reference. If that reference is of idea only, then it has no substance. The only real substance, is physical space time. So, how can a child that is taught by idealisms have any stability in word generation if there is not real reference point? A reference point as idea, which is the abstraction, is this idea only, lacking any reference in application. And so, a capable inner abstraction ability is pointless if there is no reference in application. And then, only a chaos of no ability to generate any substantial meaning exists.
Within this, a child must be reprogrammed - so to speak. Each word must be abstractly placed, with a solid reference to what that word means in application in space time. And, all reference to ideals only must be removed. This is to say, the child must be grounded back into physical reality.

So, the child must refocus each word into the abstract system of the mind, without any idealisms, and then that abstraction as a word must be defined in reference to space and time, meaning each word must be defined in reference to what is means within a physical environment. This is known, because knowledge and information without application is pointless. And, as I have noticed with children, they can read all these words but they lack any ability to define them, and thus any ability to generate them because they have nothing to reference them to but idealisms.

I mean, bringing up a definition to a word, such as “ superman” has no reference to reality, because there is no such thing as a superman but as an ideal.  That idea can appear to be pretty, but it really has no substance in application. A child defined “ captain” as superman, which is a super-idealism that does not explain what and how a captain becomes a leader. “Superman” is a picture definition not a living definition of the word with any space time reference. A “ captain” is  a person who has accumulated some practical experience and is them able to be a leader and as such can impart awareness to others. This removes all metaphysical mystic and grounds the child in many ways that gives awareness of development, and process, and how physical reality is not something to fear, but to understand, and that this is a natural ability that follows a process. This, in turns leads to a stable child that can begin to generate definitions to words as a practical application.

So, instead of the movement in the abstract from captain to superman to understanding ( that is a very slow process of progress for the child which costs the adult time and money and creates all kinds of instability that also takes time to correct)  one can refocus the child from their natural ability to take in abstractions,  and then directly place a meaning that is clear in practical application. And thus, build a direct memory, where the word is a place holder that is directly related to a practical understanding, and as such the meaning has a reference that has a substance in relation to space and time.

The redirection into this, would move very slowly at first, but once enough movement with this practice of direct abstraction of a word, with the practice of reference to space and time, is modeled, the awareness of practical application would grow exponentially and become easier once the initial slow change of turning the direction of the child happened. That point of change, always appears to be slow, but just imagine turning a boat from one direction to another, that point of turning appears as a non- movement, and yet it is a movement.

Here, look at the behaviors of our autistic children and what do you see? 

And yes, it is very simple. 

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