Thursday, June 12, 2014

Words are a collectively accepted " code." Those who know the " code' have access to self development.

If we are given the chance to look at something and aspects of what we are looking at are pointed out, then humans have the capacity to see.
Language, is really something secondary to the thing being looked at. One could say that language, as words, are a collectively accepted code to represent a thing.
As such, people who have no access to the “ code” or, are limited in their exposure and practice with the “ code” will not understand when another speaks the “ code.”
What does this tell us about language that humans speak?
This tells is, that unless you learn the code, you do not have access in instances where the “ code” is the means of communication about something without the form of the thing being discussed.
Humans believe that they are special because they know this “ code” that , for example, animals do not know. And yet, animals, can travel great distances, and so can birds, and so can other animals.
But, what do we use our words to describe? This physical world we exist within, and the metaphysical world of our emotions and feelings? Our inner states of being, while we are in our physical bodies?
How did we accept that just because someone knows more of the words to label this physical world and how is moves, and how we are within ourselves, to mean that another does not experience the same exterior sensations and interior sensations, that we word users do. Does being able to give an abstract sound that reveals nothing about what it is used to describe - unless one learns this-  mean that those lacking the “ code” do not experience the same? I mean, it can’t, someone who lacks the “ code” on this physical planet, does not mean that they do not feel hot and cold, hungry and in confusion when say, for example,  they see their labor producing something, and then being taken away, and yet they have nothing in return. Even someone like this would realize that this makes no sense.
I can hear so many saying, “ oh, no!, words have meaning!” Words have a meaning we collectively accept, otherwise, they are just a sound coming out of someone’s mouth. Nothing else. Words as a sound blowing in the wind, as humans use them, have no meaning at all. 
Remember being a child, and feeling really frustrated?  It was almost like being trapped, like being within yourself and not being able to speak, and being talked at, and it all is just utter confusion. Later this is forgotten, and we join the adult world, we learn the words and we accept that they have meaning, but we forget why we accepted these words, as we began to match them. Often only being told we did not understand. Like we were supposed to “ know” the meaning behind the words, and what happened was confusion, leading to self definitions of inferiority. And then, believing it is us, individually, when it is the individual exposure and practice and knowledge as our abstract mind memory as the accumulation of the “ code” as the words we know. If we do not know the words, and we accumulate an experience of lack, then this becomes what we believe ourselves to be, when it is not what we are, as our ability, it is our experience, our past.
So, children who do not do well in school, are really those who are lacking in understanding the words, and or, having clear definitions of the code of words, or, know many words and become frustrated in sitting and waiting for the children who did not have the opportunity to learn the code, learn the code. Either way, punishing a child for not knowing the code, or for being bored because sitting in a chair while things are moving very slowly around one, where there is no chance to direct oneself within learning about this physical world and how it works, is really a crime. This is insane. I can understand why a group of children in a school are so terrified. I can understand why they sit there and stare at you, because they realize if they don’t learn the code, then they are going to be punished, and no one likes to be punished. There is no learning in suffering, it is, plain and simple, suffering. THere is no self directive ability in physical pain when inflicted by an adult, there is only pain. And telling a child that they are unable, in any way, is an adult accepting that words have a value that is in and of itself, real, having forgotten that words are simply sounds collectively accepted to represent descriptions of this world.
So, you see, if the children do not know the words, then they cannot participate, and if they have accumulated  a self judgement of being a person who is lacking, then they want to hide this. Through elementary school and into middle school, they are so frustrated, the ones who don;t have a large vocabulary, and they keep trying again and again, and get frustrated and begin to push back, give up and get themselves into things that are not good for them, and do not give them the means to reach their full potential. How many of us have accepted less than what we really wanted? And how many of us later in life realize that is was not that difficult, we simply needed to walk building an understanding, and that this was learning the words, learning the means of how humans have accepted an abstract mode of communication, as the words we use to describe this world.
If you are interested in building your inner “ soft ware” of words, so that your inner communication skills are clear, so that you know the units of measure as how humans communicate what is here and how we feel, check out Techno-Tutor. It is fast, efficient and self empowering. Use your natural learning ability to pick up details, to take in forms, and build a foundation of words to be able to express yourself and build self trust so you never have to accept less than you really are and you never have to fear standing up and speaking. Become the best you can be. It is your birth right.
I mean, imagine a school, where all the children know their words.

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