Monday, May 26, 2014

Empowering Parents to Build the Abstract Measure of Children

Children develop an abstract of the actual physical world that becomes a working memory by the time they enter school. This is why, traditionally, children enter a more “ structured” schooling system at the age of seven.  This working memory, is an abstract of all their experiences in the first seven years.
Another way of looking at the abstract, as a concrete memory, is to realize that the memory can only be a measure of reality, because this is what is seen directly. This is why children put everything in their mouth, because they are measuring everything. They sense the texture of things, how hard, how soft, learning density, learning any quality a physical object of substance can have. Within this, a belief of one aspect being more than another about quality as density/texture/shine/opacity etc. is really a value judgement. In certain situations one quality is more efficient depending on qualities needed. So, within a given context, one quality is more needed than another, but one is not better than another. And, a child does not understand these things, they must be given the opportunity to understand, directly and overall. An understanding based on knowledge and information alone, is not enough. And, even here, an understanding of consequences within all aspects of material used, even in an economic use of resources must be learned. To not do so, is to limit the child, who then becomes an adult who makes choices that are not considerate of life on this planet. And, I have to say, that if 14 year old children can invent things that solve problems from practices done by adults that did not consider the consequences of their actions because they were unaware of all aspects, then human beings are very capable of understanding the consequences of their actions in relation to existence.
But, if one comes from a background where this did not happen, and that memory of experience is limited within a development that was made aware of consequences on many levels, it would be difficult to understand this, and it would more than likely be considered impossible. Here, the extremes of development are then given a value, most often called talent, but it is really? It is simply, development.  It is using the sensing of the child and building a human who uses an abstract mind that is built having the exposure to many qualities within the physical world - on which that abstract memory that is the image of the physical world, was built.
Now, if a memory has the exposure of a lot of television, and economic stress, that child has little exposure and thus little development. Then they are placed in a school that attempts to build understanding through knowledge and information only. So, a child is asked to not only understand what is their working memory, but also, re-sort this and build a map without any context. This is a very very very slow process, one in which that child would become extremely frustrated and reactive, because it would be tedious to sit in a classroom for six hours only fixing an abstract imagination map without any context, as direct seeing and multi-sensory development. I would have to say, it is not only extremely difficult for the child, but near to impossible. Here, to label such a child as incapable is really criminal, because it is not the child, it is the nature of the system.
So, we have teachers, that also become stressed within this context. They cannot clean up an abstract of the physical, different in each child, and rebuild a new abstract mind, for each child, The very form of the classroom, with the curriculum demands, does not give the space and time. And the financing of a school, especially a public school, does not include extensive one on one interaction. This kind of interaction is very very expensive for taxpayers. A public school was never meant to carry out such a task. So, overall, it is the responsibility of the parents, it is what being a parent means. The school are there to help with this, but that is all, they support and aid the development of the child, but they simply cannot ensure that every abstract of reality being built as the mental map of the child is clear. And, as I said earlier, many of us are also a product of not having a really clear understanding of all consequences of our actions, had we then there would be no harm being done to any child anywhere on this planet. If a child can learn to play a romantic concerto on an instrument by the time they are seven, then this reveals the capacity of a human when given the structure and opportunity for development. And, television does not build a self directive human being, it builds a human that has all the measure of what is promoted. One example is sexuality. it is known that when sexuality is pushed at a young age this is what the child becomes the measure of, at the exclusion of other developments. This is not something to be allowed to be more than so many other practical aspects of interaction with physical reality. Our most enjoyable relationships are ones where we get to know all aspects of another human being, because this helps us to understand all qualities of ourselves , and develops our ability to see the physical world directly and participate in the multi-sensory abundance of what makes up this physical world. Which, in turn is how a world without children in lack, would become a world where adults live full lives, and not ones in suppression which is what a life of prostitution is for a human being capable of so much more. And it all has to do with what is developed in the child, as a clear abstract of practical physical reality.
Within all of this, why are we building values in children at a young age, where we only talk about friendship? Why are we not teaching our children that understanding the physical world in ways that do no harm to the actual physical world is done through understanding the physical world? Why not teach in ways  that give children direct access to the qualities of the physical world instead of only knowledge and information? Why is an abstract taught based on being “ nice” only , like it is taking a good and elongating it in space and time with stories in a classroom that gives little direct access and specific quality of physical reality teaching? And would this not slow down the child, because being nice is made huge, and the practical is given little space and time? This makes what is the measure as what we are doing in the classroom a difficult thing to point out, because the teacher who wants their salary, fears change, and so with the administrator as well, so the elongated measure that is a “ good” cannot really be disputed, yet if one has a more conceptual ability to look at the measure of all things, then this rendition of space and time through elongation, can be seen as a limitation that ends up creating a human being that is extremely lacking in common sense but able to smile sweetly and appear to be a “ good person.” This, overall, is a form of development that is criminal for humanity and the physical world that is the means of each of us to exist. Is this development the very cause of each of our  children becoming adults who smile nicely, yet have no real measure of reality, and then become teachers that really have no common sense development but are very good at teaching the measure of what they are which is to appear to be good at the expense of anything else? And we wonder why our recent graduates have no real practical ability and do not know how to work efficiently because they have never learned to use the ability of the imagination to create and build an abstract that can be mutable and flexible and mold itself conceptually within a direct context and thereby solve problems and as such be stewards of this earth considering all consequences of their actions, actually living a full life , using their sensory ability fully.
The real joy for a child, is to be able to understand multi dimensions as the qualities that are what is the composition of the physical world. It is the understanding that is the reward, thus no prizes really need be given, and all reprimand is the elongation of a mis-take, and not what is a corrective measure. An understanding as a measure of how the physical world works is needed to be walked again as this gives the child the opportunity to look/sense/measure how the physical works. There really is nothing else but this action with all children.
This is teaching a child to read. This is teaching a child to process the information that is the physical world. This is teaching the child that they are building an inner abstract of practical reality, and that they can as a sensory machine, interact and connect and as such, participate in life. This is what the child wants, and yet cannot voice, this is what each parent wants because this is what we would all want for ourselves.
This begins with words, because words are the units of measure as how humans communicate, as this enables a child to explain their abstract of physical reality. As humans the words we know must be many and must have a clear meaning as a movement and an expression. When this is built then words on a page, or on the internet, can be understood. Then, decisions based on an abstract imagination, as what the mind is, have a more stable conception of reality. And, here to realize that an abstract is not actual reality, thus cross reference is always a good policy. We need only look at what has been created as the present structure of men, to see, that our abstract minds are not equal in measure to practical reality, and that this is the way to begin to solve the problems of lack in so many children.
Given that the present system exists as it does, there is a solution to rebuild the abstract of the child, through ensuring that the words are many and of clear measure. This is the Vocabulary Builder of Techno-Tutor. Because of the present structure, busy and stressed parents can rebuild, and or build from the beginning ( 18 months) an abstract as the words that are the unit of measure of practical reality,  an abstract of concrete reality that becomes the directive of the child to process information with ease. This builds a child that has self trust, confidence and self esteem because their abstract is of equal measure to practical reality. The VB is extremely cost effective, and extremely efficient. If we build an inner map, as the concrete mind that is an abstract of practical reality, then we as parents, and educators have developed a child that can read with ease, and as such process information with a greater conceptual ability, eliminating risks that lead to consequences of harm to ourselves and the physical world in which we all live.
I would suggest to investigate the Vocabulary Builder of Techno-Tutor to empower yourself as a parent,  understanding that you can build a child that is confident, has self esteem and a directive capacity that is stable and functional, which can only lead to a child that is very successful in their professions and relationships.

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