Wednesday, May 7, 2014

If our children do not understand the ordinary, how can they become extraordinary?

I remember back in my teens, that a famous violin teacher said that American children did not have the discipline to learn the violin any longer.
If I look at this, I realize that our American children no longer have the ability to slow down and direct themselves with any patience and sense of space and time, here. Spatial ability is simply to be aware of space, which means to see directly.
We see this in our behaviors, and a growing lack of common sense in simple ordinary things.
This means, if I take what I just said, and look at it more closely, that our children have no ability to pay attention to simple ordinary things, and it is walking the ordinary, the order of being a human being on a physical planet, that develops common sense, and as such, the ability to function and reason with self responsibility.
If our children no longer have the patience to learn a musical instrument, how can they learn to be ordinary, meaning give order to things, because it is giving order to things, that develops critical thinking. Within having critical thinking, one looks at the order of here, of what we are as how we exist, and thinks about what is here in divergent ways, in alternative ways, and then comes up with new ways of doing things, with new ways of ordering things. This is what leads to efficiency, and discovery. But if we do not have a sense of the ordinary, then we lose common sense.
I have to then look at the media that has come to be a part of our lives since the advent of television, In all common sense, being ordinary here, myself, what television impulses is excitement, and flashing lights and imagination, as being a lawyer, or a doctor, or a superman, or a criminal. If this becomes the dreams and imagery of the child, the ORDER of the child, then is it any wonder that American children have lost touch with the ordinary? No. And so, such a simple thing,  answers the question as to why American children are falling in the global ranks of development in terms of levels reached in education.
And now, we have teachers who are so concerned with “ data” collection, who themselves are a product of the aforementioned process of disconnect from the ordinary, that it is no wonder that teachers cannot solve the disconnect from the ordinary in our children, because they themselves have lost sense of the ordinary. I mean, anyone who accepts collecting data for some national machine, where that collection of data becomes a distraction within the process of teaching, a skill that really demands absolute focus on the movement of interaction with the children, just as playing the violin must have absolute focus, means that the teachers themselves have really lost a sense of the ability to focus on the ordinary. And remember, the ordinary means to be present within the order of being here, and what it means to move here, measure here, as the physical. I mean this is the only way one learns to play the violin. if I had to be  focused on collecting data, about every measure to what I was doing, and place this  data onto a graph, I would not be able to perform.
This actually, the whole scenario, is a limitation unrealized within this situation. We have teachers who themselves have no sense of the ordinary, because they are a product of the loss of this that has accumulated with each generation measurable in the declining development figures for American children, and we have children that have been impulsed with pictorial imagery that imparts no sense of space and time in the ordinary sense of what it means to exist in space and time as human beings trying to work together and develop what is a curriculum, that in itself is imparted as knowledge and information without any practical application. And our children no longer have the ability to apply in practical ways. I wonder why? How can we expect them to be able to ably with any degree of mastery, when they have never had the opportunity, and those educating them have not had this either.
So, we can begin to see the problem, What we are as mind, is the only thing that exists, and so one picture, as mind, is trying to teach another picture as mind. So, there is no development, to see directly here as neither the teacher or the student has any background of direct interaction, and so, no real sense of the ordinary. And the ordinary, is practical physical reality, because this is where we direct ourselves.
Is it that ADHD is being  “ better diagnosed” or is it that in the last twenty years, the disconnect from the ordinary, has accumulated to the extent that the “ pollution” of compound imagery has created measures of degrees of understanding that are of ambiguous fantasy as pictures that have no sense of the practical and are different in each and every person, to the point where we cannot seem to teach our children  because we cannot teach another an order when there is no ordinary structure within the child, to build any measure of real understanding and common sense.
It really is no wonder that American children cannot play the violin, they are very removed from any sense of reality, and as such lack an ability for critical thinking.
Within this, it is known that the study of music develops critical reasoning ability, and many corporations like to hire, as I have read in the past, people who have studied music, because they have a greater ability to manage, to order things in ways that are productive. So, again, the answer is right in front of us, that understanding the ordinary, leads to having a common sense of reality, that gives the order within to be able to spatially organize the physical reality in which we all exist.
Research also tells us, that vocabulary is an indicator of success overall. Vocabulary is the structure, the measure, of the ordinary, it is the units of description of the tiniest aspects of this physical world. It is not a picture show with bright lights and melodramatic music, it is what is learned to give a sense of the ordinary, as the physical apparatus that gives us the form to live, here.
We also understand, that a child’s first seven years is when the foundation is built. So, if the foundation takes seven years to build, then would it not take another seven years to clean up, to bring back down into what should have been done in the first place, which is to have a sense of the ordinary, to then have the capacity to stand as a responsible adult who can order things in ways that manage this world to move in efficient and functional, productive ways?
And, are we adults doing this? Obviously we are not, or ADD and ADHD would not exist. So, we adults can see, that we are a product of this more intense level of inability to sense the ordinary.
No matter how many new ways of teaching we can come up with, if the children to not knows their words, if they have no measure of the ordinary, they are not going to be able to become critical thinkers who solve problems. And if they cannot solve problems, then they will lose self trust, self esteem and self responsibility. And these children become the adults that create the fabric of society and as we can see, if there is no common sense development, the society will not have much common sense. Just look, the act of blaming the consequences of this, as blaming the child for an absence of common sense, is in itself a lack of responsibility, which means a lack of a sense of the ordinary.
And honestly, if you react to this,  it is because you have lost a sense of the ordinary.
In music, one learns the notes, without pictures, without associations that supposedly help one to remember. One simply learns that an “ a” is an ‘a.” Once this is built, the music can be read for what it is, and there is no associative value, so the processing of the script can happen very fast, with clarity. It is no different with words. If the words are many, and the meaning clear, without associations, then when a child reads a script, or hears the words of another, they can then address what is described without having to process through associations as the pictures, that can also hold relative values, which, as I said, slow down what is intrinsically a natural ability to sense the ordinary.
If the foundation of the child is clear, then the child develops understanding, self trust, self esteem and becomes a responsible adult.  There would be great joy for the child and the adult who had this developed capacity, because the interaction of a community of men who can communicate with ease and solve problems and create new ways of seeing and doing, is what life is really all about.
Techno Tutor is about cleaning up the separation from the ordinary that has happened over time through building a foundation that is equal in measure to the ordinary: the natural order of here where we move ourselves as men. At this point in time, technology can do this much faster then all of us who are a product of this gradual separation from a direct seeing measure of the ordinary.
Considering what people pay to ensure that their children have a common sense measure of the ordinary, as the words that are the structure for communication of the ordinary, Techno Tutor is an extremely cost effective tool to get this done.
When children, who so long to be able to communicate and participate in society, the change is immediate. They become calmer, develop self esteem, self confidence and self responsibility. Such traits naturally lead to a more stable child, who has what it takes to become successful. Do not take my word for this, research what is in every measure an indicator of success, vocabulary. We are the words we know, and the words we know must have clear meanings, unpolluted with ambiguous associations.

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