Friday, July 11, 2014

The Mind, the Mirror of our Measure. Building the Character of the child.

One of the things that happened to me with music was the ability to generate musical melody on my own. Meaning, even though I knew the notes, I did not practice or use them in my own generation. What do I mean by this specifically?

How I learned notes was in scales and arpeggios, learning each measure from the beginning, without additional pictures, which many believe to be an aid. But this clutters association and is not a direct measure, so it slows down direct seeing. So, I could read music very fast but I had little time to generate my own structures of melody because all I did was read music.

Then, when I said to myself, why don’t musicians generate their own music, why do we always play what someone else wrote? We believe in music written by others as being something beyond what we could generate, the masters, but how did they master this? They began by generating their own music, having understood the patterns of music. But then, this is another limitation that slows us down, a touted belief system that is repeated until it becomes a truth, and then one’s life is spent in the belief  realized within time after the early developmental years that determine one’s job placement and earning ability.

We spend so much time memorizing knowledge and information that we regurgitate what is placed before us instead of generating with the units of measure, in common sense, meaning actually realizing the smallest of measure as the words an how they actually relate to practical movement in reality, as we live in a world that is a physical world. 

If we could see words in the context of the physical, we would have a greater ability to generate and to see consequence, thereby becoming more stable within our self direction and more aware of misinformation and cognitive dissonance. When we follow, we become busy with following and are not allowing an ability to critically think, and as such be directive in being constructively critical to the point where we see immediate solutions. And by this I mean, being in balance, which is to maintain a common sense that does not harm, that does not resist but follows through as this is what we would want for ourselves. If we follow, we become myopic and miss directing ourselves because no one can see  clearly what is in front of us as individuals. So the very idea of following in many instances, eliminates what is directly around self leading to decisions that have detrimental consequences. Following is not “ bad” but when unbalanced consumes our time, inhibits pattern recognition. It is like this process of seeing the whole and the parts is denied in following only, and it is only once one has lived a life that the patterns begin to emerge. Yet, this should be the means to the end from the beginning. 

A real education develops the ability to see the parts and the whole, of which words are the perfect tool, to realize our cognitive maps are a signifier of our understanding of practical reality and not something to program in the order of a text book accepted by a federal government offering funding for salaries in a system where our politicians are being bought by companies who pay little in royalties and taxes and hide in transnational corporations that enable them to accumulate wealth that then buys an order in their self interest to maintain wealth accumulation. But in the end, this movement is the same movement each is doing within in wanting to justify a mental construction that lacks an ability to see the parts and the whole because that map is believed to be more real than practical reality. And we wonder why our children are becoming increasingly unable to function in practical ways. It is because we are not equal to common sense of practical reality, which is where we live our lives. In some ways it is to ask ourselves what came first, the corporation or the metaphysical system that is the mind and what it is the consequence of and as?

That schools are not teaching vocabulary as the main subject, means that we are not giving our children the proper measure within to direct themselves. Words are the notes of measure for practical reality, they allow us to organize and see patterns and realize space and time. If we are taught ideas and values, before the units of measure, especially in a world where our schools move as knowledge and information without practical application, then our children have no balance here, they are guided by ideological measure, value measure, which gives them no stability, no real structure. What reveals this to us is the accumulating behaviors of dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autism, all behaviors of an inability to be self directive in effective ways that enable the expression of that child to reach its full potential. And now, there are systems that support the lack, and these systems create jobs, and those within these jobs do not want to lose their jobs. So, do they want solutions that eliminate the accumulating separation from common sense? It is not to become angry, it is to realize they are afraid.

The simple solution is right here in front of us.  Memories as ideas, beliefs and opinions, the abstract cognitive map creating this separation, becomes concrete and then it becomes very difficult and very very slow to reach through this embedded separation. And the time spent correcting this consumes the life of the child, and their potential is never reached. This can no longer be allowed.

Our words are a focusing tool, they direct us to see the practical measure of this physical reality in which we move. When our words are clear, they flow with the same ease as the recall of our names. Each and every word must become as clear as our names. This can be done. If we can exist as this as our names, then we can exist as this with all words. This exception shows the real rule. 

Each and every parent can take back their power to build the character of their child as the words they know.  Each and every parent can ensure that their child can use words in such a way that the words flow with the same ease as the recall of our names, that each word flows like water, creating a more flexible human being, manifesting as fewer behaviors of resistance. Here, knowledge and information become a picture, overall, of what is here that is where we move and live our lives, regardless of what one believes in terms of one’s own cultural religious beliefs.

In a world where many basic cognitive skills are being made redundant because of technology, it is necessary to develop critical thinking skills in order to have our children enter into the job market and earn a decent wage. This is especially important for parents, as the inner development of our children means stability for us in the future. It is the greatest object we can give ourselves! Are we willing to allow/ hope-for  a school do this for us? That school is not going to be there when your child reaches twenty one, and no manner of blame is going to change the outcome. We are responsible for the character building of our children and the schools are not “ good or bad” they have just, over time, lost sight of, as have we, the importance of words and how words are the building blocks of success that focus us to a practical measure  of reality where we have a clear directive capacity in common sense of practical reality.  What we resist persists, and what we resist is simply not having the full story, the full measure of practical reality of which words are the perfect filing system or placement holder of measure.

We decide, and we have the tools to rebuild our abstract maps to be of equal measure to practical reality. Besides, it would be fun to do this, and the stability for the children and ourselves would create a home life that is of joy, as each can communicate and interact in supportive, fluid and effective ways, removing so much discord that is simply an inability to equalize in understanding each one’s unique perspective of this practical world in which we live and exist.

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