Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Personality a Dis-Order of a Natural Common Sense?

All children have  a natural learning ability. All children are born with the ability to measure the world around them. They divide space and time, as focus on parts and wholes, in varying degree. As this they become aware of the space in which they move. This awareness accumulates and they begin to walk, to talk and to think. The measure as the exposure of space becomes the information with which they direct themselves as their measure which is revealed through their actions and their actions become their personality, because what they have focused on is what they are aware of. What they missed, or rejected - as not having focused on enough to understand- is a measure they did not fully incorporate. This becomes expressed as a misunderstanding or a dislike, the action of which we describe as personality;  such as this person likes blue, or yellow, or this person enjoys reading, or this person enjoys working with their hands, or this person is very social, or this person is stoic.

So, personality is a measure of one’s division of space and the qualities of the objects and ideas about objects and their qualities, the practice of which develops a personality from the initial movement of the child, before the memory as an abstract of experience as the measure of reality one is exposed to becomes a concrete directive . It is this concrete directive that is an abstract, that we label as personality. It is the experiential measure of our exposure.

All of this begs the question as to why we have the accumulation of children with problems such as ADD and ADHD, autism and dyslexia? Some say we better diagnose, but the scores of soldiers, before the accumulation of media and repetitive factory type human actions as one’s job, showed a greater measure of understanding of the written word. So, the processes of learning to measure in our schools in the last hundred years have separated us from a more stable personality building, character building in our children. Our education system has become one of divide and conquer, using association and elongation of proofs, creating a busy detail of very small measure, one that is hard to criticize because the parts are not inherently “bad.” 

But this overall is a lack of depth perception, one that blinds the population from realizing that usury is by its very design a pyramid scheme as is personality development- lacking common sense measure.  It is, that the separation from an innate ability to process form and function in practical common sense is an ever expanding gap. Were this gap closed what would exist is an understanding between people as actions of practical support and social stability- which would manifest as characters that have no fear in sharing, no fear in being open, no division into rejecting based on class - all aspects of an egocentric personality dis-order. And realize, class is built with ordering personalities as inner measure into categories of practical ability for survival in self interest alone. None of this makes any sense, and obviously it has been built and we know how it is built, which means it need not be this way. And, it means that we in essence are abusing the natural learning ability of the human, and as we can see, our children are suffering, the life within them is being suppressed through a confinement of awareness into endless details that builds no common sense measure of practical reality. 

Those who may have some awareness of practical reality, which tends to be those who work with their hands, and yet often do not have the secret code as language to speak about their connection to common sense, are the ones who are most abused, which is manifest in how much they are paid in a system where money determines one’s comfortable living standards and lack of stress. The ones who learn the collectively accepted code as the words of label as how humans communicate, and who go into endless detail, using division as a form of measure, and do this on paper, abstractly, they are the ones most in separation from practical physical reality and yet they are paid more than the other. How does this make sense? It is like one is paid more for knowing the code, as words, and understanding how to endlessly divide the measure of them as a sound picture on paper , elongating with inverted proofs in word and number interplay, that are a separation from the starting point as how the child began, which was to measure and divide space, here, and begin to direct themselves with what is common sense directive that came before the abstraction of space into a concrete memory. So, one could say our personalities are our separation from our real expression. And we were told, the solution is to become equal within to what is without.

Now, children are so full of joy when they are young. We all enjoy this. And yet, by the time they are in the third grade, this joy, this open smile begins to fade. Is the burden of personality, when not of a development of equal measure to our practical world,, the response of separation from our natural learning ability - that built the inner abstract as memory. Is the loss of this joy an indicator of a socially accepted and allowed building of a limited understanding of practical reality, of common sense, that stifles and confines the life within? Can we allow this any longer? Can we choose to fear changing this because we want to keep our jobs more than allow life, as that joy, to flourish? There really is no choice here. The only choice is to choose what maintains that joy. And we all know this.

We cannot change the system as it is suddenly. This creates too much chaos. But we can, step by step transform this system, as our ability as our natural learning ability is the perfect movement in its ability to measure our world as space defined by a physical measure to stabilize ourselves, and begin to build personalities that are equal in measure to the common sense of us all, which is this practical physical world - that which the child uses to direct themselves before personality as their abstract measure registration of their world becomes separate - because it has not remained  connected in constant reference to how we live, as we live our lives in a physical way.

Our children must be able to process the way numbers move, and the words humans use to describe the measure as the form of objects, and the movement of this physical objective world. Each must be able to speak in ways that keep each of us grounded and directive in thought, as words, to become actions as our deeds that cross reference reality, as this will allow that joy to remain and flow. Here, it is not the personality of limitation, manifest as furrowed brow, lack of focus, endless out of control behavioral  explosions we see manifesting as the behaviors of autistic children, as the consequence of collective ignorance accumulation,  who no longer have control and simply voice what the collective has allowed. In this our autistic children are a gift, because they are the behavior of our separation, they show us how a accumulated separation from our innate common sense will manifest. They show us the way back to our initial joy, and how we can maintain that joy to live a life that exists in full potential. It is here right in front of us.  We need only slow down, breath, and reconnect to our common sense, our initial ability that was as it showed, which was an expression of great joy and ease.

This is Techno Tutor, it is the way and the means to cut through the personality, and to rebuild the abstract that becomes concrete, to be one of equal and balanced measure, as ensuring that the words are clear and many, and that the number sense is certain and clear. It is to train the eyes, to focus here as the units of measure as the words. Watch the joy and stability of your child, the one you so enjoyed when they were young, or to maintain that joy as they mature. Techno Tutor is like an anchor in a world that has separated step by step by step for generations from its own natural gift of common sense. All of us are in separation, were we not, than ADD and ADHD would not exist, and/or enough of us would be standing in real understanding of these problems of separation. And, reinventing the wheel is time consuming, because that child, here now, is growing, and prevention is the best cure. Why end up spending so much money correcting this separation over time, desperately trying to even this separation out. For a lot less, these problems, this separation can not exist, not build, simply by using a tool to organize and build via words of direct seeing measure as what they are the label of and as, without value judgements but of practical measure,  so that our children are stable, directive, confident, and as such full of joy unburdened by a personality of limitation.

We decide. Techno Tutor. Your aid in a world in separation from common sense.

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