Friday, July 25, 2014

Natural Learning Ability and Cognitive Dis-sonance.

Now if a child has a good memory, which means they have had some opportunity in developing at least some sense that the mind is like a map that one can manipulate and as such have a realization that what is seen as the mind is objective view point that can change, these children are capable of building and deconstructing already because they have had an environment where they had calm and stability to learn this to some degree. Others are in such a stressful environment that there is an imbalance of constant survival around that stress, because a stressed person is so consumed with survival that they more than likely do not have the time to slow down and explain practical reality to a child. Hence the child does not learn to see this, or may over time, but learning time is lost and they fall behind. 

Also, if we look at entertainment, a child can be impulsed with the excitement of entertainment. This is where one defines oneself in relation to a sport, for example, where the measure of one’s awareness revolves around the names of the players, the qualities of the players, and the teams and the announcers, I mean there is endless detail one could build with to be able to talk about sports. In many ways, the process of looking at different dimensions within sports is a cool practice but at the exclusion of practical reality not so cool. It also teaches a child that their value is based on how much they can talk about what ever sport they happen to focus on. There is a “ good” in here, because it teaches to look in some ways, but when this is made more than anything else, it is not so cool because we cannot live on an ability to talk about sports alone.

All of this shows that our children become the measure of their environment. And we all see this because we categorize children already in elementary school into class. And we all do it, some are more objective about it, and others believe it to be etched in stone, and do not realize that this reveals the ability of the child to learn, to take in what is placed before them. It is this taking in, that screams the ability of each human to take in the measure of their world. Thus, there is no excuse that a child does not learn to direct themselves in ways that benefit the whole, this being themselves.

So, a child builds a character that is a product of the measure of their experience. So what the child expresses reveals the measure of their exposure. And since what the child expresses is the measure of their exposure, this measure can change, the gaps filled, balanced out until the child understands that what they are doing in school is becoming the measure of what is taught, and a parent can understand that this is all that is happening. When this is understood then  parents can begin to see that the building of the character of the child is not such a scary thing. The parent is the same, no different, a product of the measure presented.

We understand that a child builds an abstract of their environment in the first years. We understand that a child then begins to use this abstract to direct themselves and that this abstract becomes concrete, because we label children into class, into the measure of their exposure already in elementary school. But, this is accepting that measure and believing that it cannot change, and yet this was built. And, education tells us, interestingly enough not too many years after the industrial revolution was well underway, that a child deconstructs and reconstructs meaning. This in itself in a misnomer, because already we are labeling the mental map as a meaning maker, when it is really a reflection of our understanding, or, our ability to image reality as a measure.

If our inner cognitive map, our construction, is not of the same practical measure as reality, then we cannot direct ourselves without mistakes, because our mis-takes are where we are not considering practical reality. Think of a child learning to walk. Until they have a practical awareness of the space and time of physical reality around them, they cannot direct their bodies properly. It is the same with the school work given.

Hence we cannot blame a child for what they are, we can only walk them, help them to help themselves, to realize that they can change, within giving them the tools to measure and understand that this is what they are doing as their mental abstract cognitive map that helps them to direct in common sense because they are as how they function innately the ability to do this. And, we have to understand that mis-takes are a part of the process. And, that our schools cannot do this alone, because they simply do not have the time to watch every tiny measure in every child. I mean if a teacher could do this, it would mean they had considerable training, and training means time and money, so such a person would more than likely as the present system be very expensive and as such raise the real estate taxes to a very high degree because this is how the system works. If we ask one person to change this, we ourselves have no real measure of practical reality as the present system, and within this, an understanding that it takes a collective understanding to stand as that understanding to create a change. Change happens when many are acting in directive ways that are equal to the measure of practical reality and the accepted measure as the system at present. 

In so many ways, we have become proud of our constructions as belief, as the measure of what we were taught, and we then walk around showing this off, getting caught up in this without realizing that this is what we are doing. This creates a competition in a bubble, and overall this is a separation from practical reality. A separation that breeds insecurity because some can call out names more than others, because they have had more exposure, and then the ones who have little development, cannot compete and believe themselves to lack ability which is so far from what we as humans are capable of. All this insecurity becomes a cognitive dissonance that becomes concrete as a self definition over time, and this becomes the directive of us, one of limitation and confusion and suppression, manifesting as behaviors of frustration and violence. We all pay the price for this, because in protecting ourselves we spend our time in judging the characters of people around us, making sure that we are not associating with these kinds of limited measure that have consequences. And, we are enslaved to this incessant watching because if our attention is on this, then we are lacking in attention directed to our innate common sense, our natural learning  ability to measure the world around us in ways that allow us to consider the total, perceive the total measure of reality, and as such move in ways that are what supports as to be and become our full expressive potential. And this is what we all want. 

Techno Tutor is the tool to clean up cognitive dissonance, our  inner unequal measure of reality, some of which is good. It gives us the structure to turn confusion into a clear form of measure so that we can begin to process what is around us with clarity. One could say that Techno Tutor is the best, the very best, technological tool that has ever existed. Techno Tutor is using how we humans have externalized our abilities because we are so caught up in labeling ONLY, that we have lost awareness of what we are actually doing, having forgotten that our minds are a signifier of our measure of understanding only, and as such not what is practically real. If we want stability, we have to become it. The schools cannot do this, we each must do this, each parent must do this, and the way is here. Empower yourself and your children and as such the world, build characters that have what it takes to withstand the test of time, which is building a cognitive map that is in common sense, a direct seeing, a practiced focus, with practical physical reality, because this is where we actually live our lives, and it is the capacity to live such a life that is the joy.

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