Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Can we begin to see the overarching effects of what is allowed as programming via television on our Children?

What are the effects of television on our world and on our children? Children take in their world, the first seven years having a tradition of being the period before a “ concrete” abstract is developed enough for the child to be somewhat self directive. This age, the age of seven, if when many children begin school, and/or are sent to a boarding school away from their parents.

Some upper classes of people send their children to boarding school at this time, because they realize that they do not have the time, with their busy lives, to ensure that the child is exposed to many aspects of life, and has an environment of careful and focused support in the development of the character of the child as its sole purpose and attention.

The American public school system was set up to offer some structure for the child in a world that was using more and more texts to convey information instead of the old apprenticeship and direct learning one had in a society where so much of one’s needs were  directly provided within one’s immediate environment. In essence, we humans have separated ourselves from practical application within physical reality, and we are seeing children that are the products of generations of this separation going into school and learning knowledge and information only. Obviously, this is not working because our children are becoming less and less practical, and, if they have no real stability as common sense, then what they become is a human impulsed with what is presented to them in word and image only.

So, we have television, which is a machine that uses images and music and spoken words, a focus mechanism as a box of flashing pictures. The images are of people all dressed up playing roles of present stories and past with aspects of reality manipulated, meaning some characteristics brought forward and others left unnoted, so a child now has no sense of the past and no direct, or very very little direct interaction with practical physical reality, is seeing images of many historical time periods for which there is little practical context in reality developed. We cannot really call children dumb, they simply have had no to little practical exposure, and what exposure they have has not been clarified, or is part of a story, or perhaps as a historical study incorrect. 

And, also, why do we not see that so much of this actual living scenario is the direct cause of the growing numbers of our children unable to process information with any common sense, or even be able to see fallacies in our present system that allowed such to develop in the first place? The adults in our world, are products of this period of generation of images instead of direct access to practical reality as well- a slow transition done over time, where the forest is slowly hidden by the trees. Honestly, if I have another person say that my ability to play the violin is talent, I am no longer going to try and couch this in “ sweet” terms, I am going to say point blank, it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with talent and everything to do with learning to walk, it is a process where one “ walks” the steps until the awareness of the space is measured enough that one can move with and as what it means in practical measurable reality. Imagine doing such in imagination only? Can a fantasy, as knowledge and information only ever really direct or does it lead one to believe that the fantasy is more real than the physical reality?

If our children are fed imagery on a television screen that is what they use as reference, that is their information, their in-form-ation, how can any real depth perception as what common sense is, develop? Television is not showing, giving, teaching a common sense measure of reality. And yet the mechanism of its focus is influencing our children. One situation comedy that talks about talent, is already the impulsing of a lie by omission, forgetting that the human falls many times before they learn to walk, revealing that learning is a process that involves physical application and not only knowledge and information shot our from a box in a system where the elephant in the room are many products that are quickly becoming well understood to not be what is best for our health and subsidized within economy being used to suppress through limited access hidden  within a paradigm that we have free choice. The words presented do not match the actual limiting structural consequences.

And yet, the television is a record of how the human takes in what is placed before them. We are like computers, what goes in is what comes out. Also, images can have a thousand words, meaning many many associations in any context. A child from one part of town can remember, as memory, as that abstract-made-concrete-by-seven-mind, a completely different set of associations than another child, and as such take in a completely different meaning causing confusion leading to a sense of not being understood, developing a sense of inner lack and angry uncertainty, in other words, confusion. Here, there are only more pictures,  with more associations to reference on top of this already developing dis-clarity, or lack of direct seeing. Would this not lead to children not having the ability to express themselves? A lack of  sustainable structure within caused through a chaos of jumbled association divorced from practical reality, creating a suppression of an innate ability to learn to walk, as walking is a multi dimensional task to learn, which in and of itself shows that a child can learn in a very short period of time many many different moving parts, and direct these parts, showing a great capacity to be a self directive human being. And here, to note, that if one says they want research on this, you are a product of the growing separation from an ability to direct in common sense in reality. There is so much research and none of it is solving problems, and yet, we know from our past that Americans, and native peoples managed to take care of themselves as their world. It is not to say the some technology is bad, it can be used to aid in closing through reversing the ever widening gap of separation from an innate ability in humans to be creative and careful in effective ways with practical reality.

This is Techno- Tutor, bringing our children back into common sense through the measure of words, as words are a collectively accepted direct relation to physical reality, as each unit of measure within describing our practical world, enabling the child to direct their focus and  structure the world around them practically. Here, the abstract can become concrete as words that are units of measure of what is real, physically real, so that the child has common sense, and as such a critical thinking skill that gives a directive capacity in this world that is a physical world as where that child actually lives their life as adults.

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