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What is memory and how does it effect the natural learning ability of the child? What are cognitive skills?

I came across an interesting analogy the other day.

We understand that a thought need not define who we are. The practice of mindfulness conveys this. This is also a part of the new age belief that changing one’s inner measure/data/belief into a more positive phrase can change one’s DNA. Overall, this would mean that we place information in our DNA, we become the information that is us. What we are exposed to is what we become. We can understand that our likes and dislikes are a signifier of our exposure. We understand as parents that we understand this because we sense the measure of children in that we pick and choose children for our children to associate with. We are, in essence, walking machines of assessing data/measure/information. We choose children that have a measure we are familiar with, or that we believe will raise our children into being more aware. We send our children to private schools in the hopes that their measure will allow them to solve problems, to get jobs that support them. 

We realize this in how the children sort themselves in various ways through school. Especially noticeable in the third grade, where there appears to be a reformation between friends and groups.  There is a change, as from the past, information has accumulated to the degree that new associations are made. This is not a bad in itself, it is the measure of information allowed. It is to say it is not what someone says, it is how it is said.  Is there an idea that another is no longer enough? Or, is there an understanding of how this works, and a respect for the process, to then move in ways that have no rejection of another?

Thus, our thoughts are a reflection of our measure, which is our exposure.

We understand that computers, when the cookies accumulate, more pop-ups come up. Our computers start to move more slowly because the memory is cluttered.  The more sites we visit the more those pop ups clutter the memory.  If we practice a measure, as a belief, about what we are, that pop-up begins to spin into a personality. This will be the thought that comes up.  If this thought is composed of words and/or pictures, we can know what we have accepted as a belief about ourselves, and because this is coming up in our conscious mind, we can believe that it is real. In effect this is a measure, a piece of data about something, based on an experience, it is not what is real. It is hard to change this in a person when they are running in their minds as this measure. What can happen, is that the words of this thought can move in associative ways because one is operating in one’s memory as experience having not sorted it out for what it is. When any information is read, these thoughts come up, slowing down the processing speed of the child or adult.  The words themselves were learned in the context of repetition and limitation  which builds an entity that becomes an emotional polarity, which is a pull into an idea that pops up. One must rebuild the memory. The words must be learned without triggering the past experiences. Humpty Dumpty can become un-scattered in value judgements based on past experiences.  

We can understand this when we have to slow down and read, or listen to another person. If it is hard to take in the measure of the information, and apply it, or regenerate it to assess it, we are having to change an inner movement that has become automated and habituated to such a degree that that segue into the new form, as a measure or data, is very difficult. It can feel like it is impossible. With practice we can change this. Unfortunately, most adults are too busy, thus there is not enough time in the way we have scheduled this world to allow us to do this. We can use technology to be the practice in changing our inner ‘ presence’ so that we can restore this ability to take in information and realize how we can rapidly learn instead of getting stuck in one inner measure of limited values.

This ability to understand form, is our natural ability. Yet, if we allow our memories- that work like our computers do - to become stagnant in a form of information, we forget this ability to change within. We become divided from our real ability! This that is a natural ability to construct and deconstruct and reconstruct information. In this, one of the pillars of reading development is to become critically literate. Being critically literate means utilizing this ability to change, moving information with ease. This is where the real potential of a person, a child, can begin to express itself. This is educating a child to realize they can assess information, understand it, and then create something new with it. If there is a mindfulness of lack, and a comfort within that idea of lack, the memory will become like a burden in the cognitive ability of the child. I mean, what is assessing that memory, moving in the associations of a measure of a past, that one believed defined what one is, instead of realizing something was formed as a measure, and retained within the memory. 

Because men use language, and because language can describe pictures and values, words as language can be used to order our memories in such a way, that we can access information and change in real time, employing our real ability to change in a moment, within new information. It is to say that words are like a binary code that can be used to communicate and can be used to order.  Because words are like changing forms, they can as units build a sound mind that has a structure that is changeable and orderly at the same time!

What is a scenario that a teacher may face in a classroom with a child. New information is being given. This information is given in an abstract way, because we have developed a system where we form understanding through abstracting that information until it is a concrete form/template/structure within our memories.   If the child is a memory running on ideas about themselves, slowing down and taking in the information, especially in a frame of limited time that does not account for the learning speed of the child because of all the ‘ cookies’ running in the memory, that child will not have the time to slow down their ‘ clutter’ and take in the information to the point where they really know it.  The consequence is that the child, if their thoughts are based on a past experience of the same scenario, has had yet another experience that confirms a self judgement of their ability. There is not time for that child to walk though their slow processing ability, as their memory is cluttered with similar past experiences where a clear structure of the new information is never really lived. 

Parents really need to understand this, as a school cannot possibility sort this out. The teachers are paid to impart information, they cannot possibly by the design of the time structures,  take care of what is essentially varying speeds of learning. Those speeds of learning indicate a lack of connection to a natural learning ability. This is our cognition moving in a sluggish way. That we build memories, indicates that we can take in information and change it and move it.  If limited information has been automated because it has been repeated, it is going to take time to change that construct. The ‘ cookies’ have to be removed and the memory restructured. Words are the means of doing this, because this is how humans communicate. Really knowing our words, builds a more synergistic mind, one that is flexible and fluid in terms of understanding and moving with information.  A clear memory, is a memory one can trust, and then that absorbent ability can lend compassion in every situation, because there is no uncertainty. It is the same as how we learn to become comfortable in driving a car. The structure is set, and then we expand out presence to assess the horizon, which is taking in new information . 

We can also say that this natural learning ability is our absorbent selves. Our memories are the ideas about our world that that absorbent ability has built an idea about. 

If your child is having problems in processing information which is what reading is,  I can show you how to help yourself. Send me a note, through this blog and I will connect with you. I am here to solve this problem.
Thank you for reading, always much appreciated!

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