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Does your emotional value judgement supersede your natural absorbent self? What is memory and lack. Processing information.

Let us look at the situation we are all familiar with. This is the situation where we know another person who continues to only see the lack they believe themselves to be. We could say that person defines themselves as this measure, this belief, this lack. We try to move that person out of that belief. We give examples of how to do something, yet we realize that we cannot be the body to do the steps that would prove the lack non-existent.

Since we know we all have memory, can we realize that our memory, which contains the story, the measure of the lack,  can be so strong that it appears to be more real than the steps we often share to dis-prove that measure/belief/state-of-focus on that state of lack - a memory.

This means that we, humans, have a great ability to take in a measure. This also means that we humans can get caught in a ‘ net’ - if you will- of a value and that this memory that has this self defining value, can come up in relation to simply walking a practical application that dis-proves that value that is the memory that defines the person to the point where even if they do manage to walk though the memory/value- judgement one time, to remain consistent in the practical application that dis-proves the memory that has a value,  they must practice the practical steps enough to counter the memory/value measure. And each time the practical steps are walked, if there are moments where the memory takes over and counters the practical, that then becomes a justification for the practical not being successful. This means that change is a process if a memory with a value judgement has come to define the person. 

Somehow ( the sum of the how), in our present school system there is really not enough time for teachers to catch and also correct such emotional reactions in children.  I would ask any parent this question, because it will make it obvious that a school cannot possibly be the only place a child is educated; “If by design the school as a form, as one teacher, or even two, in a room with many students, can we, as teachers possibly catch this in every child.? Our schools must begin to explain this to parents, because it is something we all can understand. Just as one must be given a form, as an understanding to see the practical application, so must this be made clear to parents with repetitive information.  After all, this is how we learn, this is how we develop understanding.  If one remains within this simple realization, there need be no reactive  force in the face of resistance,  because in practical terms this is the form of the schools.

Within this, we can realize that our memories are layered information. Our memories are charged with values and layered within us.  This means that information can become layered within us. This means that we are like a seed, and that layered information becomes the ‘ tree’ so-to-speak.
Look around, why do we call a person a ‘ real personality” for example? Why do we have ideas about the young people in our world and where they are going to end up? We do this because we are so absorbent, we see the information as what is seeded as values within another person. We come to understand the likes and dislikes of another person, and we gravitate towards others of similar values- as likes and dis -likes, as what the personality that is a seed of information culturally values and defines themselves within and as. Hence we could say that class is the information that is us. It is the values that we gravitate to and towards. It is the measure of what we define ourselves as. It becomes the directive information of us. It becomes the behaviors or resistance and the values we persist within despite possible limitations within them.

Let us contrast this to that practical application we order and impart to children that need such a structure to guide them. And, to realize we are basically planting seeds when we inform a child with that subject in school.  Our schools are imparting information. We are planting layers of information to be the seed of being a directive application.  When we create directives that guide a child, we are structuring their self application. Yet, what happens when the memory of the child is filled with value charged memories? How many have faced the resistances and difficulties of getting the child to move through the simple step by step directives? And how many have a limited time frame within which to do this in the schools?  How many see the overall measure of this in space and time, and realize the incremental development that happens because of this time frame as the very structure of the schools and the structure of ‘ lack’ within the student. It is as though the very design of the situation, that is filled with good, by measure, is a limitation in child development. 

Thus, we can say that as adults in this world, we have a responsibility to make sure that this process that is right in front of us as to how this works must be changed. And we as adults, must realize that we too have developed reactive memories that are charged with all manner of frustration within this scenario. We understand this because we label the children as personalities because on some level we understand that we cannot as teachers in a school possibly address all the value reactions within the child as the information within  that they define themselves as, and such that is happening within the adults as ourselves.

What if we could use technology to change this? What if we could use technology to rebuild this? What if we could use technology to focus the child from that which built the memory? What if the child could practice a little bit every day, focusing themselves from that which built the memory - as in accepting the values that divert the attention - and at the same time build a clear structure that had clean placeholders as the words with clear meanings? What if we could inform the child, as in create a layered seed as the information of the child, in such a way that the information as the words, came up without emotional values, so the child could take in the information and form it into a steady and solid understanding, like a clear form? And, what if the mechanism allowed the child to practice a little every day, to not only practice focusing from without-all-that-emotional value and also structure the child with the tools of information transfer as words? What if this were cost effective in relation to what this costs for a school to do this, or a parent to do this who does not have the time in our present system? Could technology be the perfect tool to do this, because technology is not emotional in the face of this inherent ability within each of us to absorb the measure of the world around us? Can  we understand that a child, or adult, that has emotional values attached to memories, moves into a state of seeing only the lack, as the memory and how this can supersede  self direction? Do we not see this all the time around us?

Within our present system, no one can afford a Helen Keller type teacher to sort this out, as that one-on-one situation. It is too expensive, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in relation to educating the child. And, in so many ways, that personality we call one another, is a self divided within value judgements, which is the fairy tale story of Humpty Dumpty- a scattered self unable to self direct in ways that are productive for the child because the emotional values distract the child from seeing in practically applicative ways that take a lot of time to correct- something our present systemic design does not have the space and time to do - which is not something to be ashamed of and not something that an act of blame and consequential justification will change.
Such a behavior is a continuation of the same that is the lack that causes the stagnant unmoving behavior. This becomes the snake eating its own tale. And it is the tale of Humpty Dumpty. Yet, remember, that the princess when discovering the name of Rumplestiltskin, takes back her power, and recovers her child, because she has discovered the name of the man to whom she promised her child. Words are structure to build a well seeded child, a child that can grow into a tree that can bear fruit that serves all of us.  Words are the means to ensure that the wicked witch in the  woods never has to leave society in her frustration, and try and tell the next princess that she can be more than the pretty girl in the castle, that she can participate in the natural world and the social structures of men. That woman living in the woods, is the princess in another life, she is the information that she experienced and the understanding of what information she accepted and allowed, she is those who realize that our children can be so much more than a self judgement of lack. 

If you can really begin to understand what I am saying, you would want to lie down and cry, cry for all of yourself that was lost because of this process as our present system that so many spend their lives correcting, realizing that the real potential of each of us has not been lived, and that we have become a reaction to the information that is us, that was not clear, that was loaded with value judgements, and slowed us down as we began to sort this out only to discover that what information we accepted and allowed was in a form of lack, and that defined who and what we were, until we sorted it out. Would we not want our children to not suffer this confusion? Would we not want our children to be able to look at information, as information imported through language as words, and the information in that forest all around us as the natural world, and have them move with ease and understanding of this? Is this not what we would want for ourselves?

The solution to this problem is here. It is simple and affordable for everyone. It is the means of prevention and the means of self correction for each and every person. It is a way to turn our schools into places of self discovery.  You see, we can use what we have created, as technology to help us help ourselves.  We can rebuild the seeded information using language to structure our memories so that information that is us, fears not to walk the practical application to and towards what is intrinsic to our expression, because each of us is unlike any other.  

Imagine if each person were living their  full potential, would this not begin to build a world where our children became characters that were dependable and trustworthy, respectful and unafraid to discover and change? Would this not create a world that functioned in creating instead of reacting to limitation and walking in a memory charged with a self judging lack?

The means to do this is with technology that is never emotional , never existing as a state of lack. And the infrastructure is here to maintain this for everyone. And that infrastructure and means is cost effective within the present system.  We are here, and we are ready. Remember,  no one can put Humpty Dumpty back together again but yourself. The tools are here to help and the journey can be done one step at a time, one word at a time. This is a way through transformation in gentle means.  What do you want for the children? Do you want to develop ‘ trees’ that bear fruit that support all men and the society to become a living system, or do you want us to continue to be in constant reaction to fires as personalities that are stuck in a limiting beliefs unable to change and step out of their beliefs into actions that help them to grow and develop the real potential we all see within each and every one?

Each must begin to quantumly see the measure of all of this, and begin to take actions that change this in easy step-by-step solutions. If we ask someone else to do this, it will not get done. Each, the parents and the schools must work with the private sector to get this done, as the schools by design are not the means to get this done, yet they can help in voicing this understanding, which is working with parents, waking them up so-to-speak, through simply stating what exists as measure in practical terms, and this in such a stable way past the beliefs as the lack of understanding because everyone really does want to understand, just as that child who so desperately is trying to sort this out.

The measure of your emotional values reveals the measure of your processing speeds.  Meaning, the measure of your reactive behavior is the measure of your ability to more into solution instead of reaction. Reactions are behaviors of protection and self defense, they are resistances to change because they are so consuming. We all see this, and we label this as a personality. 

We all understand that when we meet a sound character, they supersede us, why because they have a greater ability to process information, and they have the word recognition skills to match, they have effective word skills. They live, right in front of us, the ability to come up in critical and creative solutions, quickly, and we respect them for this. Look around and realize how many are within personality mode, as stuck in ideas of lack that create emotions/behaviors of resistance to walking practical steps. This is the speed of their processing ability. If you look, the emotional value, the definition of lack, is slowing down the processing of information ability, that is a natural ability that does exist, because we all know characters that are able to process information with ease and come up with solutions. 

Remember:  abracadabra  - we are the words we speak, we spell our lives with the words we speak. We are the measure of how effective our words are. This means the meanings to our words must be clear, without emotional values attached that lock a person into a perpetual association of values that are very hard to see as a lack that is the thing suppressing the real ability of the child. Because of our busy lives, we can use technology to correct the processing ability of the human, meaning to build a stable structure as the words, that will supersede any emotional values that were essentially a mis-take on reality in the past and need not define who and what we are here in the present.

If you are interested in building a sound seed as the layers of information in the child, that becomes heir directive measure, please write a comment and I will respond. The sooner, the faster this is done.  Thank you for reading my blog, much appreciated. : )

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