Friday, October 30, 2015

How do we learn and what do we learn, as what measure within we come to define ourselves as? What romance do we write for ourselves?

We understand that children learn to crawl and walk and talk all by themselves.
This means that children learn to measure the world around them naturally.
If we look at how Chinese children can learn, through spaced repetition when using a technological tool known as an abacus, we realize that what that child is learning is to measure the space and time abstractly, using a tool to order that measure within the manipulation of numbers. And they move step by step. from the ordinary into what appears to be extraordinary. And yet, the extraordinary is the practice of something until it is understood enough to move through the form with ease. ( and we understand that our neurons will order themselves as this!) So, the way to the extraordinary is through the ordinary. One must have the opportunity to practice measuring the space around them and then moving ‘ space’ within as that which is educed, as drawn out within a child.
Our schools, place set bodies of information into a child. A general education is placing a general form within the child, where those who have a greater inner structure, as words, are able to move that form around and build a ‘ map’ within as that general information. Some call this a greater critical and creative thinking skill development.

Thus, as everything we allow on this planet, a plan-it, is placed as information within that child that had this natural ability to order the space and measure around them as their human physical bodies.

So, why do we have a growing elephant in the room, so to speak, of attention deficit dis-orders in our children? Especially, as with the Chinese students and any protege, that it is obvious as to how this works? Look, we have a media that is impulsing a measure that is not what is best, for example, as relationships of reproduction and life sharing that are a natural occurrence are made romantic and aggrandized to the detriment of our own development.  We chase an ideal that is not the real story, and find out later in life that we made a mis-take on reality, and yet we learned to crawl!

Thus, our ability to measure and to sense is placed in a very limited  as the very measure of our memories within/ our information, that is not ‘ bad’ but within being made larger than life, something that limits what is a natural ability to sense the world around us! This is what is called a false positive, it is, in its aggrandizement, of one value, mis-information! And this causes a cognitive dissonance with reality.  

We can see how much we lose a natural flexibility as our within capacity to measure, when we become limited measures of belief, as those ideas we chase instead of understanding how all of this actually works. We stagnate as an inner abstraction/measure about reality. And then, we move into conflict and end up in a state of friction with the world around us.

One could say, we drown in limited information, instead of realizing that information as what it is, a measure about this world in which we live; that world we initially learned to crawl and to walk and to talk. Those who have had some education, as in the use of the abacus, to get to a point where an abstract ability to process numbers, is very fast, or, those who have had more access to words and direct experiences with reality and the language to order and match, tend to reach their potential in greater degrees than those who do not.

Thus, when a man, is unable to express in clear ways, does punishment in any way solve this problem of lack of structure within? And, can anyone change this other than one’s self?  No, punishment does not correct this, and no one can change the measure within one’s natural sense to assess form and function, but the self. Self must be the change- no one can do this for that within in each of us.

Mindfulness teaches that we are not our thoughts, yet what is a thought? A thought is a measure self has accepted and allowed, where it is that self that is the only thing that can be that change of that measure as that thought within. This means, that the measure within, that abstraction composing self, that was used to direct that sensing of space and time, to crawl and walk, can either choose to become abstracted information only, or, as in driving a car, build an inner blueprint that is very clear so that one can automate one’s self to continue to sense the reality around us, as we do when we drive a car, and what measure one exists as within. In this, the world around us is a great support, because it is each part structurally showing us what we are creating. As it is, each of us has become a mind consciousness that is of a science, as a measure, that projects our beliefs, opinions and ideas, self accepted and allowed, onto reality. In other words, we are not present here. We are not living with respect for what we initially directed into crawling and walking and talking as our physical bodies.

Hence, we understand how we learn; we learn through spaced repetition. After this, we can say we have an inclination towards visual arts, or towards musical arts, or towards mechanical arts. We can say we are more auditory, or visual, yet this is a misnomer propagated by the education system that has forgotten how all of this works. In the end, every art is learning to measure a form and take that form, or that quality, and reforming it, where what works is what causes no harm, as what is harmonious. If we respect the nature of things, then we balance that natural learning/absorbing ability, to sense our understandings within, and the nature of things without, just as we had when we learned to crawl.

Also, a lack of this, causes a lack of development, just as the Romanian orphans experienced as there was no opportunity for these children to use their natural learning ability because they were stuck in a crib. This is a crime against life, as that child is too small to be able to be responsible for its life at that stage. And this is why, this development is the responsibility of the parents, as it is the responsibility of the parents to realize this when they bring a child into the world. No one can do this for any of us, we must do this for ourselves. We are responsible for what is informed as us. Each one, is responsible for what each one accepts and allows, we are responsible to stand as this understanding no matter what.

What is the most important thing one can give a child? It is that this natural learning ability be able to assess within and without, to give self the direction needed to reach the full potential expression of the mechanism as the child. And this is why the elite spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on education. It is the most important thing. It is more important than that entertainment system, or that weekly allowance of beer or wine. It is more important than that vacation.

One can do this with words, creating a nice clean and organized memory within, as a cognitive map or GPS. One can build a sound mind within the understanding of how men use language to order and communicate, a really cool tool overall.

What if you had an ‘ abacus’ for words, to order, from your home, a sound mind within your child? What if you could insure that your child realized their natural ability to learn, and had the means to structure themselves in such a way that they did not fear processing information, and could, because of this, use that natural learning ability to build an awareness of how this world works and functions, and stand equal and one to that, in ways that allow them to become, instead of what currently exists as chaos management of cognitive dissonance,  into choice management with the real score, as this physical creation? Would this be like driving down the road in a car, structurally sound within, and able to place one’s presence without and view the horizon in all its glory?

Are you directing yourself, or is accepted and allowed mis-information directing you? Who is to blame when it is only self that can change this? Are you a presence of mind consciousness only, or are you present here respecting the world around us where we live our lives?

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