Saturday, October 31, 2015

Are we happy because we can process information with ease? What is reading?

I am going to explain what happens when we become limited information, as how we learn through memory in a box in school, and how we - because of our environment within this, as all the people around us are this - become walking novels that are a measure that has no real flexibility and thus no real discernment.  We move as a game of memory match! And, we believe our knowledge to be more real than the world around us. This is a false positive!

We can understand this any time we move into fear, as fear is ‘ false evidence appearing real.’  We lose that rapid conceptual/spatial ability with which we learned to walk and to talk, and to crawl,  because we become focused on processing through abstraction only. Then what we form as an abstraction becomes larger than life. This is why our schools, which are not a “ bad” are so effective at dumbing us down, because we, through spaced repetition become the practice of abstracting information we memorized only. We do not practice a reference to all things, to the world around us. If we do, we do so as we grow older. Then there are those who are so stuck in their measure, that change appears to be impossible. Yet this is the natural learning ability of each.

In other words we become a long play song. We become a few notes, of a few songs, and we play them again and again in slow motion. This overall, is a form of boredom because we are not in full capacity, we are not in our full potential, and that is a stress on the machine over time. We become a limited memorized form, of not ‘ bad’ things, and we habituate to this, and then change appears like a death, when it is not, it is more in the direction of a birthing of one’s self as life.

So, one ‘ song’ wants to be with others of the same ‘ song’/practice/ measure. Because this supports the ‘ good’ but limited measure as that memory, that eventually automates and informs the physical. So the person gravitates to others in the environment of the same song/measure/belief system. It is a presence being stuck in a mind con-science of our present system, as the very structure of our present system, that sounds so nice, is really dumbing down through separating that spatial ability inherent in the nature of a person as the behaviors we see in young children into all attention being on memorized information. And this information can be passed down to the next generation, as the parents model this, accept it, and move as this, every day, so that spaced repetition is what the child absorbs as a measure every day, and then becomes.

Some people have ‘ more songs,’ more exposure to greater variations of measure, which is why musicians tend to conceptualize to a greater degree than any other field of study - where that study is all done through memorization of information without practical application. ( and why is this taught without practical application? Because, our ability to sense space is so natural and so great, our senses must be placed in a limited environment so we don’t begin to figure this out!) Yet, overall, it is each of us that has accepted this, and at what point did this begin? Within each of us.

Thus, this fashion which is very cool as mindfulness, reveals that we are directing from that information mirror - as our experience - as our subconscious mind in a system that structurally removes us from focusing here on reality ( tele-vision) and that this information needn't define us. And yet, this is being done in schools, where the design of the school is creating the same thing that the school is saying one should not follow, as that information in one’s mind! lol

Our term ‘ comfort zone’ is another key word, because this word shows us how much we become a broken record, as a spin of knowledge and information as measure within as a directory of information that automates as we focus on that only. Yet, when we learned to crawl, we were not ONLY focused on what information we accumulated with in  a  present system of ever present information flowing through tubes and wires every where, every day, with songs being played, the same ones, in every store, at ( almost) every gas station. Hey, your tax payer dollars are busy at work keeping you locked in a limited measure of creation. Yet, who can we blame? We are responsible for what we accept and allow.

The greatness of this, is that we can become self directive. This feels very very good, because this is you in full capacity, like a circulating machine that flows with great ease. And that feels good! It is like to give up everything to get everything! The illusion of one’s information is just this, an illusion, thus take what is good and transform back into that natural fluid sensory ability, form absorbing, natural learning ability. The tools  are here to help. We can take what we have created and turn it into a good. I mean, do you remember being a teenager and rejecting your parents, because you realized, before you had to find a job and survive, that what you had learned was not enough? Before you said to yourself, I am going to go out and do this better? And then, because your ‘song’ information was limited, and you made mis-takes on reality - which is all it is - that it was a lot of work to change what was automated, and that the structure you had was, as you compared more than created, all that you had and was ‘ more’ than another’s limited measure? Or so you believed.

Because humans communicate and order through words, which are really cool ordering tools, and because our neurons will rebuild through our lives, we can rebuild and we can do this ourselves.

And, for the children, we can ensure that they process information with ease, which is what costs great sums of money in this present system to allow, at a cost that everyone can afford who realizes the value of this, giving thanks to those who are standing and saying this again and again so that we can get this done!

It is time for humanity to become the master mind it was meant to be, as this is the real superman. This is what we all chase, this is what we all desire, this is that self that used that natural learning ability, this is the self that learned to crawl and to walk and to talk. I mean, have you done anything in your life with such self directive capacity since that moment?

If you are interested in solutions, send me a note. If you are interested in meeting other people who are interested in getting this done, reforming within to build a sound mind, people who are willing to change, because this is the real joy of living, check out Techno Tutor, and check out Global Information Network - known as GIN. Surround yourself with people who are changing their measure, to restore their natural real expression, to enjoy life and reach their full potential. Also, to understand emotions and feelings, as all the clutter of mindfulness, check out a free course: And, remember, that resistance is fear, and fear is false evidence appearing real- it is the shadows of belief as a mind consciousness only, something that can be deconstructed and reconstructed.  It can only be done, step by step, which means it is easy, and it is only a decision away! What is it that you really want? To live a life fully lived, which is full employment of your self, moving with ease, here. You decide. NO one can do this for you, only you decide what form/measure/reflection you are within as it is impossible for another to clear this up. And yes, you are going to need others of same measurable change making/creating/building around you to get this done. Yet, this is the fun of it all!

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