Sunday, October 11, 2015

Building a subconscious measure as that creates a successful self directive capacity. The process of learning to read.

I have done things in my life where as I moved to do something, that I had researched, I shook within my physical body. I started to realize that when I went against what I had believed, to change, that my body sometimes had a subtle shaking to it. 

I especially think of a time when I had tried a new health methodology, one outside the mainstream medicine.  I had investigated what I was doing, in detail, before I decided to take the step of implementation. As I used the product, I was shaking. This was myself going against earlier programming, as beliefs, opinion and ideas. If I look at the principle of prevention being the best cure, I realize that this fits with the knowledge as all have that it takes longer to correct something that it does to have learned something correctly in the first place. 

Overall, this reveals that we are programmable. We take in form as experience and it comes to be what directs us in our physical movements through out our days. If the information we accept - which is what we do when we allow a measure to inform our directive capacity -  is not what leads to effective self directing, and we realize this as we participate in the world and have to move against a measure we have accepted, as in change, then we run into a form of discord because we are having to move against an accepted measure within, that we realize is not ‘ true’ to what is actually needed in a moment. This can lead to a sense of conflict within, while the old limited information wants expression, and the new wants to come forth. In all, this ordering of the old into the new, can appear to be a storm within, and lead to confusion, unless this is understood.

We do have some understanding of this, in the presence of something called mindfulness. Meaning the thoughts we have, as a reflection of our measure of belief- that information we accepted- need not define who we are, or, need not become what directs us.  Yet, still, there remains a certain degree of a lack of responsibility for who allowed that measure of mindfulness.  Especially within the understanding that our sub-conscious is a measure of all of our experiences!
This means, as I said above, that we become what we allow, we become the measure of our beliefs and these are what is physically integrated, as in what directs us. If we suddenly realize what we believed, as what we accepted, is not reasonable, and we move to change, we can have that old measure racing within us, as the thoughts as the accepted forms, in our minds, while we are trying to employ the new understanding. The consequence of this would cause that old measure to clash with the new measure, and we would feel like we were going against a storm, within, and trying to sort all of this out. This would cause a shaking within, because it is one form clashing against another! It means that over all, what we accept as a belief, as a measure within, is a real thing inside of us, it can effect our physical state of being! And, if we do not understand this, then how can we work with children in a school, where the children do not understand this because it is not made clear? And, how can we in any way punish this? And, can we realize that if a child, because they have not been taught this,  starts to define themselves as being confused and ends at that point, can they in any way, see that this is a process of change and that is all? It is not something that needs to define them, because it is simply a process of expanding awareness as an inner measure that needs adjustment? This also means that each and every child can reach their full potential.

In understanding this, each adult can realize that the patience needed within this, is what each adult would have wanted for themselves!  Thus there is only the choice of being patient, and calm and constantly redirecting a child into what makes sense in action in the everyday movements of living. Or, allowing what is an innate ability to self discover, as self discovery is the strongest way to learn. So much micro-management is more the measure of indoctrination. It is, that there is no right and wrong, there is what respects and cares for the world around us, and the employment of balance, just as we learned to walk and to talk, and any imbalances are a past, and need not define us. In a profit based system of wealth accumulation, the necessary learning steps, are used to define, to eliminate competition. A crime against life overall. 

This process also reveals the limited information presented via our media. Our media is not a measure that gives clear direction. Our media is a limited story, that creates inflated values, using doom and gloom scenarios to unsettle what is a capacity for common sense. Common sense is our natural state of being. How else could we have learned to crawl and walk and talk? How else could we have enabled ourselves to sense the space and time of the world we were born into, and moved our bodies, where no one did this for us, but ourselves? Our nature is common sense. The separation from our common sense, is measures of experience that separate us from that initial ability to learn to crawl, which is an ability to see directly here and take in the measure of the physical world around us. 

When we accept the measure of pictures on a screen, which can be manipulated, we can blame no one but ourselves because it is only us, as our bodies, that point on the ground that can, or cannot take in that measure. If we look at the hyper-sexualization in media, we can see that intimate relationships are turned into a huge inflated value, where we chase this value at the expense of self development. In the end, we realize that sexuality is really a natural process, one that will unfold with time, so there is no need to inflate this. This is using a measures to occupy our ‘ mindfulness’ to the point where this ‘ excitement’ becomes a constant in our ‘ minds’ and causes innumerable problems because we are so busy watching this inflated measure and miss too much practical living in our daily lives. One must ask how much opportunity to expand awareness is lost as one is so busy watching a series of pictures in the mind for entertainment,  instead of being present and within one’s innate common sense? And what happens when one tries to change this? If there a pull towards that imagery, that seems so very real? That is the signature of an inflated value, that is the signature of an inner measure that can cause so many more consequential mis-takes because one’s information is not of a measure that allows that original common sense measure to see directly here. This is that initial presence watching a screen in the mind, and not being within that original common sense that moved in relation to the physical world before that subconscious was filled with a measure.

Thus, how do we begin to reform this inner subconscious measure to become an order that allows change in a moment, that realizes we are organic robots that perform according to the information we accept and allow- which no one can change but ourselves?

How can we become a measure within, as that subconscious that is stable, well ordered and allows self direction that builds confidence and self esteem because our inner measure is equal to the world around us, that world that we used to gage how to crawl and to walk and to talk? How can we build a mind that we can trust? How can we prevent conflicting information, as a measure we have accepted,  to rise within us, and make us feel uncertain, and put an end to not understanding how all of this works? How can we resound that subconscious into well ordered information? And. how can we realize prevention being the best cure?

We can use technology to do this. As technology has no subconscious measure- so to speak. Technology as the television and all the information it imparts, continuously around us, is simply giving a measure, yet we can turn technology into something that builds a stable measure. Our children are so absorbent, as this ability of common sense, that another person who is the personification of a measure, cannot do this. Thus, technology can be used to correct this, and build an inner measure -  as all those thoughts, that build that inner measure - that can be trusted and changed in every moment, removing this conflicts that upset and sometimes become the end game of defining who and what we are because all of this is not understood.

Yet, on one level, we do understand this, or we would not have institutions that are called education systems, because within the word education, is the word ‘ educe’ which means that we create with what we draw out as our presence, that presence that ordered/sensed the world around us and we self directed into learning to crawl and to walk and to talk. Where our talk became the measure of our understanding, the measure of what we accepted as information.  As children we absorbed the measure of our parents, because that is how great an ability our common sense is. So, each parent must ask themselves, have they imparted a clear measure that has built confidence and self esteem in a child? Have parents ensured without any uncertainty the successful in-formation into their child? 

All educational research  reveals that the more effective words a person knows the more successful they become in life. This is why so many spend so much of their income on education. That child is a parent’s best asset for a well ordered future. What is a word? And can a word be cluttered with inflated values? And can we zip file information as this inflation into a word, that as we speak the word, we expect others to automatically see what we have zip filed into a word? Can this cause all manner of conflict as we scream at one another, not realizing that we are expecting the other to understand all the imagery we have zip filed behind the word? Do our relationships move with that same ease that we originally used to learn to crawl and to walk? Is our inner measure clear, as that subconscious that creates the measure of our mindfulness that becomes the information that directs us? Or are we walking mis-information that leads to anger and bitterness as we believe that no one ‘ understands’ us? Where does this behavior lead? Nowhere.

I would suggest to use Techno Tutor, to build information in a child that is like pure water, like small cells of information that can be changed in every moment, to allow what men can do best using their innate common sense in creative ways, which is to be able to face the unexpected without behaviors of fear and insecurity, to stand with self confidence and self esteem, trusting the information within and that it can allow them to make choices that guarantee success. This is a sound mind, this is a child who lives without conflict, this is an adult who can solve problems. This is the making of a world that employs that innate common sense to such an extent that no matter where a child walks, they are safe, and realize their full potential. We decide.  The means is here, and it is cost effective. Become the responsibility you want to be as this is a life fully lived, be the change you want to see, the means are here. It only takes one step and then the next will reveal itself. We, men, are the cells that build this world. Accept life, it is the way and the means to joy.

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