Friday, September 30, 2016

Intuition determines processing ability. What do we want for our children?

Let us look at the difference between knowledge and information and practical application and the imagination.

I can look at common core and the new math, for example, among other things.

When we memorize knowledge and information, without the opportunity for practical application, we can come to have a conceptual form, using pictures and numbers, and/or words to become a vision/entity/thing in our imaginations. 

If our focus is on this imagined form, and we use that to direct our actions, can that in-form match the living physical practice around us that is the very means and reason for learning something in the first place? Does our information fit, in other words? Can one imagine what it means to play the violin and then immediately play the violin? In this can we ever believe what we imagine before we apply what we have allowed ourselves to imagine? Does this not mean that knowledge and information must always be cross checked with practical physical application? 

In common core, the new math is simply a different way of moving the number values around. Or, a different way of deconstructing and reconstructing numerical values. Instead of 2+2 one breaks down the 2’s into a smaller value, as the parts and  then adds them together. And yes, it appears to be self evident to one that knows this, yet it cannot be said to be a ‘ bad’ because it is inherently what is the parts of a more compounded equation. One must simply know the code. 

And yes, it seems to be a busy- ness that is unnecessary to practice again and again and then to be tested on. This movement, or practice, in itself can be a means to slow down a natural ability to conceptualize. It could be construed to be a micro-management that inhibits a natural conceptual ability- especially for children sitting in a room. One must begin to look at all dimensions, because it is with dimensions that we are micro managed, slowing down an innate processing of information. Again, this is controlling the imaginative capacity, embedding practices that not only separate as that focus on this ONLY- away from practical application, but also, becomes a practice that actually stops what humans do naturally, which is to expedite the processing of information. 

Thus, this process of implementing a new way, or supposed new way of moving numerical values around, can become a device to train an imagination to move on a very controlled ‘ tread mill’ of allowed measure/value-manipulation in the imagination ONLY. Thus our attention is trained to be more in the imagination AND within a one-way processing that is a training into limited conceptual movement. It is a form of suppression of what is natural. 

The tricky thing is that the parts can all be justified and argued. Meanwhile, a momentum in processing one’s information in the imagination with practical application in reality is completely scrambled. This is how great the tools of becoming potent in understanding this life are, and yet how easily and readily a mis-use of this can cause all kinds of attention dis-orders. 

What is the main problem we have in our society? We have attention dis-orders. Because we have been doing this for a while, especially since the advent of public schooling, this attention-deficit  ( lol like our monetary debt) is growing. It is the children who suffer the most. Imagine being born into such a world?

This begs the question as to what happens within a mis-use of the imagination? If our imaginations, as what is informing that image and likeness of the information practiced, have little or no opportunity for practical application, or connection to practical physical reality, of living interaction, what can happen with that intense focus from the imagination and our connection to living practice as who and what we are? In other words, what happens when that imagination believes it ‘ knows’ something and then meets that ‘ knowing’ in practice ( from having learned it in the imagination, abstractly, only)?

Could one remember how this that is the imagination was formed? Especially after 13 years of being in a room abstracting information - as placing information in the imagination and playing with the forms within the imagination?  I mean look at this, this would be like racing in one form and suddenly moving that form into a living form outside of this inner form and expecting this to suddenly fit! How is this working for all of us?  The problem is that it is not working. If we respond with statements such as ‘ That is the way it is” we have become a complacency of fearing change that is a consequence of this same practice of which I speak!  Change, which is natural, becomes difficult within a incorrect use of our imaginations.

This requires us to look at what we begin to information our children as in their early years. What is prevalent are all the fairy tales? These tales, or maths/measure/value-system, are all about good and evil, or, a morality instead of practical real live living stories. Do we know the real story of the old woman in the woods who is usually considered ‘ evil”? Do we know anything about the overall structure and layering of the workings of the financial system of the castle? Do we learn about the agricultural practices? No, we are told stories about values of good and bad, nothing practical. Thus, we naturally learn to crawl, and walk, and then we learn a value system of good and bad. We begin our lives in the practical, and then we separate into building an imagination of value judgements, done by conditioning set bodies of information that do not tell the story of how that human being came to be considered bad. The irony is that the means to the end, as a morality of good and bad, without practical measure clarified- as how that old woman came to be who and what she is, is what informs us through memorizing the information via a story of measured and formed value judgements. This is just like that numerical value being slightly changed and practiced in the number values.  It is all a means of building an imagination in separation from living reality.  I have to ask myself if this is how the infamous ‘ boogie man under the bed’ is formed, or created.  And this begs the question as to the way and means of being able to completely manipulate others! And this begs the question as to why so many of us cannot read, or cannot process information!  And, why so many of us have a hard time communicating with one another!  the proverbial ‘ boogie man’ is our within information not fitting into this living reality!

In other words, an improper use of the imagination has us all walking around in a shadow world, in separation from living reality! We have come to believe that this informed imagination is more than what is around us! We need only investigate innovations created by some who have managed to exit this imaginative world or use it in constructive ways, to realize the extent of our separation. We need only look at the children with attention dis-orders to realize the extent of this problem.

I have found that many teachers and parents are very skilled at calling out the problem, yet cannot see the cause of the problem that is literally right in front of us, in plain sight! 

The solution.
Within teaching the violin, I always had to build from nothing via building an awareness into the structural means of playing the violin. If that structure awareness was well set, the child would begin to move with ease in relation to the structure of the violin. This happened in an exponential way one the parts began coming together. I would build an awareness of the parts, every part, not just one aspect, in a relationship with actual physical living reality practice. The change point would become obvious, because the child would begin to employ moving in all the practiced “ paint the fence” parts and begin to move in cross checking or assessing each movement because it was well known, and have the space to move into seeing the whole. This would then compel even more awareness and the ability to process this living action would suddenly begin to move at a whole other tempo. A momentum had happened, one that was of a clear inward perception of the structural means of expression as the tool as the instrument, to the point where the child could produce all by themselves in an effective way. Is this not the goal of education to realize measured  effectiveness in generating expressive movement in living reality?  Teaching through abstracting ONLY and then testing an ability to abstract  is very very limited, as the problems in our society reflect!  This is also the means of manipulation and control- which begs the question as to why that ability to learn to crawl, such a huge and great thing, must be controlled at all!? It is our very sensitivity and means of understanding.

Thus, because of an existent system embedded in consequences of a mis-use of the imagination, we need help. We can use what we have created, as our technology, to help us rebuild a stable and well ordered imagination as what humans use to communicate and inform ourselves as and with that is a ‘ thing’ about reality, and becomes our intuition. We can learn the code, as words, always relating them to a direct living measure/rule/quality/thing to build a well structured reference system as our imagination. This would remove the fear that is a product of a mis-use of the imagination, and ground our children into having the means to retain a natural ability to process the living reality around us, that living reality they naturally existed in when they learned to crawl and to walk, before the values imparted through story informed them of a measure that was not the whole story. Mastery happens within the interface of reality- just as one learns to play an instrument. 

Ask yourself what you would want for yourself. Would you want to become a person who lives as the limitation “ that is the way it is” or would you want your child to become an innovator that creates and lives in a way that improves all our lives? A child that feels secure in so doing? Would you want your child to direct the physical instrument that is themselves, beyond the crawling stage, into continuing a developing awareness of being aware of themselves and their capacity into a correct us of their imagination to create within an effective cross reference ability of this living instrument called this practical world? 

We are, even myself, a product of the mis-use of the imagination that is this present system. Yet, we can rebuild our focus, or redirect our focus and we can do this with a tool to integrate our words, by-passing a mis-informed imagination and then relating that word to this living reality, to ground our instruments as our physical bodies, back into a natural awareness of what is around us as this living reality that is as much as instrument of expression as is our physical bodies we directed into crawling and walking and talking and, unfortunately, accepting a mis-use of the imagination. 

I have been in a crowd and seen an adult autistic child-young man in their absolute frustration and mis0information, run up to an adult and violently push them down onto the ground. If you were that mis-informed child-young man/woman, would you not be so frustrated that any immediate means of expression would be better than nothing? For those who have not yet generated this mis-information to the degree of having an autistic child in relation to mis-information being passed down and accumulating within each family generation, would you want one of your children to have to live with having an autistic child? One could argue against this formation, yet dimensionally, this is what we are doing overall, and we all know it on some levels. Investigate the science of neurolinguistic programming, and realize we can rebuild ourselves at any stage of life. We cannot wait for the problem to become a part of our immediate existence ( in some ways it already is, because each town/area appears to be forming homes for the children suffering from a mis-se of the imagination into a compounded mis-information). The development and growing problem of and as these children/young adults, is costly for the society. The allowance of this development and its behaviors, are that boogie man coming to life, being what we have allowed to inform our fellow human beings. We as a collective are responsible for this. The means for each, on the ground , to become self responsible in informing the children we create. We can learn the code, as the words, to communicate a living reflection of practical reality. We can re-verse this trend of compounding attention deficits and and prevent a loss of attention, a natural ability to attend, to the living world around us. 

If your child is having problems processing information leave me a note and I can show you the means to rebuild a natural ability to process the living reality around us.

Thanks for reading! Much appreciated!

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