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Education and the Law or Miracle of Compounding

Education and the Law or Miracle of Compounding

I had another person talk to me of and about a gifted and talented child this week.
I said to that person that the ends reveal the means. Meaning, we become what we practice as the math of our exposure and accumulative understanding, which in the present system is our opportunity in many ways. Because of this, our parents become our starting point, because the consequence of our exposure and practice as a math, as a belief system, of and as the opportunity/exposure of the child. 

In music, child proteges are usually born into musical families, they are exposed to music, a fluid math, every day of their lives. They absorb this, they imitate it, thep begin the journey of assimilating the information and have the 10,000 hours it takes to master something in the space of their environment and they become capable of that form of expression. Look at Mozart and Bach, they were essentially born into the trade of music.  Just like learning to walk, they began the process of integrating the form, the movement, the mastering of music as what was the exposure they had in relation to their environment.  Within this, our society tends to create icons of music, meaning to aggrandize a few humans who learned and mastered an instrument, yet there are many who have done this, it is not that uncommon. 

We do not hear the ones who have not been made into an icon, that very formation of one of a few becoming somewhat of a master being the ONLY one. I can say that there are people who have mastered an instrument and they perform on levels even our icons have not reached.  Creating superstars in some ways separates us from the natural process of learning, and also takes away a natural ability to sense, as that very ability that when given the space and time, masters such a thing as learning  to express with a stable tool such as a musical instrument.  

Thus, what we are exposed to and what space and time we have the opportunity to absorb and practice, as self generate, determines what we integrate and this determines how we self direct in this life. How is it that this process is not used at what it so obviously reveals? This is to say that we understand how this works. When a mistake is made, there is no place for blame, or negative impulsing of destructive criticism, because the only real direction to take is to correct as directing towards a self sustaining balance. Also, to realize that this process means giving the space to practice. 

For parents, this means that everything we do, every move we take, every word we speak is programming our children. And for adults, it means that our past need not define who and what we are here. If our parents did not understand this,  and we learned, or integrated some information that was not clear or complete in programming us to self direct in efficient ways and means, then there is only us to change this. This is the whole point of the Humpty Dumpty story. This is what it means when it is said that all the kings men, and all the kings horses could not put one back together in a way that gives self direction in awareness, only the self within one’s self can do this.  Any negative impulsing is a past of information  that was not an act of clarity, an act that lent a math that gave one a means to play, or express, or self direct with efficiency and clarity. 

When we really begin to understand this, and look around us, this understanding makes it clear that one cannot place a child in a classroom for six hours  day, for 13 years, and expect that one teacher with many students and a set body of information, learned in the abstract and moved into the concrete as knowledge and information only, will be enough to lend a clear and sudden self direction in reality.   Imagine if we did this in music? Obviously, this does not work and it is not working.

Our present form of education lacks any practical application, any real practice in living. It is to say, one imagines something and then is suddenly asked to go out and apply that information that is an imagination, and suddenly carry out that information in a multi dimensional reality/  Imagine- because, lol, imagination is not all bad!, playing the violin. Imagine learning to imagine what it means to play the violin, and then imagine having to go out into the world and perform, with masterery, just from having learned to imagine something.  Yes, this is basically what we are asking our children to do.  How is that working? Do we seem to have a compounding of attention deficits as we pass this down from generation to generation, I mean what are we ‘ seeding ‘ here? We can ask ourselves as we look around at the behaviors of others, where they are in the spectrum of the consequences of this overall form, and all the protections each has within them, because of some idea that we can be taught in a box, imagining things, without the opportunity for physical application.

We all can realize that when we physically do something, in addition to seeing and hearing and repeating and  speaking, or generating, that when all these dimensions of using our capacity are utilized, we remember things with greater ease. Instead we expect children to move from only the abstract to suddenly having some great executive function. We learn by employing all aspects of performing, it is in working with all aspects that we remember. Like learning to walk, we  have all the tools at our fingertips, and our natural ability to absorb allows us to assess in this, and begin to crawl and walk and talk.  How is it that we do not apply this to all areas of learning? I mean, this is so obvious in music. Anything we learn must be in the same way, that time and space to practice information as we learn it, is what allows us to correct what is a misunderstanding that is a normal process of learning what something is not, and what something is by nature and quality and degree.  

Getting back to the protege and the law or miracle of compounding. All of this means that a perfect practice, which is consistent and making-mistakes-is-part-pf-the-process practice becomes the practice our our self generation. We become the information that is us. Hence, the lack thereof is the product of our opportunity/exposure. Those around us in a degree of incapacity, in all its variations, and those who have some capacity, are the same ends as the ones we call ‘ gifted and talented.”  What is special is the means to the end, the magic is in the doing, the outcome is in the opportunity to do in a consistent and careful way that compounds to inform who and what we are  into effective human beings. This means that one set body of information that s taught into becoming a concrete abstraction about something in one’s mind only is an inefficient system because it lacks the dimension of real practice that allows that fine tuning inherent in self discovery, as one becoming a master of doing in reality that is of so much greater dimension that only imagination. It is easy to only do things in the imagination, one can ignore dimensions that do not fit!

And yet, because of this system, we can and must master our words. Because human beings use words to create placeholders of information..  This starts with mastering spelling, because if we do not master the notations, the notes of information that humans use,  how can we form informs of information and then have the security to use our spatial capacity and extend our awareness that is our spatial ability from within to direct in the world around us that is the without? If this inner structure is not clear, if we cannot spell correctly within, how can we spell correctly  in our ‘ withouts’ as reality? If we look around we can see that the means to the end, is so visible in the behaviors of the humans around us, and that punishment is not an act of giving space to, or opportunity to self correct. 

In other words,  incapacity is incorrect compounding of information about reality. And yet, integrating information is the miracle of life, meaning that a correct informing of a person, leads to a human being mastering life. This overall, has a sequence, we do not know something, then we realize we do not know, and then we practice which naturally is a process of mis-taking or correcting imbalances as we sense the boundaries of the qualities of something, and then this becomes integrated and we can function without placing too much of our attention on what something is because we have had the opportunity to understand that which we focus upon and can instead employ that understanding in space and time. If we do not follow through, or have the opportunity to follow through in self directive ways, we can practice an imperfect practice and create an imagination that does not fit into reality- causing all those cognitive dysfunctions we call dyslexia and ADHD, all attention dis-orders. 

This is why our thoughts become our habits ( the manifestation of our practices )  that direct our actions that end up determining our lives.  This can all be heard in the very words we speak because our words are the reflection of the math we understand, just as that musician expresses their understanding of the space and time around them in the very music, or form they express.  One cannot blame the instrument, it is what it is, and it is a gift in its stability as a physical object.  In this, it is the forms as the math as the words one wraps ones mouth around that helps one to see where one stands and where one needs to assess and correct one’s self information. Something no king, and no king’s men can do for one. Yet, this same means to an end is what is so cool because it means that everyone is special and everyone is gifted. Those who we call gifted, simply have had the generational background and/or time and space to master understanding, done in the same way we learn to crawl and to walk and to talk.  

Thus, the means to the end, is to be able to process the information within and the information without. Words are a means to organize information that in turn allows us to process information correctly. This builds confidence and self esteem which in turn lends opportunity and joy in performing, in creating, in doing what humans can do so well when given the opportunity as is evident in those who we call ‘ gifted.”  They are simply ‘ gifted with time and space and correct in-forming.  Human’s real gifts are to problem solve in ways that stewards this life around us in caring and productive ways. This is the capacity to consider all things and make choices that do not harm. This would compound into a reality where all children became the manifestation of what was unique and special about them, and thereby improving and expanding awareness for everyone.

Even the gifted ( with correct inFORMation) cannot reach their full potential where others are in lack. In reality, we can leave no one behind as this is a form of extinction of life. Placing a set body of information into our children, away from practical application in real space ( physical) and time, is causing a separation from processing reality and building a self directive capacity that expands awareness. We in essence are no longer reading reality, and this is evident , or reflected in our lack of word recognition and spelling skills.  Even a musician needs words to communicate their understanding as this is how humans interact.  This also begs the question we must ask ourselves ' Can we ever trust our intuition, or is the information that comes up within our intuition something that must always be cross referenced with reality? 

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