Friday, April 1, 2016

Why is vocabulary development a key to self responsibility?

Blame has an inverse relationship to accountability.

We begin with the abc’s and end with the SAT. This parameter is to learn all language and communication skills, because humans use language to communicate and share perspective, which is measure. It is all really a math, as inherent in the statement ‘ blame has an inverse relationship to accountability’  reveals. Our coping mechanism behaviors are a form of protection in relation to having defined ourselves as a measure of lack. Often they manifest as blame, self aggrandizement or self justification. In the end, all are blame, because they are not problem solving.

It is understood that we can build neurons throughout our lives. It is understood that perfect practice makes perfect, hence, what does an imperfect practice? Do we inform ourselves as the measure of what we believe just as we inform ourselves as that perfect practice that leads to a greater degree of self responsibility? Are the accompanying thoughts of lack , as mindfulness reveals, simply the reflection of what we have informed ourselves as in measure? Can an  imperfect practice become what is practiced or automated and would it manifest as a behavior of resisting change because it is caught in a self perpetuating measure of belief that is not what gives a sustainable self responsibility?

The research in education makes this very clear as well. When our foundations, as those foundational years in childhood, are lacking in effective vocabulary, which is exposure to varied measure, our ability to process information is slower.  The inverse of this is, the greater one’s ability to process information is determined on the words we know effectively. The children who lack this development tend to be left behind, and those who have a large vocabulary, tend to become bored.  

And yet, again, all children, at least the majority, learn to crawl and to walk, they are not born with religion or classism, they are born absorbing their world around them. When that world lacks  an effective vocabulary, the children have less self response ability and  more stress in abstracting information in a school.  Those who lack the kind of inner structure that the more effective vocabulary in other children impart,  end up comparing their lack to others, and develop coping behaviors to enable them to fit into the system. Coping mechanisms only distracts from a real development because it occupies the focus of the child. Do these children reach their full potential? No, they spend their lives accepting a lack. Meanwhile the ends to the mean is always right in front of us.

Our children have a natural learning ability, and they require a stable structural development to be self responsible in this world. Such a development would benefit everyone in the society. 

It is right there in front of us, that a sound mind is structured through words, through an effective vocabulary. It is right in front of us that a perfect practice in being able to spell all the vocabulary from kindergarten to grade 12 would impart a self empowering inner structure and that the outcome would allow the child to reach their full potential. This would benefit the community. This understanding would empower parents to become responsible for the development of their child, so that when the child went to school, they could develop self esteem in processing information. What kind of home life would this create? A home with the stress of raising a child removed!

Once a child can practice a perfect practice, in a steady and consistent manner, their spelling of words, recognizing patterns in words, would enable them to step out of a fear of processing information based on an idea of lack in relation to this, and allow the child to focus more on defining the words, because a fear of the picture as the words, would no longer exist.  And, because this simple understanding has not been understood, technology can be a stable point in a world where we adults have somehow missed this point and are caught in the consequences of not understanding this in thought and word and deed.

A child who lacks self respect has  a hard time looking another in the eyes. A child who lacks structure, has a hard time being self disciplined. A child who lacks the ability to spell words, has a hard time processing information. A child who defines themselves as the lack, hides from the world, and will tend more towards drugs and alcohol, as this is an escape from the stress of a mind in chaos. 

We humans are social beings, we love to participate. Any middle school teacher can see that all the behaviors in middle school have an underlying voice, and that is an immense desire to participate. Why?  Because it is fun to participate! Learning is fun! Self definitions of lack, accumulating in a measure  that is a behavior of resistance causing consequences of limitation in relation to being socially engaged, is not fun. This is an unhappy child.

If our children learned their words, the SAT would be easy, as it should be. The behaviors of such a child, would be a child with the structural means, because humans use language - which is words- to be self accountable. Being self accountable is being self responsible, the opposite of blame. Instead the behavior would be a sound character who solves problems. Such a child would have a dynamic mind, and a synergistic thinking that no longer moved in limited associative thinking.  

What automated the child would be a clear thinking, that could self monitor and at the same time see directly others in their world. I would call this a quantum thinking or seeing. Instead of a limited behavior of self defense in fear of being considered less, a child could be open and realize themselves within and the world without. This is a child comfortable with the world, one willing to participate in life.  This is building  the means towards behaviors of self esteem and self confidence. This is a child raising their hand and participating! Is this not what we want for all of our children, and would this not benefit each of us. Who would not want to give this to a child?

It is a math, and it is simple, and it is right there in front of us. Somehow, we have allowed friction and conflict in arguing over the means to the end, losing sight of the whole mechanism. We argue over small steps/means in a natural process within that parameter of learning our abc’s and becoming effective communicators in adulthood.  This is a loss in a natural spatial ability inherent in children.

We can, with technology, rebuild our minds, rebuild our neurological networks, with words. We can effectively know our words so well that we can choose and be whatever we want. We then can restore a natural quantum ability to self monitor and assess the world around us, so we direct ourselves without fear, and face all situations coming up with new ways of doing things that is what is natural to each of us, and what makes each of us so unique and special. We all want to participate in our society, it is our real and natural state. 

In this age of information, it is necessary that our children are exposed to a broad vocabulary, learn to spell their words well, and have the means for a perfect and consistent practice within this. Because our schools by design cannot do this, and parents are too busy to do this,  we can use technology to become the means to achieve this. What is so special about this, is that it self empowers the child! They can do this themselves given a tool that monitors this development, allowing that child that needs a greater degree of practice the necessary practice and that child that has some negative emotional associations the chance to move beyond such negative definitions because they can build a clean and clear neurological framework in relation to words. Technology is stable and consistent. It is the perfect means to give a perfect and consistent practice!

If interested in experiencing what I am sharing, please leave a note, and sign up for a presentation.  I am a parent who has raised two children, I have worked with children and parents in relation to what I speak about, and I realized, through teaching violin, that when the structure was set, when the practice was “ perfect” , the essence of the child would burst forth and begin to fly. This ability is inherent in all of us, it is who and what we are as life. 

Thank You for reading, very much appreciated!  And, sign up! After all, it is through real time sharing that we expand our awareness.  Time to transform blame into accountability, as this is our real potential in expression!

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