Friday, March 25, 2016

What are the behaviors of an imperfect practice? What are our seeds of information?

The starting point reveals the ending point.
Why does education begin with the abc’s and end with the SAT?
How are we informed? What does sport development reveal? What does what informs a musician reveal about how we work, that which is hidden in plain sight?
How does this translate into a child with a slow processing speed?
What are the ‘ terrible twos’? Is it the seeds of information from a previous generation resonating?
Why do we not see the ends reveal the means? Or, the means  ( a measure) reveal the end/outcome?

Why is there so much busy-ness between the starting point of abc and the ending point of the SAT? Why is what is simple, made so complicated? 

What is a personality dis-oder?

What is cognitive dissonance?

Why do words refine thought?

Why did you look around the room hoping someone else would raise their hand in class because you did not have the means of communication as words, structured within you, to be able to respond? Why could you not SPELL out the answer? 

Had you practiced the 10,000 hours of mastering your abcs so that you are prepared for the SAT, so you could further your education and get a good job, so your parents would not have to take care of you? And, so that you could help your parents when they were older?

What dos all this mean? What does this look like in personification?

I worked with a girl who was very behind in her ability to participate in the world without extensive help.

In the beginning, there was a moment where she looked at me and asked me to praise her.  In that moment I was shocked. Me, who had taken years of one-on-one violin lessons, where this would not be allowed, because the proof was in the generation of the notes. The value was in generating the music, it spoke for itself. One knew when one was clear, balanced, the measure of sound stable and clear. Praise or reprimand did not necessarily come into it. It was more a sense of ease and a smile, when something hit clarity. There was no need for praise. Hard to believe, but in some ways, needing to praise is in itself a red flag. A joy interaction and discovery is its own reward.

Thus, I reminded the girl that she had been working hard, and that what she had learned was something that is on going, we refine and improve over our lives.  She calmed down and moved forward.

Yet, that emotional reaction and that intense desire for praise, as an answer to feeling overwhelmed within change , even change that happened step by small step laid bare the experiences this young woman had lived. The very measure of her experience.

Had she ever self generated? Had she ever really had the opportunity to self monitor?  And what gains she made been so slow that she held her gains as an accomplishment from a starting point of of such inner chaos that this became an entity within her, as a belief, that the very idea of further development had to move through all that past experience of a slow gain, and the constant praise that motivated her, causing a measure a ‘ order of practice’ that became something she felt comfortable moving within, the boundaries of this when changed upset the whole movement of her? Quite the construct!

Gently, the process of learning words was again structured, to give the means to move forward. Each word practiced, to remove all these associations built from past practices, and the opportunity to self monitor and generate what the abc’s do that can lead to a level of word recognition and meaning generation necessary to survive in our modern world of information. 

A few days later, this girl was doing this on her own. She was no longer moving into emotional reactions, personas of the past. She would sit, and when she missed a word, slump in her chair. But, only for a moment. She then, without begging for praise, sat up, and moved onto the next word. This word she happened to catch. All that information, because we seed into ownership an imperfect practice just as we seed a perfect practice,  from her past she moved through on her own and she caught the word. Then she went into joy, her own self generated joy. Her body , so full of misinformation, tensed up, and yet there, within her, came the smallest of sounds, expressing her joy, all on her own, for herself, that she had typed the word correctly.  And that was the beginning of the end, a move into a perfect practice that rebuilt that memory of experiences into an order that could become grounded in more and more self confidence to follow through and become the master of self. Is this not the gift we all owe to our children?

If you want to experience what this is about, please send me a note, in the response box. If you want a presentation, please contact with a request - I will not post the responses.  I also give presentations to groups.  If we want to get this world in order, it starts within each of us. And, since humans use language,  that and with the help of technology, we have the tools to order a perfect mind. Then, just like the leaves on a tree, we will find that we all fit, and that each expression is here in support of us all, it is after all a symbiotic physical world.  It is our responsibility to ensure that our children reach their full potential. What would it feel like, for a parent, to be self empowered to and towards this goal? After all, learning is natural, and we are each incredible machines able to learn what ever we want, once we understand what is hidden in plain sight. 

Abracadabra, we are the words we effectively know. We grow into the tree of what measure/word we allow to inform us. Does your persona fit into effective behaviors that lead to success and a good paying job?

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