Monday, April 3, 2017

Why is Learning to Read and Reading to Learn so Important? How Can I Help?

Recent studies in how the brain processes words/information have revealed that when a picture is learned with a word, conceptual ability is slowed down. In one article, it was noted that processing a word with a picture happened within a third of a second, while processing a word alone happened within a tenth of a second. A word, is a technological tool to place information, as human communication. After all, animals can process a series of tasks leading to a goal, though they cannot communicate this in human language. Humans use language to communicate. This is done within many borders; written and spoken text. Text is really a picture, a symbol, a graph. Words are in many ways only a reflection of what is around us, be it the practical world, or a resonant belief system one holds to define one’s self. In this, one can make that resonant belief larger than the practical. One’s words become a relationship to one’s belief. When this is larger than life, one exists in a state of separation from the practical.  This is why it has been said to take that which is good and does no harm, because this holds a recognition of the practical, the physical, and it restrains an inner construct of belief from imposing itself on the physical. 

Research studies reveal that better spelling skills lead to better jobs and higher levels of self actualization. Conversely, yet reflective of this, is the understanding that the greater the degree of violence, the less developed the vocabulary. Basically, the less one is able to communicate. The lack between these two in a world where so much communication is done with graphed constructs ( pictures, words, and the relationship of projections onto pictures) about this practical world, limits expression causing frustration and fear, leading to violence and resistance, hiding and protection. Remember, violence is a form of resistance, and it is an inability to effectively communicate. 

The practice of the smallest of what composes language, as the words, the spells, the graphs, is no longer a consistent part of our daily development of the child. And a child is very absorbent, they absorb the lack in the adults who also lack vocabulary development, and as a consequence, have varying degrees of inferiority to communication. The behaviors towards violence which is any form of a lack of real communication, become the measure of the child, because this is their experience. One reflects the other. Would there be a term such as a zone of proximal development that indicates a point of inner development? The term in itself reveals the whole.  

If one has slowed down and practiced the small, as spelling, one has focused more on the words.Yet, if one has a resonance memory of learning words with relationships to pictures or the lack of real vocabulary development in the home with the parents in those initial formative years, there is a clutter in processing, causing slower processing speeds. To note, learning a word with a picture, has faster short term effects, conversely learning a word without a picture, has greater long term effects. One misses movement in reality when one is busy processing what is imprinted within as pictures of emotional and feeling value constructs absorbed from the parent that are metaphysical maps as memory. This is a very strong state of being, as I noticed after living in a foreign country for 10 years- I had become more in manner the measure, or persona, of the national character of the country I inhabited, and it took about 7 years.  For example, how can one realize subtle tensions, as physical behavior in others if one is busy processing through a file of many pictures or value entities that are visible as personality likes and dislikes over practical considerations? And, would not a direct relationship with the word, and living reality become the greater sum of all parts? Would this not stop getting lost in inner value judgements, that can also become a collectively accepted body of information. Which, is why it is hard to communicate with ease with a foreigner, even when they have managed to learn one’s language to a certain degree. I mean, the metaphysical constructs, as persona, are visible, and how they are built is practically right in front of us. It is really very simple. One’s degree of separation from the practical reflects the degree of one’s lack of awareness, or forgetfulness, of what one resonates within as beliefs, opinions and ideas over the practical. All of this is visible in how one is using language because the language reflects one's level, or zone of proximal development, How near or far are we from realizing what we are within, and the practical world around us, without. The degree to which one can learn new things, is equal to the degree of mastery of self, one has within, as in realizing that what is resonant within is simply a reflection of one’s experiences, and possible judgements about that experience. That within, can become a comfort zone, where one loses teachability. We can get stuck in holes of our own resonance. This is when friction and resistance and a greater degree of violence with the world around us begin to manifest. 

If we look at schools as a framework, meaning a framed box where we learn through pictures ( word descriptions are a form of pictures),  that set body of information becomes not only a general scaffold of information, it becomes a general scaffold of information that is also a picture. Thus, and we know that after seven years a child has accumulated formation based on the parents awareness and their environment with humans being that of which I speak. If the parents have learned words without a direct relationship to the living reality and mastered spelling, we have a manifold problem, where the experience of the child is the measure of everything they have been exposed to. This is why a child from a stable environment, where there is more effective language use, do better in school. This means, that the schools do not really teach children. This means that the schools, with teachers that are a product of this, and a design that exacerbates this, are a part of the problem. I would say that the capacity of humans to order, and the consequence of a lack of clear order, or the consequence of limited order ( the guise of  good) are actually the problem. 

Schools more manage, the degrees of difference, as capacity or lack of effective word/spelling use inherent in the home. If the parent does not have a mastery of language, and they exist as a product of a school system where they learned a set body of information through memory/picture, and this being a general scaffold of information resonant within without direct application , what does the child become as they absorb the image and forms as movements of this limitation overall? Realize the consequences of this general set body of memorized/resonant information, that becomes a distraction, thereby losing an ability to process information in real time, because of so much time spent focusing on a set pictured body of information in itself learned with no real living relationships to reality,  leads to greater and greater insecurity, compounding over time into behaviors that are what exist in the home environment that is then what the child absorbs!  And we wonder why we have so much friction in our relationships. A more perfect practice builds a more fluid teachability, imperfect use of the imagination, lead to lesser degrees of effective self responsibility. No one can realize this but the self. 

How is it that we cannot realize that the reason we wait for a child to reach seven, before sending them, traditionally, to school, that we send them at this age because they have absorbed enough experience in reality to begin to self direct. Just as in the model of reading, where, usually, 1st and 2nd grade are when one learns to read, to then move into reading to learn as being the model of practicing the small, building momentum, then moving into beginning to apply one’s self in a deeper and greater circle of awareness AS NOT BEING HOW THIS ALL WORKS!  It is that how we work, is right in front of us!  We realize, that within this, it is very very difficult to change that foundational resonance. It takes great patience and consistent effort. It takes rebuilding! Think of Helen Keller. The schools in themselves, cannot be that detailed practice. They are a program of presenting a set body of information that is a general scaffold without any living relationships, thereby sounding like a good, that is really what leads to the dumbing down of America. If each generation does not realize this slow and subtle dumbing down, we are like a frog placed in cold water heated over many decades. when the frog dies because the water has become too hot, and we cannot see that, we stand there unable to see why the frog has died. We are at that point where the frog has died. What I have heard from superintendents, is that there are problems, and what is being done is not working.  This is even happening in some of the best schools in the state. What is interesting, is that local parents at the elementary school where I am, they talk about how wonderful the school is, because this is what the teachers say to them, the voice higher up is different. My experience in life tells me that this is probably the same story in every town. Humans can weave many justifications, to protect their metaphysical ideology, ignoring what is so evident in our present reality; our children have lost  practical ability. If you are an adult, ask yourself how much loss of spatial skill you are experiencing. The degree of a loss of spatial skill is equal to the degree of a loss of focus on the forms that are all around us, as the practical. That within metaphysical resonant construct has become larger that life. I can say, after I moved back to the states after living in a foreign country for ten years, the degree of this is very deep, and it takes effort to change it. For this reason, I have great admiration for what was done with Helen Keller. Obviously, prevention is the best cure. 

We humans are so caught in the web of abstracting in our imaginations, that we can no longer realize how we work.  We can ask ourselves what is a thought, especially if we ask ourselves what we generated as that momentum built from absorbing and by extension, imitating, as the very movements of the adults in our world that we were placed in, that we” learned to read, to move into reading to learn. “  If our parents were products of a system that by design, used learning in isolation to imprint a general scaffold that was by definition a ‘ picture’ of information ONLY , causing slower practical processing of reality, thereby causing mistakes of reality, leading to insecurities ( because we blame ourselves and rightfully so in many ways, because we are the only ones who can change this ) that becomes our actions as these little movements build momentum and accumulate into what is resonant within us, that then reverberate as our thoughts- such things we are not aware of -  and from where they come - when it is all explained in the learning model. I mean, manipulation can be such a subtle thing, and a hard thing to realize if one is caught in a resonance, or memory, of mis-information that may be correct, but limited as not enough, that causes distractions from seeing living reality thereby being a slow processing speed in who and what one is as having a living relationship to one’s practical reality! Astounding! I want to say WT#, here. LOOK!

A word, as human communication, is a thing, it is sound, it is visual, it is kinesthetic, meaning it touches one. It is a graph, it is a sound gram, it can touch us, reach us. It is like all the arts in one! I mean, why is it the one thing in a school that is taught as words, taught in a way that it is so in separation from practical and realistic real time connections, and drawn out with boring texts and group lessons, of same age, yet different starting points of development? Why is it this way? I mean, I have taught music, individually and in a group, it can happen so much faster than how we teach language, because it reveals by design the process of what happens when one physically learns, meaning when one builds with a direct relationship to a physical movement. This is so hidden in plain sight!  Mixing ages moves counter to the understanding that one can only move forward according to the zone of one’s proximal development! So, to set up groups of a wide range of development is to not move within that border of development, where learning happens at more expansive rates. It is in some ways the opposite, and can explain how competition exists within the schools, because while one is trying to process through memory, which is much slower learning, one is also comparing one’s self to the other students, as though one is in a race, which distracts from what one is doing, and becomes a habit because we become what we practice - as the learning to read, and reading to learn model explains. Thus, overall, the whole design is mathematically counter to what is best, counter to how we learn, and it is by design. If you are shaking at this point, it is because one is going to have to deconstruct to reconstruct, and that causes a self ordering process of slowing down that racing mis-used imagination, that feels like one is shaking inside. Yes, the problem is that deep. 

The good news is that there is a solution. One has to rebuild. It means using words as the placeholders of information, and building living relationships directly with the practical, physical world. Thus, one NOT ONLY practices learning the means of communication as words to hold information, one also builds a momentum of relating each word to the living reality around us, so we become a movement that never misses a beat in the world around us, as this is processing more than ONLY what is within one’s self as that which is in the imagination that is a consequence of one’s experience in a world that has practiced the opposite of what builds a sound mind. 

That which is missing, is a consistent practice of the individual with the small. School is a kind of orchestra practice and that private lesson a one-on-one practice. Therefore, what is missing is the consistent and constant individual practice as this analogy is another perspective on this. A musician must practice the instrument alone ALSO, moving with the small, practicing it, to accumulate a more correct and direct relationship between the instrument and the physical living reality. This builds a more natural direct practical effective focus.  There is a stage where one can get stuck, or lost, in automation so one must learn to always check, even when it appears that one is quite capable. Beyond automation is, from my experience,  the point where masters realize the most important is mastery of the smallest, the simplest of movements, as the smallest and simplest are the means to sensing the whole, or the more complex. In a way one builds trees of understanding, from the general to the subtle, and one continually cross references one's inner structure, so that there is only one ‘ picture’ very well composed, and so readable, that one can not only see what is within, but what is without at the same time. I see this as being the particle and the wave, in my limited, yet emerging awareness of this, and, as this that should never have been lost, as this is realizing the real potential of each of us, leading to a world where we as human beings work in the same manner together as that of which I speak. Overall, we can realize that processing speeds differing in measure from a third of a second, to a tenth of a second, can have great consequences in our lives, especially within the law of accumulating effects. This begs the question as to what is insecurity and what is self confidence? How are they build, or how are they formed? 

It is time to clean this up, and ensure that this mis-take in development of our children comes to an end. There is a tool to expedite this process. It is a tool to lend a more perfect practice ( one could call this a metronome, or a ski pole, or an abacus: it is a tool) , to prevent mis-understanding as cognitive dissonance, and to build a sound mind.

If you are experiencing a loss of spatial skill, or having reading problems, send me a note, and we can look at a simple and practical way to correct these problems.

Thank you for reading.

                                         Time to get the river flowing. 

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