Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is Schooling overall? Why are words so important?

The more I look at learning through memorizing, the more I realize that it is, by design, a way to slow down a natural ability to be aware. This simple statement that one cannot memorize how to play an instrument and then be sent out to play it in real physical time, suddenly and effectively, makes this very simple perspective so astoundingly clear. Therefor, sending a child, in their developmental years, into a closed school room, for six hours a day, to learn to script knowledge and information without practical application is a suppression by design of a natural ability to understand and become aware of space and the way things move in this world, this world where that child becomes an adult. Accelerated learning techniques describe full physical engagement, meaning that when the total child is involved they learn with greater speed. This can, actually be measured down to fractions of seconds. It is already know that a person engaged in playing the violin has greater synaptic movement overall than reading alone.  I am honestly ashamed with myself self for having sent my children through  this kind of schooling even though I had them do many things outside of school.  I can see a loss of a sense of reality in them, even if they do not fear learning and looking around them because they have some degree of practical experience. Why are we allowing this. Why do we allow a mode of learning that scientifically does not engage the child in what naturally has more total engagement leading to greater and faster synaptic movement and retention of greater information and awareness, as it is understood that children who study a musical instrument tend to make better managers as they can think with greater critical and creative ability? Have a look, I believe that Alan Greenspan studied to become a jazz musician before he left this profession full time to eventually become chairman of the private entity known as the Federal Reserve.  My guess is that he lived what educational research has made clear, that the study of music allows/affords, a greater degree of doing the math, as words and numbers and general movements of things, in the world around one, extending to seeing consequences ( for good or bad, or right action that is what would be best for all) on many levels which is an ability of a retention of form within and a spatial sense to see how things move in the greater world around one. This is a high functioning person, able to transpose form into function, or focus on inner forms and movements and the practical action right in front of one, near and far with greater speed down to fractions of seconds! All measurable. 

When public school began, I understand that many parents were against this, their reason being that the children would lose all critical and creative thinking skills. In effect, someone who wanted to teach children, and really cared for them, would by necessity realize that how we are schooling children, through memorizing information without practical application, actually shuts down the capacity of the child. John Taylor Gato realized this, it took him some time, having taught in schools, yet he did come to realize, that children can understand, can order, can use common sense, can naturally as who and what they are in totality, retain awareness when moving in total engagement.  What is removing this natural ability is that they are being placed in a room and asked to take in information and understand it, without having any experience, any real experience.  Education, is we all know, is about experience.

Even myself as an adult, taking care of a house, can see that having lived in a house, and taken care of it, can learn, and can do, and could have learned about all the things needed to take care of a house, myself, simply by participating in doing it, being exposed to it. This can be extended into learning about the world, and how natural resources move. For example;  learning where the wood came from, learning through touching and real life caring for something, instead of spending hours of my life, in a room thinking about it! In effect, what we are doing in terms of how we educate our children, is completely backwards. 

Americans in the colonies has a 93% literacy rate, and understood enough about politics and how money moved, to collectively do something about it, which is why, changes against that understanding were made behind closed doors. For example, the centralized banking system was fought against. It was done many times, yet this is not in the history books we read in school. Who is writing those books, who is making a decision to tell a story about what happened? Having children memorizing a story, a fake news story, in a society that has rejected centralized banking again and again, reveals the why of pushing a system that is meant to  distract a child from being aware of what is really going on! Public schools are the indoctrination of a fake news story.  Today, I also read that the states get 80% of their funding from the Federal government. Take this away, and have local districts choose what storied knowledge and information is memorized ( because this is what happens, storied info!) , at present the victors are choosing what is memorized ( a method that slows down synapse movement in the brain) as a/the measured script that will be used to direct the child come adult. This is, be design a loss of a natural capacity inherent in the very design of the child.  This is done under the banner of creating civil humans.  Yet, the very nature of a human to participate, reveals a inherent desire to get along, to not cause conflict, as reaction comes from anxiety when a person feels uncertain. What would make a human uncertain is a loss of common sense, a loss of a natural ability to connect to physical practical actions that actually get thing done, such as discovering innovative ways of doing things.  This means that we, all of us, are the means of innovation when we are focused and grounded in the practical. 

The way out of this is for the children to know their words. The way out is for children to know their woods so well they are not lost in trying to decode and process and can instead hear the words, see the perspectives, realize they make no sense unless they fit into practical reality. And, this has to happen while they are young enough to not lose a natural ability to learn. Children can absorb the real physical movements of right actions that are what does no harm, right where they are in this physical and practical world all around us. They can learn the words, which are never the real thing, and a thing in themselves, to communicate and order this world, that is physical, all around us. This means that the human body is an instrument, and the words are the notes that reflect what is directly in front of us that is hidden right outside that school room classroom, reality, the physical, creation.  Cognitive dissonance, is a mirror of one’s loss of presence in what is natural, something divided, or separated into becoming ‘ thinking ‘ only, an occupation that takes one’s focus and places it into a memorized script of knowledge and information ONLY, where one lives a loss of seeing space, as the space of reality, physical and all around us, that space where when we engage with that physical reality, we build a more steady ‘ reader’ of what is within us, and what is real, as the without all around us. It gets to the point where the simplicity of this is so much easier to understand than the chaos of a mind in separation, through a mis-use of the imagination,  that can be heard in the sounds as the emotional tenor of the words a person speaks. Have a look, when a teenager is interjecting the word “ like’ into their speech, they are in effect thinking about what they are saying, and so lost in that, the degree of reading reality, as relating to reality, moves so slowly, ( and can be measured by degrees of seconds) it begs the question as to how much capacity they have to effectively be engaged in reality in seeing innovative ways to improve society for the benefit of all.  How many times have I realized I simply did not follow through because my awareness was so caught up in a limited string of information that ended up occupying my presence, that I missed what was right in front of me? How often do we realize we simply did not LOOK? If we are honest, many-many times. Now, imagine living in such a world. For this I have another story.

I once called a milk company to ask about something someone said to me, that skim milk is made from powdered milk. I could not believe this. So, I made a phone call. I was passed around to about 5 or 6 different people. Eventually, I returned to the first person with whom I spoke. I asked the same question again, and also replied that I realized I was speaking to the initial person I first encountered.  This person who denied knowing the answer at the onset, replied, “ skim milk is made from milk that has had the water taken out of it.” I replied that, yes, so it was true, that skim milk is made from powdered milk. The person said again, ‘ No, milk is made from milk that has had the water taken out of  it.”  Okay, in my mind, I thought, this is the same difference, and did not argue because the memorized script, of a form of inverted information was one that did not deny or confirm what skim milk was composed of, the answer, and the one answer was that skim milk was made from milk that had the water taken out of it.  

I can see my parents and others arguing. Meaning, an argument where more than one script of the same thing is being thrown back and forth, back and forth. And yet, the same thing is being said, and the speakers cannot realize this, because they are reading a script from memory. A memory of knowledge and information that has little practice in cross referencing reality, and therefor, has little awareness of what they are actually saying. I can also imagine a young child absorbing all this emotion behind the words, causing charges to the words they learn, as memories of parents fighting, frightening the child, which in turn places a charged emotional memory of fear into the child in tandem with the words heard. This becoming a perpetual distraction from a natural ability to see this reality directly.  Does this sound like the chaos we have all around us? What is really knowing one’s words, seeing this reality directly, and being a master of self to the degree that one can process any imbalance within, and see the practical without, to be a human who can realize innovation and practice that leads to a society of real communication and stable relationships that expand each one’s awareness of right action leading to a more peaceful and productive society of men?   What is our responsibility here? Can we bring ourselves back into who and what we really are by design, and can we purify our words, using effective refocusing tools - using unemotional technology as computers - to aid in this de-scattering of our presence into limited metaphysical holographic scripts of limited storied information to reground ourselves into the place of right actions leading to effective living in and onto this practical physical reality? 

The potential we see in our children , when they are young, is this within ourselves, something we recognize this that has been lost. We can, through prevention, build a sound mind, with clear words learned and directed towards right practical actions, and understandings, and begin the journey of correcting this within ourselves, step by step, discovery by discovery, movement by movement. We can restore our spatial ability, to reach a point where as we age, we do not lose a sense of space and can continue to enjoy driving our cars because we can focus on the real world around us. We can restore an ability to realize that milk made from milk that has had the water removed is the same as milk made from powdered milk, and laugh at the fun of playing with sound as the words we know, as we realize that we are instruments of life, that can sound what connects us to one another in ways that only expand our awareness of the joy of being in creation manifest, as the physical.

If you desire to see your child use language with ease, and realize they can learn anything they want, send me a note. We can walk this together, until it is done. 

thank you!

: )

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