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Intuition and the story of a child on the spectrum.

Intuition and the story of a child on the spectrum.

I am a reading specialist. My intent is to make word recognition small. Meaning, that reading, or understanding words is something all children can do. Words are a code, they are not the thing that they sound, they are a thing about a form/movement etc. 

A child exposed to several languages at a young age can learn all those languages. It would be like seeing an apple and having many different names/labels for that apple.

What must remain constant within words, grounded in universal meanings. Words must have  an equivalent in reality- the word must be a living word. The verb ‘ run’ must correlate to the movement of running. Then qualifiers can be added that describe the type of running. I mean we used to have a different name for each grouping of a specific animal, when there were more than one. Honestly, it was probably a tech, as a word is a form of technology, that brought attention to the nature of the type of animal the word used to describe a group of that specific animal reflected. This shows how much we are as humans in separation from living practices, from taking in the subtlety of the real natural world around us. We can see this in how much we lose our spatial ability as we age- and how it becomes more and more difficult to process information with age. How we are, within what we are, reveals the degree of story we exist as instead of seeing the real and natural world around us. 

In our public schools there is an idea that words must be learned in context. This statement alone sounds good and true, yet it begs the question as to what the context is! Words learned in a context, in a class room, with a set body of information ( written by whom?)  become a limited story, even if the sequences of events can be validated etc. because it is not the whole story.  One is not present in the real story, seeing the objects moving and being. It is words talking about something, thus information on a page, is not a real context. Thus, the statement that words be learned in a context has a truth, words must be learned and placed in a context- as words are never the real thing, they are a thing about a thing. Therefor, it must be noted that learning words in the context of fixed information in a school, is in itself not a real context, and as a consequence build in mis-information and biases, or polarities within the word definitions. The definitions become ideas rather than a real relationship with reality. We have compounding attention dis-orders as a consequence, built over generations reflecting how we work and the importance of  learning in living contexts. It becomes a math that is so obvious, ignoring it is allowing harm, as more and more children will suffer the consequences of such practice.  We are seeding mis-information and the fruits of these seeds are all around us.

This situation reared its head during a conversation with two parents that have children on the autistic spectrum.  It was a business meeting, thus most of the conversation was about business.  One woman was talking about how important it is to follow her intuition. Another man was talking about how difficult it is to have his child look him in the eye. The man, eventually, as his child grew older, asked the child/young man why he avoided looking people in the eye. This child said, ‘ because there is something there.’  On one side of the table I have a man saying that his son cannot look people in the eye for a reason, and that reason is that ‘ there is something there.” On the other side of the table is a woman talking about how she needs to use her intuition ( and he daughter will not look her in the eye as well) . Do the math here!

If we have an ‘ intuition’ within us, built through fixed information in separation of a real living context,  our words become filled with polarized values, or biases.  This is what the information within us becomes.  An intuition, as experience, as events, built from fixed information without the whole story, as this reality, creates an inner set body of information that becomes like a train of information that moves in separation from reality. I mean look, a child does not yet have an intuition, they place everything in their mouths to build a sense of things! to build their intuition. 

The consequence of this, that has been going on for a few generations,  builds a personality of resistances towards anything that does not fit that intuition built in a context away from what is real- and then personalities are built that have comfort zones and a greater difficulty in change, in processing information in reality. The within does not fit into the without as living reality. Our children must perform in this world, understanding the real context to move and create and reach the potential of their innate capacity to understand. They must be able to meet the age of information and process that information with ease to have a good job, as so many of the jobs from the previous industrial age are being automated, thus our real creative ability, which demands understanding how this world works must be restored. The context must be physical reality, with direct experience and each word clearly defined in relation to a living context. 

Because so many of the adults in this world are a consequence of what has been allowed, and have intuitions that are out of real living context, we can use technology to integrate the tech of and as the words, to build a sound and ordered intuition that can process information and retain a sense of reality, meaning, to not lose their inherent spatial ability- their natural sense of reality. It is similar to learning to play an instrument, as we are physical instruments of great capacity and design.

As adults, we can ask ourselves why we lose our spatial sense as we age, why it becomes harder to drive our cars, why it becomes more uncomfortable to be with people who are outside of our social circles, why it is harder to show compassion. We can ask ourselves why as we age, we tend to repeat the same stories again and again. We can ask ourselves what happened to that child that was a starting point that was so in awe of everything around it. We can ask ourselves why we lose a joy in interacting with this world. We can ask ourselves why we become isolated as we fear what is around us, and have great difficulty in moving in this reality. Why do we become humans who have difficulty moving in this reality when we by design, have the capacity to move with greater and greater ease in this reality as this is how we start out?

Our starting points must become our ending points, we owe this to ourselves and the children to come.

There are tools and help in organizing simple steps towards building a sound mind in a child. I am here to help.  Send me a note! Thank you for reading!

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