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What is cognitive dissonance in our children and what is the outcome? Natural learning ability and reading behaviors.

Cognitive dissonance in our children.
I was working with a girl in the 5th grade and noticed that she could readily understand a passage when I read it to her. Yet, when she went to read, she read very very slowly, and with tension, as in her breathing was uneven, and her body swayed back and forth.
How can a person, understand fluid words more readily than reading, when reading is simply, like reading a musical score, putting the units as the notes as the letters into a sound and listening and forming the sounds into a cohesive form, as an form of information that is simply an idea, or the creation of a picture about something done with words?
And this can become something within, as a belief, that then can be used to direct, thus what is sounded as formed as words, must be very very clear and something that gives direction in ways that create no harm. Something that does not tell the whole story, and that is used by a child, for example, must be the real story, or the information is harmful because it leads the child into situations that are not what leads to the full potential of the child.
So, this child who was reading very slowly and with a stress revealing itself in her physical behaviors, who could at the same time respond with a flow of words she heard, says something about the information she is using within to decipher the simple notes/letters of a graph of information!
This means that as she uses herself, as what is drawn out, and used to decipher the graph that represents the sounds that are things that represent the world around us, this inner measure is not flowing with ease. Yet, this girl can process words in other contexts.
Somehow, that information within , as what has accumulated in her cognitive map, is not serving her well. It is somehow dissonant, and as such, difficult to process - these ‘ notes that graph’ a picture as the words, as this is what words are, things that paint a picture, that reflect the world around us.
Already, this child is having a disconnect while processing a sound that is a reflection of experience, and all of our experiences are related to our presence here on a physical world,  I mean, what is metaphor built of?
if one takes the time to look, one can actually see this cognitive dissonance, it moves like molasses ( my metaphor!) . It is visible in the movement of the child, as the heavier lacking-ease in breathing and the body moving in a restless way. It is visible in the very very slow processing of the information, as the rhythm of the child, as their information/communication speed begins to be filled with gaps, and the speaking is more of a ‘ looking at the inner information’ and assessing it, trying to make sense of it metaphysically. Is this different from when a child learns to crawl and walk? Is this the natural learning ability of the child, as children who can rapidly learn languages when they are young, or is this the dissonance being sorted through that is slowing the child down?
This means that the cognitive measure of the child is not clear. And, because of our system that moves at a pace that is a rigidity, within the guise of giving structure, this structure is really something that is disturbing the child’s natural processing ability and clogging it up, Some would call this a false positive. The structure of our public schools sounds good, yet it does not consider the ability of a natural learning ability to process and order and sense patterns, instead it imposes an order that is limited and actually interrupts the child, filling up their cognition with information they do not have time and opportunity to experience and place into some kind of common sense order, hence the outcome is cognitive dissonance. Which, is why children who are exposed to more words, and more opportunities to do better in school. Yet, many, because of economics, cannot have such experiences. And, the parents do not understand this, or take the time to understand this- and it is the responsibility of the parents to understand this, as they would have wanted this for themselves. And, if one listens to many adults, their stories are about how someone else did not do this or did not do that, with a few realizing that they themselves did not realize this or did not realize that- for example. Yet, we must each realize that only we, our ‘ self’s’ can correct/form/build what we are within. We determine what we accept and allow. And, we do realize this at a certain point in our lives?
Hence, in relation to the child I discussed earlier; her cognitive information is not consonant with reality. And because of this, the child struggles with processing words as information that is a graph of the practice of living on a symbiotic physical reality as that which is all around us, as the school, and the roads etc.etc. that are the things that are used to build metaphors. Our within is not equal to the without. Young children learn so rapidly because they remain within seeing directly before a cognition is filled with a mis-measure that lacks the real story.
One can notice that one begins to move as a set body of information, because reading a different measure of information becomes more and more difficult as we get older. Do we realize we start to race as that in-formation and become the habit of and as it?  Hence, it is easy to see how we are in separation from reality.
And, as scientists are discovering, our DNA holds memories from our parents, which we have always known, or phrases such as ‘ the sins of the fathers’ or ‘ the apple never falls far from the tree’ would not exist. 
So, how can we solve this problem? How can we rebuild the very fabric of our cognition to retain a direct seeing ability and use our imaginations in ways that help us direct ourselves here, and send information to future generations that is clean and clear and as such can build a world where our children do not spend their lives sorting out cognitive dissonance? How do we build sound minds,that use the full potential of what we are, where we are balanced within to the without to live full lives? How do we end this suffering in children where they lose their stability inherent in their breathing becoming unstable and uneasy? Is this not what you would have wanted for yourself? Is this not what is development of the full processing ability of the child?

We must begin to understand that the information around us, through media, and the memory of adults composed of generations of information that is not the real story of living,has compounded in our genes, and into systems that are trying to order, yet not understanding this, and clearing this up. We have a system that is trying to put out the fires of this, instead of addressing the starting point that is a point of separation from a natural common sense, as this common sense is how that child learns to crawl and walk, and process other languages with a rapid ease.

No one can do this for each of us as individuals. No one can go into you, and correct this foundation. The only person/point of correction is you. The point on the ground as the individual, is the only place of correction as no one else can be inside that cognition that is a reflection of the measure of one’s experience and information accepted and allowed. Saying that what is within as a belief, is just this, speaking a measure. Speaking a measure is not a movement of change or reformation. Only the individual can change the form, that is what informs and eventually directs. We each, are responsible for what is within us. And parents are responsible for what informs the child because they are who spend the most time with the child.
If we cannot process information with ease, and/or we have a hard time ordering ourselves in reality as visible actions that get things done, then our cognition is not grounded and clear. we end up having problems processing information and getting things done. the moment we move into justification as blame and spite, we are believing that our cognition is more than that original ( originating point) starting point that was able to sense space and move our physical bodies in ways that we learned to crawl and to walk and to talk. 
The solution is to rebuild our cognition to be of a sound measure, where the words as the units, as the notes reflecting the graph of life as the physical world we are here working with,  are in sync, in order- where the words are the structural means of communication and self direction so that the child realizes they can learn/become aware in clear and efficient ways. This is building a child that lives at ease with this world. And this is what we all want/seek.
This is forming life. It is the most important thing a parent, a school, a community can do for a child because this is what determines the future of life on earth. And, it is what each of us would have wanted for ourselves.

I would suggest rebuilding your cognition and making sure that the cognition of your child is sound. Thankfully, the tool is here. It is Techno Tutor. Let’s get this done, it is what we would have wanted for ourselves. Slow down and read something other than a habituated form of information, realize that you can change, as this is the very ability of you as life- that rapid ability to learn new languages is right there under all that information that is creating a cognitive dissonance from who you really are as life. Take that which is good and does no harm, and align yourself to the purpose of building a world that functions with ease, and the joy that is there buried under a chaos of information that creates a cognitive dissonance through limitation, stagnating you from the full potential that can change and reform as your self within, as this is the stuff of creation.

                                           Inherent in the word ' genetics' is the sound ' generation.' 

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