Monday, December 15, 2014

The Occupation Building of Fantasy. Does this show the Dis-ease of ADD and ADHD, Dyslexia and Developmental Delays?

Another situation I have encountered in children is how fantasy can occupy the child to such an extent that they have a hard time stopping the movement once begun. Imagine getting caught up in wanting magical things to happen every time you interact socially? It is somewhat like watching porn and seeing women as objects in relation to the pictures as ideas one has impulsed. And we know this is in effect because we have the Harem effect in our schools. A hard thing to say here, but this exists. If we begin to pay attention, it does become obvious. And it is not to blame because what is done is done, it is to change, to forgive and change, and realize what is best for our children, to prevent the limitations of what we build within, so that our children reach their full potential and no longer need inner entertainments that are not what is best for them. Our society needs innovation, and the ability to directly apply in purposeful ways. And words are what focus us directly here, they are the units of building a sound character that lives in awareness which is realizing the value is here, being.

I remember, in the third grade discovering reading books. I began to enjoy losing myself in a book. The impetus to read was really because I was looking for something, to find the words, to find the magic set of words to be able to speak up. Little did I realize that I became lost in the fantasy and escapism of reading. So the fantasy books became an entertainment and I forgot my original search. And all the while, the means was the words and not the mysticism of fantasy. It was there all the while, right in front of me and I got lost in the dream.

I met this 14 year old boy who looked right at me and said “ I can't stop the fantasy, it occupies my mind because I have read so much of it.” I looked at this young man, and I realized that I was him, and yet he was more astute than myself because he realized what he had done. What had happened in his neuro pathway development?

This is an example of what our abstractions as mind can become when not constructed in practical ways, where knowing our words aligns us to reality, as it is in reality that we really create. The parts of this are not “ bad” , it is how the parts are used and combined and as such become a concrete system that directs us, as this becomes our physical directive reality, one that is not in tune, in alignment to reality, and ends up distracting our focus here. Lol, we are dis-tracked and, as this young man calling out for help, we somewhat understand what we have done, but lack the means to correct it.

Using the abstract ability of the mind to see what we understand is an incredible tool. But it is something to that needs cross-reference with reality, to ensure that our GPS – like abstraction can be realized and made into something that does no harm to the means of this abstraction, which is physical reality. As this boy was beginning to realize, what he had built abstractly, was not a real concrete directive in reality. He admitted that he lacked in social skills, that he was having a hard time doing his school work, that he could only process certain forms of information. He could not find a way out. And yet, there was also a pride in what he had created in his mind. He said, “ I love fantasy.”

This again, is a sense that what had been created was cool, but also that it was causing a problem with his ability to participate in school. And his parents had no idea what to do, their words ended with “ all he does is read fantasy.” And to note, this was said in a derogatory way, as a reprimand. Conceptually, the parts were not looked at, and an overall solution found. And, parents are overwhelmed themselves, and our schools by design, cannot clean all this up in each child. We need help, and the tools are here.

This is like building something and then blaming that construction for being the fault, when one has to slow down and to look at the parts and reconstruct, to go back and rebuild. That fantasy had been built of words, and an excitement was attached to those words, which is a value added to the sequence of units as the individual words.

So, what is the solution? To go back to the beginning and rebuild. To go back and reintegrate all the words as their real value, as their simple meaning, so that the child can see that a cup is a cup, and a dog is a dog, and that a cell is a cell. Then the units are clear, and what is developed is a direct seeing, so that that child can move in productive ways, creative ways, within reality, because this is the world that child will live life, and as such this is the world that child has the capacity to live the full potential of themselves as life, especially if they learn to use their inner tools wisely.

It is no different than rushing a process of learning a new piece of music while practicing. If any emotional values are added within that movement of practice of units that are strung together as the notes, then every time that piece is played that state of being remains as the movement learned. Then to correct this, one must go back and reintegrate all the notes, using all manner of focusing mechanisms to clean this up. When this is done with focus, then the process happens a lot faster. Many a master of many disciplines knows this. If one practices something with real focus, then learning does not take as long as we might think, or have been lead to believe. But when our focus is cluttered, correction takes a massive effort, one of extra-ordinary effort, one that parents and schools have little time for. And a school is not responsible for this, as this was accepted and allowed by the parents who are responsible for the child. I have talked with many parents, and they admit that they do not have the patience and the time, as they are a product of the same measure of living as the child.

So, it is with words. Unfortunately, we have allowed a society that has impulsed, and continues to impulse, so many values, as emotional values, attached to the words used within the contexts, spoken and written and sung, and imagination as fantasy is made a greater value, that we have lost an awareness that imagination is fantasy, is an abstract of all the measure of our experience. So, the words are the units, like notes, and they are learned with out a clear meaning, without clear definitions, that our abstract minds - that become what directs us, that become our concrete measure within - are so misaligned to the physical reality in which we live, that we have no real self directive capacity. And then we blame the object, not stopping to look at how this object, as the child is being built.

This is what the SAT measures, the words you know. This is why parents will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars educating their children, to make sure the words are clear, and to make sure the words are known. That money spent educating that child, is making sure that the programing of that child is very very clear and stable.

Think of elderly people who begin to tell the same stories again and again. It is as though they are defining themselves, touting their values as what defines them again and again and again. For them this has great meaning, but it is a lonely meaning that has no real promise and has but little ( it is not necessarily a “ bad”) to do with reality. It has no presence here, it has no real awareness here. It is only a story of the past, and often one that has no real depth, one that can be entertaining in a moment, but when told again and again, has nothing that promises any real directive capacity. And to note, that often the choice of reading information is very narrow, because reading something outside of one's range is too difficult because the ability to be flexible and take in new forms is too difficult because it is in conflict with a limited value system as an abstract mind that is of parts that are not necessarily all untrue. This means, as this happens to all of us, that our abstractions have become concrete, and the concrete cognition, is not seeing reality directly. This is a human who is not equal to practical reality.

Our children will appreciate in value if they know their words, they can stand and become CEO's as all research says that those who have large vocabularies are more successful in this physical world. We are essentially organic robots, what we program ourselves as, as the units as words, becomes what we are. Thus, the solution is right in front of us, we can use technology to rebuild. But each must have the willingness and the discipline to become responsible. A parent must realize that only a parent can ensure that the child reaches their full potential.

If you as a parent had the means to ensure that the foundation of your child was stable and sound, would you not want this for yourself and your child? The tools are here, we need only take that step and become responsible because our children appreciate in value when they have self confidence, self esteem and the capacity to think critically and creatively.

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Thank you for reading, much appreciated!

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